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4 Best Toys For Parakeets

Caring for a pet is one of the most tedious tasks that an individual has to do. This is as most of them want food and a clean shelter and need to be entertained when they are bored. For this, a pet toy will be needed, and in the case of some species of birds, such as the parakeets, will need to be entertained with a bird toy that needs to be fitted in their cages.

The bird toys will ensure that the parakeets are entertained for the entire time they are in the cage while you get other chores done. The parakeets, which are small birds, tend to enjoy the experience they get from bird toys that are sort of colorful and, in some way, precious. They will have fun and, at the same time, spare you the noise that this species of the parrots tend to make when they are annoyed or bored.

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In the market, you can get a variety of brands of the parakeet’s toys to choose from, each of which is distinct from the other. Some of them are designed with excellence to ensure that the birds can undertake exercises and also spend their time having fun. Therefore, these toys for birds are not only used to pass the time for your precious parakeets but also ensure that the birds maintain their body health.

When selecting a parakeet toy, there are numerous factors that will point you toward attaining the best types of toys to buy. This will help you avoid getting some toys that will not provide you with the experience that you are looking for. 

If you are looking for the best experience from a parakeet toy, below are three of the best toys to get that will not disappoint. The list below shows some of the most reliable and which can be attained at an affordable price, yet provide the quality of other high-end products.

Top 3 Best Toys For Parakeets

Some of the most important factors include:

1. Size of the parakeet toys; you wouldn’t want to get a parakeet toy that is either too big or too small. Just the right size will do.

2. Design and features of the toy; depending on the type of bird that you have, you will have to get a toy that suits their needs. Some are designed for swinging, chewing, or even producing bell sounds.

3. Materials used for the toy; should be a material that is strong and also makes the toy highly durable and, at the same time, safe for use.

4. The price of the parakeet; depends solely on the budget that you are working with. The good thing is that even if you are working on a tight budget, you will be able to get a suitable one because most parakeet toys are fairly inexpensive.

5. Brand or the manufacturer; just as any product that you might want to purchase, the brand is an important decider of the experience you will get.

6. Type of toy; there are different designs of toys that the parakeet toys are used for. For instance, you can get a chewing toy, a climbing, or a perching bird toy.

Either way, this review has your back and will lead you to get one of the best parakeet toys. It includes a couple of the best that you should be able to sample.

4 Best Toys For Parakeets (Ranked and Reviewed)

1. Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight African Grey Parrot Macaw

Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight African Grey Parrot, Amazon, Conure, Quaker, Caique, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, and Similar Birds.
1,325 Reviews
Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight African Grey Parrot, Amazon, Conure, Quaker, Caique, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, and Similar Birds.
  • The 1969 Spoon Delight from Bonka Bird Toys is a shiny and durable medium bird toy that pets love!
  • This reflective bird toy has lots of durable materials that are super pleasing to beaks and feet.


  • Dimensions: 5 x 0.4 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces

The Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight African Grey Parrot Macaw is a bird toy that tops the list when you are looking for the best to fit in a bird’s cage. It is one of those that will strike you as a colorful and highly precious bird toy that you can get for your parakeet. One single view at it, and you will fall for its shiny appearance that marvels many species of the parrots and not only the parakeets.

The design of this particular bird toy is done in a manner that the materials are shiny and highly reflective. The birds will love passing their beaks and feet all over the metal that is sort of pleasing. Some spoons made from sturdy stainless steel that makes it a bird toy that will last for a long time in the bird’s cage.

It is designed with a pair of quick link connectors that are simply put onto the chain links on the main part of the bird toy. This will also provide you with seamless creativity on how the bird toy’s appearance can be done. Therefore, you get a unique bird toy that is different from any other even though they are one in the same products.

For the entertainment and pleasure of the birds’ feet and beaks, five metal rings are hanged from the sturdy chain link of the bird toy. There is also a couple of acrylic pacifiers that are installed on each side of the stainless steel spoon that is also used for measuring. One thing that will also entice the birds is how the shiny surface reflects the light to the stainless steel part of the bird toy.

You can also customize this bird toy according to what you want them to look like. This is possible because of the numerous items that you can hang onto the bird toy’s main chain link. This makes it a perfect inclusion for the bird’s space while also making the cage colorful altogether.

One thing that makes this one of the best parakeet toys is that it is made from highly durable materials. This means that the toy will not crumble within just a few days of you purchasing the product.

Another thing that makes this one of the best bird toys is that it is made to be fully safe for the birds that use them. The materials pose no harm to the birds, and you can leave them in the bird’s cage for as long as you want, and there is no risk of the birds getting harmed from the toy. Therefore, this is one of the best toys that you can use to excite your parakeets even as you don’t keep an eye on them for the entire period.

