Can guinea pigs eat broccoli?

Broccolis are fresh leafy vegetables that are rich in various nutrients that are good for the body. Broccolis are healthy for the human body and also taste delicious. Broccoli contains high amount of vitamin c. But the question now is can Guinea pigs eat Broccoli? How healthy is Broccolis for a Guinea pig s diet?

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Well, the good news is, Guinea pigs eat Broccoli. Broccolis are one of the healthy vegetables that guinea pigs can be fed with. Fresh broccolis are also tasty and well-loved by Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat Broccoli very well.

Vitamin C is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet. Vitamin C is needed by Guinea pigs to boost their immune system against various diseases and sicknesses. Broccoli are high in vitamin. By feeding your guinea pigs with broccoli, you are helping build their immune system and also keeping them safe from scurvy, which is common among Guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat broccoli?

Broccoli is also high in Vitamin C, vitamin k, calcium, fiber, and other vitamins. Guinea pigs eating broccoli has lots of health benefits. The calcium in Broccolis helps to build the dental health and bones of your guinea, while vitamin B and vitamin K found in broccoli helps to improve the sight of your Guinea pigs.

Broccoli plant is one vegetable that you should add to the diet of your guinea pigs because of its health benefits. Guinea pigs eat Broccoli, feed guinea pigs with them.

How much broccoli can I give my guinea pigs?

Broccolis are good for guinea pigs, but they must not be their main meal. Do not give it to them every day. Instead, it should be an occasional food. Guinea pigs eat Broccoli in small amount.

Broccolis are rich in vitamin C, which helps to boost the immune system of guinea and helps them prevent scurvy. However, broccolis, when eaten in excess, is not good for the health of guinea pigs because they contain Oxalates.

Oxalates are not needed in large quantities for Guinea pigs. When oxalates combine with calcium, it can cause health issues like bladder stones in the Guinea pig. I am sure you love your guinea pigs so much not to want this for them.

Can guinea pigs eat broccoli?

Broccolis are rich in vitamin A, so the serving size should be minimal. Broccolis also have the tendency of causing bloating in guinea pigs. Whenever you serve your Guinea pigs with broccoli, it should be served as an occasional food, not as an every day food. Broccoli should not replace their main meal but should be a treat

You can serve your guinea pigs with Broccolis twice a week. This would provide them with the necessary vitamins they need and also safe from the danger of eating too much Broccolis. Guinea pigs can eat broccoli twice a week. Give broccoli to your guinea pig as a treat.

Can guinea pigs eat raw broccoli?

Yes, Guinea pigs eat Broccoli raw. Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals. Guinea pigs like fresh veggies. Guinea pigs prefer raw broccolis. They are better for their health and taste even better to guinea pigs than cooked and frozen broccoli. Make sure you serve your guinea pig raw broccoli.

Guinea pigs eat their vegetables raw. This makes serving the vegetables easy. Fresh vegetables are more nutritious than cooked or frozen vegetables. This is because their nutrients have not been tampered with. Guinea pigs eat cooked broccoli. However fresh vegetables are beneficial to their health and help to keep them healthy. Guinea pigs eat Broccoli in little amount only.

Can guinea pigs eat broccoli?

What vegetable can guinea pigs eat daily?

Vegetables are good for Guinea pigs, but not all vegetables should be eaten by them daily. Some vegetables are high in some chemical contents that are not good for the health of your guinea pigs. When serving your guinea pigs with vegetables, you should be careful not to serve them with vegetables that might be toxic to their system or those that might irritate their system.

Also, avoid serving them with vegetables that are high in sugar content, also those high in calcium and Oxalates daily. No matter how nutritious these vegetables are, avoid serving them with it daily. Excess sugar is not good for the digestive system of guinea pigs. It can affect their system. Vegetables with excess sugar can affect their stomach leading to stomach upset and diabetes in the Guinea pigs.


Here are the lists of vegetables and foods that can be given to your guinea pigs on a daily basis. 

  • Tomatoes
  • Hay
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley  
  • Lettuce 
  • Green pepper

Can guinea pigs have broccoli or cauliflower?

Guinea pigs eat Broccoli and Cauliflowers. Both veggies are rich in Vitamin C, which is well needed by guinea pigs. However, these two vegetables should be given to them as a treat. They can be eaten by guinea pigs two to three times a week.


Guinea pigs eat Broccoli and Cauliflowers, but they should not make up guinea pig’s daily meal.


Too much of Broccolis can make your Guinea pig sick. Broccoli contains a combination of calcium and oxalates, which can cause Bladder stones in Guinea pigs.

No! Guinea pigs cannot eat cooked broccoli. Cooked vegetables are not healthy to feed your Guinea pigs because they might contain salt, oil, seasons, which might affect your guinea pigs. Unlike humans, Guinea pigs love their vegetables raw.

Yes, guinea pigs eat Broccoli leaves. However, be careful not to overfeed your Guinea pigs with broccoli because they are rich in vitamin A when it is only needed in small quality by Guinea pigs.

Broccolis are one of the best vegetables that you can give your Guinea pigs to eat . They are highly nutritious and delicious.

Bottom Line

Broccoli is one vegetable you should consider adding to your guinea pig s diet if you haven’t. Guinea pigs eat Broccoli, broccoli leaves, broccoli stems. They are rich pigs, improve their vision, and strengthen their dental health.

As much as this vegetable is good for your guinea, avoid the temptation of overfeeding them with it. The serving size for your guinea pigs should be in small amounts. Overfeeding could cause various health issues. I recommend they eat broccoli at most two to three times a week.

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