Can guinea pigs eat kale?

Guinea pig owners can get confused about what vegetables and fruits to feed their pets. Can guinea pigs eat kale? is thus an important question to ask. Yes, guinea pigs can eat kale, it is a healthy vegetable that guinea pigs can eat.


Guinea pigs are herbivorous creatures. Guinea pigs can eat hay, fruits like cherry, raspberry etc, and vegetables like kale, celery, asparagus, carrot etc.

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These foods are mainly healthy for guinea pigs. However, you should exercise caution as it is not all fruits and vegetables that guinea pigs can eat.

Kale is a healthy food to add to your guinea pigs’ diet. It has a lot of health benefits to a guinea pig. Kale contains many nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin k and vitamin c, which is of immense benefits to your guinea pigs. Kale is good for guinea pigs. Some health benefits of kale for your guinea pigs include:

Health benefits of feeding kale to your guinea pigs

Kale boosts the digestive system of guinea pigs

Kale is a vegetable that contains lots of nutrients, which are very beneficial to guinea pigs, one of these is fiber. Fiber helps guinea pigs to digest food very well. When guinea pigs eat mushrooms, it helps the digestive system function well. 

Can guinea pigs eat kale?

Kale is a source of vitamin C to Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, just like human beings, cannot produce vitamin C on their own. They have to rely on foods to serve as a source of vitamin C. Luckily, a lot of vegetables, kale inclusive contain a good amount of vitamin C.   Vitamin C in kale helps to prevent scurvy in guinea pigs. Kale has high levels of vitamin c, which helps keep your guinea pigs active. 

Kale boosts the immune system of Guinea Pigs

Kale contains the right nutrients and vitamins that keeps your guinea pig healthy in order to fight off diseases. Kale has antioxidants, which helps build up the immune system of guinea pigs. 


Kale keeps your guinea pigs from getting fat

Kale contains a very low amount of fat, so you need not exercise fears of your guinea pigs getting obese or overweight as a result of eating kale.  

All these benefits make kale a good vegetable to include in your guinea pig’s diet; guinea pigs enjoy eating kale, guinea pigs also eat kale stems. Guinea pigs like chewing leafy greens like kale, it helps guinea pigs to stay healthy. 

Is kale bad for guinea pigs?

In spite of the benefits of kale, feeding kale to your guinea pigs every day has some risks. Some of these risks are:

Urinary problems

Kale is very high in calcium, which can be quite dangerous to guinea pigs. Thus, feeding kale every day to guinea pigs would result in bladder stones in your guinea pigs’ bodies. This is very dangerous to the health of your guinea pigs. It is thus essential that your guinea pigs do not eat kale every day. 


Kale can result in digestive complications

Eating much kale is something you should not try with your guinea pigs; the digestive system of guinea pigs is pretty sensitive and can react adversely to overfeeding or a sudden change in diet.  Excessive eating of kale by guinea pigs can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and other complications. 

How much kale should I feed my guinea pig?

You can give kale to your guinea pigs. However, it should not be in large quantities. Guinea pigs particularly like to eat its curly leaves; they are fond of fresh vegetables and fruits.

When feeding kale to your guinea pig, you can add other vegetables or fruits to make it a balanced diet. A guinea pig can also eat all the parts of kale, you can mix kale leaves, and kale stems together for your guinea pig to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat kale?

Can guinea pigs eat kale and spinach?

Yes, a guinea can eat kale and spinach; these vegetables are good for guinea pigs. Kale and spinach are high nutrient vegetables which are of great value to a guinea pig when guinea pigs eat kale, and it derives a lot of benefits from it, particularly health-wise.

What foods kill guinea pigs?

There are some foods that guinea pigs cannot and should not eat; these foods are poisonous to a guinea pig. These foods include cooked foods (cooked kale inclusive), chocolate, dairy products, seeds, peanut, avocado, bread, potatoes, etc. Instead, you can feed your guinea pig vegetables like celery, broccoli, asparagus e.t.c.


Vitamins and nutrients a guinea pig can gain from kale include vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, potassium, iron etc. Adding kale to your guinea pig’s diet makes it a balanced diet.

The best way to feed kale to your guinea pig is raw kale, you should never give cooked kale to your guinea pig. You should wash your raw kale with water before giving it to your guinea pig. Guinea pigs can eat kale stems, so you can give it to them too.

Kale has very low amounts of sugar, so it is not bad when guinea pigs eat kale more than other vegetables. However, you should still regulate the amount of kale you give to your guinea pig. Your guinea pig should not eat kale on a daily basis; it is not a good idea. Two or three times a week is still advisable.


There you have it, the answer to the question, can guinea pigs eat kale is that although a guinea pig can eat kale, you have to be careful before giving kale to your guinea pig.

Kale includes nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that guinea pigs need; thus, oblige kale to your guinea pig. A guinea pig enjoys chewing kale leaves and stems; no part of the kale goes to waste. Ensure to give your guinea pig fresh water to go with this leafy green.

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