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The trigger is one of the more important accessories for all firearms, especially a AR 15. A good feel on the trigger will translate to more accurate shots.  It is highly recommended that you build a AR 15 upgrade to the best Triggers for AR 15. One of the most important parts of any firearm is the trigger, especially with the AR-15. The triggers will directly affect the accuracy and can be even more important than the sights or optics on your weapon. Many available triggers will fit an AR-15 and can be categorized as a single-stage trigger, two-stage trigger, or drop-in trigger.

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There are many options and opinions when selecting a trigger for your AR-15. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing trigger or if this is the first time you’re getting into triggers, it can be tough to know what’s best. This article will compare some of the top AR 15 trigger reviews and help you decide which ones are best for you.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase best triggers for AR 15, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Triggers for AR 15

Whether or not you're looking to build a mil-spec reproduction or you're just waiting on an upgraded trigger, adding a mil-spec trigger kit to your AR-15 build is a must. The CMMG Mil-Spec Trigger Kit includes all of the components necessary to add an M16-style, semi-auto trigger to your build. ...
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Cmmg Ar-15 Mil-Spec Trigger Kit
Shop CMC TRIGGERS AR15/AR10 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger (91701). Buy best Triggers from | Reviews and Shipping options available
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CMC TRIGGERS AR15/AR10 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger (91701)
B-G2S-E The Geissele 2 Stage Enhanced Trigger (B-G2S-E) provides superior control and helps accuracy while maintaining the robustness and reliability that Geissele triggers are known for. The B-G2S-E gives a smooth, light 1st stage take up of 2.3lbs and a crisp, candy-cane-like 2nd stage break...
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Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15 Enhanced Triggers

5 Best Triggers for AR 15 (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. CMC Triggers AR15/AR10 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger


The first trigger we will discuss is the CMC Single Stage Drop-In Trigger. This drop-in trigger from CMC Triggers is a self-contained unit that does not need a gunsmith to install it. The single-stage trigger is perfect for close-quarters and long-range applications. This unit features zero creeps, a clean break and a positive trigger reset. This single-stage drop-in trigger from CMC Triggers features an adjustable over-travel setting and has a pull weight of 3.5 pounds. It is constructed with high-quality tool steel heat-treated for durability and polished for smoothness.


Some models feature a skeletonized hammer, and others feature an enhanced polished trigger shoe. The CMC Drop-In comes in a single configuration that is very easy to install on your AR 15 platform. In addition, the CMC features a short trigger reset for quicker follow-up shots and eliminates any possibility of interference with internal components. For best results, this is recommended that you use either an adjustable torque or non-adjustable torque AR 15 Armorer’s wrench to tighten the trigger in place.



2. Geissele AR15 Two Stage Trigger


The second trigger we will discuss is the famous Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger. The SSA-E has a total pull weight of approximately 4.5 pounds and has two stages for better control at close range while still being crisp enough to enhance accuracy even at a distance. It features M4 curved trigger and a straight trigger bow with a serrated surface. The first stage of the SSA-E is 2.5 pounds that, which assists in building proper muscle memory for follow-up shots and then breaks cleanly at a crisp 2 pounds, which increases accuracy during long-range target engagement.


In addition, this trigger features an anti-bounce weight, which eliminates any possibility of the trigger bouncing around during rapid fire. The precise trigger control and tiny reset make this unit perfect for rapid-fire. The SSA-E trigger is ideal for your next AR 15 build or any other application that requires a high-quality two-stage trigger unit.

Geissele AR15 Two Stage Trigger 1



3. CMMG AR 15 Mil-Spec Trigger Kit


The third trigger we will discuss is slightly cheaper than the first two but still a fantastic option. The CMMG AR-15 Mil-Spec Trigger Kit has everything you need to upgrade your lower receiver trigger group other than the lower receiver itself. This kit features a mil-spec design with anti-rotation pins and uses standard hammer and trigger springs for easy installation. The hammer is nickel-boron coated, and the trigger is hard chrome plated for durability and longevity.


This unit is perfect for building your own custom lower receiver or just upgrading your existing trigger components to mil-spec. This unit has an adjustable trigger pull weight of 2 pounds down to 4.5-pound pull weight. It also features a quick reset and is corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for all weather conditions and applications. In addition, the kit comes with a complete installation tool kit so you can choose whether or not to use a gunsmith to install it on your lower receiver.

CMMG AR 15 Mil-Spec Trigger Kit



4. Timney Triggers Impact 3Lb Curved Trigger


The fourth trigger we will discuss is one of, if not the most famous, triggers in the world. The Timney Triggers impact curved Trigger features an innovative trigger design that increases accuracy and eliminates creep. The Timney drop-in trigger is constructed with steel and aluminum housing. It is also heat-treated to minimize wear and features increased hammer power for increased reliability. In addition, this trigger has a three-pound pull weight that is adjustable down to 2.5 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty. Timney outstanding triggers are known throughout the shooting world for their lack of creep and unparalleled ability to enhance accuracy and precision.


