Bluebird Symbolism

Bluebird symbolism is an ancient belief that bluebirds bring happiness, fertility, harmony, love, knowledge and peace. In this post, you’ll be exposed to the history, symbolism and meaning of the bluebird. Bluebird symbolism is very key to understanding how the world works, it helps one to understand how and why certain things happen.

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Bluebirds are colorful happy singing birds of nature commonly found in North America. Bluebirds are usually associated with good things. The color blue is generally seen as a symbol of tranquility, happiness, growth, loyalty, positivity, fulfillment, and intellect.

Bluebirds generally symbolizes knowledge, faith, hope, satisfaction, good health, prosperity, satori, growth, fertility, birth, restoration, transformation, new beginnings, angels, messages from God, our spirit guides, or your deceased loved ones, the victory of good over evil and several others. The bluebird symbolizes a lot of things- different cultures have different views about it. The symbolism and meaning each culture attribute to it differs from the other.

China Bluebird Symbolism

In the Shang Dynasty of 1766–1122 BC, the bluebird is seen as an harbinger of knowledge and enlightenment. The bluebird was commonly seen as a symbol of Xi Wangmu, who was the queen Goddess of the west. Xi Wangmu was known as a protectress of priestesses, nuns, singing girls, and adepts. Thus, wherever they see a bluebird, it is believed that one was secure and under the protection of Xi Wangmu.

Bluebird symbolism

Korea Bluebird Symbolism

The Koreans believe bluebirds are messengers of God fluttering around people and reporting back to God. It is also believed that they carry messages from one lover to another, they serve as a delivery service.

Native Americans Bluebird Symbolism

The Native American views the bluebird as a spirit who is in the form of an animal. They see it as a messenger and several of their folklores, legends and stories are woven around the bluebird. They sought to attract the bluebirds by hanging dry gourds outside; they did this so as to enjoy the birds’ delightful songs of hope and joy.

They believe the bluebird usher in the spring season which is a season of transformation, renewal and growth.

Navajo & Iroquois Bluebird Symbolism

In these tribes, the bluebird symbolizes fertility and prosperity, they believe the bluebird is a sign of good tidings. According to them, seeing a bluebird proceeds the beginning of great things in one’s life. They hold the opinion that bluebirds are actually spirits.

Cochiti Bluebird Symbolism

They have the same beliefs as the Navajo tribe, they believe that the bluebird is connected to the morning sun. This is because the song of the bluebird wakes the members of the Cochiti tribe early enough to witness the beauty of the morning sun. A legend of theirs posits that two bluebirds contributed to the creation of the rainbow. They associate the bluebird with modesty, diligence, enlightenment, knowledge, and confidence.

Pima Bluebird Symbolism

This tribe classifies the bluebird as a symbol of transfiguration, increment and the signal of the beginning of the spring season. To them, the bluebird is a symbolism of something good, a transition into a great and better state.

The Pima Tribe has a folklore about the bluebird. Years ago, there was an ugly bird, which resided near the tribe camp. One day, this bird accidentally found a lake with magical powers. It immediately flew inside the lake and bathed in it countless times.

Bluebird symbolism

Immediately after bathing in the lake, the ugly bluebird went through an amazing transformation, it transformed into a beautiful bluebird. This folklore encapsulates completely the general symbolism of the bluebird, which is hope, loyalty, change, transmogrification, joy, and contentment.

It gives us the belief to never lose hope and faith in torrid periods, in situations when it maybe seems that the world has turned its backs on us and we are all alone with nobody on our side. It encourages us to always think positively and always assume the best outcome of any circumstance by always being optimistic.

Russia Bluebird Symbolism

Russian folklore symbolizes it as a hope of better things to come. They view the bluebird as a symbol of light during dark times. It is seen as a harbinger of happiness and joy.

Meaning of the Bluebird

The appearance of a bluebird in your life is of great importance, it means you should be expectant of great things to come. Well, when you sight a bluebird, you should probably jump and dance for joy, it calls for more joy than when you find a four leafed clover.

