Can guinea pigs eat parsley?

Parsley is an excellent vegetable, well known for its effectiveness and is used for herbs. Let’s cut the story short, guinea pigs can eat parsley if you serve it to them. Guinea pigs like these vegetables and that’s why parsley remains good for guinea pigs.


It has been generally said that guinea pigs should only eat parsley to make up for certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a small amount because parsley contains substances that are not good for guinea pigs when high in concentration.

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Parsley is very much high and rich in nutrients, minerals and is a good source of Vitamin C, vitamin K and, oxalic acid, and Vitamin A. Vitamin C and vitamin k are the most important of these nutrients for your guinea pig.


Parsley are a vegetables that can also help your guinea pigs lose weight when they appear to be growing too fat. This is due to the low level of calories that it supplies. Let’s delve deeper into the interrelationship between the guinea pig and parsley as a food supplement.

What Herbs Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

One recognized herb that your guinea pig would love is Cilantro, also known as the Italian parsley. Guinea pigs can eat Italian parsley and I bet your guinea pigs would love to have a taste of it. The Italian parsley contains nutrients that are beneficial to your guinea pigs and would count as a major supplement for their hay.


Just before your pet get addicted to the Italian parsley ensure to regulate their feeding not just for this herb but for every other vegetable that you introduce into their meal. This will help them maintain proper health. It is not only the Italian parsley guinea pigs can eat. Listed below are other herbs that are healthy for your guinea pig;

  • Dill
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Fennel e.t.c

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley every day?

Yes, guinea pigs eat parsley but not every day. The rate at which your guinea pigs eat parsley should be given on occasions. Guinea pigs can’t eat veggies as casual food.

You mustn’t allow your guinea pigs to eat parsley often because it contains substances that are not good for the body of your guinea pigs when in a large amount.

Can guinea pigs eat parsley?

Substances like calcium and vitamin c (excess vitamin c can result in scurvy) are not good when they are too much in your guinea pig’s diet. Your guinea pigs can eat timothy hay when veggies are not necessary. The key element to raising a healthy guinea pig is to study its adaptive measure and feed your guinea pig moderately

How Much Parsley Can I Feed My Guinea Pigs?

As guinea pig owners, if your guinea pigs eat parsley without watching out for their health, you may sadly be the one to inflict illness upon them. Guinea pigs can eat parsley one or two times a week to avoid accumulating a high amount of nutrients.

Can guinea pigs eat parsley?

Occasionally feeding your guinea pigs with parsley is just about perfect for their health and life. If your guinea pigs lack certain vitamins and minerals, you can then feed your guinea pig with parsley in small amounts and study how the guinea pigs eat it. If no side effect comes from that, you can raise the quantity so you can allow your guinea pigs to eat Italian parsley comfortably.

This will also cause a recovery of Vitamin c, oxalic acid, and vitamin k that your guinea pigs are deficient in. Note that too much parsley could result in intestinal issues.


Yes guinea pigs will fall sick if you feed them too much with it and No If you serve to the guinea pigs in a regulated amount.

No! When parsley becomes too much, they begin to develop bad health symptoms.

Yes guinea pigs can eat Italian parsley when it’s moderately served and by the way, they gain nutrients like vitamin c and oxalic acid from parsley.


The welfare of your guinea pig as a pet owner should transcend beyond food as you must make sure your guinea pig is healthy. Just like every other vegetable, too much parsley will result in serious health conditions. For this reason, it is advisable that you only feed parsley to your guinea pigs in small amounts. Feeding them twice a week would not scratch their hairs off but it is safe to only include parsley in their diet once every week.

As obvious as it is that the health of your guinea pig could go sideways depending on how much parsley you feed them, it is still a standing fact that parsley is safe for your guinea pigs. Make it your To-do for tomorrow to feed your guinea pigs with a regulated amount of parsley and watch them grow in sound health.

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