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This article is about the best small of back holsters. Holsters are suitable for people who carry a gun but want to conceal it. Here, we have explored several advantages and disadvantages of this holster type. For example, the best small of back holsters have good accessibility due to being placed near the waistband. However, carrying a gun in this holster type might not be comfortable for everyone. An ideal small of back holster is made of high-quality material which is durable, comfortable, and relatively easy to clean. The gun holster should be designed for the specific model of gun that will be carried inside it. The gun should stay firmly in place while remaining easy to withdraw when needed.

Sticky Holster SM-5

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One main benefit of using a small of back holster is that it ensures quick draw speed, even while seated. Holsters like this are suitable for casual and formal attire, but the draw must be safe. We also advise that you practice drawing your gun at home to know how to do it quickly if the need arises. We have reviewed the best small of back holsters on the market. Our reviews will make it easy for you to choose a holster that’s right for your needs. We have included both high-end and low-cost options in our list, so there is something suitable for every budget.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best small of back holsters, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Small of Back Holsters

5 Best Small of Back Holsters (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Sticky Holsters Pocket Small Black Holster (SM-5)

Sticky Holsters Pocket Small Black Holster (SM-5)
$24.08 $29.95
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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This holster is the best small of back holster because it has a special adhesive/sticky surface that attaches to your belt or waistband. This holster is made of non-slip rubberized exterior material and is lined on the inside with a soft, scratch-resistant material. The material used makes it very durable and easy to clean. The holster’s interior that touches your gun is made up of non-marking microfiber. This material will not scratch your gun.  It can be easily removed and reattached whenever you need to switch it from one pair of pants to another. It is also ambidextrous, fitting left-handed shooters and right-handed shooters, and can be used in the front and back of your waistband. This holster has no clips or loops to hold your handgun in place. The adhesive material will be the only thing that holds everything together, no matter how many times you draw and re-holster your gun. It features closed-cell foam padding. This type of foam is water-resistant, semi-rigid, and designed to protect your firearm from moisture and sweat.


This high-quality holster is ultra-slim, made to carry close to the body. It is designed not to print on your clothes. It is a lightweight, non-bulky, and durable holster that tucks away easily in any small hiding space, making it perfect for concealed carry while traveling. This holster is specifically made to carry it as a pocket holster or wear on your back, making it a perfect low-profile carry option. This holster is great for off-duty police officers, investigators, federal agents/officers, private guards, and others. The flat and smooth surface will not snag when you sit down. The holster is held snugly by your waistband or in the palm of your hand. The holster doesn’t have a thumb break that can slow down your draw process, so you can pull out your gun quickly while under pressure. The compression or friction used to hold your gun in place will release the handgun when it’s time to draw.



2. Desantis Small of Back Holster For Glock 17/SW99 Right Hand Tan

Desantis Small of Back Holster For Glock 17 SW99 Right Hand Tan
$50.99 $62.43
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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This small of back holster from DeSantis, is made with comfortable and high-quality leather material. The holster can protect the weapon from dirt, moisture, scratches, and other damages. Furthermore, the holster allows quick handgun drawing while preventing unintentional dropping. It also features belt slots that fit on standard width belts. This holster is available in black as well as tan. Both color options are made from high-quality unlined leather, which prevents moisture, dirt, and other damages. One of the most outstanding features of this Desantis small of back holster is its high-quality leather material that allows for easy maintenance. This holster fits belts that are up to 1.5 inches in width easily.


This design is made for butt-up carry, which is the best way to carry a small of back holster. DeSantis does not recommend carrying a small of back holster in butt-down style, as it can cause awkward drawing and could even lead to dropping or losing the weapon. This small of back holster features an adjustable tension device. The DeSantis adjustable tension unit allows for customizing the fit of the weapon in the holster. This feature is beneficial because it helps provide proper retention specific to each user’s preference. Overall, this Desantis small of the back holster is a high-quality product. It features sturdy and comfortable leather construction and an adjustable tension device for customizing the fit. This product may be a great option for you if you want to buy a sleek leather small of back holster.



3. YT Hobby Premium Handmade Leather Small of Back SOB Gun Holster


This YT Hobby’s product is the best small of back holster on the market. It’s handmade with strong stitching and smooth rims. These features make it very comfortable. It is designed for optimum performance and maximum comfort. Also, the trigger is covered completely by the leather holster, which makes it very safe. It is comfortable, durable, lightweight, and safe for daily use. The YT Hobby small of back gun holster is the best-concealed carry option because it is designed for optimum performance. This leather holster is made of 100% cowhide. It has reinforced and double stitching for daily use. This holster is created with skilled, meticulous care. It is handmade by skilled craftsmen. This unusual holster is designed to perfectly fit your gun and protect it. It ensures that you will have comfortable carry with maximum protection of your pistol or revolver.


This holster is 100% rust and sweat resistant. The material used in this product is resistant to climate conditions. This holster design has all the qualities people would want while choosing holsters for their small handguns. This holster is small and compact, so you can carry it normally without being noticed by anyone nearby. This comfortable holster is very well made to fit your handgun very comfortably. The open-top design allows the fastest draw of your gun easily and quickly. It can save your life in critical situations. This product ensures the product’s durability without any hassles or manufacturing defects. It will easily fit any belt up to 1.8 inches wide and 0.125 inches thick, which is pretty standard for gun belts. It ensures that you can wear it on your waist without any problems.



