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Most people carry a gun because they want to be safe, but having a weapon also comes with the responsibility of making sure you don’t accidentally shoot yourself or someone else. Accidents happen all too often when it comes to firearms and holsters. The last thing you need is for your holster to fail on you while you’re out in public. The goal of this blog post is to tell you how to choose the best open carry holster that is comfortable, affordable, and, most importantly, safe.

Skydas Gear Ruger 57 OWB Kydex Holster | Outside Waistband for Open Carry | Adjustable Retention

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You need a gun holster for your open carry handgun, but you don’t know which one to buy. There are so many different options, and they all seem like the best option. It’s hard to choose the right holster because there is no consensus on what makes a good holster. We reviewed five of the best-selling and highest-rated holsters on Amazon and created this guide so you can find the perfect one for your needs and budget.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Open Carry holster, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Open Carry Holster

5 Best Open Carry Holster (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster

Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster
May 19, 2022 7:04 am
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2 new from $56.85


Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster is one of the most comfortable holsters you’ll own. It was designed for maximum comfort so that you can wear it all day long without any discomfort. It has a soft, flexible material that will conform to your body and allow you to move freely while wearing it. This holster features an open-top design, so you can set it up perfectly for whatever gun you are using. The Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster is a slim-profile and minimalist design. The holster is designed for maximum comfort while still giving you an easy draw.


It features adjustable retention to fit your specific carry needs. With the Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster, you’ll never have to worry about printing or discomfort again. The Skydas Gear Outside Waistband Holster is the perfect choice for any right-handed shooter. Featuring a pull-on closure, this holster allows you to wear it with or without your belt. The outside waistband holster can be worn comfortably inside or outside of your clothing. This holster is available in black only and has an adjustable cant angle so you can change the angle of the draw to suit your needs.



2. Cytac Universal OWB Holster

Cytac Universal OWB Holster
May 19, 2022 7:04 am
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The Cytac Universal OWB Holster is a high quality, compact, and lightweight, universal holster. The holster is made of polymer material which makes it durable and easy to clean. The soft lining inside the holster protects your gun from scratches or abrasions. With this OWB holster, you will be able to carry your weapon safely with confidence. The durable design provides a snug fit and keeps your firearm secure while you’re on the move. The Level II Retention allows the user to draw and re-holster their weapon while the gun is still fully secured in the holster by either a thumb break or an active duty trigger finger strap.


This feature makes this holster great for tactical users, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike. This holster fits 4″ barrels and has an open bottom to accommodate longer barrel lengths that stick out from the end of the slide. The Cytac Universal OWB Holster is fully adjustable, featuring an automatic locking mechanism and an audible click upon reholstering. The holster allows for quick drawing and easy holstering, while the index finger release provides a smooth draw stroke.



3. Tege OWB Holster

Tege OWB Holster
May 19, 2022 7:04 am
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The Tege OWB paddle holster is an excellent option for those looking for a durable, lightweight, and comfortable holster. The polymer material that it is made of allows the holster to be lightweight while still providing durability. Not only does the polymer material provide durability, but it also helps with heat dissipation, so your gun will not get hot after you have been wearing it all day. The Tege OWB paddle holster is an auto-locking system that provides a fast draw and easy reholstering.  The paddle allows you to adjust the angle of the gun, making it more comfortable to wear.


The holster also has an audible click when holstering your weapon, so you know it’s secure. It fits most handguns from small subcompacts up to double-stack Glock pistols. The holster features a passive retention system that allows you to safely draw your weapon without disengaging a thumb break or other device. The paddle has an adjustable cant from 0-60 degrees, which allows for a comfortable carry in any position. This holster is designed to give you the most comfortable and fastest draw possible. The paddle makes it easy to secure the holster onto your pants without a belt while providing maximum stability during movement.



4. Bedone OWB Paddle Holster

Bedone OWB Paddle Holster
$20.99 $29.99
May 19, 2022 7:04 am
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The Bedone OWB Paddle Holster is a polymer holster designed to be worn outside the waistband.  It features a polymer paddle that secures the holster onto the belt allowing for quick on/off capability. The low-profile design works well with compact and subcompact pistols. This paddle holster is made of high-quality materials that give you a comfortable fit and quick draw. The Bedone OWB paddle holster is a revolutionary new design that allows you to carry your weapon in the most concealable way possible.


Adjustable to fit comfortably and securely, this paddle holster will keep your gun close at all times. The quick-release button allows for index finger release, and the molded sight channel provides a smooth draw. It has an automatic locking feature that locks your handgun in place while you are wearing it. This prevents any accidental gun discharges due to shifting or movement of the firearm inside the holster. The Bedone OWB Paddle Holster also features an adjustable carry angle, making it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users.



