Can guinea pigs eat potatoes?

Many times knowing the right diet for our pet could be a bit difficult. That’s why one needs to ask questions about their diets. And if you keep guinea pigs as a pets, perhaps, you are wondering, “can guinea pigs eat potatoes?” The answer to that is No. Your pets (Guinea pigs) cannot eat potatoes.

Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals that eat a wide range of fruits, plants, grasses, tubers, and veggies that are rich in vitamin c to stay alive but not potatoes. Potatoes might be healthy for humans but not guinea pigs.

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Potatoes, whether raw, cooked, or processed, are toxic and harmful to the Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat potatoes at a risk . Potato is high in starch, and guinea pigs needs only small amount of starch.

Potato is one food that Guinea pigs should not be fed because they are harmful to their systems and might kill them.

Can guinea pigs eat potatoes?

Why Are Potatoes Bad For Guinea Pigs?

There are different foods that are poisonous and toxic to the body system of some animals. For guinea pigs, potatoes , iceberg lettuce are one of such foods. Guinea pigs cannot eat potatoes.This is because potatoes contain substances that are very poisonous to the health of guinea pigs when taken in large quantities. Here are some chemical substances that potatoes contain that make them toxic to guinea pigs.

They contain alkaloid

Potatoes are very high in alkaloids, which is very toxic to guinea pigs. This substance is also not too good on humans, but the human body can find its way around it while the guinea pig body may not. Serving your guinea pigs potatoes exposes them to the high content of alkaloid content, which might damage their health. Guinea pigs eat potatoes at a high risk of death.

Contains a large amount of Calcium

Foods that are high in Calcium might be fine for adult humans, but it is not good for adult Guinea pigs. Calcium is good for the Guinea pigs in the early days of their lives. They need it for bone formation and to balance their diet. But the need for Calcium reduces for an adult guinea pig, and having much of it in their diet could be problematic.

Potatoes contain a high level of Calcium, and this makes it unfit for the diet of Guinea pigs. This can cause urinary issues to guinea pigs. Many guinea pigs tend to experience different urinary complications like urinary pain, unitary infection, or even urinary stones from consuming potatoes.

Contain excess fructose

Guinea pigs are known to process a very fragile digestive system, which makes it react to various substances. The digestives system of guinea cannot handle sugar in excess. The intake of substances that are high in sugar can be harmful to Guinea pigs.

 Potatoes, on the other hand, are high in fructose, which is a form of sugar. Potatoes have the ability to cause Guinea pigs diabetes and many other health complications that can be caused by a high intake of sugar.

Abnormal excreta

Intake of the potatoes in any form can affect the health of the Guinea pigs in great ways. The potatoes plant can affect the Guinea digestive system and can cause abnormal poop. The alkaloid in potatoes affects the digestive system of Guinea pigs.

Far from this guinea pig can eat sweet potatoes not potatoes. Avoid giving guinea pig Potato, it is bad for their health.

Healthy Foods For Guinea Pigs

There are wide ranges of food that are healthy for the system of Guinea pigs. These foods are not in any way toxic to Guinea and should be included in their diets.  Guinea pig foods must be rich in Vitamin C and vitamin K, because Vitamin C and vitamin K is a very important Vitamin to them .

Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, guinea pigs can eat plants, herbs, leafy greens veggies, tubers, and even leaves. This animal is not selective with food and can eat almost any plant. Give them foods rich in Vitamin C to eat. These is list of foods that are good for them , and you can feed your Guinea pigs with.


Vegetables are a large part of Guinea pigs’ diets and should be given to them in large quantities. They have high nutritional values. Veggies like cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbages, sweet potatoes, and many more should be a part of your Guinea pigs’ diet if you want them healthy. They are rich in vitamin C.

Can guinea pigs eat potatoes?

These vegetables contain vitamins that aid the growth of Guinea pigs. They can be eaten by Guinea pigs daily without experiencing any health complications. Lastly, they contain Calcium in the right proportion that is healthy for the Guinea pigs.


Fruits are nutritional for Guinea pigs. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals that aid the health of the Guinea pigs. Fruits like apple, pawpaw, mangoes, etc. can be added to their diet. They


No, guinea pigs cannot eat Potatoes chips are byproducts of potatoes. It should not be added to your guinea pig s diet .

No! Potatoes are high in alkaloid contents, which are toxic to the system of guinea pigs.  As much as they cannot eat potatoes, they can eat sweet potatoes.

The simple and direct answer to this is NO. Different parts of the potato plant are not healthy to the digestive system of the Guinea pigs, and potato sprouts are no exceptions.


Guinea pigs cannot not eat potato! As a guinea pig owner, the health of your pet should be paramount to you, and this includes the diet of your Guinea pigs. To keep your Guinea pigs healthy and vibrate, toxic foods like potatoes should be removed from your guinea pig s diet . Remember guinea pigs eat potatoes at their risk . As much as guinea pig cannot not eat potato, they can eat sweet potatoes.

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