Bird Watching Holidays in Alderney, Channel Islands

Alderney is the most northerly and third largest of all the Channel Islands, visible on a clear day from the north of Guernsey. The island is also very closely situated to the French coast, at only eight miles distance away, or a short ferry ride.

Travel To Alderney, Channel Islands

There are a few different options for those wishing to visit Alderney; ferry, plane or by private yacht or motor boat. Alderney has direct links to Southampton airport and to both Dilette and Cherbourg by sea. Also, there are regular flights and sea links to the two larger Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey including: links to Manchester, London Stanstead, London Gatwick, Bournemouth, Exeter, Bristol and Birmingham, as well as ferry links to Portsmouth, Poole, Weymouth and St. Malo, France.

From either Jersey or Guernsey, travel to Alderney is a very short, simple flight away on the local airline Aurigny, or with Blue Islands. In addition, during the summer season, Jersey has direct links to over 25 regional airports in the UK, making it extremely easy to access the island.

Bird Watching in Alderney, Channel Islands

Alderney has long since been recognised as a fantastic location for those keen on bird watching, partly down to its location, as it is very close to France, there are many species of birds which are not seen anywhere else in the British Isles. Bird watchers, either in groups or alone, are attracted to the island all year round to see its common residents, regular visitors, such as the Puffin, as well as rare migrants.

The island’s rich and varied landscape provides either home or refuge to substantial numbers of species (over 270) and includes cliffs, offshore stacks, stretches of inland water, sandy beaches, farmland and rocky coastline.


Gannets in Alderney, Channel Islands

The island is also home to the Gannet, which arrives in February and several months later, in October, departs to head south. During their stay, Gannets may be identified diving for fish around the Alderney coastline in large numbers. In the Spring, they gather up nesting material, while in the summer months, the adult Gannets may be viewed out on offshore rocks feeding fish to their young.

Puffins in Alderney, Chanel Islands

Upon asking most people to come up with something related to Alderney and they will often think of its famous Puffin. The distinctive Puffin, having a yellow, blue and scarlet coloured bill, arrives in the island in April and usually has departed by mid to late July. There are regular boat trips around Alderney for those wishing to get a good view of the Puffins and they may also be observed from cliffs using a pair of binoculars, at the west side of the island.

As highlighted above, the Channel Island of Alderney is easily accessible from the UK and France, either directly or via the larger islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Bird watching is a very popular activity all year round as the island gives refuge or residence to over 270 species.