Can guinea pigs eat brussel sprouts?

Vegetables like Brussel sprouts are good for your guinea pig pet and the more you give them this food, the more you improve your guinea pig’s diet to improve. Guinea pigs can eat Brussel sprouts, and they like to eat Brussel sprouts leaves too which is a healthy food for them.


A traditional guinea pig s diet consists of 80% hay and 20% supplements (vegetables, fruits, etc.). They will largely feed on hay as a main source of their food rather than from a strange source. Hay helps the digestive system of the guinea pig.

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Many times, your pet only needs to feed on hay to be in good and healthy state. But sometimes, you need to feed your guinea pigs foods like vegetable leaves and fruits to help your pet live more healthy and happily.

Why fruits and vegetables? On a daily basis, your guinea pig’s diet should be a small amount of vegetable leaves like Brussel sprout. It will provide necessary vitamins and minerals that cannot be synthesized by the guinea pig. Vitamins such as calcium, oxalic acid, vitamin k are present in vegetables. And are important to the food and health of your guinea pigs. Vitamin c is very essential to your guinea pigs’ diet and should be included maximum of twice in a week.

Can guinea pigs eat brussel sprouts?

It is important to note that Brussel sprout is not something you should introduce to your guinea pig s diet every day because, as earlier discussed in related topics about guinea pigs and fruits, they contain a high amount of sugar.

Vitamin c, vitamin k, calcium and other substances , when present in high amount is not good to the health of your guinea pigs.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Brussels?

Yes, many guinea pigs eat Brussel sprouts and rely on them for vitamins such as vitamin c. They also rely on them for calcium. Note that when you expose your pet to too many vegetables, they become prone to intestinal chaos. This is the cause of gassing and frequent vomiting that follows consuming excessive amounts of vegetables. Think of any intestinal distress. You’re right; constipation? Of course, yes.

It’s fine if you start feeding guinea pigs with a little portion of Brussel sprouts, and when they become accustomed to eating veggies, you can gradually increase the number of Brussels you serve them.

Can guinea pigs eat brussel sprouts?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cooked Brussel Sprouts?

Your guinea pigs won’t like you much when they start eating cooked Brussels sprouts. Vegetables suffer a deterioration in vitamins and minerals when subjected to heat as a result of cooking. Brussel sprouts are not excluded from this list as they lose required vitamins such as Vitamin C that may be required by your pet.


Moreover, feeding them with cooked Brussels will only cause a war in their stomach, and they may develop unnoticed health issues. When you notice an unusual health issue in your guinea pig, you should consult a licensed veterinarian.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Stalks?

Brussel stalks are safe for guinea pigs as long as you don’t make them get easily tired of eating it by overfeeding them. Many times you would notice that your guinea pigs even love to eat the Broccoli stalk. Your guinea pigs as pet has the right to choose what suits her.


Make sure that you have chopped the Broccoli stalk into small bits, so you don’t have to remove the stuck broccoli stalk in the mouth of your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs don’t have the teeth to eat broccoli stalk well, so you have to slice them.


Of course, you can have your guinea pigs eat Brussel sprout top but keep it minimal in quantity.

One small Brussel sprout is just enough for your guinea pig. Too much vegetables like brussel sprout can cause gas.

No! Your guinea pigs are far from harm as long as you feed them moderately.


Your guinea pigs like to eat Brussel sprouts but will only enjoy them when you feed them in moderation. It is important that you give fresh vegetable foods to your guinea pigs once or twice a week for good health. Brussel sprouts do not come with restrictions as other fruit supplements like banana and pear that only have to be fed to your guinea pigs once or twice a week.

You can go all the way to feed your guinea pigs with vegetable supplements up to three times in one week. This will help balance the quality of their diet and keep them from frowning at you. Keep your love for your guinea pigs at fresh green veggies and not cooked ones. Adaptivity of your guinea pigs is key to making your guinea pigs enjoy eating leafy greens.

Above all, make your guinea pigs feel more at home with you by taking proper care of their cage and feeding bowl. Don’t just serve them food. Serve them right.

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