Bluebird symbolism

The bluebird can help change the way you view your environment and surroundings, it reminds of the beauty available around you. Things that you haven’t observed or don’t believe are important, it can change your perspective about them. 

A major objective of the bluebird is to spread joy wherever it goes, it opens our eyes to all the blessings in our life thus making us thankful for what we have and better placed to receive more. Here are more meanings attached to spotting a bluebird.

A Sign of Happiness

Bluebirds are very popular for their delightful and charming songs, these birds have a sonorous and beautiful voice. Hearing these birds sing can lift up your mood, make you happy and brighten up an otherwise moody day. 

The aura of a bluebird always brings happiness and joy to its environment.  Many cultures of the world acknowledge happiness as a symbolism of the bluebird, some try to attract bluebirds as a result of this, it is a bluebird of happiness.  

Sign of Positive Change

The color blue means a new phase is about to begin in one’s life, it means taking a major step either in one’s career or relationship. The bluebird usually heralds in the spring season after winter, it is a bird of change. 

Sign of Support and Encouragement

The behavior exhibited by bluebirds is quite fascinating, they support each other.  It is like a division of labour, while the males are saddled with the task of finding materials to build nests, it is the duty of the females to build the nest. 

The bluebird is a sign that you should not waver in your commitment and rather reiterate on your focus to achieve your set goal. It is nature’s way of telling you not to lose hope. 

Sign of Beauty

The bluebird is not an unattractive bird, it is a beautiful and colorful bird, thus, naturally it also symbolises beauty. Everything about this bird speaks of beauty, and a view of the bluebird will help you appreciate the beauty all around you. 

Sign of a Message From GOD 

Some cultures believe that bluebirds are messengers from God, they are angels who have taken on the form of birds sometimes to come to earth. Their presence breeds positivity and encouragement. 

They come around to deliver messages of impending victory or breakthrough, when they spend more time, they can change the mood of people they are around, they can make people happy. The bluebird  appears in dreams too, its presence reminds us not to give up but rather persevere and await good events which are coming soon. 

It can appear as an answer to your prayer reminding you not to give up but rather trust in God.  An appearance of a bird in a trying time is a good and clear sign that everything will get better. 

Sign of Progress and Prosperity

Bluebirds are symbols of progress and prosperity, they are a sign of good luck. You may have found yourself in a fix or jam recently which you have been unable to wriggle out of. Sighting bluebirds in such critical moments is a great sign that everything will work out. 

The presence of these bluebirds may also give you signs on what steps to take that will aid your progress. Thus, you have to be very observant and notice even the minute details in your environment, this can be the solution to the problems you are currently passing through. Bluebirds can provide and help you find the solutions to the problems currently beguiling you. 

This bird engenders progress and moves forward.  They are positive birds, nothing is negative about them. 

Spiritual Meaning of the Bluebird

The bluebird is seen as a spirit animal  who delivers messages from the spirit world, it is a spirit guide. The bluebird brings the message of hope, happiness and joy. Thus, when you see a bluebird, it is imperative that you open your heart and mind so as to properly receive and be able to decipher the message the bluebird is delivering. 

We all have guardian angels who look after us at every given time and ensure that our dreams come to reality. Sometimes, the bluebird may be delivering a message from your guardian angel by singing or the bluebird may even be your guardian angel who has taken the shape of the bird in order to deliver a message to you. 

After praying and calling out to your guardian angels, they can appear in the form of bluebirds to allay your fears and worries and assure you that everything will get ok. 

Deceased family and friends or loved ones can also appear as bluebirds. They can come to support and encourage you especially in torrid times. Also during your sad periods, you can see these bluebirds around trying to cheer you up and raise your mood. 

Hidden in the lyrics of its song would be the message. They also prove the fact that we have angels all around us looking after us. 

So, the next time you hear a bluebird singing, listen carefully and examine your life and your  environment, you just might get an answer to that question or situation that has been puzzling you. 

