Can Deers See Green Light?

“Can deers see green light?” is a question and fact you need to get clear about this mammal when setting yourself up for deer hunting.


Deer are considered to be naturally calm animals, though they can be dangerous to humans and some domestic animals like dogs. They are herbivorous animals that feed on grasses, legumes, and fruits, and are mostly found in rainforests and grasslands, but they can be seen closer to cities now due to deforestation and poaching.

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They are less spooked by red, green, and orange light than other colors and this is unarguably the best light for hunting them. You shouldn’t go hunting them in blue denim or shirt as their eyes are structured to pick up the color blue even 20 times better than the human eyes. They are quite smart in that they can sense their environment and see their predator from afar, and avoid the danger zone.

While in the wild, they can live up to 20years, but this lifespan has been shortened to 10years. The gestation period lasts about seven and a half months, with the mating period starting from September, running to may, and ending in June before repeating the cycle. 

Although, this gestation period differs because there is another lower classification of deers such as Reindeer, Moose, Roe deer, and Red deer, which all belong to the Cervidae family save for variation in physical features. For instance, the Reindeer’s gestation period runs for 222days while the white-tailed deer runs for 201 days.

In the ecosystem, they serve as the producer for large predators like Coyotes and their contribution to biodiversity is without doubt too as their feces add humus to the soil. They are important to human beings as their soft skin can be used for clothing, rug, hide, and tents. They also help in the dispersal and growth of seeds.

They can be seen in cities like North America, Europe, and Australia.

Why Deers Cannot See The Green Light.

The deer eyes are made up of more rods than cones, which enhances their night vision. Although like some humans, they cannot distinguish the red-green light but they have a reflective layer called the tapetum which causes their eyes to shine better at night.

One of the cones missing out of the deer eyes made it impossible for them to see long wavelength colors. That is, those in the red zone, hence, making it difficult for them to differentiate between the green and red color.

They only perceive the green color as a shade of grey, and this makes it easier for them to be spooked by it.

Deer Hunting Colors

Having established the fact that deers cannot see the green color, you may want to know which color of light you should get when going hunting. Now sit up and read up.

Red light

The red light is unarguably the best for hunting deers because they cannot see colors towards the end of the spectrum of which red is one, unlike the ones at the beginning of the spectrum. Coupled with this fact is their dichromatic vision which permits them to see just two colors.

Gone are the days of fixing a red lid over a white light because, there are now powerful red flashlight which are not only capable of distracting the deer but can also cover up to 350 meters. Moreso, the heat they emit is less compared to a white light.

Green light

The green light is yet another ideal hunting light you should have in your hunting bag. It allows you to see through foggy wood, giving you a clearer picture of your prey. It is a great balance between the red and white light, making it easier for you to see far ahead and maintaining a good stealth while at it.


Due to the dichromatic vision of the deers, everything appears grainy to them, orange color inclusive.  Therefore, they cannot view it the way humans do, instead it looks gray to them.

So, hunting with an orange flashlight or putting on an orange colored cloth to the field is as effective as using a white light, just that you may need to be careful of your movement as they are quite sensitive to their surroundings and can see up to 300 degrees at once.

Now, get this straight. There are no exact rules to hunting deer. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, all you need to know are some tricks and tips which would give you an exciting hunting experience. 

Next on the line is how to hunt deers. What technique should you apply before hunting them? What color of cloth should you avoid when going hunting? What are the tools you need? There are answers and many more to these below.

How To Hunt Deers

1. The Field Is The Game

Just as a football pitch is to football, so is the field for deer hunting.

hunting location

Getting your game requires you to go into the rainforest. With your pack, arrow, light, and shooting kit of course. But before setting out on your journey, you need to define your goal. Are you hunting for food or bagging your catch? This will determine how much food and water you need to take along, including blankets if you will have to spend the night in the woods.

2. Choose Your Weapon

Another thing you need to decide just before you set off is to decide which weapon you would like to use. Rifles or arrows? Pistols or knives?

It is fine if you learn how to use these tools but best if you practice and know one perfectly, especially as a beginner. This way, you can proceed to hunt while learning about others in your leisure time.


Whether you are going the rifle or the knife way, you must consider the cost, durability, and product. 

Here are some of the top best rifles suitable for deer hunting. The  Winchester Model 70, Savage Trophy Hunter XP, and Ruger American Rifle. They are affordable and easy to use. You want to use knives? Here are some of the perfect fits for the job: Benchmade Steep Country Family, Buck 658 Pursuit small knife, and Gerber gear vital big game folder. Each has its specialty but they all make for a good cut and grip.

3. Blue Colors Are No Gamers.

Since it has been established that deer picks the blue color better and from afar, then your blue denim or hat should stay in your court. Do not bring them to the field, else you may find no catch.

Aside from that, you must dress according to the season. Light cotton clothes for hot weather, while your fur jacket will do for the cold. Then, you can also use Xtra green camo, which is the most popular camo for deer hunting especially around the final quarter of the year.

Do not forget your waterproof boots too to keep your feet warm.

4. Practice Makes Perfect.

Yes, you are used to this phrase. It also applies to your hunting. You won’t want to be on the field and having cold feet about the use of your weapons.

Therefore, it is best that you learn how to cock a gun, shoot an arrow, dwindle your knife and how to bag the deer out there in the field.

Improve your skill, read the pros and cons of each piece of equipment, ask a specialist or a friend in case of any doubt or questions. If necessary, you may want to survey the field before hunting to know your shooting range and the width.

5. Your Intuition Is Needed

According to research, pressured deer do not bed food sources, unlike the unpressured ones.

This means that you need to put your intuition and recognition in identifying and knowing the difference between the two. This will save you a lot of time and energy from hunting all day as well as choosing the right park for your hunt. 

In addition to the aforementioned, there are few hunting tools you should pack along. A box of first aid is necessary. Rechargeable batteries could be a lifesaver too. You may want to drop a box of matches into your backpack as well. Whether you are hunting for meat or industrial use, it is important that you get the best available products from trusted manufacturers.


Yes, it is. When you see a bluebird, it means a financial turnaround and progress in your life.

Blue means confidence, intelligence, and loyalty, so a bluebird is a sign of joy and happiness that is bound to happen soon.

Generally, bluebirds connote positivity, liberation, and good luck. So when next you see a bluebird in your dream, it means a sign from a loved one in heaven or a guardian angel.


The economic and industrial use of deer cannot be overemphasized. Their contribution to the ecosystem is not without notice too because they serve as food to other predators, while also creating balance in the ecosystem. Moreso, because of the high demand for venison, especially in the western part of the world, more profit ranging from $700- $46000 are made from raising them for hunting. They make for good clothing, rugs, and gloves too.

Therefore, before hunting for them, you must know the best light to hunt them, their natural habitat, the different classifications as well as getting the right tools for amazing and fun-filled deer hunting. This will solve the problem of getting the wrong light or wearing the wrong clothing like blue to hunt.

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