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Handguns are an excellent choice for self-defense, but they can be hard to conceal and difficult to shoot. The best way to deal with this problem is by carrying a pocket pistol from our best pocket pistols picks. A pocket pistol, also called micro or concealed carry handgun is a semi-automatic or revolver handgun small enough for your pocket. It is usually light, short, easy to use, and easy to conceal. This makes it an ideal choice for self-defense when away from home or traveling. Pocket pistols are a good choice for first-time or beginner handgun owners who may not be comfortable shooting a full-size gun. They can also be used by people with physical limitations that prevent them from controlling large handguns.


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The next generation of the celebrated LCP, this Ruger LCP II is a lightweight, compact semi-automatic handgun chambered in 380 ACP. Designed for concealed carry, this handgun has been built to function in multiple concealed carry holsters and scenarios. With improvements to materials and...

A pocket pistol may not be as accurate or have as much stopping power as larger handguns. However, they are still an excellent choice because of their convenience, reliability, and ease of concealment. If you are looking for a pocket pistol, we are here to help. We have put together a list of the best pocket pistols currently on the market. Please read our reviews to find out why we chose them as the best and then decide which one is the right choice for you.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best pocket pistols, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Pocket Pistols

The Beretta 3032 Tomcat is a tiny pistol, sized like the average cell phone. Besides offering the power of the 32 ACP cartridge, it sports a tough and durable stainless-steel finish. As such, this double/single-action semi-automatic pistol is perfect for deep concealment or for use as a backup...
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The LEGION P938 features the distinctive LEGION Gray finish in Cerakote Elite. The P938 Legion includes a new precision machined aluminum trigger and aggressive trigger guard checkering along with an ambidextrous thumb safety allowing for easy manipulation and accuracy. The slide features front...
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The next generation of the celebrated LCP, this Ruger LCP II is a lightweight, compact semi-automatic handgun chambered in 380 ACP. Designed for concealed carry, this handgun has been built to function in multiple concealed carry holsters and scenarios. With improvements to materials and...
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We have selected five of the best pocket pistols based on size, weight, reliability, and stopping power. We begin our list with the Ruger LCP because it is a lightweight and incredibly compact semi-automatic pocket pistol.

5 Best Pocket Pistols (Ranked And Reviewed)



The Ruger LCP II features an alloy steel barrel and slides with a glass-filled nylon grip frame. The LCP II’s fixed sights are integral to the slide and feature a brightly colored front dot and rear groove. The slide is machined from a solid steel block and features a blued satin finish. .380 ACP ammunition is not particularly powerful, and it’s considered below average for self-defense purposes. It may be enough to stop a threat, but we recommend carrying spare ammo that you can use if your first round fails to incapacitate an attacker.


Despite its shortcomings, the Ruger LCP II is a tremendous first-pocket pistol for beginner shooters or those with limited hand strength because it’s easy to handle and use. It is light, compact, and easy to use. This makes it a good choice for people looking for simplicity in their pocket pistol. It is very reliable and has low recoil, which allows you to control your shots easily. We chose the Ruger LCP II because it fixed all of the issues with its predecessor as it delivers an excellent performance.




2. Beretta 3032 Tomcat


This pocket pistol by Beretta is an excellent choice for a pocket gun that you can carry in a pocket holster. It’s particularly good at shooting steel targets, making it a fun gun to shoot on the range. It has many safety features so you can carry around your children without worrying about accidents. These include an automatic firing pin block and manual safety and decocker. The Beretta 3032 Tomcat is lightweight and easy to shoot – it weighs 14.5 ounces and has low recoil that allows even beginner shooters to control their shots.


It’s made with great quality materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, making it more durable than other pocket pistols on the market. This is an excellent choice for shooters looking for a dependable pocket pistol that they can comfortably carry in a pocket holster. Overall, it’s an excellent weapon for beginners or those looking for a lightweight carry gun that doesn’t sacrifice quality at this affordable price point.

