Can guinea pigs eat mushrooms?

Anyone who owns guinea pigs would admit that at one time or the other, he has wondered if the pet can eat any food that humans eat too. “Can guinea pigs eat mushrooms?” is thus not a strange question. In fact, it is necessary for you to know all that you can feed your guinea pig. Here you will get an answer to this.

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Can guinea pigs eat mushrooms?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat mushrooms. It is not a favorite food of theirs though.

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Mushrooms are sometimes classified as vegetables. However, mushrooms are fungus. Mushrooms don’t contain many nutrients, including vitamins, and minerals which are beneficial to guinea pigs. However, it is helpful and healthy for your pet guinea pig.

Benefits of Mushrooms to Guinea Pigs


  • Mushrooms are low in Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that can be dangerous to guinea pigs when there is an abundance of it in guinea pigs. Mushrooms, however, contain little amount of calcium. Thus, there is no fear as a high amount of calcium can cause stones in the bladder or kidneys of guinea pigs.
  • Mushrooms contain vitamin C: Vitamin C is a very essential vitamin to guinea pigs. It has a lot of functions it performs in the body of a guinea pig. Guinea pigs however cannot produce vitamin c on their own, they have to rely on the food they eat in order to gain vitamin C. Mushroom is thus a source through which guinea pigs can gain vitamin C which your guinea pig needs. Also, guinea pigs are prone to scurvy which is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, however, since mushrooms provide a means of getting vitamin c, it helps prevent diseases like scurvy and ensures you have a healthy pet.
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  • Mushrooms help to control obesity in guinea pigs: Fiber can be found in mushrooms, fiber fills up the stomach of guinea pigs, this helps your guinea pigs to not feed too much. Therefore, your pet faces no risk of getting obese when eating mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms aid digestion in a guinea pig: Fiber is present in mushrooms also helps the digestive system of a guinea pig. It helps your guinea pig to digest food with ease and without any problems. It also prevents digestion problems such as constipation.
  • Mushrooms have a high level of potassium: Potassium is another mineral that has a lot of roles to play in a guinea pig. Potassium is very good for the heart of your guinea pig, it also aids bone development in your guinea pig.

Risks of Feeding Mushrooms to Your Guinea Pigs


  • Wild Mushrooms: When guinea pigs eat mushrooms, you should be careful as guinea pigs cannot eat all kinds of mushrooms. Wild mushroom for instance is a type of mushroom that is hazardous to guinea pigs. You should ensure that wild mushroom is not included in your guinea pig’s diet, it can be dangerous to the health of your guinea pig.
  • Mushrooms contain a little number of vitamins: Guinea pigs need a high amount of vitamins, especially vitamin c, mushrooms however contain little vitamins. There is a lot of other food that contains high vitamins for your guinea pig. The presence of mushrooms in your guinea pig’s diet is not sufficient to provide it with enough vitamins.
  • Mushrooms contain Phosphorus: Although mushrooms contain little calcium, mushrooms also contain phosphorus which is higher than the level of calcium in it. This can be dangerous to your guinea pig, it can lead to phosphate stones in the bladder of a guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat store-bought mushrooms?

Store-bought mushrooms are not safe and toxic to the health of a guinea pig, it is advisable that you do not feed store-bought mushrooms to your guinea pig, it is not good for it. Rather it is important to feed your pet fresh mushroom, it is better and safe.


What foods can guinea pigs eat?

There are a lot of foods that a guinea pig can eat. However, it is limited to hay, vegetables, and fruits as a guinea pig is a herbivorous animal. Guinea pigs can eat the following:

  • hay
  • cherry
  • strawberry
  • banana
  • raspberry
  • blueberry
  • mango
  • kale
  • kiwi
  • asparagus
  • grape
  • bell pepper
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • carrot.

However, ensure that when you include these in your guinea pig’s diet, it is in little quantities.

What can guinea pigs not eat?

You should be careful with the diet of your guinea pig as there are some foods guinea pigs cannot eat, some of these are chocolate, wild mushrooms, cooked foods, dairy products, avocado, azalea, bread, potatoes, avocado, peanut butter, meat, onions, garlic, iceberg lettuce, nuts, corn kernels etc.


A Guinea pig can eat mushrooms at any time, you can even allow your guinea pigs to eat mushrooms every day. Only ensure that it is not wild mushrooms or any type of mushrooms which is toxic to the health of guinea pigs. And it is important to note that fresh mushrooms are best for your pet.

Yes, if your guinea pig eats wild mushrooms, it can get sick, also if you feed it mushrooms which are not compatible with its system, your guinea pig can get sick. When guinea pigs eat mushrooms every day, it poses no health threat to them, the mushroom is healthy food for your guinea pig.

No, not all kinds of mushrooms are good or healthy for your guinea pig, make your research before you include mushrooms in your guinea pig’s diet. Button mushrooms, white mushrooms are good for your guinea pig.

However, wild mushrooms are bad for the health of your guinea pig, make sure you do not feed your guinea pig wild mushrooms. There are many types of mushrooms which are bad for your guinea, you should make sure it is safe before feeding it to your guinea pig.


Mushrooms contain little vitamins and minerals. However, it also has its benefits when included in your guinea pig’s diet. Before feeding mushrooms to your guinea pig, you can check if your guinea pig likes it, as not all guinea pigs like mushrooms. Mushroom soup just like wild mushrooms is not safe for your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are picky eaters. You have to test if your guinea pig can eat a particular food else you may be risking a visit to the veterinary technician. It is also important that it is fresh mushrooms you feed your guinea pig, moldy mushrooms may be bad for it.

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