Best Night Vision Scope Attachment

Many hunters and recreational shooters have trouble seeing at night. You don’t want to miss out on a great hunt because of an inability to see your prey or other dangers lurking in the shadows.

When it comes to hunting, you want the best equipment that will help you be successful. You need the best night vision scope attachment that is reliable and high quality so you can get an accurate shot every time.

Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22x42 Thermal Riflescope
61 Reviews
Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22×42 Thermal Riflescope
  • 2, 500 yd detection range with 320×240 resolution, 12um pixel pitch core

The Night Vision Scope Attachment is designed to fit all standard rifle scopes and gives you access to advanced infrared technology without breaking the bank. This product allows any hunter to take advantage of cutting-edge technology.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase Best Night Vision Scope Attachment, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Night Vision Scope Attachment

Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22x42 Thermal Riflescope
Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22×42 Thermal Riflescope
2, 500 yd detection range with 320×240 resolution, 12um pixel pitch core; 8x digital zoom continuous zoom and stepped zoom
AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL3 Medium Range Night Vision Clip-On System, Green Phosphor, 6.6×3.3×3.1
AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL3 Medium Range Night Vision Clip-On System, Green Phosphor, 6.6×3.3×3.1
Simple, quick conversion of daytime scopes to NVDs; Manual gain control; Mounts in front of any daytime scope, no re-zeroing required

There are so many different night vision scope attachments out there that it’s hard for the average person to figure out what they should get. But if you’re not careful, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t work well and isn’t worth the money.

We’ve reviewed six common brands of night vision scopes, and we’ve found one model in each category that is most likely good enough for your needs. Our reviews cover everything from the best low-light scope to top-rated models with advanced thermal imaging and digital zoom options.

6 Best Night Vision Scope Attachment (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22x42 Thermal Riflescope
61 Reviews
Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22×42 Thermal Riflescope
  • 2, 500 yd detection range with 320×240 resolution, 12um pixel pitch core
  • 8x digital zoom continuous zoom and stepped zoom


  • Display: 1024×768
  • Magnification: 2-16x
  • Range: 1975 Yards

The Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope is a revolutionary thermal imaging device that gives you the power to see your target clearly through the darkest of nights. This riflescope features a 2 500 yards detection range and 320×240 resolution. It has an impressive 12 um pixel pitch core for clear images at extreme distances. 

The Pulsar Thermion thermal riflescope is the perfect tool for long-range hunting, law enforcement, and military applications. Featuring a high magnification 8x digital zoom with continuous zoom and stepped zoom, this thermal scope allows users to choose between maximum magnification or greater field of view. 

Pulsar’s Thermion is the most technologically advanced thermal riflescope on the market. It features an integrated smartphone app that allows you to control the scope from your phone or tablet and record video, and take images of whatever you are viewing through the scope. 

The built-in recording with recoil activation will ensure that you never miss a shot again. The 13 variable reticles allow for one-shot zeroing at all ranges while still providing enough adjustment to dial in targets at extreme distances.



  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 3 x 3 Inches
  • Magnification: 3-14x; 5-20x
  • Eye Relief: 90 mm
  • Material: Aluminium

The ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope is a highly advanced and versatile thermal imaging scope that allows you to see in the dark with the same clarity as daylight. The Thor LT features an array of heat detection sensors that allow you to detect even the slightest temperature changes, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify your target. 

This Thermal Rifle Scope is a powerful, battle-ready thermal optic with an aluminum alloy housing that is both recoil and temperature resistant. Thor’s advanced Gen 2 image intensifier tube provides crisp, clear images in any light conditions. With its 30mm tube lens, this riflescope has a large view field to track targets easily.

The ATN Thor is a cutting-edge thermal optic that provides the shooter with an excellent image, incredible accuracy, and durability. The Thor LT has been designed to be used in any weather conditions and can withstand temperatures from 20°F to 120°F / -28°C to 48°C.

ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

3. AGM Global Vision Night Vision Clip-On System

AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL3 Medium Range Night Vision Clip-On System, Green Phosphor, 6.6×3.3×3.1
1 Reviews
AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL3 Medium Range Night Vision Clip-On System, Green Phosphor, 6.6×3.3×3.1
  • Simple, quick conversion of daytime scopes to NVDs; Manual gain control
  • Mounts in front of any daytime scope, no re-zeroing required


  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.3 x 3.1 Inches
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Lens: 80mm

The AGM clip-on night vision system allows users to quickly convert their daytime scope into a high-performance night vision device. The unit is powered by one 1.5V AA battery. It uses a manual gain control dial, allowing the user to adjust the amount of light that enters the scope based on environmental conditions or personal preference.

This AGM Clip-On System is a revolutionary device that allows you to see in the dark. It is designed for use with night vision scopes and works by blocking out bright light, allowing you to see clearly at night. The unit clips onto your existing set of NVGs and features a quick-release mounting system for easy attachment/detachment. 

The AGM Comanche 22 is a multi-purpose night vision system designed to be used in a wide variety of environments. It can be used by military and law enforcement personnel for surveillance operations and hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for game observation at night or in low light conditions.

The Comanche 22 provides the user with a full 80mm field of view, allowing them to see everything around them without obstruction. The Comanche 22 also comes equipped with an infrared illuminator that will allow the user to see up to 100 meters away, even in complete darkness.


4. Sniper Colourful Digital Night Vision Scope

Day /Night Colorful Digital Night Vision Scope w/Video rec in HD 1080p
  • Day/Night mode – full color viewing for day use; black and white or classic green for night vision mode
  • 300m NIGHT VISION RANGE: The features multi-coated glass objectives and an infrared LED illuminator that allows you to see clearly in perfect darkness up to 980 ft / 300 m away.


  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 6 x 4.5 Inches
  • Magnification: 4.5x
  • Material: Aluminium

The Sniper Colorful Digital Night Vision Scope is the most advanced night vision scope on the market. It features a powerful digital camera that provides crystal images at distances of up to 300 meters in pitch-black darkness. 

The day/night mode allows you to view full-color images during daylight hours and switch to black and white or green for night use. This amazing device is perfect for hunting, wildlife observation, security, military applications, law enforcement activities, or just having fun.

The Sniper Colorful Digital Night Vision Scope is a multi-coated glass objective that provides excellent resolution and light gathering capabilities. The digital infrared illuminator will create a clear image at night, and the 3x digital zoom allows you to see your target more clearly than ever before. This scope comes with a 4.5x optical system magnification so you can focus on your target even from long distances.


5. Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Night Vision Digital Riflescope
1,082 Reviews
Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Night Vision Digital Riflescope
  • Day/Night Mode – Full Color Viewing For Day Use; Black And White Or Classic Green For Night Vision Mode
  • High-Definition Sensor – High Resolution Imaging With Video Recording In 1080P Hd


  • Dimensions: 17 x 3 x 2.5 Inches
  • Magnification: 4x-32x
  • Objective Lens:50 Millimetres
  • Material: Aluminium

The Sightmark® Wraith™ scope is a high-performance, digital riflescope that features an ultra-bright 4 to zoom 32x and the ability to switch between day and night vision modes. The day mode offers bright, full-color viewing for quick target acquisition in daytime conditions. 

Night Vision mode allows you to see up to 100 yards in complete darkness with a black and white or classic green view. It comes equipped with an integrated laser sight for increased accuracy at long distances, as well as a built-in mount for easy attachment onto your favorite rifle. It comes with nine different reticles so you can choose which one works best for your needs.

The scope’s advanced sensor provides high-definition imaging with video recording in 1080p HD. You can choose from nine different colors for the illumination of your choice to match any environment. Five user-defined weapon profiles let the scope work exactly how you want it to when mounted on your rifle.

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope

6. Night Owl Optics NightShot  Riflescope

Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope with IR illuminator, Black, NIGHTSHOT,Medium
338 Reviews
Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope with IR illuminator, Black, NIGHTSHOT,Medium
  • Easy-to-use: Mount, Sight, Shoot
  • Call for mounting advice: (800) 444-5994


  • Dimensions: 14.75 x 5.25 x 3 Inches
  • Magnification: 3x
  • Objective Lens: 40 Millimetres
  • Material: Plastic

Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope is a revolutionary, easy-to-use riflescope that mounts to any Picatinny rail. The lightweight, compact design and single button operation make the NightShot the perfect sight for close-range hunting or shooting. 

