Best Taurus 740 Slim Accessories

Best Taurus 740 Slim Accessories

A Comprehensive Guide

The Taurus 740 Slim is a great handgun, but you’re going to need some accessories. Many people think that the best way to protect their homes or business is by buying a gun. That can be true, but you need to have best Taurus 740 slim accessories for your weapon to use correctly and safely.

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There are a lot of handgun accessories on the market, and it’s hard to know which ones will make your shooting experience better. We all want our handguns to be reliable, accurate, and easy to use. However, we also want them to look great when we take them out in public or at the range. It can be difficult finding accessories that accomplish both of these goals without breaking the bank.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Taurus 740 slim accessories, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Taurus 740 Slim Accessories

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The Taurus 740 Slim is an excellent choice for concealed carry because it is small enough not to draw attention but big enough, so you won’t have trouble hitting your target if you need it for self-defense purposes. Check out this list of five essential handgun accessories for this gun model and see how they improve its performance and versatility.

5 Best Taurus 740 Slim Accessories (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Shaver Nylon Gun Holster

Shaver Nylon Gun Holster
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  • Brand:
    Shaver Holsters
  • Hand Orientation:
  • Material:
  • Color:

The Shaver Gun Holster is a nylon gun holster that fits most medium and small frame revolvers and automatic pistols. The nylon material will protect your gun from scratches and abrasions while still giving you quick access to your weapon when needed. This holster can be worn inside the waistband or outside. It is designed with a thumb break to secure your firearm from falling out when drawing. Shaver Nylon Gun Holster is a great companion for your favorite handgun. This holster offers an ambidextrous design that can be worn on the right or left side.

It comes with a metal clip, which allows you to attach it easily to your belt or waistband. The belt loop makes it easy to attach this holster securely to your waistband. This holster features an extra magazine pouch, which can hold one magazine, and a trigger guard cover that helps keep dirt and debris out of the trigger area of your firearm. It also has a button closure that makes it easy to put on and take off your belt without removing the holster first. The Shaver Nylon Gun Holster is an excellent addition to any concealed carry or open carry setup.


  • Protects your gun from scratches and abrasions
  • Keeps your firearm secure while drawing
  • It fits a variety of handguns
  • Never worry about dropping your gun


  • The holster is a little flimsy

2. TRUGLO Tritium Taurus 740 slim Night Sight

TRUGLO Tritium Taurus 740 slim Night Sight
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  • Brand:
  • Compatible Devices:
  • Night Vision:

TRUGLO’s Tritium Taurus 740 slim Night Sight features a bullet-drop-compensated design that provides a quick and easy way to line up your shot in low light conditions. Each Tritium sight features three green tritium lamps that glow brightly in low light, perfect for fast shooting situations when you need to get on target quickly. The rear sight has an open notch with a white dot, while the front sight is outlined in black. These sights are designed specifically for use with the original Taurus 740 Slim pistols.

Truglo Tritium Taurus 740 slim Night Sight is designed for shooters who want to keep their handguns trim and lightweight. The tritium Taurus 740 slim is the ultimate hunting sight for low light conditions. its rugged construction and Swiss tritium make it ideal for all weather conditions, especially harsh ones. Its focus-lock ring offers quick target acquisition; no batteries needed! It’s perfect for any bow or crossbow. It has a tritium front sight and fiber optic rear sight, which provides both brightness in low light situations and quick target acquisition during daylight hours.


  • You’ll be able to see your target in low-light conditions
  • The sight is 100% night-firing capable
  • No batteries are required to power the glow
  • Protect yourself and feel safe at all times


  • The rear sight is a bit tighter

3. ArmaLaser Taurus 740 Slim TR18 Red Laser Sight

ArmaLaser Taurus 740 Slim TR18 Red Laser Sight
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  • Brand:
  • Compatible Devices:
  • Mounting Type:
    Rock Solid Mount
  • Night Vision:

The Taurus 740 Slim TR18 Red Laser Sight is the perfect addition to your self-defense gun. This laser sight helps you aim faster and more accurately so that you can protect yourself in any situation. The slim design of this laser sight makes it easy to use on your firearm or a pistol, shotgun, or rifle. It is also small enough to fit into most holsters for convenient carrying. ArmaLaser Taurus 740 Slim TR18 Red Laser Sight is a highly bright red laser sight for Taurus 740 Slim pistols. This product has a Class IIIa laser with an output power of <5mW.

The ArmaLaser Taurus 740 Slim TR18 Red Laser Sight features grip activation, which means the laser only turns on when gripped by hand. It also features windage and elevation adjustment so that you can zero in your shots at different distances. The laser sight features an adjustable red laser beam, so you can easily adjust it to any desired position and distance. You can also use this model as a master kill switch – just turn off the power of all lasers at once with one click! The device has been constructed from DuPont Zytel polymer and fits perfectly on the gun.


  • Improves accuracy and visibility
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • You’ll be able to take down your target with ease
  • Easy to attach and detach from any firearm


  • The sensor is not very long-lasting

4. Fobus SWS Taurus Slim 740 Evolution Holster

Fobus SWS Taurus Slim 740 Evolution Holster
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  • Brand:
  • Hand Orientation:
  • Color:

The Fobus Evolution Series is the next step in the advancement of holster development. The holster is made of durable polymer materials and is designed as an outside waistband (OWB). The Fobus SWS Taurus Slim 740 Evolution holster is designed for concealed carry, with a slim profile and low-cut front that rides close to the body. A tension adjustment screw is incorporated to allow the user to customize the ease of presentation and the security of retention, functioning with the proven Fobus passive retention design.