What you get from purchasing this bird toy is not only a toy that the birds will enjoy playing with but also fashion inclusion to space. It strikes as a jewel that is like no other, and its colorfulness will surely complement the design that you have in your room. It also allows the birds to engage in their playtime without distracting you in any way possible.


2. BWOGUE 5pcs Bird Parrot Toys Hanging Bell Pet Bird Cage Hammock Swing Toy Hanging Toy for Small Parakeets

BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells Pet Parrot Cage Hammock Hanging Toy Perch for Budgie Love Birds Conures Small Parakeet Finches Cockatiels (5 Pack)
7,097 Reviews
BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells Pet Parrot Cage Hammock Hanging Toy Perch for Budgie Love Birds Conures Small Parakeet Finches Cockatiels (5 Pack)
  • Package includes 5 packs of different types bird chewing hanging swing toys to meet your various needs for birds parrot having fun.
  • BEST QUALITY AND PRICE: Bird swing made by pet safe materials, durable, 100% safe.


  • Weight: 8.2 ounces

When you are looking for the perfect multipurpose play toy to fit in your bird’s cage, then this might be the perfect one to get. It comes across with five packs of items that the bird can use to pass the time all during the day. The packs can be used as chewing items for the birds to hang on, perch, and also enjoy a swinging experience.

The playing items also provide the feet of the birds with a soothing effect when they perch onto them. The birds will also use their beaks to chew through the toy and not be harmed in any way. There is also the provision of audio entertainment for the bird’s cage that will keep them busy when you are away. However, you shouldn’t be worried about getting interrupted with the audio when working in the same room that the play toy will be set up in.

This is one of those toys that you can get for your birds if you also want to guarantee an excellent experience watching the birds. This is as you will be able to have a clear view as the birds interact with the toy components as they have fun.

It comes across as a multicolored parakeet play toy that is attractive to the birds. This will make sure that your parakeets will enjoy the experience they get from using this particular bird toy. There are also treats that can be provided to the birds, and this will also provide you with a relaxing time as you watch the bird playing with the toy in its cage. For the ringing sounds, there are bells that are hanged from the bottom part of the toy that will entice the birds even more.

The parakeets, as well as most types of birds, will enjoy using this toy because of the advanced mechanism that it is designed with. If you understand birds, you should know that they enjoy playing with multicolored toys and also those that produce some sounds-and that is just what you get from this particular toy.

You obviously want a play toy for your bird that is simple to set up, and that is exactly what you get from this particular one. There is a steel hook that is used to connect the play toy to the top part of the cage, and this will hold it in position securely. The toy also fits perfectly in any size of the bird’s cage because of its compact structure that doesn’t take too much space.

The experience that the birds and parakeets will get from using this toy is one kind. This is because it provides an elevated experience when in use in the bird’s cage all through the day. It is also suitable for use by many other types of birds that you may own. The toy not only keeps the birds entertained but also serves to guarantee proper mental and physical health for the birds that use them.

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of this bird toy is unmatched and guarantees its durability. You will not have to deal with breakages every time the bird uses the toy on a daily basis. The materials are also highly safe, and therefore they don’t pose any risk to the birds that use them for their playing activities.


3. SSRIVER Bird Toys Bird Swing Parrot Bed Ladder Budgie Hammock Macaws Bite Parakeets Bell Lovebirds Rattan Conures Perch Finches Toys Pendant 6 Pcs

Artificial Grass for Dogs
498 Reviews
Artificial Grass for Dogs
  • Artificial grass for dogs
  • Artificial grass for dogs


  • Weight: 0.58 lb

With all other bird toys, you will have only a single functionality, but that is not the case with this particular one. It offers a wide variety of usage that will mean that you won’t have to get other toys but just a single package of this. You see, with other toys, you will have to buy a hanging toy, a chewing toy, and a bell toy. However, this toy provides all this under one package.

This parakeet toy will offer your bird a unique experience whenever you get a package for them. Each package constitutes six pieces of chewing toys that can also be set up by hanging, a swing, a ladder, a bell, and a pendant. All of these will complete the best fun time for your parakeets as well as any other type of bird that you may own. All that is needed is to set it up appropriately in the bird’s cage and let it enjoy using the bird toy.

This bird toy is an excellent toy for the small types of birds and not the large species. The parakeets will love this bird toy as well as other birds such as the cockatiels and lovebirds. It offers a complete experience for the birds because it can be used for swinging, climbing, physical sports, chewing, and also for foraging.

Birds are highly enticed with colorful toys, and this bird toy provides this. The variety of colors for each of the pieces are simply breathtaking for the bird, and this ensures that they get the best out of this bird toy whenever they use it. Some pieces are done with different types of shapes that do the perfect job of attracting birds.

