Choose From The [Top 6] Anti Cant Devices To Level Your Rifle Scope

Best Rifle Scope Anti Cant Devices

A Comprehensive Guide

Finding it difficult to meet long-range targets with your scoped rifle? Most times, shooters might not be sure of the direction of their rifle scope. If you want to know the exact direction your rifle and scope are pointing to, a best rifle scope anti cant device will help you get it right.

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When you need to meet long range targets, you can attach an anti-cant device to your scope to enhance better performance in a range. Anti cant devices help you level your rifle and scope well for easy target acquisition. Mostly, this device assures a shooter of accuracy.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Rifle Scope Anti Cant devices, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Rifle Scope Anti Cant Devices

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An anti-cant device is a must-have! It is perfect for long-range shots. Some shooters do not count a rifle scope anti-cant device as necessary because they don’t know it has many benefits. Without leveling your reticle, you won’t know why you sometimes miss targets. The right reticle leveling will allow you to meet your targets more accurately. I suggest that you get the best anti-cant device for your rifle scope.

6 Best Rifle Scope Anti Cant Devices (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. US Optics Swivel Anti-Cant Device

US Optics Swivel Anti-Cant Device1
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  • Dimensions:
    8 x 1.6 x 1.2 Inches
  • Weight:
    1.6 Ounces

This anti-cant device has excellent features, including; a type III hard anodized and a Swivel Bubble Level. With the US Optics Swivel Anti-Cant device for leveling, you can see either eye easily without breaking a cheek weld. It is rail mounted and also suitable for use in long-range shootings. This anti-cant device is one of the best quality cants in the market; you won’t want to miss out on its excellent features. A durably built anti-cant device comes with a metal protective cover that folds out when not in use. Your worries about not seeing are erased with this scope as you can see and meet targets accurately.

US Optics Swivel Anti-Cant Device


  • Swivel bubble level just right for use
  • Good quality cant
  • It is well calibrated
  • Standard rail mounted
  • Perfect for extended range shooting
  • It makes the target to be seen clearly


  • Not sure it levels properly
  • It is quite costly and big
  • No lifetime warranty is attached
  • It can sometimes have a slop

2. Flatline-Ops Sniper Accu/Level Articulating Scope Level 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum

Flatline Ops Sniper Accu Level Articulating Scope Level 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum2
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  • Dimensions:
    6 x 6 x 6 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.7 Pounds

Durable and well constructed with Aircraft Aluminum with stainless steel hardware. The rifle scope cant is very easy to install, it attaches directly to the scope’s gel tube, and you don’t have to remove your scope. The anti-cant construction is solid and durable enough. Its strong construction protects it well during extreme outdoor activities. It has a good locator that ensures that you are locked in a closed position for critical shots in the range/field. It comes with an excellent ACCU/Level just right for you to use. The ACCU system allows for error correction when needed. I bet you won’t regret going for Flatline-Ops Sniper. This cant device features high-visibility fluorescent, black hard anodized finish, and Dove accessory lug. With this anti-cant device, you can sight targets clearly before an accurate shot at them.


  • Adjustments can be easily made
  • It comes with installation instructions and tools
  • Excellent ACCU/Level system
  • It comes with nice calibration screws
  • Its levels are just perfect
  • Great features for the money
  • It can be installed without removing the scope


  • It is quite expensive

3. Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Levels

Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Levels3
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  • Dimensions:
    4.85 x 4.25 x 0.8 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.1 Pounds

Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Bubble Levels are perfect for long range shootings as it features a 1-inch rifle scope tube. I highly recommend this anti-cant device for achieving better performance. Another advantage attached to this device is that it is very easy to install and use, with no stress involved. When aiming, you can use the bubble level to ensure that your rifle stays vertical, allowing you to meet targets more accurately. The level aids in eliminating errors that might be caused when shooting a canted rifle. I assure you that this is the perfect combined level for you to use. It mounts faster than expected, not time-wasting. If you use this leveler, mounting slowly will be put to an end. This anti-cant scope ensures that you mount as quickly as possible, and it is very easy to install. Although it might look odd on a 1-inch scope tube, it is relatively better than nothing.

Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Levels


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Excellent quality worth every penny
  • Precisely for long-range shooting
  • It is available in different scope tube sizes
  • It is held in place by a snap ring
  • The accuracy of repetitive shots is guaranteed


  • The small distance between the bubble and sidelines
  • Its cap screw threads are too large for the hardware
  • It will not fit all kinds of rifles

4. Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator, 1-Inch

Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator, 1-Inch4
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  • Dimensions:
    2.83 x 5.59 x 0.79 Inches
  • Weight:
    2.47 Ounces

Finding the right anti-cant level? I highly recommend that you use the Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant device. As a shooter, gun alignment is essential to your performance, and these anti-cant devices ensure proper gun alignment. I can assure you of a better shooting performance with this particular cant device. With it, you can get a critical shot even at extended ranges without missing. This cant device indicates a precise, repeatable level closed position. Viewing targets is made easy with the Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator for leveling from your center position.

It includes screwdriver sets to make adjustments for better accuracy. Wheeler produces tools/accessories needed for all kinds of rifles. In this sense, you can rely on their products because they offer good services to shooters. They have cant devices in different scope tube sizes so that you can pick the one best suits your firearm. If your gun is not correctly aligned, it will affect your performance, especially the extended range. An anti-cant device is indispensable; it allows for long target accuracy; puts an end to missing repetitive shots.


  • Excellent anti-cant indicator for leveling
  • With this cant, you can adjust the elevation turret critically
  • Its level is perfect for use
  • Accuracy increases due to its proper gun alignment
  • Easy to view from any shooting position
  • Holdover for bullet drop compensation
  • It holds your rifle perfectly vertical
  • It is effortless and reliable to use
  • Assists in long-range shootings


  • It will not fit a 34mm scope tube
  • It is a little bit big
  • Problems can occur when mounted
  • It takes time to get it installed

5. Holland’s Signature Series Scope Level

Holland’s Signature Series Scope Level5
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  • Dimensions:
    4 x 7.4 x 6 Inches
  • Weight:
    0.9 Pound

Designed to be superior and function more effectively than other levels, the Holand’s Series Scope level is the right level for you to use. The anti-cant device is constructed from 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and hard-black anodized. This level is fantastic for long-range shooting. It is American-Made and of high quality. I advise that you purchase this scope because it is well machined to function well. If you need an anti-cant device to increase the level of accuracy in getting shots at targets, I recommend that you select from Holland’s Level as they are the USA F-Class team’s official level. Besides, this anti-cant device aids shooters in long-range shootings. When you need a level perfect for extended ranges, do not hesitate to make use of Holland’s Level.


  • It has a superiorly sleek design, unlike other levels
  • It is hard-black anodized
  • Its edges are not sharp
  • This level is worth the money
  • Both left-handed and right-handed shooters can use it easily
  • Machined from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum
  • It can be installed with a scope already mounted


  • It was a bit expensive
  • The dam bubble level is not so good

6. West Lake Pack of Two Precision Scope Leveling Kit

West Lake Pack of Two Precision Scope Leveling KIt6
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  • Dimensions:
    2.36 x 1.97 x 4.23 Inches
  • Weight:
    4.23 Ounces

Looking for a two precision scope leveling kit? The West Lake Pack of Two Precision Scope Leveling KIt is here for you. It is correctly machined from anodized 60-61 T6 aluminum. It includes; two alloy bubble levels, two 30mm to 1” reducers, and two Allen keys. The West Lake scope leveling kit is one of the best anti-cant devices in the market; it is highly durable than all other levels. This level is very easy to install as it attaches directly to your scope tube without detaching it.

It fits most rifles, particularly bolt-action rifles, and is compatible with 30mm or 1-inch tube diameter scopes. The leveler comes with a protective finish allowing it to be resistant to scratch and reducing glare. With the West Lake kit, you maintain your shooting position and hit targets at extended ranges. It contains fluid to ensure that the anti-cant device remains stable in any condition. This leveler is one of the best anti-cant devices you can use to increase your level of accuracy.


  • It has a smooth aerodynamic, sleek design
  • It is compatible with any scope
  • Made from aircraft-grade 6061-T aluminum and steel alloy
  • It has two scope dam bubble level indicators
  • Two Allen wrenches included
  • This level can be maneuvered to any position, either left-handers or right-handers


  • Its screws are at the bottom
  • Bubbles cannot be adjusted
  • Only suitable for bench shooting
  • Not sure it can be easily mounted on a scoped rifle
  • It can only be used on a 30mm scope tube

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Rifle Scope Anti Cant Device

Decisions must not just be taken without putting some things into consideration. The same goes for product selection. In finding the right anti-cant device, you must look for some vital/necessary features and functions.


