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PKAS sights are the best types of sights for handguns and rifles, which you can use to upgrade your weapon. PKAS are advanced reflex sights usually used by snipers in the armed forces and military. These sights are more reliable than other sight types, making them the most popular choice on the market today. Well, here is a list of the best PKAS sights currently on the market today to help you decide which ones to buy:

BelOMO PK-A Russian Red Dot Sight. Open Knobs. Rifle Scope Collimator.

Last update was on: May 17, 2022 6:31 am

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best PKAS sights, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best PKAS Sights

5 Best PKAS Sights (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. BelOMO PK-A Russian Red Dot Sight, Open Knobs, Rifle Scope Collimator


This sight is the best PKAS sight manufactured by BelOMO. This sight is also incredible for medium-range hunting in the daytime. This sight has a sleek black body. The sight also has a variable brightness control, allowing you to set the red dot’s brightness manually. This is extremely beneficial since the dot can be seen under different lighting conditions. This sight is also designed to stand up to the most demanding battlefield conditions. Additionally, this scope is compatible with night vision devices, making it perfect for all events day or night.


Overall, this night vision scope is an excellent option for hunters or snipers. You can use this sight to hit moving targets with ease. This night vision sight requires low maintenance and does not need batteries. This sight is also waterproof, dry nitrogen purged, and has a compact design for easy transport. It can lock the zero, making it ideal for weapons mounting. The sight can be used with high precision at medium-range targets because of its 40-degree field of view. It is hard to go wrong with this PKAS sight.



2. ZENIT PK-AS Dual Black Dot Red Dot Sight


This is a red dot sight manufactured by Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association. This company is considered one of the best sights makers globally, and this product is no exception. The sight has a state of the art dual red and black dot technology. You can also easily adjust the sight using indexed ballistic cams. The non-magnification design allows for both open eyes shooting, eliminating any eyestrain and allowing you to register incoming targets faster than traditional magnified scopes.


It has a fully coated prismatic lens system that provides high contrast and a wide-angle field of view. As a result, this sight is perfect for the fast acquisition of moving targets during combat. The sight is built to be highly durable while still lightweight enough to hold up under any recoil. It is durable and can easily stand up to the harshest battlefield conditions. Overall, this is an excellent sight that is both practical and effective.



3. PK-AS Dual Red & Black Dot, Russian Rifle Scope Collimator Sight


This is a red dot sight made by BelOMO, a company from Belarus. The Russian army has approved and endorsed this product for use on rifles. This sight features full red and black dot aiming marks, which together provide a better target acquisition. It also has a prismatic lens system. This allows for much easier fast acquisition of moving targets. It has a minimal 1 MOA black dot and a larger 1.5 MOA red dot that will let you aim more precisely at your target. Both dots are great for CQB shooting, and the black dot is perfect for precision shooting.


It has a non-magnification design that allows both eyes open shoot. This will help eliminate any eyestrain and allow you to register incoming targets faster. It is lightweight, compact, and durable. It can easily stand up to rough battlefields, being built to withstand harsh conditions. Its lightweight built will not cause any strain on your rifle as you carry it or use it. Overall, this is a fantastic sight that provides all of the features necessary in a red dot sight.



4. SVD Dragunov 1x30mm Red Dot Sight SVD Red Dot

SVD Dragunov 1x30mm Red Dot Sight SVD Red Dot
May 17, 2022 6:31 am
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The SVD Dragunov rifle was designed as a squad support weapon. This sight can be attached to rifles that use side mounts for attaching scopes. It can be used in various conditions, being both windage and elevation adjustable. It is durable, shockproof, waterproof, and nitrogen-filled to prevent lens fogging. This fog-proof red dot scope fits on any gun with side mounts, allowing you to get the most out of your firearm by enabling you to acquire targets and aim at them quickly.


This sight is great for hunting and shooting games, as it allows you to see your target even with non-ideal lighting conditions. It has a red dot sensor that is adjustable and features brightness control. The SVD 1×30 red dot sight is a great choice for any airsoft sniper rifle. It allows you to acquire your target with enough accuracy for long-range shots quickly. It comes with a battery, scope with mount, cleaning cloth, and Allen keys. Overall, this is an incredible sight for any airsoft rifle, especially one you will use at long ranges.



