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The 45-70, formerly known as 45-70-405, is a rifle-like cartridge used for hunting heavy and large animals. Initially, it was made for the battlefield and used by the military in the ‘80s and 90s.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC3 Reticle (MOA), Black
2,646 Reviews
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope – BDC3 Reticle (MOA), Black
  • The updated Strike Eagle 1-6×24 is defined by speed and versatility. A true 1x on the low end adapts to a wide range of scenarios, letting shooters rapidly engage targets from point-blank to extended ranges.

The new version of 45-70 is used by sport shooters as well as hunters. Like all great weapons, however, it can be improved by accessories, and this article looks at the best scope for 45-70. 

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.45 represents the caliber bullet while 70 refers to the weight produced in grains by the black powder. This makes it the best rifle cartridge for hunting large and tough-skinned animals like bears, mooze, grizzlies, and other large animals.

Taking a game as big as a buffalo or other big animal home is a thing of joy to a hunter and that’s exactly what a 45-70 helps a hunter to achieve.

If you are in a hurry to purchase best scopes for 45-70, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Scopes For 45-70

45-70 riflescope is made to extend the shot a shooter can take while still maintaining the most accurate Precision. You might be confused about the right scope to match with your rifle or bothered about the 45-70 not taking a long shot, that’s why we are here to address your doubt and worries. In this article, we shall explore deeply, the best type of scope for your rifle.

5 Best Scopes for 45-70 (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle – Second Focal Plane Riflescope

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC3 Reticle (MOA), Black
2,646 Reviews
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope – BDC3 Reticle (MOA), Black
  • The updated Strike Eagle 1-6×24 is defined by speed and versatility. A true 1x on the low end adapts to a wide range of scenarios, letting shooters rapidly engage targets from point-blank to extended ranges.
  • The magnification ring has been updated and now includes a thread-in throw lever, and the magnification indicators can now be seen without coming off the scope.


  • Dimensions: 10.5×1.77×1.77 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

The vortex optics strike eagle – second focal plane riflescope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Its 1 to 6X magnification allows for zooming in and out. It has a high-quality lens that is multi-coated and has an objective lens of 24mm. The multi-coated lens absorbs light to produce a high-resolution image of targets. A good target image is equivalent to hitting a good target.


The vortex optics strike eagle comes with an extra battery that can prolong the hours of use by the shooter or hunter.  It has an illuminated reticle that is placed in the focal Lane for better target acquisition. It is waterproof which means a shooter doesn’t have to panic about scope getting spoil when it is exposed to water. It has a fast-focus eyepiece which is ideal for hunting as well as sport shooting.

The vortex optics strike eagle is a versatile scope that most hunters like to use because of its speed.


2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle
5,493 Reviews
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescope – Dead-Hold BDC Reticle
  • The 2-7×32 Crossfire II riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing


  • Dimensions: 14×3×3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

The vortex optics crossfire II second focal plane, 1-inch tube riflescope is made with aircraft-grade aluminum that is nitrogen purged for durability. With this, you can trust the vortex optics crossfire to last the test of time because of the material it is made of.  It is easy to reset to zero even after sighting a target. This makes it easy to change focus at any point according to the needs of the shooter.

The V-plex reticle is specially designed to be used for many hunting and shooting experiences. It makes shooting a target pretty much easier. With this type of reticle, a hunter or shooter can successfully shoot at a moving target. Its magnification range is 2X to 7X which is ideal for zooming in and out on a target.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Its 32mm object multi-coated lens gives sharp images of targets that allow a shooter to make accurate precision. It has a 9.5 inches eyepiece that doesn’t recoil into the shooter’s face.


3. Barska 3-9×40 Huntmaster 30/30 Riflescope

BARSKA 3-9x40 Huntmaster 30/30 Riflescope
83 Reviews
BARSKA 3-9×40 Huntmaster 30/30 Riflescope
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • Parallax free at 100 yards


  • Dimensions: 16×3×3 inches
  • Weight: 12.96 ounces
  • Material: N/A

The Barska 3-9×40 huntmaster 30/30 riflescope is a fully multi-coated lens riflescope that has a 42mm diameter. The multi-coated lens helps for the absorption of light to produce a sharp clear image of targets. It absorbs light to eliminate the poor apparition of targets through a scope.

Barska 3-9x40 Huntmaster

It possesses a mil-dot reticle at the second focal plane which is an ideal crosshair for short-range shooting. It is very easy to understand the reticle markings, thus, it is beginner-friendly. Its magnification ranges from 3X to 9X. This allows you to zoom in and out based on your needs. The Barska 3-9×40 huntmaster 30/30 riflescope is good for sporting competitions and has water, shock, and fog resistance which makes it possible for one to use it anywhere, irrespective of the weather.

