Bird Watching in Copan: Macaw Mountain – Copan, Honduras

Copan is famous for its awe-inspiring Mayan Ruins. But did you know that Copan also has Macaw Mountain, a 10-acre Bird Park and Nature Reserve with plenty of trails and walkways to satisfy even the most finicky bird watcher?


The birds in Macaw Mountain are either rescued or donated by people wanting better lives for these beautiful creatures. Once recovered, the birds are carefully maintained and are free to fly in the aviaries. According to the Macaw Mountain staff, they “house, care for and feed [the] birds at a very high standard.”


All the stone trails and wooden walkways in Macaw Mountain are wheelchair accessible and extend throughout the canyon for the extent of the property. There are open encounter areas that allow visitors to take pictures and interact with the birds naturally.

There is plenty of parking for not only cars and buses, but for horses as well. Should you decide to horseback ride to Macaw Mountain, a cool stable and water for the animals are available.

Hot? Take a dip in the natural bathing pool, located in their river.


Take a small break from bird watching and watch coffee from Café Miramundo being harvested, roasted and ground during season. The small coffee plantation, located in the premises, allows the visitor to be immersed in the coffee making process.

Once inside the coffee roasting house, visitors can sit on an elevated wooden deck in a tree canopy and enjoy a fresh cup of hand picked 100% Arabica coffee.


There is a great deal of history between these birds and the Ancient Mayans, who lived between 600 BC and AD 1500. Birds such as quetzals, herons, eagles, and of course macaws are ever-present in Ancient Mayan art. The ruins of Copan, as well, show extensive bird images, and in fact, K’inich Yax K’uk Mo’, the name of the founder and first ruler of the Pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization means Resplendent Sun Lord Quetzal Macaw.