Can guinea pigs eat onions?

Onions are highly nutritious food and a great part of the human diet. They are rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, and other nutrients. They are aromatic seasonings that add great flavor to our foods. Onions have high health benefits but can we add them to our guinea pig’s diet? Can guinea pigs eat onions? Are they healthy for them?


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The simple and direct answer to that is No, guinea cannot eat onions. Guinea pigs can eat vegetables but not onion, not even green onions. Do not give onions to guinea pigs, because they are dangerous to their health. Onion contains vitamins and might be good for humans, but they are a form of poison to guinea pigs. If you love your guinea pigs avoid giving them onions as food.


This vegetable can affect their health and cause different health issues like urinary problems, breathing issues, and even death.

What happens if guinea pigs eat onions?

Onion is one of the foods you should not give your guinea pigs to eat as food. Onion is really toxic to the Guinea pigs’ health and has a lot of side effects on them. Despite the fact that they are a good source of Vitamin c and phosphorus, they are still not good for a guinea pig. They are not safe for them.

Lots of things can happen to your guinea pigs once they eat onions and green onions as food. Onion contains a high amount of calcium which is not needed in excess by adult guinea pigs. Excess calcium affects the kidney of guinea pigs leading to diseases like unitary problems and urinary infections.

Can guinea pigs eat onions?

Onion contains a high amount of disulfide which is really unsafe for your guinea pigs. This compound has the ability to affect the system of your guinea pigs. It can also cause eye irritation, nasal secretion, and excess salivation in guinea pigs. The effect of onions on guinea pigs is serious and can lead to the death of the guinea pigs.

Onions can also cause anemia, breathing issues, fatigue, and another deadly sickness in guinea pigs. Onions have the ability to affect the red blood cells of guinea pigs and once this happens it puts the body of the guinea pigs at risk of severe diseases. The red blood cells once affected won’t the ability to transfer oxygen to the body.

The human body can handle onions but the guinea pig’s body cannot. You should never give your guinea pigs onions to eat. It is not healthy for them.

What should i not feed my guinea pigs?

Apart from onions, there are other foods and vegetables that you should never give your guinea pigs. This is because the digestive system of guinea pigs are highly sensitive and can easily get irritated by certain foods; epically fruits and vegetables high in sugar contents.

Look for a vegetable that contains a small amount of calcium and is healthy for them. Far from this, some foods should not be given to guinea pigs because of the chemical contents they contain. Some vegetables and fruits contain certain chemical contents that are toxic, poisonous to the health of guinea pigs.

Here is a list of foods that you should not feed your guinea pig and the various reasons why you should not feed them with it.

Dairy products

Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals and should be treated as one. Their system is designed only for plants and not any other kinds of foods. Guinea pigs cannot eat dairy products as food. Dairy products like, meats fish, cheese, egg, yogurt, milk, cream and many more should not be added to guinea pig s diet. This is because their digestive tracts do not have the necessary enzymes to digest these foods, they could be toxic.

Foods high in sugar contents

Avoid overfeeding your guinea pigs with foods that are high in sugar contents. Feeding your guinea pigs with cakes, sugar, and biscuits, the excess can irritate their tummy and even cause diabetes.

Potatoes and onions

You should not feed your guinea pig these two foods to eat, because they contain some chemical compounds that are toxic to the health of guinea pigs. Potatoes contain alkaloids while onions contain Disulfide which is toxic to guinea pigs. These two compounds can break down the health of your guinea pigs

Others toxic vegetables and fruits that you should not feed your guinea pigs include:

  • Grass
  • Nuts
  • Hay
  • Sweet peas
  • Avocados
  • Mushrooms
  • Cooked foods
  • Grains, cereals

Can my guinea pigs eat garlic?

Many people may feel they can replace onions with garlic in the diet of guinea pigs, well you shouldn’t. Guinea pigs cannot eat garlic because it is toxic to them.

Garlic contains toxic content like Oxalic acid, which can lead to stomach upset in guinea pigs. Garlic also has a strong aroma and taste which is toxic for guinea pigs when fed with it. This strong aroma and taste could an allergy for them. So can guinea pigs eat onions and garlic? No, they cannot, they are not good for guinea pig s health.

Can guinea pigs eat onions?

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

Guinea pigs eat bread but it advisable you don’t give it to them. This is because they are not too good for them. Too much bread can cause bloating and can also chock them if care is not taken. Bread can be given to them as a form of a treat but not everyday food. Personally, I advise you don’t give them bread because of their sensitive system. But if you must, please make it an occasional food.



Yes, they are. They are allergic to the taste and its aroma. Guinea pigs cannot eat onions.

The best way you can prevent your guinea pigs from eating onions is by not giving it to them. You can also prevent this by removing it from their vicinity so they wouldn’t eat it without your knowledge.

Onions can cause your guinea pigs lots of trouble. When guinea pigs eat onions they are at the risk of urinary infections, damage to the red blood cells, and breathing issues.


As much as onions are a good source of Vitamin C, Fiber, and low in cholesterol it is very dangerous for guinea pigs. It contains chemical compounds that put guinea pigs at the risk of unitary issues and infections and even damage their red blood cell. The answer to the question ” can guinea pigs eat onions” is no.

If you care so much about your guinea pigs avoid adding onions to your guinea diet or giving them to eat. Guinea pigs can eat other veggies, not onions.

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