The birds will be able to enjoy their fun time swinging, chewing, and climbing the toys all over the cage. This will be ideal for keeping your bird busy all through the day when you go to work or even get other tasks done in your home.

Another thing is that you can get this bird toy to use as a decoration for your home because of its colorful design. You can set it up on any spot in the home rather than just the cage of the bird. This means that you wouldn’t have to confine the parakeet in the cage but instead allow it to enjoy some nice and fun time when it is outside the cage.

This is one of those bird toys that make it possible for you to leave your bird outside the cage unattended. It will keep them busy as they enjoy the fresh outdoor air without causing damage to other components in the home.

Therefore, if you are looking to get a multifunction toy that is simply excellent, then this is one to go for. It offers an exemplary performance provided you fit it at an appropriate spot in the cage. This should enable the bird to get to use all the different functionalities that the pet is designed with.

Safety-wise, you should not be worried about leaving your bird with this toy when you are away. This is because it does not pose a threat in any way to the bird. This is because even when the birds decide to peck on the toys, their beaks will not be hurt in any way as the pieces are made from natural wood. Therefore, the health of your birds is guaranteed to be maintained after you have this bird pet set up.

Other components are also made from harmless materials that are not toxic in any way. For instance, the ABS material and the dyed edible pigments are not harmful to the parakeets. The birds will also not be tangled up with the chains in any way when they play with them.

When it comes to durability, this particular parakeet toy is way above the rest, considering the materials that it is made from. The natural wood and the ABS material is just perfect for the durability of this parakeet toy. The material will not only make it last for a significant period but also prevent the bird from being harmed by the toy. This will help the birds use the toys for a long time, and you won’t have to get a new after just a few days.

Installing this toy might seem tedious and tricky, considering all the pieces that come with the package. However, this is not the case, as it will take you less than thirty minutes to install it. Easy installation is possible thanks to an active hook that makes the toy easy to connect to a steel hook that is fitted at the upper part of the birdcage.

As you can see, the brains behind the manufacture of this parakeet toys provide satisfaction with each design. Each piece is designed to provide you with exceptional performance, as all of them have their functions.


4. Stainless Steel Bell Toy for Birds, Heavy Duty Bird Cage Toys for Parrots, African Greys, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Cockatiels & More (Small or Large)

Stainless Steel Bell Toy for Birds,Heavy Duty Bird Cage Toys for Parrots, African Greys, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Cockatiels & More (Small or Large)
1,081 Reviews
Stainless Steel Bell Toy for Birds,Heavy Duty Bird Cage Toys for Parrots, African Greys, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Cockatiels & More (Small or Large)
  • TWO SIZES: These steel bird toys are available in two different sizes. The small 7.7” bell toy is recommended for smaller birds, such as cockatoos and parakeets. The larger 8.5” bird cage toy is ideal for bigger parrots, including African Greys, Macaws, etc.
  • DURABLE: Made out of the finest stainless steel, our hanging bird cage toy is sturdy, strong and safe. Equipped with quick links, the steel bird toys snap on and off of your bird’s cage with ease.


  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

This is a simple toy that does more than you might think when it comes to keeping the parakeets occupied. Having it fitted in the bird’s cage will do a lot of services in helping you focus on other tasks as the bird will have a play toy that will keep it occupied for the time you are away. The good thing is that it does not occupy too much space and, therefore, is not invasive to the parakeet’s personal space in any way.

You can get this particular bird toy for two types of birds, the big ones or the small ones. It comes through like a bell toy that makes musical sounds that the birds might enjoy hearing when they are alone in their cages. Apart from the parakeets, it is also ideal for getting for other species of the parrots, which are relatively bigger. For instance, the African greys and the macaws will find them interesting if you fit them in their cages.

The parakeets will love the ringing of the bell that stainless steel provides in a timeless fashion. This will entice them in the best way possible while causing no distraction to you while you get other tasks done on the other side of the room. It also provides your birds with the ability to explore other components of the toy, such as the bumps, jolts, and pecks that are used to provide different sounds.

Generally, what you get from this bird toy is a type of toy that is sturdy, and one that is a must get if you want to guarantee the best time for your birds. Having it hanging from the top of the bird’s cage is one of the most attractive designs you will ever see.

You also don’t need to worry because this toy is designed to be highly safe for your birds. This is because it is highly sturdy and strong and hence poses no dangers to the birds that will be playing with them at any particular time.

One factor that you want to ensure when getting any type of bird toy is its durability, and this particular bird toy does not disappoint. Instead, you get a toy that your parakeet will be able to use for a long time thanks to the stainless steel material that is tidy, easy to clean, and may last for a long period if well maintained. It is also highly sturdy, which makes it sort of unable to break, this is provided you get the right size for the size of bird that you own.

