Can Coyotes See Infrared Light?

“Can coyotes see infrared light?” This question serves as the basis for other interesting facts about this elusive creature, and this article is going to tell you all you need to know about them.

Coyotes, just like any other animal, cannot see infrared lights at all, unlike humans who can detect it as heat. This is because they are mammals, and mammals are endothermic, i.e, they produce heat internally. This way, heat is released into the environment, and this is what differentiates them from exotherms.

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They are omnivores, and can survive in any habitat, but are mostly seen in North America, the deserts of Canada, and Central America. But with human advancement and population, they can be seen in most cities now.

Coyotes can live up to 14 years in the wild and much longer in captivity, about 20 years. Their gestation period usually lasts about 60-63 days, running from January to late March or early May.

This nocturnal animal otherwise known as the Prairie wolf are fast runners and great swimmers. So, do not be surprised to find them on islands. They are often associated with some magical attributes and mystical beliefs. Traditionally, they signify deceit and cunningness.

The fur, which is usually a mix of colors and which differs depending on its geographical location, is usually used by Canada goose, a company that specializes in making jackets, to make jackets that can withstand temperatures as low as -30°c and sell as much as $100-$170.

They also play an important role in the ecosystem by creating a prey and predator balance. This way, they serve as food for carnivores like foxes and raccoons while helping plants grow by eating rodents and other smaller animals. 

Having known that coyotes are blind to Infrared red because they are dichromate mammals, what are the best color lights for hunting coyotes then?

Best Coyote Hunting Lights

White-colored light:

Generally, all animals are usually spooked by a white light shining bright. Coyotes inclusive. Whether a hand-held light or mounted light, a white light will give you a better and larger view of your prey, while distracting them and acting as a camouflage for you.

According to experts, hunting with white light could affect your vision, but the best solution is to get a pair of goggle glasses like Superior tactical PVS-7 or FLIR Thermosight. These pairs also help you see as far as 200 yards.

Green-colored light:

This colored light works as best as the white color. Infact, you may not need a pair of glasses when hunting with a green light. This light gives the perfect balance between the red and white light, giving you a better contrast to see coyotes since they are dark-colored.

It does not affect your sight as much as a white light would do. The top three best products are Orion H30 predator, Vastfire 350 and Windfire WF802.

Red-colored light:

Red is one color coyotes are blind too. They can only sense but not see it. Unlike yellow and blue color, red has the least effect on coyotes, especially when it is a diffused light beam.

red light

One of the best red-colored lights is the Predator Tactics Coyote-Reaper which comes in either green or red, depending on your choice.

How To Hunt Coyotes

Whether you are hunting them for their fur or protecting your environment and livestock from them, here are 5 basic tips you should learn by heart, especially as a beginner. Ready? Let us get down into the business.


Every season has its uniqueness in regards to animal hunting, but for coyotes, winter is the best time to hunt them. This is because they tend to move out of their hiding places in search of food and warmth to survive. Then, their gestation period starts around this time, which makes them more active.

As a rule of thumb, being nocturnal animals, they are often seen in packs after sunset and at night. 

Setting up

It is necessary to navigate the field before you go hunting to know where they are denning. According to experienced hunters, there are chances that you would find them lurking around cows’ calving ground. You should also be on the lookout for signs like their track, kill sites and dropping, piles of scat along roads, and logging trails. These give them away and you are sure on the way to bagging them.


Finding a suitable location is as important as the hunt itself because it is the foundation on which every other tip is laid.


Coyotes are very smart animals that have a great sense of smell, sight, and hearing. As such, you should not do anything to arouse their attention, hence they will flee when you move closer.

You must shade your car from them. Since coyotes cannot see infrared light, you can use yellow and blue colors to camouflage. 

Finally, do not move closer to their den. 

Fake Distress Call

Finally, one of the effective hunting tools aside from your firearm that would assure you a good catch is a coyote call. A coyote call is a tool that mimics small animals like rodents’ distress calls, to attract coyotes.

You can either use the hand call or automated distress call, depending on which you are comfortable with.

The rabbit distress call is the easiest to lure them because rabbits are their favorite meal.

Hunting Tools

Nothing is as disheartening as getting the wrong tools for the right animal or not knowing what to buy. But there is no cause for alarm because you will be armed with the right set of tools to take along in your journey. Ready? Let’s go!


You need a good rifle with the right ammunition to knock down your prey without much skin damage.


This rifle should also be able to shoot long distances with enough force to knockdown. An example of this is the Smith &Wesson M&P 15-2 sport rifle.


A rangefinder helps you to find the right range for better precision and accuracy with enough time to shoot and recover. One of the top best rangefinders for coyote hunting is the Prime 1300 Laser Rangefinder.

Good Light

Since coyote hunting is usually carried out at night, then it is of utmost importance to take along a good source of illumination strong enough to sight and scan your prey. A Redor green light does this work better because they are blind to these colors. Do not forget to take along batteries too.


Coyotes can see yellow and blue colors. They have heightened sight for these colors than any other vast of colors.

Some animals like amphibians and reptiles can see Infrared red emitted from other animals in the form of heat. But animals like mammals cannot see Infrared light but feel it.

Not at all. This is because they cannot see it, and this is why hunters would go for either red or green lights since they are not as sharp as white light that can spook them.


Hunting for coyotes could be as fun as hunting for other animals, with the right hunting tools of course. Setting up your location, navigating the field as well as practicing how to use your rifle will give you an edge even as a beginner. 

The knowledge that coyotes cannot see Infrared light will prevent you from using it and buying either red or green light instead.

With this guide, you are sure on your way to successful coyote hunting.

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