Can guinea pigs eat pears?

Can guinea pigs eat pears? Well, the answer is not far fetched. Since we benefit greatly from this fruit in terms of vitamins and other minerals that help nourish our body and boost our immune system.

We are close to finding out whether or not guinea pigs can eat pears. To be exact, yes guinea pigs can eat pears. Pears are one of the many fruits guinea pigs like. as humans, we benefit from the fruit we eat, so do guinea pigs enjoy the good nectar embedded in the pear. A guinea pig can eat fruits but not one high in sugar.

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Vitamin C and vitamin k are good for the growth of your guinea pig as well as certain minerals help them in different stages of their life. To give fruits like pears to your guinea pigs, it is vital to note that pears to some quantifiable degree, are acidic which means that your guinea pig s diet should not be every day. You should give them on ocassion.

The staple diet of guinea pigs is hay, you may also consider feeding them vegetables and fruits like pear to make up the loss or shortage of certain vitamin c and other minerals.

Can guinea pigs eat pears?

How Do I Go About What My Guinea Pigs Eat?

Pears are very rich in Vitamin C and high in sugar which is not good for your guinea pigs in large amount. Let your guinea pigs eat pears but in small amount (without much sugar) in feeding your pet. Feeding your guinea pig must follow a predefined prescription (small amounts) or small slices per week to properly treat your pet and improve their health.

When you treat your pet with adequate amount of fruit like pears, you are exposing them to fruit fiber which is vital in your guinea pig s diet. Other fruit such as bananas are also good for your guinea pig.

Also guinea pigs eat fruit fiber in their diet to help in digestive issue. It is yet vital that however you your pet, do well to adequately control their diet and sugar intake.

How Does Pear Help Keep My Guinea Pigs Healthy?

Before we go any further, let’s have a breakdown of the composition of the pear that makes it vital to treat your guinea pigs with and why they like it. First, the major composition of the pear is water which amount to 80% of the fruit with other vitamins sharing the remaining 20%. This is what keep them healthy.

Can guinea pigs eat pears?

Because of the lack of ability of guinea pigs to synthesize Vitamin C amidst other important minerals, the pear as a fruit may be the only way to keep your guinea pigs healthy through the nutrients they eat with the pear.

For example, when you do not treat your pet with enough fruit like pear to give Vitamin C, illness like scurvy would find expression which according to research, is one of the most commonly diagnosed disease in guinea pigs.

How Do I Serve The Pear?

Here is one thing you shouldn’t trivialize when dealing with fruit your guinea pigs eat. There is an acceptable way to give fruit like pear to your guinea pig.

To serve your guinea pigs to eat, make sure you take out the core of the pears as well as the stem. These parts of the fruit are not recommended to be served to them to eat as they contain a high concentration of vitamins and sugar. You may end up choking your guinea pigs with much fruits. Canned pears are good but also not recommended for your guinea pig.

However, allow your guinea pigs eat the skin of fruits such as the pear as it contains regulated amount of sugar, vitamins and minerals. You can sure do this on selected days (2 days maximum) times per week. Doing this will improve your guinea pig s diet.


Too much of apples cannot cause your guinea pigs with a sore mouth . Guinea pigs eat apples.

No! Once or twice a week will be perfect. Fruits are just supplement to many vitamins, not to be served as a meal in itself.

No. The seed of fruits such as pears has a small but harmful amount of cyanide and may pose a threat.

Not too much. Pears of small amount once or twice per week will be safe for guinea pigs.

Yes Guinea pigs eat pears. They are not just delicious fruits to serve to your guinea pigs, they contain necessary vitamins that improves their health and diet.


Guinea pigs eat pears and they are one beautiful sight to behold because of how appealing they could appear when well nourished. Their diet is as important as their health. Nourishment is good but much of the quantity of what the guinea pigs eat also a great way to determine how efficient their lives would be.

As one of the many guinea pig owners, make sure that you feed your guinea pig to have the best of nourishment that is required to remain healthy is a good way to breed appealing pets. Stay off canned pears, stick to a fresh fruit. Another plus to pears being fed to guinea pigs is that it helps them produce healthier blood cells which will occur as a result of quality intake of iron.

In whatever you do, ensure that your guinea pigs eat what is best for their health. Now you know that guinea pigs can eat pears.

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