It has good eye relief and comes with  mounting rings, scope caps, and other accessories


4. Primary Arms SLX 4-0.551×1.732 in FFP Rifle Scope 

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ARC-2-MOA
81 Reviews
Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope – Illuminated ARC-2-MOA
  • Optimized ARC-2 MOA reticle stays true through the first focal plane scope’s variable 4-14x magnification
  • Partial red illumination with 6 brightness settings powered by a common CR2032 battery


  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Material: Aluminum

The primary arms SLX 4-0.551×1.732 in FFP rifle scope is a waterproof, shock, and fog-proof scope that allows for shooting in all kinds of weather. For the utmost safety of the user, the primary arm has eye relief which ranges from 3.5 inches to 4.9 inches. The hunter or shooter does not need to fear that the scope is recoiling into their eyes because safety has been made provision for.

The multi-coated lens has a diameter of 24mm which is a guarantee for a quality image view through the scope. Its duplex reticle is illuminated with a red dot which helps for easy identification of targets as well as allows for shooting in low light. This red dot makes for increased accuracy.

Primary Arms SLX

It is nitrogen purged for durability because a hunting process involves a lot of stress on the scope. The primary arms are beginner-friendly because it is easy to operate. Its 12 brightness setting allows for a good view in low light and daylight respectively.

This scope possesses an FSP reticle located near the eyepiece which helps to maintain the appearance of the riflescope. It is highly affordable and that doesn’t take away its uniqueness. It is cheap and of quality too.


5. BugBuster UTG 3-9X32, 1-AO; RGB mil-dot, QD rings

UTG 3-9X32 1' BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings , Black
6,202 Reviews
UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings , Black
  • 1 Inch Tube with Emerald Coating for Maximum Light Transmission, Premium Zero Lockable & Resettable Turrets with 1/4 MOA Per Click Adjustment
  • Range Estimating Mil-dot Reticle for Optimal Aiming and Shooting Performance, Adjustable Objective from 3 Yards to Infinity


  • Dimensions: 9.84×3.35×3.94 inches
  • Weight: 0.87 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

The BugBuster UTG 3-9X32 has an illuminated reticle of red and green color respectively, which makes it possible to be used in all weather conditions. This reticle contains a mil-dot which is placed in the second focal plane to ensure better accuracy and target acquisition.

It has a magnification level of 3X to 9X for a better view of targets gotten either by zooming in or zooming out. Its emerald coated 32mm objective lens is for a clear and high-resolution image through the scope. This scope is nitrogen purged and has been proofed against water, dust as well as fog. 


This scope doesn’t lose the setting that a huṅter has made when the battery is drained. When the battery is drained, all settings remain the same till the shooter decides to change it. This is made possible by its lockable and resettable turrets.


Factors to consider before buying a scope for your 45-70

Before choosing a scope for your 45-70 rifle, there are things to look out for to make the best choice and make the best result out of it. If you are determined to spend money on a scope to increase your chances of hitting a game, you should spend money on quality scopes that can serve the purposes for which you got them.

The following are the things to look out for before buying a scope for your 45-70 rifle.

Good mount: A mount holds a connection between a rifle and a scope. A good mount makes it easier for the shooter to concentrate on the game and get the best out of their weapon. Before getting a scope for your 45-70 check that the mount is good enough to hold the scope firmly on the rifle.

 Check out the mounting rings to ensure that it’s good enough to hold a zero without losing it. Some mounts cause a scope to lose its zero after some shots. This will result in missed or inaccurate shots  To avoid this, look out for a good mount while choosing the scope for your 45-70. Though some scopes come with their mounting rings included in the item package, some people complain of their durability while others do not complain. It depends on the individual user and the need they hope to achieve with it.

Durability: A good scope should be able to stand the test of time. While choosing a scope for your 45-70, ensure that you take note of specifications such as material. The material information will tell the durability standard of the scope. Check to see that the material used in making the scope is aluminum or steel purged with gas such as nitrogen.

Using a scope for hunting involves a lot of stress on the scope, so it’s important to consider a scope that can stand wear and tear because tree branches will sure scratch the scope. A scratch-resistant scope is ideal for this kind of experience to avoid spending money on scope all the time. A durable scope goes a long way to save money for a shooter because they won’t have to replace it all the time.

Magnification: 45-70 scope just like any other scope requires good magnification. Though 45-70 is not meant for a distant shot, with a good magnification it can serve for a mid-long shot. However, it needs someone who’s experienced in using magnification scope to achieve this mid-long shot.

