Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?

Considering the uniqueness of guinea pigs, you might be thinking: can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?

Yes! Guinea pigs eat tomatoes.

Guinea pigs eat varieties of foods. From fruits and vegetables to hays and pellets, whatever is safe for guinea pigs is okay. Tomatoes are an essential part of guinea pigs diet.

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Is Every Part of Tomatoes Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat tomatoes but not every part of the tomato plant is safe for them.

Tomato leaves and stems are poisonous to guinea pigs. These parts contain glycoalkaloid poison which is a threat to guinea pigs’ health. The same goes for the unripe green tomatoes. Guinea pigs can eat ripe tomatoes.

However, green pepper can be the heirloom variety or unripe tomatoes.

Your guinea pig can eat green tomatoes if it is a ripe heirloom variety.

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What Quantity of Tomatoes can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs can eat one cherry tomatoes every day or every other day several times a week. If the tomato is big, it is advisable to chop it to the size of a cherry tomato. The serving size should not be too much, a few will do.

All guinea pigs eat tomato.

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In fact, guinea pig can eat tomatoes so much if you let them.

So, make sure you feed your guinea pigs tomatoes in small amounts. Excess tomatoes can cause cheilitis in your guinea pigs. This is a condition where the guinea pig consumes too much oxalic acid which is found in tomatoes. 

Can I Make Money from Feeding Guinea Pigs?

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Some parts of the tomato plants are poisonous to guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat tomato fruits but not tomato leaves and stems. When you feed tomatoes to your pet, remember these parts are toxic to guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs eat tomatoes of any kind.  You can give your guinea pig cherry tomato, grape tomatoes, etc.

Although guinea pigs eat tomatoes, the unripe tomatoes are toxic to them. Ripe tomatoes are safe.

Guinea pigs eat tomatoes with the seeds without any qualms. You can feed guinea pigs tomatoes every day, without taking out the tomato seeds.

Yes. Guinea pigs eat tomatoes of any kind including grape tomatoes. Keep the tomatoes safe and clean and there will be no problem.

Guinea pigs eat cherry tomatoes quite alright.

You can give your guinea pig cherry tomatoes, pineapple, and other fruits containing vitamin C. Also, you can give your guinea pigs vitamin C supplements.


Guinea pigs eat fruits and vegetables and would eat tomatoes of any kind. Tomatoes are essential in guinea pigs diet. They are a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C for guinea pigs. It provides them with fiber which helps the digestive system. 

Tomatoes are not high in sugar but make sure they eat them in small amounts and sizes. The size of cherry tomatoes for the appropriate serving size is fine. Let your guinea pigs eat tomatoes guinea pigs like and they will love you for it.

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