The stainless steel material not only works for the durability of the toy but also makes it one of the finest toys in the market today. This provides it with an elegant design that will be a perfect inclusion to your bird’s cage.

The parakeet toy here is one of those toys that you can get for your birds if you also want to guarantee an excellent experience watching the birds. It comes across as an interactive bird toy that the bird can use for a relatively long time before they get bored of using it. The birds will be able to have a clear view as the birds interact with the components of the toy as they have fun.

There are quick links on this bird toy that make you able to snap on and off from the parakeet’s cage. This makes it easy for you to replace the toy with another whenever you feel like it. Another thing about stainless steel is that it provides you with an easy cleaning time because all you will have to do is wipe the steel for a quick and efficient clean.

This is a fairly inexpensive parakeet toy that you should get and fit in the bird’s cage and enjoy them having a fun time playing with it. All it takes is fixing the chain link onto the cage and let the bird do their thing; it will not take long before the bird figures out how to work out the toy since it is not any way complex.

best toys or parakeets


Since you are dealing with a parrot species that are sort of highly playful, you need to make sure you get the right type of toy. This will guarantee that the bird’s experience from the toy is one of a kind. Some of the best toys that are ideal for getting your parakeets are the type that strikes as those which the birds can engage in with their playfulness. Therefore, you will have to get a bird toy that the bird will enjoy climbing, rubbing their beaks and feet onto and also chewing on.

You can also get the bird toys that birds can perch on and swing while they pass their time. There are also those that provide treats to the birds after they complete a specific task. Some of the perfect toys to get for parakeets are also those that will prevent them from being lonely. For instance, you can get the shiny ones that provide a mirror to the birds as they will see another bird on the other side and hence enjoy their time. You could also get the noisy ones such as those fitted with bells that provide a musical sound after a specific motion is triggered.

Some of the obvious toys to avoid are those that have pieces and bits that can be easily swallowed by the birds. You surely don’t want then birds to be choked when you are out on an errand. If the bird toy is one that is assembled, you need to make sure that the parts are tightly connected and fastened for the safety of your beloved parakeets.

Basically, welding the components will do the trick of getting them fastened. The lead should also be avoided because it is a toxic component that can harm the birds greatly.

You should also know that there are toys that you should not get for your parakeets because they may be harmful. Some of the toys in the market may also not be fun for the parakeets even though some other birds might find them fun if you fit them in their cages. For instance, you should avoid getting your parakeet a toy that is made from nylon ropes. This is because the nylon is sort of strong and can harm the bird when it gets tangled onto it. The best material that poses no danger are those made from sisal or cotton.

Other types of toys to avoid are those that have their sharp ends exposed as this might cause some serious injuries on the parakeets. For instance, open-chain links can harm the beaks or feet of the birds. While wooden toys may not pose any harm, there are some types of wood that should be avoided for the parakeet toys. The cader, plywood, red cherry, and oak wood should be avoided as they are a threat to these types of birds. Instead, go for the pine, balsa, and ash woods for your parakeet toys.

You should also know that some types of metals are highly toxic to the parakeets, and hence they should be avoided. The best brands of parakeets toys know this for a fact and avoid using some of these metals on the toys. For instance, chains that are galvanized and coated in zinc tend to be toxic to the birds and should not be anywhere close to the birds. An excellent substitution to go for is a bird toy that is manufactured from stainless steel replacements.

Some other toys that you should avoid for your parakeet toys are those that are designed with leather that is dyed with specific chemicals. Some of the chemicals, such as formaldehyde and chromium, are ill-advised, and you should instead go for natural materials that pose no harm.

Basically, if the toys come in bits that are sort of small, the newborn parakeets need to be away from them. This is because they can easily choke on the bits, and you don’t want that to happen, especially if you are away.

However, if you have a number of newborn parakeets in the bird’s cage, you will need to monitor their interaction. This is because they tend to be tangled on the components of the toys and hence can be harmed by the toys. You would not want their young bodies to be scarred at such an early stage because of trying to free themselves from a metal that traps them.


When shopping for the best parakeet toys, you need to go for the quality ones which can only be got from the best brands. This will get you the best toys for your birds, and excellence will be achieved as you can see the best bird toys and done in a unique manner that sets them apart from most of the rest brands. This will not only make sure that your birds enjoy their experience but that the toys will be durable for a long time.

There are numerous types of bird toys, such as the chewy ones and also those that the birds can climb onto. Since the birds are playful, they might also want to swing on the toy, which will need that you get a rather strong toy for your birds.

In the above review, you can get a sneak peek of the best parakeet toys that you can get in the market today. Either of them is unique and offers your parakeet one of a kind experience provided it fits their needs. Therefore, you need to monitor how your parakeet interacts with the bird toy that you get for it. This will show if you will need to get a similar bird toy or even another type that will excite the bird even more.

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