Good reticles: Reticle designs come in different types depending on the scope. Whichever scope it is, it’s important to check that the reticles are best for the shooting experience you want to embark on. A good reticle helps in target acquisition especially when your target is not stable but moving. Without a good reticle that serves as a pointer, a shooter will have to spend more time than necessary to figure out a target. It is also important to choose a scope with reticle markings that are easy to understand and not complicated. A good understanding of the reticle markings is an added advantage to the shooter or hunter 

An illuminated reticle is ideal because it can be used in low light. The inbuilt illuminator serves as light and a laser dot helps to make accurate targets and increases the chances of going home with game.

Good optics: A good optics has a good light transmission that makes for a clear image view. When the lenses are well coated,  it absorbs light to deliver a clear image of the shooter’s target. A poorly coated lens will reflect badly on the target by producing a dark reflection. This poor image in turn makes the shooter have a poor target acquisition which will result in missed or inaccurate shots.

Eye relief: consider a scope with a good distance between the shooter’s eyes and the eyepiece to avoid injury on the shooter. Some scopes recoil into the face after hitting a target. If care is not taken, such scope is capable of taking the shooter completely unaware. When this happens, it is capable of causing injury to the shooter. Before choosing a 45-70 scope or any other scope, ensure that the eye relief provides a reasonable distance from the face.

Good adjustment: A good 45-70 rifle scope should have a maximum of 9X adjustment limit. This adjustment button allows a hunter or shooter the opportunity to approach a game according to their needs based on the ability to zoom in and out. With this, you can increase the size view of your target as well as reduce it if need be. The adjustment button also plays an important role in zeroing your scope. When the buttons are complicated, it becomes difficult to zero your scope. Choose a scope with an easy-to-operate adjustment button.

A good scope should be multi-coated: a  multi-coated scope should be a top priority of anyone buying a scope. The more coated a lens is, the better its performance, and the less coated it is, the less its performance. Before getting a scope ensure that the lenses are coated. To get the best out of it, go for a fully multi-coated lens, it is ideal for all kinds of hunting experience.

Benefits Of Using 45-70 scope

Increased accuracy: There’s nothing a hunter would want out of a hunting experience better than accuracy. A sports shooter wants accuracy because it entails he is on top of his game. Whatever hunting tool that can improve accuracy and precision, a hunter and a sport shooter will sure go for it. The 45-70 scope helps a shooter to make more accurate targets. It increases the chances of hitting a target for sport shooters and the chances of going home with a game for hunters. With a good riflescope, no more frequent missed shots but frequent hits on targets.

Long-range shooting: 45-70 rifle is made for a short distance shot but when paired with a rifle scope, it can be used to take a mid-long distance shot. It becomes worrisome for a hunter to be limited to one kind of shooting using a particular rifle but it takes off the burden from them when they can explore several experiences using the same rifle. A 45-70 scope helps a hunter to achieve this without stress. Long-distance shots can also be taken instead of being limited to short-distance shots.

It increases the chances of getting a better view of a target. The target must become clear and not blurry to the shooter. This will help them to make great and accurate shots devoid of guesswork. 

It saves bullets: The bullets that would have been wasted on guesswork are utilized to be used in targets accurately. Bullets are expensive to be wasted on inaccurate targets when a more accurate option is being made provision for. Most riflescopes have a red or green dot reticle which helps for easy acquisition of targets. This helps to minimize cost for shooters because their 


The ideal barrel length of 45-70 is around 18 inches to 30 inches.

The effectiveness of 45-70 starts from 200 yards and its limit is 1000 yards.

The idea of zeroing for your 45-70 rifle is at 100 yards. This distance helps you to get the best of your rifle and rifle scope.


The 45-70 riflescope is a good tool to make shooting easy and more accurate. This rifle is made for a short distance shot and also known for its bone-crushing impact on a target. However, the 45-70 when matched with a good scope such as the ones mentioned above, can be used for a mid-long shot as well.

Most of the 45-70 riflescopes are fully multi-coated to ensure a good and bright view through the scope. Some of them also have an illuminated red dot which serves as a quick pointer to a target. With it, a shooter or hunter can easily shoot a moving target without missing it.

These scopes offer varieties of options to meet shooter’s demands and that’s one of the reasons why 45-70 has remained relevant over the years. It was formerly used by the military for the battlefield but the emergence of riflescope such as 45-70 has made it more relevant that it is not only used by the military but also sport shooters and hunters.

Hunters utilize the opportunity that 45-70 offers to hunt big animals that ordinary rifles cannot hunt down. Because of its bone-crushing impact, hunters do not fear to hunt buffalos, moose, and other big animals. Once the target is well set, it leaves whatever animal it hits falling to the group and the house going home with a big game.

It is argued that the 45-70 rifle can be used to hunt down elephants but the potency of this claim has not been established.

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