Can guinea pigs eat cabbage?

Cabbage is one vegetable that has different nutrients and has many health benefits for both humans and animals. Many herbivores animals eat cabbages and vegetables because they taste really good. But can we say the same for guinea pigs? Can Guinea pigs eat cabbage? The direct answer to that is yes, you can give cabbage to your guinea pig. Guinea pigs like cabbages just like any leafy vegetable.

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There are different types of cabbage and these cabbages are rich in different nutritional values that are beneficial to Guinea pigs. There is green cabbage, red cabbage purple Napa, and savoy cabbage. Cabbages protect animal’s radiation and provide them with calcium, vitamin C, Phosphorus, fiber and vitamin K. Cabbages also help to aid to kill cancer cells in humans. Guinea pigs eat cabbage fresh and raw.


Guinea pigs cannot generate Vitamin C on their own. Fresh Cabbages contain vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system of guinea pigs, while the vitamin k in it helps blood clotting in Guinea pigs.

Cabbages are safe for guinea pigs, and yes guinea pigs can eat cabbages. When looking for vegetables to add to your guinea pig s diet, you can go for cabbage.

Can guinea pigs eat cabbages everday?

No! Cabbages should be given to guinea pigs in small amounts. Guinea pigs eat cabbage as an occasional food.

As nutritious as cabbages are, they should not be given to guinea pigs every day. Serving your pets with cabbages every day is very dangerous to their health. Look for other vegetables and serve along with cabbages.

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage?

Cabbages are high in calcium and this is not good for the health of your guinea pigs. It can cause digestive problems in the guinea pig. Excess calcium can lead to kidney stones in guinea pigs. Because of this fact, cabbages should be given to guinea pigs as treat and not regular food.

Cabbages might contain Vitamin C and vitamin K, which is highly needed by guinea but they should not be an everyday meal for them. You can serve them cabbages two to four times a week. Other vegetables like tomatoes, bell pepper, and cucumbers can be added to Guinea pigs diet.

Can cabbage kill guinea pigs?

Cabbages cannot kill guinea pigs if given to them as occasional food. Cabbage is a very nutritious vegetable that is beneficial to the health of Guinea pigs. They are safe for your guinea. However, cabbages should not be everyday food for your guinea pigs. They should be given in small amounts.

Cabbages are high in calcium and guinea pigs don’t need excess calcium in their system. Calcium is good, it helps guinea pigs in developing healthy bones and maintain good dental health.

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage?

But as guinea pigs grow their need for calcium reduces and an excess of it in adult guinea pigs can be injurious. Excess calcium in guinea pigs can lead to bladder stones. Cabbage contains high calcium and feeding your guinea pigs with it in excess or making it an everyday food is bad for guinea pigs. It put them at risk of having bladder stone.

Apart from this guinea pigs are known to have a very sensitive digestive system that can be irritated but excess sugar and some chemical contents. Excess cabbage in guinea pigs can lead to diarrhea and bloating. To avoid this you should make cabbages an occasional food for your Guinea pig and not an everyday food. Guinea pigs eat cabbage in moderation.

What kind of cabbages can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs can eat different types of cabbage because they are all rich in vitamin C. Guinea pigs can eat the different types of cabbage, which are; red cabbage, green cabbage, savoy cabbage the Napa cabbage, and even the sweetheart cabbage. The red cabbage and green cabbage contains much vitamin C. So, it’s the most preferred cabbage to feed your pet.


However, do not give your guinea pigs Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage contains more calcium in it than others. Calcium is good for guinea pigs in their early stages. It helps them in bone formation and building health dental health but can be risky to their later age. Excess Calcium can cause kidney stones in adult guinea pigs.

Apart from the Chinese cabbage which I personally advise guinea pigs owners to avoid, guineas can eat various types of cabbages. The purple cabbage, white cabbage, and red cabbage are for good for them in moderation. They are rich in Vitamin C, Fiber, and even Vitamin K.


Cabbages cannot kill Guinea pigs but can affect their health if given to them in excess. Excess cabbage exposes the guinea pig to kidney stone which might also lead to the death of the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs can eat Savoy cabbages. They are rich in vitamin C and good for their health. You can feed your guinea pig savoy cabbage.

Guinea pigs should not eat cabbages too often, it can be dangerous to their health. Cabbages are high in calcium and adult guinea pigs do not excess calcium in their body. You can serve them cabbages two to three times a week.


Fresh cabbages are good not just for humans but also for guinea pigs. Cabbage is a source of Vitamin C which builds the immune system of guinea pigs. Cabbages keep your guinea pig healthy, aid digestion in guinea pigs, and help keep their heart-healthy because it contains low cholesterol.

However, do not feed your guinea pig cabbage everyday meal for a guinea. Excess cabbage can cause bladder stone in guinea pigs because of its high calcium content. Guinea pigs should be given cabbages as a treat. One leave or too is enough. Feed your guinea pigs cabbages 2 to 3 times weekly.

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