4 Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Insomnia and sleep loss is fast becoming a situation of great concern globally, it is like a pandemic. Work hours are progressively increasing coupled with noise pollution, the world is at risk due to the inability of majority to get enough sleep. As a result of this, people have to live at the mercy of pills and doctors to get a substandard version of rest that could be gotten naturally.

Discovering various ways to sleep and rest has become a major preoccupation of many. Based on research, the answer to getting a sleep is not as far as most people think. It has been observed that using the right mattresses and pillows for your body can help increase your hours of sleep tremendously. Getting the best pillows for most sleepers is just one of them.

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People take different postures when they sleep, some sleep on their back, side or on their stomach. However, pillows are essential for anyone to achieve the right sleeping posture without causing themselves pain. Pillows are needed for the elevation of the head, stomach, back etc. The major function of a pillow is to help you relax and keep your body in a neutral position.

16 percent of the world’s population sleeps on their stomach, despite being a minority every single person is important. Based on medical findings, stomach sleepers take the worst sleeping posture that there is. Sleeping on your stomach could lead to a misalignment of your spine because the spine is not properly positioned with this posture. Also, it causes indigestion and affects the metabolic system. Although, all these can be prevented if a pillow is just situated under the stomach while sleeping.

With the best pillows for stomach sleepers, you can wrong any right as regards the sleeping posture that you take. These pillows give comfort and they are made from materials that are harmless, durable and efficient in making your sleep a wonderful experience. Also, you do not need to spend too much on getting them.

It is pertinent that you can choose and select the right and best pillow in order to give you a memorable sleep. Never should you have to compromise on getting the best materials for a good night’s rest and productive day ahead.

4 Best Pillows For Stomach Sleeper

1. Hokeki Down Alternative Bed Pillow

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  • Dimensions: 17 x 11.5 x 7.4 inches
  • Weight: 5.19 pounds

Who said you couldn’t get a stylish, elegant, sophisticated and luxurious pillow for your home? Are you part of the people that believe luxury cannot be gotten with a pillow? HOKEKI pillows would make you an instant believer. It accents the pillow with luxury by using a silver piping and double layered quilting feature. This pillow is cost effective but it rivals even the most expensive pillows with its classic look. With these qualities present, HOKEKI pillows speak the language of tastefulness. 

Despite being a luxurious pillow, the quality of support that this pillow provides is of high quality. These pillows are firm and thick providing adequate assistance for your spine, back and neck. Apart from being a beauty for the eyes, it provides durability and aid that any good pillow should unequivocally offer. HOKEKI pillows are properly protected and long lasting because of its extra quilting and silver piping.

The possibility of getting a stiff neck after using this pillow is non-existent. With the HOKEKI brand, you can distinguish yourself from stiff neck sufferers and move to the category of people that sleep painlessly. There is great assurance with this product that you buy yourself comfort without any trace of possible discomfort.

By buying this product, there is great confidence that your pillow is free from volatile organic compounds. HOKEKI pays close attention to the components in their products and they pride themselves in producing harmless ones. Their pillows are free from phthalates or any fire retardant that causes memory problems, low IQ, fertility problems and DNA mutation. You are absolutely safe and free from any possible threats to your general wellbeing.

Getting a pillow that is friendly to your skin is important especially when pillows are mostly in contact with one’s face. The face is the first part of the body that is visible to others and it is needful for the face to look nice. With HOKEKI pillows, your face cannot suffer from pimples, acne or rashes because it is made with 100% healthy materials. If there’s anything this pillow would do, it would be to make you look younger and fresher than you’ve ever been.

Moreover, this pillow is machine washable, you can easily make it clean and neat again after using for some time. As a result  of the polyester fill material, one can maintain HOKEKI pillows for a long time. Also, this pillow is breathable and it offers you worthwhile and quality sleep that would make you well rested and ready for the day’s work. To cap it all, the rebound time of this pillow is 5 seconds, it falls back into its original position after use.