This powerful riflescope allows you to hunt or shoot your targets at distances of up to 200 yards. The NightShot Rifle Scope uses a 3x magnification that provides a clear view of your target without adjusting the focus. You can use this riflescope on any type of firearm including shotguns, and handguns.

The NightShot is a high-resolution, 640×480 display that attaches to any riflescope with a 30mm tube. Attach the NightShot to your daytime scope, and you have an instant night vision scope! The NightShot displays in black and white, so it’s perfect for low light conditions. It has a built-in IR illuminator for use in complete darkness.

The scope features a high-quality lens and an advanced sensor that provides superior performance in all weather conditions. The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, and shockproof, and resistant to dust and debris.


What To Consider When Buying Best Night Vision Scope Attachment?

Attachments are usually used to enhance the performance of a weapon. Night vision scopes, for example, can be attached to night-capable weapons to allow users to shoot targets in dark environments.

However, there are many attachments, and it can be difficult for the customer to decide which type is best. It would be helpful if customers could first decide what they need: low-light shooting, hunting at night, or an all-around attachment.

Consider the following things when choosing it:


The first thing to consider is the design. It depends on what kind of attachment it is and what you need to do with it. If you want to use it for low-light shooting or hunting at night, decide whether you want an attachment that allows you to zoom in or one that will give you a wide range of sight.


Consider the weight of the attachments and where they are positioned. Weight does not necessarily affect using an attachment but how long a user can mount it on the weapon before becoming tired of holding up the heavy equipment for too long. Some attachments are placed near the grip of a pistol or rifle, increasing weight, and discomfort.


Consider the distance of the target. If you need an attachment for low-light shooting, it makes sense to select one that will allow you to shoot from a longer range.  If your gun does not have a scope, consider buying one with adjustable zoom so that you can adjust as necessary during use.

Focal lengths

Some attachments are equipped with multiple focal length lenses. The longer focal lengths allow users to see objects at greater distances than shorter ones do. Some weapons have fixed zoom, and the user cannot change it depending on circumstances. If this is the case, choose only wide-range or mid-range attachments and leave long-range shots up to other teammates using high-magnification scopes.

Reticle style

Reticles are the crosshairs that help users aim at their targets. The simplest example is an optical sight. They have multiple reticles, but the user selects a specific one during use, depending on the conditions.  

A bullet drop compensator (BDC) reticle is also common for long-range shooting and allows users to compensate for bullet drop at different distances by using stadia marks within it. Users can choose between them depending on their personal preference or the environments they use them in.

Color visibility

Certain colors let you see objects better than others do. Green and yellow works well outdoors, while red is good for night vision scopes, so consider what type of shooting you will be doing.  If you plan on using the bullet drop compensator reticle, remember that longer ranges will require a small red dot for proper use.


The price of attachments is determined by many things such as durability, functionality, and brand name. As with most items, it makes sense to avoid less expensive options because they tend not to work well or break quickly.  However, certain brands are more reliable than others, so go ahead if you can afford them. Just take into account the reliability of any product before making your final decision.


You can use night vision devices in a variety of ways. The device that you use will depend on what you are looking to do. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because there are so many different night vision devices and situations where you may need them. 

It depends on the strength of your scope and how dark the environment is. A lighter-colored object in a darker environment will have better contrast, but an object in a well-lit area will not be as visible.

All you need is a clip-on attachment called the Night Vision Scope Clip, which attaches to your existing firearm’s scope with ease. Clip-on uses light-gathering technologies like black tubes, fiber optics, and green lasers for optimum viewing capabilities.


If you’re looking for a weapon scope attachment that is easy to install, provides excellent image quality, and offers top-of-the-line performance in low light conditions, the best night vision scope attachment are worth considering. These six options all offer great features and high customer satisfaction ratings. Choose one based on your needs or budget – they will all get the job done.

 Now that you know the basics of what night vision scope attachments to buy and how they work, it’s time to take the best scope attachment as per your need. We hope this information helps.

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