In tactical shooting activities, the accuracy of shots is a significant concern to most shooters as they tend to miss shots without even trying to discover why at times. When you aim at well-leveled targets with your reticle, you will meet targets more accurately. I highly recommend that you make use of a rifle scope anti-cant device. The more accurate your anti-cant device is, the better your performance at ranges, especially long ranges.

Cant Level

Another issue is not using a 4well canted device. For instance, you may not see well if you shoot on flat ranges. Degree markings denote the level of cant. If you use a well-canted device on your scope, you can be assured of a better performance in the field. The right level of cant will boost your performance as a shooter. Take note; your anti-cant device must not be slightly leveled as it may shatter all your efforts in the end. So level your cant in the right way.


For you to meet a long-range target without missing out on it, you must have a well-leveled cant device to back up your scope’s reticle. With the right rifle scope anti cant device, you can meet targets at a long range. I advise that you always check if your rifle is canted or not, as it is very vital to your shooting performance. It is better to go for a rifle-scope anti-tack device with a contoured design for long-range shootings.

Quality Construction

When selecting an anti-cant device, it is vital to check out what it is made from. The quality of a leveler will determine its function/performance. A well-machined rifle scope anti-cant device is the right leveler to use. I suggest that you pick an anti-cant device made from Aircraft-grade Aluminum and steel alloy like Holland’s series.

Scope Mount

The base mounting of an anti-cant device on a scope must be firm enough to prevent the device from sliding off. It is preferable to have a scope-mounted cant device, as it is very easy to use, especially in long ranges. I suggest that you pick a cant that clamps easily on the scope. It is even more beneficial as you can move left and right without worrying that it will slide off. Also, it makes targeting very easy for you. Sometimes the leveler may have standard rail mounts, and it could be directly attached to the scope without a mount needed.


The installation of an anti-cant device varies alongside the kind of products picked. I suggest that you pick a leveler that can be easily installed and used.


Sometimes, it is good to consider the price of a cant device. Although a high-priced cant does not mean it is the best quality you can get. Low-priced cant can be way better than an expensive one at times. Do not let yourself be swayed by a particular cant device’s price. Instead, be alert for other unique features.


In picking out a rifle scope anti cant device, it is also good to check its warranty. Choosing a cant with a lifetime warranty is preferable to a limited warranty. The warranty of a product also determines the quality and lifespan of the product. I advise you to pick an anti-cant device with a good warranty.

Do you need the best rifle scope anti cant device? I have a list of anti-cant devices prepared for you to select from. Follow me as we go through the top 6 products.


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In selecting the best rifle scope anti-cant devices, you must look for quality materials and features. All devices have different manufacturers and combined levels that determine their effectiveness. Long-range shooting and level of accuracy is a significant problem faced by most shooters. Many shooters are looking for the right level arm to increase their performance in any shooting activity. Rifle Scope Anti-cant devices are vital to use with your rifle. With the right anti cant device, you can quickly meet targets in extended ranges. Do not forget that there are some essential things you need to consider before selecting an anti cant sighting device for your rifle.

We have them listed in this article and am sure you’ll find them very useful. When you pick out the best rifle scope anti-cant device, you won’t have to worry about missing targets. It is better to get an anti-cant device if you want consistent shots. Finding the best cant device can sometimes prove difficult but made easy with this article. This article has created a list of cant devices you can select based on your needs. Canting your rifle is very necessary, but it must be well leveled. A slight mistake can disrupt/destroy your shooting progress. With an excellent anti-cant device, you can improve your shooting skills and determine why you missed a target.

A high-visibility anti-cant device is the best option; you can see targets clearly before taking a shot. An anti cant device must fit in perfectly; not all anti cant devices fit rifles. So you have to be active and smart about your selection. A scope-mounted anti-cant device is better than a Picatinny rail-mounted one. I highly recommend choosing a rifle scope anti cant device that best suits your desired needs. Manufacturers provide different qualities of anti cant devices; you must pay attention to the necessary features. In preventing a common error process, all you need to do is make sure your indicator for leveling works well.