Best Taurus GX4 Accessories

A Comprehensive Guide

While you can find several accessories at gun stores that sell the Taurus GX4, finding the best Taurus GX4 accessories for them can be a difficult task. Many accessories are made for this compact pistol. You can get about anything you want when you look around, but some work better than others. To help you make the best choice on what Taurus GX4 accessories to get.

Taurus GX4 Holster, IWB Kydex Holster Tailored Fit: Taurus GX4 Pistol, Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster for Men / Women,...

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The accessories that you can get for guns are customizing them and making them more effective. There are many Taurus GX4 accessories that you can purchase, but they will help with different things. For example, if you have a tactical flashlight on your gun, it will be easier to shoot in the dark so you can see where you are going. 

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Taurus GX4 accessories, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Taurus GX4 Accessories

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Other accessories will  help you aim and shoot your weapon better. A Taurus GX4 laser sight is great if you want to make sure that you can hit what you are aiming at. Let’s see  our top five picks for the Taurus GX4.

5 Best Taurus GX4 Accessories (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Warriorland Store IWB Kydex Holster

Warriorland Store IWB Kydex Holster
May 18, 2022 4:48 pm
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The Warriorland Store sells a wide variety of gun holsters for almost all types of firearms. They sell their products at reasonable prices, and that’s why their company has been able to gain the trust and loyalty of its customers over the years. Their Kydex holster is one such product. The holster is designed for inside the waist-band concealment and can be used vertically and horizontally. The holster perfectly fits the Taurus GX4 and has a low-profile compact design because of which it can easily be concealed under the clothes. It is made of Kydex, which is a thermoplastic material. It makes this holster lighter and thinner than leather holsters. It is also very durable and easier for the user to carry and handle. 


The Kydex holster is designed so that the gun’s trigger guard snuggly fits into the holster. The fit provided by this holster ensures safety even if you run or jump with your gun because of its secure fit. The IWB holster GX4 Taurus possesses a posi-click audible retention lock system; you would hear a “click” sound when your pistol is firmly seated in the holster. The Warriorland Store IWB holster for Taurus GX4 has a belt slot size of 1.5’’, which perfectly fits standard gun belts. This concealment holster comes with adjustable cant and adjustable retention pressure. It ensures that you can use it in any position of your preference and adjust the carry angle from -5 to 20 degrees. You can also adjust the retention pressure to meet your needs.


It can be done using a Phillips screwdriver. This belt holster has a full cover trigger guard, which prevents the trigger from being exposed to any kind of hazard. The cover also prevents unnecessary bumping or scratching of the gun when sitting or moving, making this carry holster not just safe but also comfortable. It has smooth edges with no rough or sharp edges. The internal material is smooth and doesn’t cause any jitter or discomfort to the gun when you are wearing it. Warriorland Store is so confident about their product that they offer 100% satisfaction. The Warriorland store offers a lifetime warranty on their products and provides excellent customer service, readily available at any time of the day.

Warriorland Store IWB Kydex Holster N1



2. Taurus GX4 9mm 10-Round Factory Magazine


Taurus factory magazine is a great replacement magazine for 9mm Taurus GX4 semi-automatic handguns. The magazine holds 10 rounds of ammunition and has been tested to ensure flawless performance. The magazine is constructed of nitride-coated steel for extra durability. The outer surface has been given a black matte finish to prevent corrosion and wear. The magazine features an anti-fatigue spring that ensures reliable feeding during high rates of fire. The magazine has a polymer follower that ensures smooth and consistent feeding. The follower is also designed to reduce the possibility of misfeeds and jams.


The magazine has a witness hole that allows users to accurately guess how many rounds are left without removing the magazine from the handgun. The magazine has been tested to ensure capaciousness and flawless performance. The magazine features a polymer base plate designed to protect the feeding mechanism from damage when dropped. These factory magazines are manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances. The magazine is reliable and perfect for use in the field or at the range. These magazines are shipped quickly and efficiently, ensuring not only a perfect fit but exceptional performance and the utmost safety and security.

Taurus GX4 9mm 10-Round Factory Magazine N2



3. Galloway Precision Traction Grip Overlay for Taurus GX4 Pistols


These grip overlays are made of a soft, tacky, rubber material that provides excellent comfort, control, and durability. They provide improved on-hand comfort without increasing the size or profile of the pistol. The overlay is not much wide, making it an attractive option for adding texture without adding bulk. The Rubber Grip overlay is designed for Taurus GX4 pistols. The package comes with grip overlays which are easy to install.  The overlays are available in black and grey. The rubber grip overlay has a pebbled texture, providing improved control and grip. The rubber material and the design of the piece ensure no break-in period and provide for better durability than most options on the market. The traction provides for an excellent grip as well as comfort. 


The overlays look good and enhance the speed of follow-up shots. The grips are made using high-quality material, providing an excellent grip with or without gloves. The grip also features an adhesive backing that makes the grip easy to install. They are durable and, unlike some other brands on the market, they do not peel. It is a complete kit that comes with instructions that are easy to follow. It makes the overlay user-friendly. These overlays have been designed to fit perfectly, right out of the package, so no trimming or other preparation is necessary before installation. These grip overlays are easy to install if you have the proper tools. It is best to use a hairdryer or heat gun for proper installation. The company offers free and fast shipping. 

