Can guinea pigs eat carrots?

Guinea pigs eat a variety of fruits and veggies, one of which is carrot. Guinea pigs can eat carrots. Guinea pigs love chewing, so definitely they love chewing on carrots too.


Carrots are nutritious vegetables, which are of great benefit to the health of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are herbivores, so that means their diet doesn’t include meat, but only plants, fruits and vegetables.

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Guinea pigs mainly eat hay. Hay is very good for your guinea pig as it helps your guinea pig to prune its teeth. A guinea pig’s teeth never stop growing, so your guinea pig needs to chew so that its teeth don’t grow too long.

Can guinea pigs eat carrots?

Benefits of feeding carrots to your guinea pigs

Carrot is a source of vitamin c for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs don’t have the ability to produce vitamin c which these guinea pigs need. They have to rely on external sources in order to get vitamin C. And vitamin C is very important to a guinea pig, it is needed to keep your guinea pigs active. Carrots are actually very good for guinea pigs, it contains vitamin c which are essential to guinea pigs

It improves eyesight

As is evident in a rabbit, carrots are very good for the eyes. Carrots contain a high concentration of vitamin A which ensures good eyesight. So, carrots help your guinea pigs to have good eyesight. 

Carrots help boost the immune system of guinea pigs

Carrots are also of benefit to the immune system of guinea pigs; including carrots in the diet of your guinea pig will make their immune system stronger and able to fight off diseases. 

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Carrots are good for the digestive system of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals. They are prone to digestive problems. Carrots contain fiber, which is good for digestion in guinea pigs. It helps your guinea pig digest foods easily and very well. 


Carrots contain antioxidants, which are of great benefit for the healthy living of your guinea pig. Antioxidants such as lutein, polyacetylene, lycopene, and anthocyanin help improve the body system of your guinea pig. 

Carrots help guinea pigs to lose weight

Carrots are a good way to get rid of obesity in your guinea pigs. Carrots fill up a guinea pig’s stomach; thus, they wouldn’t be tempted to eat more. They will not consume calories that will make them fat and unhealthy. 

Can guinea pigs eat carrots every day?

Although carrots are healthy and of great benefit to guinea pigs, it is strongly advised that you do not feed your guinea pig carrots every day. Carrots contain high levels of sugar for a vegetable. This hug mount of sugar can adversely affect your guinea pigs and make them sick.

Can guinea pigs eat carrots?

Carrots are also high in calcium, make sure you do not feed your guinea pig carrots everyday as excessive calcium is bad for the body system of your guinea pig. The best option is to feed your guinea pig carrots in moderate quantities, two or three times a week is okay. Eating carrots every day is bad for guinea pigs.

What human food can guinea pigs eat?

There are a lot of human foods that are also edible for a guinea pig. A guinea pig can eat vegetables and fruits such as raspberry, blueberry, carrot, carrot tops, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, peach, apple, mango, pineapple, lettuce, sweet pepper, orange, strawberry etc. Ensure what you feed your guinea pig is balanced diet, fresh vegetables and fruits is also advisable. Guinea pigs love to feed on leafy greens.

These are just some of the human foods that guinea pigs can eat. There are a host of others a guinea pig can also eat. However, ensure that your guinea pig can eat a particular food before introducing it to your guinea pig as guinea pigs sometimes reject new foods which they are new to.

Why are carrots bad for guinea pigs?

Carrots are high in sugar, which is bad for the health of your guinea pigs. Excessive intake of sugar can cause several problems to the health of guinea pigs. It can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems for guinea pigs.

Also, sugar can lead to obesity or overweight. It can even lead to diabetes as carrots contain high sugar content which is dangerous when taken indiscriminately. However two or three times a week is good for guinea pigs to eat carrots.

Can guinea pigs eat carrots?

What can guinea pigs not eat?

There are some foods edible to humans, which are bad for guinea pigs. You should not attempt to feed these foods to your guinea pig. Some of the foods a guinea pig cannot eat includes: meat, avocado, dairy products, onion, leek, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic etc. Feeding your guinea pigs these foods is bad, hence you should not give your guinea pigs the foods above.

You should also be careful when changing your guinea pig diet as it can react badly to new foods being introduced to it.


Yes, guinea pigs find carrot tops extremely enjoyable. Guinea pigs like to eat carrot tops. It is equally good for them, although in small quantities. Carrot tops contain a good amount of vitamin c so you can give your guinea pig carrot tops.

Yes, carrots or any other vegetables or fruits should be taken in moderation by guinea pigs; else, it will lead to complications. When your guinea pigs eat too much carrots, it is extremely bad for the health of your guinea pig and can make a guinea pig sick.

Yes, carrots contain a high concentration of vitamin C, which guinea pigs cannot produce on their own. Thus, guinea pigs depend on foods such as carrots as a source of vitamin C.

Final Words

Well as you have found out, guinea pigs can eat and they like carrots. Carrots are extremely beneficial to the health of your guinea pig, it is a great source of vitamin c. You would do well to include it in its diet.

However, moderation is the watchword as you have to ensure that you do not allow your guinea pigs eat too much carrots as it can cause complications to your guinea pig.

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