Can guinea pigs eat cilantro?

Guinea pigs are herbivores. They eat plants, fresh grasses, and varieties of herbs. Cilantro is one of the various herbs guinea pigs like and it has several health benefits for them.


Guinea pigs like cilantro stems, leaves, and flowers. Cilantro is a good source of vitamin C for them. It also serves them fiber and helps to prevent food poisoning.

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What Herbs Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Basic guinea pig food consists of herbs. As they graze, they eat a variety of herbs, plants, fresh grass, etc. Guinea pigs eat fruits and vegetables a lot. They are essential for keeping them healthy and their immune systems strong. 

The variety of herbs you can feed your guinea pig includes dandelion, mint, fennel, dill, parsley, cilantro, etc. Cilantro is known as coriander in some parts of the world. Its zesty taste is the reason some people go for it. Your little friend does like it too. 


Cilantro is a herb that guinea pigs are known to like. It contains calcium and phosphorus, vitamin C, K, and A. It sure contains sugar. It is a rich source of fiber and antioxidants for pets. Cilantro helps to prevent food poisoning and improve your guinea pig’s health and immune system.

Many people introduce cilantro for the first time and see how the pets take the new food before going further.

What Quantity of Cilantro Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

As delicious as cilantro is to guinea pigs, one would be tempted to feed it to them in much quantity. More so giving the benefits of the herb. However, moderation is the key. It is not advisable to feed it cilantro to your guinea pigs too much. Cilantro contains a high amount of vitamin C so a little amount of it will be okay for your little friend.

Too much cilantro is not good for your pet. The calcium content in the herb can make it detrimental to their health. They can develop bladder stones.

Can guinea pigs eat cilantro?

Guinea pigs have a delicate digestive system that may take the fall easily. If you feed your guinea pigs with too much cilantro, they may bloat or have a stomach upset. Also, your guinea pigs are at risk of having diarrhea and irritations. For some guinea pigs, cilantro intake can lead to itching rashes.

It is not in the best interest of both mother and child for a pregnant guinea pig to eat cilantro. It is detrimental to a child’s health. In a situation where the case is several, the mother might be affected too. In very extreme cases, the moth may be at the risk of bleeding.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Cilantro Stem?

Yes, guinea pigs eat cilantro stems without any problem. Every part of cilantro is edible: the leaves, stem, and all, except the roots. The vitamin C and other nutrients your guinea pigs need. However, before letting your guinea pigs eat cilantro stem, ensure that it is clean and hygienic for them.

Can guinea pigs eat cilantro?

Can My Guinea Pig Have Dried Cilantro?

Yes. Guinea Pigs eat cilantro in a different form. You can add dried cilantro to your guinea pig’s food. Sprinkle some on it and that will do. However, you should ensure that the cilantro does not contain other spices.


You can feed your guinea pigs however you want to. Simply chop your cilantro into small sizes. You have the option of cutting them into a bowl or not. Then, feed them to your guinea pigs. You may decide to hand-feed your little friend.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cilantro every day. However, it should be in small amounts. Also, once in a while, you can have a break in which you feed them something else. Feeding cilantro to your guinea pig should be done in moderation.

Yes. You can feed cilantro leaves to your guinea pigs. Cilantro contains vitamins, fiber, etc that hold several health benefits for your guinea pigs. You can feed your guinea pigs with cilantro on a regular basis but with caution to avoid the side effects.

Ordinarily, cilantro is safe for guinea pigs. However, feeding your guinea pig cilantro in high amounts is not safe. The side effects of too much cilantro include kidney stones, diarrhea, low blood pressure, etc.


It is necessary for guinea pig owners to know that they can harness the benefits of cilantro for their pets. It has vitamin C and other nutrients. While there is no restriction on how much your little friend can eat, moderation is essential. It will be on the safer side to feed your pet a small amount of cilantro. If you do feed your guinea pig cilantro several times a week, say every day, try to have off days.

Guinea pigs are better when they eat a variety of foods. Cilantro is one of the safest herbs for your guinea pig but it should be served clean. Wash them in freshwater. The vitamin C and other nutrients help to improve their immune system and health generally.

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