Many people have had to deal with brands and manufacturers with poor customer service. When customers call to make complaints or seek answers to their problems there’s either no customer service at all or a terrible one. However, HOKEKI brand is exceptional for their friendly customer care service that responds within 12 hours. With them, your fears of making complaints that disappear into the thin air are over.

As one of our top choices, HOKEKI is distinguished from its counterparts for its remarkable packaging. The pillow is shipped with vacuumed packaging that shrinks the pillow and rids the package of air. This pillow springs back into shape when opened and it is ready to serve you with great sleep just out of the box. Apart from that, the pillow is very affordable.

This pillow is a down alternative one that mimics soft and light authentic goose down. The original goose down products are terrible for allergy sufferers but the down alternative pillow is hypoallergenic. Down alternative pillows borrow from the goose down pillows but it profer solution to the allergy problem. Now, you can get a soft and light pillow that is also great for your health. To crown it all, it is a great choice for your budget.

For stomach sleepers, this pillow is particularly great because of its softness, fluffiness and bendable features. You’ll sleep like a baby and wake up like a king with the HOKEKI pillow. Giving your body all the rest that it deserves with this pillow would be one of the best decisions you’ve made.


2. Sepoveda Soft Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow

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  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight: 5.79 pounds

It would be just a bummer to buy a pillow that can only be used for stomach sleepers. Considering that the total percent of people who sleep on their stomach is minimal, getting a pillow that suits all postures would be a great choice. That way, it would be able to serve effectively every single member of your family or house. The SEPOVEDA Soft Bed pillow fits perfectly into this description.

Furthermore, a pillow should be able to serve you at all seasons; winter, summer, spring and autumn. Often, people come across pillows that become hard during winter and too soft during summer. This leads to lack of sleep and a great level of disappointment in the product. However, the SEPOVEDA brand is notable for her ability to provide you with optimum comfort all year long and in all seasons.

Also, providing you with a healthy sleep is of utmost priority. The pillow is made of chemical free materials and it is 100% cotton. For people who are allergic to chemicals, there is nothing to worry about as this brand is certified in keeping your body in good physical condition.

In addition, a pillow that keeps shifting during use can reduce the level of quality sleep one gets. This is why our best choice is a pillow that has a no-shift construction that regardless of the method of use, it would stay in place. Sepoveda Soft Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow is the best option when it comes to this feature.

Another disappointing feature that could be inherent in bad pillows is its ability to cause headaches and neck pain. People have had to suffer from chronic migraines just because a pillow was not properly manufactured. As a result of this, they have to visit chiropractic doctors to help them fix their bodies. However, you can save yourself from such experiences by choosing the Sepoveda Bed Pillow. This pillow is highly recognised for providing the most painless and dreamiest sleeping experience.

best pillows for stomach sleepers

What is a standard pillow if there is no avenue for proper maintenance? The Sepoveda Bed Pillow is naturally stain and fade resistant. It’s materials make the product one that stands the test of time. To crown it all, it is machine washable. After using this pillow, you can easily put it in your washing machine and get a fresh, new version of your pillow. Reusability is one of the top features of this pillow and its makes a sparkly appearance even after washing.

Did you know that you can adjust this pillow to fit your taste? With the Sepoveda Bed Pillow you can get comfortability based on your own terms! It gives adjustable comfort with it’s presence of a side zipper that adequately supports your relaxation. You could decide to stuff the pillow with extra material or even remove the ones present in it. The Sepoveda brand empowers you to choose and design your comfort the way you like it.

This pillow is completely odorless, with it you can sleep without the fear of inhaling bad odour. It makes you fall asleep fast and also sleep long because your sleep is marked with a fresh and wholesome smell. With a smile plastered on your face, you can sleep with no worries or faze.

