Can guinea pigs eat mango?

Guinea pigs are good pets. Owners of guinea pigs are naturally curious as to whether their pet can also eat what they eat. Can guinea pigs eat mango?, is a question that most guinea pig owners will try to find an answer to. Here, you will get the answer to it.


Before you feed your guinea pig any food, you have to be sure such food is not harmful to your guinea pig, you also have to be sure that your guinea pig will not develop allergic reactions as a result of eating such good food.

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Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, they eat hay, fruits, and vegetables. To answer the question, can guinea pigs eat mango? Yes, guinea pigs can eat mango.

Guinea pigs enjoy eating mango due to its sweet and juicy taste, I mean who doesn’t love mango too. However, guinea pigs have a very sensitive body system, guinea pigs can react badly to a sudden change in diet or even to a particular food, it is thus essential for you to know what your guinea pigs can eat and cannot eat.

Can guinea pigs eat mango?

Benefits of feeding Mango to Guinea Pigs

Mango is one of the fruits that guinea pigs love to eat. This fruit just like most fruits and vegetables also has a number of health benefits that guinea pigs derive from it. Mango contains vitamins and minerals especially vitamin c which are good for guinea pigs. Some of these benefits are:

Mango has a high Vitamin C content

Guinea pigs need vitamin c in order to survive, however, the inability of a guinea pig to produce vitamin C on its own makes guinea pigs have to rely on foods for vitamin C.  Mango comes to the rescue of guinea pigs here as there is an abundance of not only vitamin C in mango but also a lot of other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C also helps to prevent scurvy in guinea pigs, scurvy is a disease suffered by guinea pigs as a result of a deficiency in vitamin C. Vitamin C also has a lot of other benefits to guinea pigs. 

Can guinea pigs eat mango?

Mango also contains fiber which is crucial for digestion

Fiber helps the digestive system of your guinea pig to digest food without any hitch. 

Mango contains calcium which guinea pigs need at a young age for the development of the bones

The calcium in mango is however in small quantities, so you needn’t fear as excess calcium is dangerous to guinea pigs. 

Mango contains antioxidants

Mango is good for guinea pigs, it contains antioxidants like vitamin k and vitamin e which are of benefit to the growth and development of guinea pigs. It improves the immune system of guinea pigs and also helps maintain blood pressure and blood vessels. Antioxidants also help prevent diseases in your guinea pig. 

Well, in most cases, what has an advantage must also have a disadvantage. Just like mango has great health benefits to guinea, it is also dangerous for guinea pigs when taken in large quantities.

Disadvantages of Mango to Guinea Pigs

When guinea pigs eat mango, it is important that you do not feed them too many mangoes, only feed them a small amount as it can cause allergic reactions and also cause complications to the health of your guinea pig. Some of the disadvantages of mango to guinea pigs are:

Mango can cause obesity in your guinea pigs

The high sugar content level in mango makes your guinea pig prone to obesity if you feed your guinea pig too many mangoes. The sugar will make your guinea pig fat, this can also degenerate into diabetes which is fatal to the health of your guinea pig. You can allow guinea pigs to eat mango twice a week, it is healthier than allowing guinea pigs to eat mango every day.


Calcium in mango can cause urinary problems to guinea pigs

This is one of the risks to consider before you feed your guinea pig mango, when you feed your guinea pigs too much mango, it takes in excess calcium which is not compatible with the body system of guinea pigs.  This excess calcium can result in problems in the bladder of your guinea pigs. Stones can develop in the bladder and kidney of your guinea pig which is a terrible situation for a guinea pig. So instead of improving the immune system, when guinea pigs eat mango in large quantities, it can cause diseases to them. Although guinea pigs do eat mango, avoid feeding the skin of the mango to your guinea pig, it is best that you peel off the skin before allowing your guinea pigs to eat mango. Also, frozen mango is a bad food to feed your guinea pig, you should never allow your guinea pig to eat frozen mango. 

What fruits can guinea pigs eat?

There are a lot of fruits that guinea pigs eat, some of them also have the same composition and benefits as mango to guinea pigs. Guinea pigs largely depend on fruits as a source of vitamin C because of the sugar content of these fruits. Fruit that guinea pigs can eat is kiwi, grape, cucumber, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, banana, mango, orange, strawberry, watermelon e.t.c.

What can guinea pigs not eat?

It is not every food that humans eat that a guinea pig can eat too, there are some foods that are toxic to guinea pigs. Foods that a guinea pig cannot eat include:


  • chocolate
  • cake
  • avocado
  • cooked foods
  • dairy products
  • bread
  • potatoes
  • peanuts
  • seeds etc.

You should endeavor not to give these foods to your guinea pig. Worthy of note is that guinea pigs cannot eat frozen foods.


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Final Words

The best way of feeding mangoes to your guinea pigs is in small serving size and not too much mango, this way, your guinea pig stands no risk from eating mango. Also, ensure that it is fresh mango you feed your guinea pigs, it is good and beneficial to your guinea pigs.

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