Can guinea pigs eat kiwi?

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi? Yes, guinea pigs can eat kiwi. They are herbivores. Thus, their diet revolves around hay, fruits, and vegetables. They love to eat fruits because of its sweet and juicy taste; kiwi is not an exception to this.

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Kiwi is a sweet juicy food that guinea pigs love to eat. Kiwi is very rich in nutrients and vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin E, which are of great health benefits to a guinea pig. However, kiwi is high in sugar, so you should only serve kiwi in small amounts to your guinea pigs.

Benefits of Kiwi to Guinea Pigs

When guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit, they derive some nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which are useful and help boost the body system of your guinea pig. Some of these benefits are:

Kiwi Fruit is rich in Vitamin C

Kiwi fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is essential to the body system of a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are unable to generate vitamin c on their own, yet they need vitamin C to survive. So, when guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit, they are able to derive vitamin C from kiwi fruit.  A deficiency of vitamin C in the body of a guinea pig can lead to scurvy; thus, vitamin c helps prevent this. Vitamin C also helps develop the immune system of your guinea pig.  Vitamin C also helps in the bone development of guinea pigs. It helps to form cartilage. Vitamin C also helps blood clotting in guinea pigs. This stops bleeding quickly. 

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Kiwi aids digestion in guinea pigs

It contains fiber, which is a mineral that aids digestion in guinea pigs. Fiber makes the digestive system of your guinea pig function properly. Thus, when guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit, it is able to digest food properly and with ease. This prevents stomach problems for your guinea pig. 


Kiwi fruit contains a generous amount of antioxidants, which work wonders in the body system of guinea pigs. Antioxidants help prevent diseases in a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are also prone to human diseases such as cancer; antioxidants help to prevent this.

All these benefits of kiwi to a guinea pig makes it healthy to feed kiwi to your guinea pig. However, you have to be wary as it also poses some risks to your guinea pigs if eaten indiscriminately. 

Disadvantages of Kiwi to Guinea Pigs

In spite of its benefits, it also has some disadvantages to guinea pigs.

Kiwi possess Calcium

Although guinea pigs can eat kiwi, it is essential that you feed kiwi to them only in small quantities because of the presence of calcium in kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit contains calcium, which is bad for your guinea pig. Calcium can cause bladder stones in your guinea pig, which is fast to its health, so it thus falls on you to feed your guinea pig kiwi fruit moderately so as to prevent this. 

Kiwi contains high in sugar

The sugar level present in kiwi fruit is high; it poses a risk to guinea pigs. A guinea pig’s body doesn’t have the capacity to handle large amounts of sugar; thus, when they eat kiwi fruit constantly, it will get fat and obese. 

However, the solution is for you to moderately feed your guinea pigs kiwi, only allow guinea pigs to eat kiwi in small quantities because of the risk of the high sugar level in kiwi poses. 

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi skin?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat kiwi skin. Before allowing them to eat kiwi, it is better if you peel the skin and then cut into small pieces before serving it to your guinea pig. The skin of kiwi fruit is rough; it is difficult for them to swallow the skin; it can choke them.

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How many kiwis can guinea pigs eat?

Only a small amount of kiwi is safe for your guinea pig; you can feed it to your guinea pig twice a week. And ensure that the serving is a small amount.

Can guinea pigs eat dried kiwi?

No, dried kiwi is bad for a guinea pig; dried kiwi contains a high sugar level, which is higher than that of normal kiwi. So when guinea pigs eat dried kiwi, it poses more risk than when guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit, which is not dried. To safeguard the health of your guinea pig, do not feed it dried kiwi.


What fruit can guinea pigs eat?

There are many fruits that guinea pigs can eat; some of these fruits include carrots, peaches, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, watermelon, cherries, raspberries, grapes etc. There are a host of other foods that these pets can eat too.


When kiwi fruits are served in excess, it is not good for guinea pigs; it can adversely affect their health. Also, the skin is not good for them, make sure to remove it.

Before you serve kiwis to your guinea pigs, you should wash and peel off the skin as it is not good for them. The skin is rough and not safe for them to swallow. After washing, slice it into small slices, you can decide to remove kiwi seeds, guinea pigs eat kiwi seeds as it is soft so you can also opt to not remove the kiwi seeds.

Only a small quantity of kiwi is safe for your guinea pig. When guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit in excess, it poses a risk to their health. So it is important that only a small amount of kiwi be in a guinea pig diet.

Final Words

Kiwi fruit provides a means through which guinea pigs get many nutrients and vitamins; its benefits to them are quite much too. Guinea pigs do enjoy eating kiwi fruits, they equally eat kiwi seeds too. But when kiwi is too much, it is not good and can make them sick.

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