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Birdwatching | Food, Feeders, Birdhouse, Symbolisms

From our extensive research, we have come to realise that there are benefits to the act of watching birds do their thing in their habitat. This has propelled us to come up with ideas to help you as a birdwatcher get the best out of the experience. In our recommendations, we review the best equipment that will aid you in your quest to spot, watch, and even record the behaviour of your avian friends.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more…”]They will help increase your productivity in spotting and watching birds to get the data you are looking to collect or give you a better view of the birds’ general activities. Beginning from binoculars that offer you a wider and further view than your eyes can reach, those that have a lesser field of view but are more compact and less pricey, and others that give you clear optics even with its small frame and grip, to focus on your target bird fast.

Do you need to capture the images you have seen? You will find recommendations on cameras that are suitable for taking action shots that will help you capture the moments that are worth recording for future references. Some resources offer you insight into zoom lenses to capture images of actions that seem far away.

Go through our travel guide to help you navigate the birds’ habitat with no confusion and to know which birds are most likely in that particular area.

Satisfy your curiosity about where the birds go when their familiar sounds are out of reach of your ears by using auditory gears contained in our recommended list such as sound enhancers – small and fits in your pocket – that alert you of birds’ calls from far away.[/expander_maker]

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