5. GUN & FLOWER OWB Holster

Gun & Flower OWB Holster
May 19, 2022 7:04 am
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The GUN & FLOWER OWB Holster is the ultimate open carry holster. It fits comfortably outside your waistband and stays in place until you need it. The polymer material provides a smooth, quiet draw that won’t cause your clothing to snag or rip when drawing your gun. The holster is designed for quick access to your weapon so you can defend yourself at all times. The GUN & FLOWER OWB holster is designed to carry your firearm comfortably and securely for everyday use while still being thin enough to conceal under a light jacket or shirt.


The OWB  paddle holster features a precision-molded design,  360 degrees adjustable angle for an individual fit and feel that will last you many years of daily use. It features a single-piece design with no snaps, straps, or buttons to slow you down. The patent-pending posi-click audible retention lock system ensures that your weapon will only be released when you want it to be. The soft silicon attached allows for a smooth draw and reholster without snagging or slowing down, making this one of the fastest holsters in production today.



What To Consider While Buying The Best Open Carry Holster?

One of the most common things to worry about for a gun owner is finding a holster. And when it comes to open carry, it becomes even more essential to find a holster that fits you and your needs. This guide will provide helpful tips for considering which factors are most important when looking for an open carry holster.


The most important aspect of a holster is its compatibility with your firearm.  For open carry holsters, you need to ensure that it fits both your gun and lifestyle. If you have a big bulky firearm, it will be very comfortable when tucked into your waistband or pocket all day long. In this case, an ankle holster would be a good idea.  It is important to remember that holsters are made to fit specific makes and models, so you must make sure your gun fits before purchasing a holster.


Another factor to consider is how big or small your firearm is. It may seem like an obvious thing, but it is essential to remember that if you are trying to conceal your firearm, the smaller it is, the easier it will be.  For example, a small revolver or derringer may not need an open carry holster at all because it fits easily into your pocket.


What you wear can dictate if an open carry holster is comfortable or not.  For example, if you are wearing a heavy winter coat, it may be difficult to conceal a firearm because of the bulkiness of the fabric. If this is the case, then an ankle holster would be more appropriate. In addition, open carry holsters can be highly uncomfortable if they are not made from high-quality material. If the holster is poorly fitted to you, it will fit poorly and move around as you go about your day. This causes discomfort and may cause skin irritation or even bruising after prolonged use.


As with all concealed carry holsters, style is a significant factor you must consider when buying an open carry holster.  For example, some people like to follow the latest trends and wear belts and shoes with their firearms. In this case, it may be wise to get a holster that matches your wardrobe. On the other hand, some people do not care about their style and just want a functional holster. In this case, a simple fabric or leather holster may be best suited.


When looking for an open carry holster, you need to consider the quality of the materials used to make it and how well it fits your body.   If the fabric is cheap and the design poorly made, you will be wearing a holster that cannot function as it should and can even cause injury.  You need to look for holsters that are well-made and have high-quality materials, such as leather or nylon webbing.


The materials that the holster is made from are another essential aspect you should consider when buying an open carry holster.  There are various materials that the holsters can be made from, such as leather and nylon webbing. Leather is a more expensive option due to its durability and high-quality material, but nylon may offer more features such as breathability and elasticity.


Another thing to consider is the retention of the holster.  Retention refers to how well a holster keeps a gun in place when not being worn. For example, an open carry holster could have solid or weak retention. If it has weak retention, your weapon can fall out quickly if you bend down or run. This isn’t a good thing because you can lose your gun.  On the other hand, a holster with strong retention will keep your gun in place at all times, and it is tough to get out of.


The cost of an open carry holster varies depending on the features you want and where you purchase it from. You can buy open carry holsters for your gun from anywhere between $15 to over $200. Different levels of quality have separate price tags attached, so if you are looking for a top-quality holster, it will cost more than the cheapest option.


Lastly, you need to consider how easy it is to access your firearm when wearing an open carry holster.   For example, if you are wearing a coat that goes down past your knee, it can be tough to access your gun in an emergency.


The safest firearm carrying position is at the four o’clock position, which means your gun is behind your strong side. This means it will be difficult for someone to take it from you without you noticing.

Yes, you can open carry a shoulder holster. You do not need to use a different belt or clip for it to work.

An open carry holster is a type of holster that can be worn on the outside of the body and may have a belt or clip attached to it.

In some places, the law requires that you need a holster for your firearm if you are open to carrying it. This is because the gun needs to be in a secure place to prevent it from being stolen or leaving your side.


To conclude, it is essential to consider these factors when buying the best open carry holster. You need to find a holster that is high quality and made from durable materials. If you follow these tips and steps, finding an open carry holster for your firearm will be simple and easy. We have reviewed the top five best open carry holsters for our readers so that they can choose according to their needs.  You can read these reviews carefully and decide which one you need the most.

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