The world has passed the era where you have to live with the discomfort of dust-mite while sleeping. Our top choice is a pillow that is highly dust-mist resistant to help you get the most quality sleep with an affordable price. The general notion about the price of pillows is that they should be cheap which is true. Sepoveda Bed Pillow is a cozy high quality pillow under 30 dollars. Customers have even testified that the services of the pillow outweighs its price.

Have you been looking for ultra bounce pillows? Well, you have found one. It is very disconcerting to buy a pillow only to watch it go flat within a short period of time. Our best pillow for stomach sleepers rebounds in just 3 seconds. This pillow is filled fully with micro fiber that makes it easy for your pillow to return to its normal state after use.

By choosing this hotel pillow, you can easily transport yourself to the sensational feel you get when you sleep in hotels. You don’t have to reach a hotel to get the sleep it offers, you can get the comfy hotel kind of sleep right in your own house.


3. Mokaloo Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow, MOKALOO Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping, Bed Pillow for Neck Pain, Orthopedic Contour Pillow with Pillowcase, for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers (Standard Size)
23 Reviews
Cervical Pillow, MOKALOO Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping, Bed Pillow for Neck Pain, Orthopedic Contour Pillow with Pillowcase, for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers (Standard Size)
  • 【Contour Memory Foam Pillow】 – The perfect bed pillow for sleeping. With the standard size of 23.6×13.5×4.5 inches, this cervical pillow is suitable for all posture sleepers(side, back and stomach).
  • 【Best Neck Support】 – Ergonomic shaped design of orthopedic pillow, offers proper support for neck, head and shoulders. This neck support pillow for sleeping, also does good to Improve sleeping and Relief the pain of neck and shoulders. It also does help to reduce snoring, enjoy sleeping.


  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds

Are you looking for a pillow that eradicates your sore neck and back pain? Mokaloo cervical pillow is the answer to your problem. This pillow is an orthopedic pillow that corrects and prevents skeletal issues in your body. It seeks to properly position your neck with its unique contour that makes it an easy fit for your head and provides balance for your neck.

Mokaloo cervical pillow pays careful attention to the pain that people have in their bodies. They concern themselves with providing adequate support for your neck, head and even your shoulders. This pillow is suitable for all sleeping postures as the structure provides all round support for different postures of sleeping.

It is made with memory foam material and the build of the pillow prevents snoring. The provision of enjoyable sleep is what this pillow sells and pprovides. Based on the firmness and thickness needed, you can choose either sides of the pillow that you prefer. MOKALOO cervical pillow is a curve memory frame pillow that offers a great level of convenience for its users.

The brand’s pillow case is unmatched by others with its ice fiber fabric that offers temperature natural sleep. It is distinct for its unique design of stitching that offers more comfortability. The pillow case can be removed and can be easily washed. You can keep your pillow neat and healthy by the proper care and maintenance that you give your pillow case. Also, is made of a mesh fabric design that make the pillow more breathable and favourable to use. This brand gives you two products of this reliable quality of cooling and highly breathable pillow cases.

MOKALOO uses safety, high quality materials to give you the comfort that your body needs. Its materials are noted for their quality, durability, long lasting features that are favourable to one’s health. Apart from that, the rebound time of the pillow is 3 seconds, that is, the pillow returns to normal position after use within that timeframe. This pillow is undoubtedly the best choice made specially for you.

The pillow is divided into three different parts; the centre contour cavity, cervical protection area and the convex support panel. The centre contour cavity is the area that holds the bed in the right position and creates optimum support for the neck. The cervical protection area helps to maintain the natural curve of the neck as a body part. This protection is based on the proper skeletal position that the neck should be in. Lastly, the convex support panel assists your shoulders in adapting to the height of your head.

These different parts play a major role in setting Mokaloo cervical apart from others as it contributes immensely to aligning your spine and eradicating any possible body pain. It does not focus on just one body part, leaving the other. But, it is concerned with all the areas that helps one to get great sleep as limited to the function of the best pillows.

