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What Do Seagulls Eat?

What Do Seagulls Eat?

When observing these omnivorous birds from afar, you might have this question on your mind: what do seagulls eat? With over 50 species globally distributed,

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Bluebird symbolism

Bluebird Symbolism

Bluebird symbolism is an ancient belief that bluebirds bring happiness, fertility, harmony, love, knowledge and peace. In this post, you’ll be exposed to the history,

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Cardinal symbolism

Cardinal Symbolism

Cardinal symbolism finds relevance in a world where symbolism is a reality. As a tree would symbolize life and vitality so would a running water

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Bird symbolism

Bird Symbolism

Bird symbolism is a phenomenon that has been with man from time immemorial. There is a common belief that birds mean more than just birds.

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Woodpecker symbolism

Woodpecker Symbolism

Repeatedly, the woodpecker sends Morse codes to the world at large. Woodpeckers are magnificent birds with outstanding features. A woodpecker symbolism could imply various things,

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do pigeons mate for life

Do Pigeons Mate For Life?

The hybrid ‘urban city’ pigeons developed by cross-breeding have shifted the world’s attention from minute yet significant details (such as do pigeons mate for life?)

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Do Sparrows Migrate?

Do Sparrows Migrate?

Perhaps, you have been staring at the sky, wondering: “do sparrows migrate?” The truth is when winter sets in, most animals usually migrate to warmer

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Can birds eat rice

Can Birds Eat Rice?

Whether birds can eat rice by pet bird owners has brought varied opinions from ornithologists and other bird professionals. The idea that birds can die

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crow symbolism

Crow Symbolism

As you might have seen in various movies and TV shows, birds and animals are used as a symbol of something important that is about

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