5. BelOMO PK-A Venezuela Red Dot Scope Collimator Rifle Sight Universal Mount


The BelOMO Venezuela red dot sight is an excellent choice for your rifle. It has eight levels of light sensitivity to ensure that you can aim in various conditions. It is built well and will last a long time, being shockproof, waterproof, and weather resistant. This scope can be used in any situation, from desert to swampy areas. The BelOMO Venezuela red dot sight is the perfect addition to any airsoft sniper rifle. It has crystal clear optics, which means that you will be able to see your target clearly in any condition. Its red dot is filled with nitrogen to ensure that it will function well no matter the temperature.


This red dot sight has been designed with the modern shooter in mind to provide you with an accurate shot every time, no matter what your climate or environment is. Its main advantages are decreasing the aiming time by more than three times and increasing aiming accuracy twice as high. This sight is incredible for not only sniping but also hunting as well as many other types of activities. This scope is designed to be mounted on an AK or SVD rifle. Overall you can use this red dot sight with almost any gun as long as the gun has a rail. It has excellent features and provides exceptional accuracy.



What To Consider While Buying The Best PKAS Sights?


Magnification determines how far the target will be from the lens. More significant magnification means you can aim further away, while less magnification allows for a closer range shot. The best way to determine what magnification is right for your needs is by determining how much distance you expect to shoot and finding an appropriate power for that distance.

Field of View

Field of view determines how much area you have in your sight. The higher the field of view, the more area you can see at once. This essentially means that the higher the field of view, the easier it will be to aim at your target. If you are looking for a scope for close-range shooting, aim for one with high magnification and a low field of view. This will allow you to see more area around your target while still having the ability to aim at it accurately. On the contrary, if you want long-distance shooting capabilities, aim for a scope with lower magnification and a high field of view.


The reticle determines where on the target your aim will be centered on. Different types of reticles can determine how you aim at your target. Reticles are divided into two main categories dot and crosshair. Dot reticles have a single dot or circle in the center to aim with. In contrast, crosshair reticles are broken into two vertical lines, either meeting at the ends or crossing each other horizontally. Both types of reticles will provide you with accurate shots, but it mostly depends on user preference.

Objective Aperture

Objective aperture defines the diameter of the lens opening and how much light is allowed through. This can be an essential factor for those using their scopes in low-light conditions, as it will ensure that you have an accurate aim even though there isn’t much light. The larger the objective aperture, the more light is let through, and the higher chance you will get an accurate shot.


Durability determines how long the scope will last. This is very important for those looking to use their scopes frequently such as those who go hunting or practice every weekend. Many things determine how durable a scope will be, but one of the most important is being made of high-quality materials. Another factor is how thick the lenses are, as thicker lenses can reduce damage caused by drops or any other kind of impact.


Price is an essential factor for those who aren’t willing to spend a large amount on a scope yet still want quality materials and features. In terms of quality scopes, the price will be directly correlated with the materials used and the magnification, field of view, and objective aperture. If you are new to using scopes, go for low magnification and a wide field of view. If you want more magnification, aim for a higher price range. When it comes to durability and quality materials, the more expensive the scope will be, the better materials and the more durable it will be. However, keep in mind that there are many scopes with high price tags that do not offer much better quality than some of the cheaper scopes.

Special Features

Special features are often offered with more expensive scopes but can also be found in cheaper scopes. Some unique features to look out for include zero-reset turrets and shock resistance. This can be crucial as it could mean not having to redo your setup every time you shoot. Also, keep an eye out for fog and waterproofing, as it can be a lifesaver in certain conditions. Other special features might include scopes resistant to fogging, oil, and water. These will come in handy when changing seasons causes undesirable conditions.


Having these features can ensure that you can still take accurate shots in these conditions. As always, be sure to read the specifications for each scope before purchasing to see all its features. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending money on something that won’t meet your needs or will break quickly. Overall the best red dot sight depends entirely on your needs and can be found in one of the various price ranges.


Yes, Waterproofing ensures that water won’t damage the lenses, no matter what kind of weather you are out in.

One of the main benefits is using them in any condition. Whether it’s raining, foggy, or sunny outside, you will still be able to aim at your target and shoot with perfect accuracy quickly.

Price ranges vary between $100 for low-budget scopes to as much as $700 or more for higher-cost models.

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and needs. Ensure you know what you’ll be using the scope for and how often before purchasing it to ensure that it is the best fit for you.


PKAS sights are great to use with any gun. It is important to choose the right one for your specific needs. Keep in mind all the different features and specifications you need to decide on before buying. I hope you have learned something new about the best PKAS sights. Best of luck learning all about guns and shooting. Stay safe.

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