With this pillow you get faster and deeper sleep that is incomparable to other kind of sleep you’ve been getting. MOKALOO provides you an excellent, first-class pillow that is concerned with giving you the best relaxation that money can buy. Customer testimonies show that with this pillow you can get twice more sleep than you’ve ever gotten. If you are constantly complaining about your body’s programming to sleeping for short hours, this pillow would break your record.

Furthermore, MOKALOO Cervical pillow uses the upgraded version of durable, smooth zippers. The zipper is framed in a way that prevents it from getting stuck or rusting easily. You can count on this zipper to provide you with quick functionality and hard-wearing qualities that accents the great features of the pillow. With this zipper, you can easily clean and wash your pillow case, then replace it to make your sleep as unforgettable as possible.

However, only the pillow’s case can be washed. The fill material of the pillow is memory foam which should not be washed or even dried so as not to destroy it. Though Mokaloo invests greatly in quality pillow cases that would prevent you from feeling any huge impact. You can easily use this pillow without needing to wash it at all because of its pillow cases.

Are you tired of pillows that only serve their purposes for a short time? The Mokaloo pillow is a change for you. This pillow is well-known because it can provide you with it’s services for a long period of time. It is highly recommended for a long time of use and it lives up to this standard. After sparing a few extra dollars on this pillow, you buy yourself a pillow that sticks around you for an extended period of time.


4. Sepoveda Hypoallergenic Standard Pillows

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  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.1 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.04 Pounds

The Sepoveda brand is highly respected for its products that offer ample consideration to the different ages of their various users. It is suitable for both the old and the young, kids, elderly people and youth benefit from this pillow of high quality. Regardless of the spinal issues or inconveniences that old people might have in their bodies, this Sepoveda standard pillow provides adequate support for them.

Some pillows have been accused to be more suitable for a particular age or size range than the other. This affects the versatility of the pillow and restricts it to certain persons in the home. However, the Sepoveda brand concerns herself with making it fit for even kids who have smaller body frames and sizes. If you are searching for a pillow that would serve everybody in your home, then this your best choice.

It is also suitable for all sleeping positions, this pillow has got you covered whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper. You can easily have comfortable and restful sleep in any of this positions while using this pillow. This pillow is made of hyper fine polyester fiber that is soft and comfortable for your sleep. It also provides skincare as your face begins to glow and shine while using this pillow.

Asthmatic patients need a pillow that can help them breath effectively. If an asthmatic patient is even a stomach sleeper, such a person would be needed a pillow designed with the condition in mind. SEPOVEDA is popular for it’s great capacity in producing pillows that are breathable and chemical free. Asthmatic patients have nothing to worry with this pillow because their breathing is better and effective with this pillow.

Also, this pillow is concerned with providing adequate support for your body. It provides alignment for your spine and proper positioning for your neck and shoulders. This pillow is highly wrinkle resistant, when you get this pillow there is no fear of it creasing or deforming during use. You are rest assured that it keeps its proper position and condition even after a long time of usage.

As a phone battery needs to be charged, so also does your body require sleep to come alive. Choosing this pillow would make the end of your grumpy mornings and dark circles under your eyes. You would wake up in the right mood and state of mind to reach the results, targets and goals set for a productive day. This pillow is meant to rejuvenate you and slash your age by making you have a baby skin.

It has been observed that the best sleeps happen in a noise-free and serene environment. In order to achieve that, after minimizing the noise around, what you need is a pillow to complements the right environment. When you lay your head on the Sepoveda Standard pillow, your entire body and mind is engrossed with serenity that transports you to your dreamland.

This pillow is easy to wash and dry as result of its cotton material. One can easily put the pillow into a machine for a very gentle wash and dry it on low tumble. After this process, your pillow would come out fresh, as good as new. It is highly dust mite resistant and completely odorless. Sepoveda clears out every fear about using a pillow that smells, the brand is concerned with making your sleep extremely smooth. It is also made with a solid fabric that is ultra bounce, it retains its original shape even after use.