Galloway Precision Traction Grip Overlay for Taurus GX4 Pistols N3



4. DPP Titanium Sight Mount for Taurus G3c/GX4

DPP Titanium Sight Mount for Taurus G3c GX4
May 18, 2022 4:48 pm
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The DPP Titanium mount is an excellent and precision-made sight mount for the popular Taurus G3c and the Taurus GX4 pistols. It features a low-profile excellent design that does not stick out or impede on your grip in any way while still giving you access to your rear sights when needed. DPP Titanium sight mount is made from 7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, ensuring high quality and durability. This product comes in black color, providing an aesthetic experience. Its compatibility with most Picatinny spec rail systems makes it an ideal accessory for shooters. The mount’s anodized body comes in a matte black finish to match and enhance the overall look.


It is corrosion-resistant, so it will not rust or corrode over time. The mount itself is very sturdy and extremely durable; you can keep your pistol running in the harshest conditions without worrying about damage. It is a steel base mounting system that provides excellent affordability without compromising quality. The mount only fits the vortex venom viper burris fastfire sight correctly, so be sure to check the item’s description for compatibility before you buy. The mount allows easy and smooth installation and fast removal, so it is both practical and versatile. The one-piece design provides you with a secure zero hold so that your shots hit the center every time.


This Taurus pistol accessory is a great choice for competitive shooters because it enhances the overall performance of the pistol. The mount features a 30 MOA(Minute of Angle) design. Its installation is quick, easy, and hassle-free; it does not require modification or gunsmithing. If you do not like the product, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. DPP Titanium provides you with a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects. If there is anything wrong with the product, you can contact DPP’s customer service center for assistance.



5. Wyoming Holster’s IWB Gun Holster For Taurus GX4

Wyoming Holster’s IWB Gun Holster For Taurus GX4
May 18, 2022 4:48 pm
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This holster is designed for the Taurus GX4. It is ambidextrous, which means it is compatible with right and left-handed people. It is designed to wear inside the waistband (IWB) for concealed carry. The holster can be worn in different positions, including the appendix position, cross draw position, small of the back, and behind the hip. This holster has a strong exterior made out of the best nylon available. The nylon is almost impossible to tear and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The holster’s interior features a smooth surface that ensures that your beautiful firearm will not get scratched or damaged. The holster has an attached belt loop strap made with a high level of stitching.


The quick-release velcro strap and a snap button. Both of these tools ensure that the backup firearm is held tightly in place and provide an added layer of protection from your firearm being taken out by someone else or getting dropped accidentally. This holster has reversible plastic clips that are completely adjustable. The belt clip allows for easy re-holstering. This holster is handmade by skilled workmen with years of experience. It has outstanding quality and craftsmanship. It features excellent stitching and reinforced belt loops that are stitched directly onto the holster for added stability.



What To Consider When Buying The Best Taurus GX4 Accessories?

Taurus GX4 accessories are items designed to enhance your gun’s features. You may need them because they make it easier for you to shoot better, protect your everyday carry, or increase accuracy. Some of them can even enhance its performance and provide you with more options if you like to upgrade some components on your own. However, you should consider the following factors whenever you go shopping: 


Different materials can be used to make gun accessories, and each type is good at different things. For instance, alloy or steel will help you make your accessory durable, while polymer or rubber can improve its overall weight. You may also need to check if the material is resistant to rust, if it requires special coating or finishes, and so on.

The Number of Accessories You Need

You should consider how many Taurus GX4 accessories you want and consider the type of accessories you need. For example, if you plan to buy a number of them, you may want to invest in items like sights and magazines that come in pairs. If you only need a few, it is better to start with the essentials like a cleaning kit and slings.


The price for Taurus GX4 accessories will vary depending on their type and brand. Some accessories are more expensive than others, but nowadays, budget-friendly options are also available in stores. You can also define your budget and make sure that you can purchase the accessories that you need without going over your financial limit.


If you are a beginner in shooting, there is no need to go with pricey options right away. You should start by purchasing cheap items like magazines or slings before looking for better ones once you are more familiar with your gun. In the end, you should remember that it is your gun, so you have to get items that can improve its performance and give you more value for money. Consider the factors mentioned above whenever you go shopping and follow a suitable budget before purchasing.


Most of them are straightforward to install since they come with easy-to-follow instructions. You may also need tools like hex keys or screwdrivers if necessary.

You have many options when it comes to buying them. For example, you may purchase them from your local store, or you can order them online from reputable sellers with a good reputation.

Some of them may improve the gun’s performance, while some add more levels of protection to it, such as holsters and rail covers. You may also upgrade certain parts of your weapon, such as flashlights and optics.

Yes, some of them can be pricey depending on the type and brand of your accessory. However, budget-friendly options are available in stores nowadays, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot.

The most common reason people go shopping for them is that they want to upgrade or enhance their gun system. You may want to add features like flashlights and scopes to improve the performance of your compact handgun.


You can take your shooting experience to the next level by considering some best Taurus GX4 accessories. Make sure you choose your accessories carefully so you can finally enjoy a better shooting experience. Always choose the ones that are both durable and reliable. Consider the number of accessories you need, their price, and your experience before buying them.

Thank you for reading this article. 

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