Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers?

Guinea pigs have quite an appetite, so it is important that you figure out which foods are safe for guinea pigs before you feed it to them. Guinea pigs mainly eat hay, vegetables, and fruits. This is due to their herbivorous nature. Thus, their diet revolves around these types of foods.

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The answer to the question, can guinea pigs eat cucumbers, is yes. Guinea pigs can eat cucumbers, though not one of their favorite fruits, guinea pigs can eat cucumbers. Guinea pigs particularly love treats, which include juicy and sweet fruits such as cherries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.


Cucumbers are highly beneficial to guinea pigs. It is a healthy fruit that you can feed your guinea pigs as it is beneficial to a guinea pig’s health, and it is also of nutritional value to your guinea pig.

Health benefits of feeding cucumbers to guinea pigs

Some of the health benefits of feeding cucumbers to guinea pigs include:

Cucumbers help control the weight of guinea pigs

Cucumbers, unlike other fruits and vegetables, do not contain a high amount of sugar. The major part of the cucumber is filled with water. This low amount of sugar and fat helps your guinea pig to stay away from obesity; cucumbers are also low in calories.

Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers?

It helps to regulate the weight of your guinea pigs

In spite of the appetite of your guinea pig, when guinea pigs eat cucumbers, their stomach is filled, and this prevents them from eating too much, thus helping to keep your guinea pig’s weight in check. 

Cucumbers are a source of Vitamin C to guinea pigs

One of the major diseases that affect guinea pigs is scurvy. It is caused by a lack of vitamin c in the body system of guinea pigs which guinea pigs need. Guinea pigs do not have the ability to produce vitamin C on their own; thus, this is a source of worry.  However, fear not, fruits and vegetables are here to save the day, vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, cherries etc. are a good source of vitamin C. Thus when you feed cucumber to your guinea pig, cucumbers provide a means of getting vitamin C to your guinea pig. 

Cucumbers contain vitamin K, which is good for blood vessels

Vitamin K is present in cucumbers. It is particularly helpful to blood vessels. It helps blood clotting so that your guinea pigs do not bleed for long periods. 

Good hydration

Cucumber is largely filled with water, thus eating cucumbers will keep guinea pigs hydrated, especially during the hot summer. This makes cucumbers good for guinea pigs. 

These benefits of cucumbers to guinea pigs would make you realize cucumbers are highly beneficial to guinea pigs.

Cons of feeding cucumbers to your guinea pigs

In spite of its numerous benefits, guinea pigs also face risks from eating cucumbers. These risks include:

Cucumbers can become toxic to guinea pigs

Although cucumbers are usually tasteless, it can get bitter due to cucurbitacin. Cucurbitacin is a toxin found in cucumbers. It can be hazardous to guinea pigs.  Cucurbitacin make cucumbers bitter and poisonous to your guinea pig. This can cause several complications to a guinea pig-like stomach pain, digestive problems, diarrhea etc.

Cucumbers contain calcium

Calcium is of no benefit to guinea pigs, but it is present in cucumbers. Thus, when you give your guinea pig excess cucumber, which in turn leads to an excess intake of calcium, it causes urinary problems to your guinea pig. It can lead to stones in the bladder of your guinea pig, which is pretty dangerous. 

How many cucumbers can you give a guinea pig?

It is not advisable for you to feed your guinea pig too much cucumber. A moderate quantity like one or two slices every three days is okay for your guinea pig. Do not allow your guinea pigs to eat cucumber every day. It can cause problems for them. 

Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers?

What vegetables can a guinea pig not eat?

It is common for you to feed your guinea pig with vegetables as it is one of its favorite diets. However, not all vegetables are edible for your guinea pig. Some of these vegetables include iceberg lettuce, cabbage, leek e.t.c.

What vegetables can guinea pigs eat?

Just like humans, guinea pigs also eat a lot of vegetables. There are some vegetables that they like very much. Vegetables that guinea pigs can eat include asparagus, carrots, carrots tops, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, peas, lettuce etc.

Can guinea pigs eat Japanese cucumber?

Yes, guinea pigs can also eat Japanese cucumbers. It is the same as eating any other cucumber.


Yes, a baby guinea pig can not eat cucumbers. Baby guinea pigs are largely dependent on their mother’s milk in the first few weeks of their lives. However, after some weeks, baby guinea pigs can eat cucumber.

Yes, guinea pigs eat cucumber peels, cucumber skin is beneficial to guinea pigs, just like cucumbers are. Feeding cucumber to your guinea pigs, even if it is the skin or peel, is not a problem at all. But make sure to wash the cucumber properly before feeding feeding to your guinea pig.

No, guinea pigs cannot drink cucumber juice or any other juice. It is bad for guinea pigs. It can cause stomach upset and digestion problems to guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can eat the seeds of cucumbers; guinea pigs eat all parts of cucumbers, including the skin and even cucumber peels. It is good for them.

Final Words

As you may have rightly guessed, the answer to the question, can guinea pigs eat cucumbers, is that guinea pigs can eat cucumbers. They can eat all parts of cucumbers, including the skin, cucumber leaves, guinea pigs eat cucumber seeds too.

However, the essential thing to note is that when your guinea pigs eat too many cucumbers, this can be fatal to the guinea pigs and cause complications.

It thus falls on you to feed your guinea pigs moderate quantities of cucumbers so as to ensure their good health, guinea pigs can eat cucumber two times in a week.

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