One of the trademarks of the Sepoveda brand is their zipper design that creates adjustable comfort for its users. With their pillows you can easily regulate the height by reducing or increasing the fill material. This is the major reason why it is our best choice for all ages. A perfectly sized pillow is just what your home needs for a change.

best pillows for stomach sleepers


Although sleeping on your stomach is mostly bad, however, a sleep position is more difficult to break than a habit. So it would be more realistic to provide various ways and techniques in which stomach sleepers can sleep comfortably and healthily.

The kind of pillow that stomach sleepers need generally is a flat pillow. For other sleeping postures, a flat pillow is majorly a disadvantage but stomach sleepers need it. The spine has to be in a neutral position and a flat pillow would help achieve that with stomach sleepers.

Also, due to research, stomach sleepers have been adviced to sleep with a pillow beneath their pelvis. This way, there would be better support for the hips and alignment of the spine. Stomach sleepers have to also angle their forehead properly to face to pillow so that it would not put tension on the upper vertebrae.

People who sleep on their stomach should also learn to properly stretch their body in order to put all joints in position.

Yes. Down pillows are filled with duck down, they are soft and dense while compressing well. Stomach sleepers need soft, slim pillows that would not elevate their head above their body in a way that it would also not sink. Slim pillows fit perfectly into this category for stomach sleepers.

Stomach sleepers have been medically advised to use little or no pillow while sleeping. This sleeping position does not require a hard or extremely firm pillow, however, the mattress may be firm. Stomach sleepers need down pillows because they have the qualities that their style of sleep needs. With down pillows, not only do stomach sleepers sleep noiselessly but also efficiently.

No. There are other pillows that offer its users with comfort apart from down pillows. One of the most notable pillow types is fiber fill. Fiber fill pillows are hypoallergenic, you need not worry about sneezing or sniffling throughout the night because they are chemical free. It has been discovered that this pillow type reduces pain and enhances sleep.

Another pillow type is the memory foam. It creates great pain relief and it is energy absorbent. With it you do not have to worry about a sleeping partner that keeps tossing and turning. There are also latex pillows that are noted for their ability to bounce back quickly after touch.

Comfortable pillows for stomach sleepers are not limited to only down alternative pillows but there is fiber fill, memory foam and latex foam among others.


There are many factors to be carefully considered before you make a choice. The pillow that you choose as a stomach sleeper is determines how well you sleep and how healthy you would be. It cannot just be chosen absentmindedly without proper research and knowledge about the product. However, that is what this article provides you with.

The first thing you have to take into consideration when buying a pillow is the price and value you get for your money. Your best choice for a pillow should be one that is cost effective and worth the money you invest in it. Although, if you can afford a pillow that requires extra cash than the usual, you must be sure of the quality. Not all expensive products are necessarily of good quality, your best choice needs to be of remarkable quality.

Another factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a pillow is the fill material and fabric type. The features of these materials have to be totally harmless to your health. It has to be devoid of harmful substances that can deteriorate your health. The best are hypoallergenic bed pillows that are certified for their chemical free properties.

The size and texture of the pillow is important for a stomach sleeper because the pillow is meant to help make the sleeping position healthy. Your pillow as a stomach sleeper should not be hard or very firm. The type of pillow a stomach sleeper requires is one that is of soft to medium feel.

Also, your perfect choice for a pillow has to be very flexible. It is a great disappointment buying a pillow that stays flat after use. Your choice has to be a pillow that has remarkable rebound time. The pillow has to be one that after use, it returns back to its normal position.

Lastly, the best pillows for stomach sleepers are pillows that are easy to wash and maintain. Your perfect choice for a pillow would be one that is washable and easy to dry, this would help prolong its use. Apart from that, you would be able to get your pillow fresh and neat even after a long time of purchase.

This article seeks to help you remedy the disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach with the right pillows.

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