Bluebird Dreams

Seeing bluebirds in your dream is also a bluebird symbolism. When you see a bluebird in your dream, it is a good omen, it may mean an issue you have been facing will be resolved or has finally gotten a solution. Just like the happiness a bluebird emanates, you’ll feel peace and joy after dreaming about a bluebird.

Bluebird symbolism

Dream experts have connected bluebird’s dreams to a spiritual meaning, it means a guardian angel or a loved one is watching over you. This protection does not however apply to everyone, it may appear to someone who’s going through a torrid time. The dream may be a form of encouragement not to give up by your deceased loved ones who are watching over you.

Dreams about bluebird may also be a form of warning to be at alert in preparation for what is coming. It can be crucial and help one in making a major breakthrough in life. These dreams can be a way of nature giving us premonitions about what is to come. A bluebird appearing in your dream can also be an affirmation that you are on the right track, that the step you have just taken is indeed the right step to take.

The appearance of a bluebird in your dream is not just a mere coincidence, its presence is to deliver a message of goodwill or a message that good things are coming into your life. Thus, seeing a bluebird in your dream should be good luck and have you jumping up for joy.

Bluebird Spirit Animal

The color blue generally represents peace and tranquility, knowledge, confidence, trust, positive energy, loyalty, faith and even heaven. Many cultures of the world see the bluebird as a very spiritual animal. The bluebird appeals to our spiritual being, it brings us premonitions of what is to come so that we can be prepared. It also acts as our guardian angels, while some guardian angels also take on the form of a bluebird in order to relate with us humans.

The bluebird spirit animal also comes to encourage us to not give up in the face of opposition but to rather persevere so as to ensure our victory. In all circumstances, the bluebird is a spirit animal that will always bring good news, it’s spiritual meaning is that of love, peace and positivity.

Bluebird Totem Animal

The symbolism of a blue bird totem is comfort, it means that you are a source of comfort to everyone around you. People with blue bird totems are able to make friends easily, they enjoy the company of others and they also make for a good company. It is likened to the bluebird who makes a lovely and comfortable nest where everyone is comfortable in, people with bluebird totems are adept at making those around them comfortable.

Bluebirds remind us to always seek peace with everyone and resolve any conflict we have with others peacefully. It also preaches forgiving everyone and moving forward onto other things. It encourages us not to use harsh words on other people. They also uphold the principle of love, they are monogamous and romantic, they love without a fault.

Bluebird Power Animal

The bluebird power animal is a meek spirit, it seems to soothe and rid the soul of all anger. It helps and prevents one from making rash decisions in the heat of anger. It also helps to heal and soothe a person suffering from heartache.

It develops the care and love personality of a person. The blue bird power animal teaches one the act of gentleness.

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

Getting a tattoo of the bluebird can bring about good luck, the bluebird is a spirit animal that symbolises good luck. The bluebird tattoo has a mythological and symbolical meaning, it usually signifies the beginning of spring because that is when the bluebirds come back. When they have migrated for winter, the return heralds the return of spring ushering in a new dawn.

Bluebird symbolism

The dazzling color of the bluebird is connected to that of the skies which is heaven, it signifies an heavenly feeling of eternal happiness. Also, the bluebird tattoo has no dark side, it is a pure tattoo design.


Yes, bluebirds symbolizes good luck. Bluebirds are messengers of good tidings, they always bring news or information that are of benefit to us. So if you’ve just seen a bluebird, that breakthrough you are desperately seeking may be just around the corner.

The spiritual meaning of bluebirds is love, peace, tranquility, loyalty, faith, trust, dedication, beginning of a new phase, positive change, joy, happiness, transition, admiration etc. The bluebird as a spirit animal is the definition of everything good, its mere existence is to bring happiness.

Dreams about bluebirds are usually about good things that are going to happen to you. The dreams bring a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

Bottom Line

Bluebirds are our spirit guides, they are a sign that we shouldn’t take the little things for granted, we tend to lose sight of the little things easily, yet, it may even matter more than the big things we are keeping our eyes out for. Thus, the bluebird is charging you to never disregard or underestimate the little things in life. It is the way nature looks after us.

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