It comes with an easy-to-use locking system that includes a safety strap to keep your weapon secure in all situations. The Fobus SWS Taurus Slim 740 Evolution Holster is a one-piece holster that features a low-profile design and protected sight channel. The slim design allows the user to carry concealed easily and comfortably. The holster’s construction includes an injection-molded paddle, and the paddle has a rubberized insert for comfort and stability.


  • Withstands extreme conditions
  • Locking mechanism with rotating hood for extra security
  • More straightforward presentation and more secure retention
  • Fits most medium to large frame pistols


  • The retention adjustment is difficult

5. Concealment Express  Magazine Holster

Concealment Express Magazine Holster
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  • Brand:
    Concealment Express
  • Hand Orientation:
  • Material:
  • Color:

The Concealment Express magazine holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband of all types of pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses for both men and women. There are no snaps or straps to get in your way while drawing your magazine, making it ideal for magazine carry situations. The magazine pouch will securely hold one spare magazine. Concealment Express Magazine Holster is a magazine holster that fits Taurus 740 Slim. This holster is designed to be used as a concealed carry holster. The Concealment Express IWB Holster is made of 0.8 Kydex, which makes it durable and lightweight.

This holster comes with adjustable retention so that you can choose how tight or loose you want it to be. Concealment Express Magazine Holster is an ambidextrous magazine holster that can be used on your belt or inside the waistband. The sturdy belt clip allows for easy attachment to your belt, pocket, or bag, and the adjustable cant lets you position the grip at a comfortable angle. This magazine carrier will protect your magazines from sweat and moisture while keeping them secure.

Concealment Express Magazine Holster N


  • Carry your magazines securely and comfortably
  • Protect them from sweat and moisture
  • Keep your gun close at all times
  • Comfortable to wear, durable, and lightweight


  • It’s difficult to adjust the retention

What To Consider While Buying The Best Taurus 740 Slim Accessories?

The Taurus 740 slim is a very popular concealed carry handgun. The gun comes with a black rubber grip, grooves, and ambidextrous safety. This pistol also features a stainless steel barrel and slide. Taurus 740 slim accessories also make this gun even more helpful. They provide you with many options when it comes to personalizing your pistol based on use or preferences. Here are some of the most talked-about Taurus 740 slim accessories.


Taurus 740 slim accessories allow you to choose from a wide variety of styles and materials when it comes to sights. The most common choice is three-dot sights. These sights are practical and have adjustable rear sight for windage. Besides, the front sight usually has a larger dot to increase visibility. Some people prefer fiber optic or glowing sights because they provide faster target acquisition in low light conditions. You can even get aftermarket night sights that glow in the dark without the need for an external light source.

Safeties and Decocking Levers

Taurus 740 slim accessories include three safeties: manual thumb safety, grip safety, and firing pin block safety. The grip safety works by blocking the trigger unless the gun is held in a proper grip, while the other two safeties deal with preventing accidental discharges or hammer follow. Taurus also offers external and internal decocking levers for those who prefer the option.

Grips and Grips Panels

Taurus 740 slim accessories allow you to choose from a variety of grip materials and colors. On the other hand, rubber and plastic grips are usually more durable than wood or ivory ones. There is also a wide range of textures available depending on the model. the texture on your gun may be smooth, stippled, or with finger grooves. Taurus 740 slim accessories also allow you to personalize your grip panels by choosing from a wide range of materials and colors. Some come pre-cut, while others are custom-made to fit perfectly on your handgun frame.

Scope Mounts

With Taurus 740 slim accessories, you can mount a scope on your pistol. You just need to install the right rail, which is usually machined into place if it’s not there. You can also attach other types of sights or flashlights for improved accuracy in low-light conditions.

Holsters and Magazine Carriers

Taurus 740 slim accessories also include a holster. They come in various styles and materials. Leather holsters, for instance, are practical and durable, while Kydex holsters offer secure retention of your gun without the bulk. The most common Taurus 740 slim accessory when it comes to carrying or storing your gun is a double spare magazine carrier.

Slide Release and Takedown Levers

Taurus 740 slim accessories include a wide range of slides release and takedown levers to fit your personal preference and comfort. You can get extended or standard slide releases depending on which one provides more effortless operation for you. Some people prefer the original factory models, while others like aftermarket decockers instead of the slide release.

Magazine Extensions

Taurus 740 slim accessories also include magazine extensions that increase the capacity of your pistol’s magazine by two or more rounds. The choice of the extension depends on the model and personal preference. Some, for example, are made of metal, while others are plastic with a rubber base plate to prevent damage to the grip.


A flashlight is one of the essential Taurus 740 slim accessories. Its primary purpose is to provide you with a light source when it’s too dark to identify your target correctly and for safety purposes. However, some also use them as a self-defense tool in an emergency by temporarily blinding a would-be assailant.

Cables and Locks

Taurus 740 slim accessories also include cable or trigger locks for improved safety. You can use them when your gun is at the range to prevent accidental discharge. It’s a good practice to always store your gun with these if not in use, especially in homes with children.


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Taurus 740 slim accessories are some of the many upgrades you can make to your gun. They help increase your gun’s efficiency and dependability for better accuracy in various shooting conditions. You also get more flexibility in terms of personal preferences regarding materials, colors, styles, textures, and so on. We have reviewed some of the best Taurus 740 slim accessories you can find on the market today. You’ll also see a buyer’s guide and FAQs to help make your shopping experience easier and more informed. We believe our reviews will help steer you in choosing the right accessories for your gun.