4. Elite Survival Advanced Back Holster

Elite Survival Advanced Back Holster
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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The Elite Survival advanced holster has a uniquely flexible design. This holster will hold your gun securely in place even if you’re running, jumping, or rolling around on the ground. It is made of leather, with a belt loop. This holster form fits small handguns snugly and securely. The leather and padded ballistic nylon construction makes it durable and provides a comfortable yet sturdy holster for your gun. It is designed to conceal beneath an un-tucked shirt or jacket with the standard, non-aggressive look that won’t spook people when you carry in public. This holster has a truncated muzzle design. It ensures you can carry it in the waistband or another position without the worry of snagging on any part of your clothing. It has a low profile and compact design, ensuring concealability while maintaining ease of access to your firearm for quick retrieval when you need it most.


The unique powerband device allows you to custom fit the level of gun retention on your gun to fit your gun model perfectly. This holster has a velcro adjustable thumb break and an integral belt loop. The reversible thumb break retainer straps ensure a smooth and quick  draw every time and the belt loop allows for various carry positions on the waistband for concealed carry of your handgun. It also features a proprietary sight strip that protects your gun’s sights from getting caught up in other objects. This holster is available for right-handed shooters only. It is compatible with belts up to 1.75 inches wide. It is designed for the grip-up position which allows for a smooth draw and re-holster.



5. Gould & Goodrich 806-195 Gold Line Small of Back Holster

Gould & Goodrich 806-195 Gold Line Small of Back Holster
$67.99 $76.82
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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7 new from $67.99


The Gould & Goodrich small of back holster is a high-quality leather holster designed to be worn in the small of your back for concealed carry. It is one of the finest genuine leather holsters available. It is designed to fit securely in the small of your back, this holster hugs against your body for maximum concealment. This holster is made from genuine leather with a suede lining to gently protect the gun’s finish while allowing it to slide smoothly along its length. The design prevents any unwanted imprinting or bulkiness. This holster is designed to fit most small pistols and revolvers. The leather construction will prevent moisture from penetrating.


This holster has a belt slot to be worn with a belt if desired. It is designed to fit belts up 1-1/2 inches wide. This holster is available in the right-hand option only. Gould & Goodrich Gold Line makes some of the finest holster options available. This holster is made from top-grain vegetable tanned genuine leather from the world’s best tanners. It also features an adjustable tension screw, ensuring that this holster perfectly fits your gun.  This holster is made in the USA. Overall, it is a high-quality holster that offers superior protection for your revolver or pistol. Its smooth, suede lining and adjustable tension ensure that you will be comfortable carrying this holster as well as concealing it.



What To Consider While Buying The Best Small of Back Holsters?

To ensure that you are buying the best small of back holsters, you have to consider various factors, like:


First and foremost is budget. It doesn’t matter what type of firearm you buy, but it’s always a good idea to follow an adage; buy once, cry once. Many people end up buying a low-quality holster that fails on them, then they buy another one, and it breaks again. It is why you have to budget for your purchase, so you’ll know what sort of price range you are looking for. Doing this can eliminate the chances of making an impulsive purchase.


You have to buy from well-known holster manufacturers because it’s much easier to return the defective holster if something goes wrong. When you go for unknown brands, there is a great chance of buying low-quality products and facing problems with your purchase. So consider buying from a trusted name in this business and get the best small of back holster.


The color can vary depending on your needs and preferences, of course. Some simply do not like black holsters, while others cannot stand brown ones. So choose the one that goes with your outfit and provides the needed concealment.


Holsters have a wide range of materials from which they are built, including leather, nylon, Kydex, cloth, and metal. Leather is considered the best material in terms of durability and weapon retention. So if you want a holster that will last longer and keep the gun securely in place, go for a leather option. Nylon holsters are also durable ones. 


The best small of the back holster must be comfortable to carry and use. All the above factors are secondary if you’re uncomfortable with your purchase. So never compromise on comfort. Otherwise, you’ll end up not using your purchase.


Many small of back holster models are available in different sizes. Depending on the size, they will fit various firearms. When buying one for concealed carry, get a model that matches your weapon; it will be easier to conceal and comfortable to carry. The above is a guide to help you buy the best small of back holster. As you can see, many factors need to be considered before making a purchase. This way you’ll know what to look for so you won’t have problems with your purchase.


No, because mostly they are built specifically for the type of gun they carry. So make sure you get one that matches your firearm before making a purchase.

After removing it from your waistband, simply clean the holster with a damp cloth. Make sure you do not twist or wash it in a washing machine, as this can damage your holster. Then allow the holster to air dry.

Generally, these are considered very safe because it prevents unauthorized people from easily pulling out your weapon and using it against you. Also, this holster has an angled design that makes it easy to draw the firearm quickly when needed.


We hope you found this review useful to your search for a perfect fit holster. As you can see, there are many things to consider before buying one of the best small of back holsters for concealed carry. So think carefully and avoid mistakes when buying one for your needs. If you want more information on buying the best holster for your firearm, go through the website. There are in-depth reviews for all kinds of carry holsters available out there, so it will be easy to pick one according to your preferences and budget. 

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