Beretta 3032 Tomcat N2





This Micro compact by SIG Sauer is an excellent choice for people looking for a dependable pocket pistol with excellent quality. It’s very accurate thanks to fixed front and rear sight, which makes it ideal for shooting targets at the range or in self-defense situations. The Legion P938 by SIG SAUER is known to have low recoil, which makes it easy to control even if you’re a beginner shooter. This is another good choice for concealed carry because of its low profile and snag-free lines. It’s lightweight at 17 ounces and has an overall length of 5.9 inches with a 3-inch barrel – making it small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket holster. It’s also made with high-quality materials like carbon steel and alloy, making it durable and long-lasting. This means that you can rely on it for everyday carry or even on the shooting range.



4. Glock G43 Subcompact


This subcompact lightweight pistol from the legendary Glock brand is compact enough to fit in your pocket but still has the capacity to protect you. It comes with a 6-round magazine, making it one of the excellent options to fit in your pocket holster. The Glock 43 also has an excellent grip that making it easy for new shooters to handle. The grip has a beavertail design that helps you have a solid grip. The aggressive grip texture also makes it easier for you to handle the Glock in wet or sweaty conditions. It has a large magazine release catch, which is easy to depress and allows you to reload quickly.





This is a pocket-sized pistol designed with concealed carry in mind. It has a petite frame and grip, making it easy to conceal. The Kahr Arms CW9 comes with a 7-round magazine, the perfect size for deep concealment. This gun also has an ergonomic design that helps minimize fatigue after extended periods of use. The comfortable grip also ensures that you will have a solid hold on the gun even when it’s wet or sweaty. It comes with drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, designed for precise handling and accuracy. The front sight is pinned in polymer to give you a good reference point in low-light situations. Its black polymer frame and matte stainless steel slide give it a nice look. This gun is compact yet a dependable pistol.




What To Consider While Buying The Best Pocket Pistols?

Considering certain factors when looking for pocket pistols can help you decide on the right gun for your needs. These factors include:

Size and Weight

You should always consider how big and heavy your pocket pistol will be. A big and bulky pistol can be uncomfortable to carry, while a lightweight pocket pistol will not give you the level of confidence you need while carrying it. It is best to look for a firearm with a nice balance of size and weight.


Different pistols come with varying sights, which may affect your accuracy. You should consider what type of sight you are most comfortable with. Some common types include fixed sights, iron sights, profile sights, drift adjustable sights, laser sight, and pinned polymer front sight.

Range and Capacity

You should always consider if you need a pocket pistol that can fire at long distances or just one that’s small enough to fit into your pocket. Pocket pistols tend to have smaller magazines than regular guns do, so it is best to choose one with an appropriate magazine size for deep concealment. However, it is also good to look for a pocket pistol with the longest range possible, especially if you feel more comfortable handling bigger pistols.


The price range for pocket pistols is quite wide. When looking for a gun, you should consider your budget since not all pocket pistols come in the same price range. It’s important to note that you will get what you pay for in this case, so it is best to invest in a good quality pistol if you want it to last for a long time. However, it does not mean that you should spend an arm and a leg on your gun. Just make sure to look for something within your price range.

Ease of Use and Safety

The best pocket pistols are those that you can point and shoot, even if the situation is challenging. Always look for a lightweight and compact pistol with good maneuverability. A good pocket pistol should provide safety and security to the user and those around them. It is crucial to choose one that comes with a trigger guard lock, which ensures that you’re the only one who can fire it; this way.


You can use any holster made specifically for your make and model of pocket pistol. One other option is to choose a universal holster that you can adjust according to your preferred way of carrying it (either in an ankle holster or belt).

You should always follow the instructions in your user manual to maintain your pocket pistol. You mustn’t take apart or modify any parts of your gun unless instructed by an authorized gunsmith, as doing so may result in injuries and other safety concerns.

A well-concealed carry pistol should be lightweight and compact with good maneuverability so that you can point and shoot it.


By considering certain factors when buying a pocket pistol, you can help narrow down your options and choose the gun that will best fit your needs. These factors include size and weight, sights, range and capacity, price, and ease of use. You should also consider if it is tactically practical to have a pocket pistol for concealed carry. While choosing the best pocket pistol for yourself is important, it is even more important that you practice your safety protocols and get the proper training to use it efficiently, safely, and proficiently whenever needed. We hope our detailed, hand-picked list of the five best pocket pistols will help you find the best pocket pistol for your needs.

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