Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

Guinea pigs are docile animals that are among the favorite pets humans keep. Can guinea pigs eat peaches is a very important question for anyone willing to keep a guinea pig as the question of their diet is important to those who keep them as pets,

A guinea pig’s primary diet is composed of grass. They also eat hay. Guinea pigs produce special soft pellets, called cecotropes, which they eat in order to supplement their diet.

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However, guinea pigs need vitamin C in order to be active. They can not produce this one on their own and have to rely on their diet to get vitamin C. They get it mainly from fruits, one of which is peach.

Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

So, yes, guinea pigs can eat peaches because of it contains much sugar . They can even come to love it and get fond of eating it. Fresh peaches are an excellent choice of food for guinea pigs. It contains calcium and vitamins, which makes a healthy diet for a guinea pig.

Peaches are sweet, juicy fruits you should feed to your guinea pigs occasionally. However, do not make it an everyday event. As a result of its high sugar level, frequent feeding on peach can be dangerous to the health of your guinea pigs.

Peaches also have a level of natural acids in it. This can make your guinea pigs reactionary as they have a very sensitive body to natural acids. You should not make peach a primary part of their diet, rather integrate it more or less like a treat, only feed them peach once in a while.

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Ensure that you are careful when giving peaches to your guinea pigs. You can just serve it a small slice once or twice every week. You can also test it with a tiny slice when you just want to introduce peach into its diet. If the guinea pig likes it, you can then increase it, however, be careful not to serve it too much.

This is because guinea pigs don’t like to change their diet. Once they have grown up, they find it difficult to change their eating habits. They may refuse to eat if their diet is changed unexpectedly, and suddenly, they can even decide to starve.

You may be wondering if it is safe for your guinea pigs to eat peels of peaches. Yes, guinea pigs can eat peaches with their peel or skin without causing any problem to them. You don’t have to bother about peeling the skin off the peaches. However, ensure that you know the source of the peaches and make sure it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides.

Health Benefits Of Eating Peach To Guinea Pigs

The following are the health benefits of when your guinea pig eat peaches:

Strengthens their Immune System

Peaches contain vitamin A which is essential for guinea pigs. So, when you give your guinea pig peaches, It helps to strengthen their immune system and also makes them active. 

Prevents cancer

Peaches are also good for guinea pigs as it contains antioxidants that help to fight cancer. These antioxidants are caffeic acid and carotenoids. They help guinea pigs in the prevention of cancer. 

Regulates metabolism

Vitamin C, which is found in peaches, also helps guinea pigs in the regulation of their metabolism. It is good to feed your guinea pigs peaches as it helps to keep them warm and also aids in their digestion. 

Negative Effects Of Guinea Pigs Eating Too Much Peaches

Although peaches have their positive side, it is not safe for guinea pigs to eat peaches too much. 

Can lead to diabetes, diarrhea and obesity

Peaches contain a high level of sugar, and when you feed peaches often to your guinea pigs, it makes the guinea pigs susceptible to diseases like diabetes, diarrhea, obesity etc.

Sored Lips

Peaches also contain acids that can be dangerous to your guinea pigs. It can cause sores on their lips and also cause fungal infection. Thus, it is important that you do not feed then peach frequently. 

Can guinea pigs eat peaches?


Guinea pigs can eat white peaches. In fact, it is more advisable you feed them white peaches rather than regular peaches. White peaches contain more sugar and fewer acids than regular peaches, which makes it better for the guinea pigs. However, the sugar level is a cause to worry about. Thus, be careful about the number of peaches you serve to the guinea pigs.

No, it is dangerous to feed peach pie filling to your guinea pigs. Also, the guinea pigs would be unable to digest it properly as the peaches have been pre-cooked.

No, guinea pigs cannot eat peach pits, and it is not advisable that you feel them peach pits. Peach pits are hard and big for guinea pigs to chew. It is a tough nut to crack for them. And if they do crack it, it is dangerous to them as it contains cyanide, which is hazardous to guinea pigs.

Bottom Line

Guinea pigs are adorable pets, small and very easy to care for, they hardly cause any trouble, and their diet isn’t hard to get. Make sure you follow this guide in feeding your guinea pigs and be wary not to feed them too many peaches because of the sugar level.

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