The curved design also helps reduce stress on your finger for increased comfort. This unit uses standard hammers and trigger springs to make installation easier and requires no gunsmithing. In addition, this trigger features a manual freewheel that will allow your rifle to be fired without depressing the trigger for those who may have disabilities or those who choose not to use their finger to fire. The Timney has a short, crisp trigger pull lighter than most mil-spec triggers and a clean break.



5. Franklin Armory BFSIII Curved Trigger


We will discuss the fifth and final trigger upgrade, the Franklin Armory BFSIII Curved Trigger. This unit features three positions adjustment screws to give you the control typically found on precision triggers that cost almost twice as much. It can be safe in do not fire position,  single-shot mode, or fires one round on pull and one round on release. It also features adjustable pre-travel and post-travel to fine-tune the trigger pull down to an impressive 1.5 pounds. This unit is perfect for precision shooting, competition target shooting, hunting, tactical situations, and more.


In addition,  this unit is constructed with the highest quality aluminum available and a one-piece sear. The trigger has a smooth, crisp break that is predictable and perfect for those looking to squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of their rifle. This light trigger features an innovative design that makes it possible to attach more oversized safety paddles onto the unit without increasing the size of the overall motivation. The curved design also helps reduce stress on your finger for increased comfort. This unit is a drop-in and does not require any gunsmithing to install it onto your lower receiver.



What To Consider While Buying The Best Triggers for AR 15?

When looking at competitions triggers for your AR 15, there are many different things to consider. Knowing these considerations will help you make an informed decision about what triggers you to buy.

Trigger Pull Weight

The first thing you will want to consider when purchasing a trigger for your AR 15 is the pull weight of the unit. The pull weight refers to how much force needs to be applied to the trigger to fire. Triggers range from 2 pounds up to about 9.5 pounds, with most quality units coming in at about 4.5 pounds.

Trigger Style

The next thing you will want to consider is the style of trigger that you plan on using. There are three main types of triggers for AR 15 rifles, and each one has its unique advantages and disadvantages. They include Single Stage, Two Stage, and Flat trigger or Curved trigger. A single-stage trigger is the most straightforward unit and only provides a single trigger pull mechanism. These units typically have a very light pull weight but lack much precision that you can achieve with other types of triggers for your AR-15.

A two-stage trigger features a smooth, light pull for the first part of the unit’s travel, and then it becomes much harder for the remainder of its travel. These are great original triggers that allow you to have greater control over your AR-15. A flat or curved trigger provides a different feel through its design. Many people prefer these units because they activate the same way, making them very predictable. They also have a light pull weight which is great for accuracy and precision shooting.

Safety Considerations

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a trigger is a manual safety mechanism built into it. Many triggers on the market do not have this type of safety, which means you will need to purchase an aftermarket unit from a trusted source if you want to use your AR-15 for tactical purposes, hunting, or competition shooting. As you can see, there are many options available for triggers for your AR-15 rifle, no matter what your needs are. Whether you want the essential trigger out there or something with advanced safety features to protect your investment, you will be able to find just what you are looking for by taking your time and doing some research before making your final choice.

Trigger Reset

The next thing to consider is the trigger reset. The reset is the point you need to go through before firing your next shot. Different triggers have different ways of accomplishing this, so be sure to read up on the different kinds of triggers and what makes them different from one another.

Aftermarket Vs. Mil-Spec Triggers

Another thing to consider is whether you want an aftermarket trigger or a mil-spec unit. An aftermarket trigger will typically have more features, but it will also be considerably more expensive than one that comes with the gun out of the box. On the other hand, a mil-spec trigger is usually the same as the one that comes with your weapon, so it will not have any special features to speak of.

Brand Name Vs. Economy Model

When buying a trigger for your AR 15, you also consider whether or not you want to buy a budget trigger or a brand name model. A good brand name trigger will usually cost between $100 and $150, while an economy model will generally sell for around half that much.


The final thing you need to consider before purchasing a trigger for your AR 15 is the features it has to offer. A good quality unit should have user-adjustable features, such as the pull weight, test weight, trigger reset, and pre-travel. A good economy model should have some of these features, but they may not be adjustable in the same way as a more expensive unit.


The price of a trigger for your AR 15 can vary greatly depending on the type that you choose. A good model will generally run you between $100 and $150, while an economy unit will sell for around half that.

There is no best trigger for an AR-15. You need to do some research and choose based on your needs and how much money you have to spend.

In most cases, you do not need to replace your trigger unless it is defective or if the gun stops working altogether. However, you may want to upgrade your unit to a better one if you have problems with accuracy.

The trigger group is the entire assembly, including the trigger mechanism and the hammer, sear, and disconnector. Replacing a defective part in this group will fix any problems that you are having with your AR 15.


The trigger is the only moving part on a firearm, so it makes sense that you will need to have a good one if you want your AR 15 rifle to function correctly. Whether you are looking for an economy model or a more expensive option with unique features, there is something out there for any budget and every need. As long as the trigger is not defective, it will usually last as long as your AR 15 rifle. However, if you start to notice specific problems with the gun’s accuracy or firing speed, then chances are that there is something wrong with the trigger, and you need to give it a replacement ASAP. Hopefully, this article about the best triggers For AR 15 helped, and good luck. 

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