Can Hogs See Red Lights?

“Can hogs see red lights?” is a good question to consider before going on that hunting expedition. Knowing the answer would prepare you for a great hog hunting experience. 

Before undertaking anything in life, you must be prepared ahead to be able to the best possible outcome. Hog hunting is no different, you must be at least knowledgeable about hogs so that you do not come home disappointed and empty-handed.

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Hogs are pigs. However, the term also refers to a wide variety of pigs, both domestic and wild pigs. Hogs are mostly hunted at night, the most effective time to hunt a hog is either at night or very early in the morning. However, most prefer to hunt hogs when they are retiring to sleep in the night. 

Hogs usually travel in small groups and they are quite easy to track because they leave behind a lot of signs which can help you track their movements.

A Hog's Vision

Hogs generally have a strong sense of smell and hearing. However, a downside to a hog’s means of survival is that they have poor sight. Because of this poor sight, hogs are unable to see certain colors, including red. Thus, hogs cannot see red light; they are also unable to see a green light. 

As human beings, we can see diverse colors, this is as a result of the cones present in our eyes. It is these cones that enable us to see all types of colors and identify them. We have three types of cones, the cones blend course to help us identify them.  

However, hogs have only two types of cones, thus, they are missing a cone and can therefore not see all types of colors of which red is inclusive. This is because of the cones, hogs can see colors that have a low wavelength light such as blue light. However, red has a high wavelength of light, this makes it difficult for them to identify red light. 

The wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers, a hog cannot see a wavelength that is as high as 520 or 540 nanometers, it gets color blind when it is high. Red hunting lights are usually at 620 nanometers thus making it impossible for the hog to see the light.

Hog Hunting

The inability of hogs to see the red light is of immense benefit to hog hunters, it provides an opportunity to hunt hogs easily. As human beings, we have more cones than hogs, thus, we cannot see very well in the dark or at night, unlike an owl. Thus, while hunting at night, you have to make use of a lamp or light so that you will be able to see where you are going. 

While hunting a hog, the best thing is to use a red light as hogs cannot see the red light. This will give you a chance to stalk the hog successfully, aim and get a clear shot.

However, you have to use the right lights while hunting to give you an added advantage over the hogs as you are in their natural habitat.

Types of Hunting Lights


Flashlights can come in very handy while hunting, you can hold them any way that suits you. However, ensure that you get a red flashlight that is at least 520 nanometers so that it can be effective while you are hunting. 


Headlamp like the name implies is placed on the head, it leads the way while you follow. It allows you the liberty to grip your rifle with both hands, in the case of a stalk hunt, the headlamp can be very useful, it allows you to move swiftly. 


Probably the most powerful light you can use while hunting, it covers a large expanse and can see far. It is usually used while hunting in a blind. It can be placed in a particular spot while you stake out a hog. It is also quite heavy and consumes a lot of power, thus, you should get a rechargeable one. 

Feeder light

These lights are used as bait for hogs, it is usually attached to feeders. When the hog gets used to the feeder, you can then make your move. Feeder lights however are white rather than red, hogs can’t see red so it cannot attract them. However, a white light will attract them to the feeder.


Both lights are perfect for hog hunting, however, red is preferable because it has a higher light wavelength than green. 

No, pigs cannot see red. 

Hogs cannot see lights that have a high wavelength such as red and green. 


Hunting a hog should be an enjoyable experience where you are able to come back home successfully with a game. Using the right light can be key to your success, use a suitable red light and come home slinging that hog off your shoulder.

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