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It’s time we had an open discussion about how guns are carried by people who carry their guns. A magazine holster is a clip that you can use to carry your magazines. However, the most popular holsters are bulky and uncomfortable. They make it hard to sit down or even walk around comfortably with your gun on you. 

Tulster Universal 9mm/.40 Double Stack Mag Carrier Echo Carrier IWB/OWB (Black Carbon Fiber)

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The best magazine holster allows for the comfortable carrying of multiple magazines at once without compromising comfort or concealment. It also has an adjustable strap that fits most belt sizes, making this product perfect for any situation where you might need extra ammo on hand! This is the best way to stay prepared in case of an emergency while still looking stylish and professional.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best magazine holster, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Magazine Holster

What To look for? Are you looking for a magazine holster? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to review 5 of the best magazine holsters on the market today. The key factors in selecting an ideal magazine holster are comfort, concealment, and ease of access. These are all high-quality products that will keep your magazines safe and secure while easy to access when needed. They’re great for anyone who wants a reliable way to carry their magazines around with them. You can even use these holsters in conjunction with other types of gear, such as vests or belts if desired.


Each one is made from durable materials that will last through years of wear and tear, no matter how often they get used or where they go along with you on your adventures. It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you have either – we’ve got something here for everyone! This makes it easier than ever before to carry everything you need without having too much bulk weighing down your body or getting tangled up in your clothing.

5 Best Magazine Holster (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Tulster Universal 9mm/.40 Magazine Holster

Tulster Universal 9mm-.40 Magazine Holster
May 24, 2022 6:04 am
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The Universal Echo Mag Carrier is a well-made, solid product that will hold your magazines securely and comfortably. It’s not as versatile as some other mag carriers, but it gets the job done and looks good doing it. The Tulster Universal 9mm/.40 Magazine Holster is designed to accommodate both right or left-handed shooters. This product is a universal fit for all 9mm/.40 caliber magazines. The magazine holster can be worn inside the waistband (IWB) by attaching it with our proprietary metal clip, which allows you to tuck your shirt in over the top of the holster.


This is the perfect holster for your Glock pistol. It comes with a 1.5″ Quick Clip that makes it extremely fast to take off and put on. It’s also very lightweight, so you can carry it all day without even knowing it’s there! If you are looking for the best Glock 42/43 IWB Holster on the market, look no further than Tulster. This holster was designed by law enforcement officers who know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to carrying a weapon. This model has been field-tested multiple times and passed every time.



2. Desantis Magazine Ankle Holster

Desantis Magazine Ankle Holster
May 24, 2022 6:04 am
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Desantis Magazine Holster Ankle is the perfect option for carrying a spare magazine on your ankle. It can be worn by both men and women, and it is available for the most popular handgun models. The holster features an adjustable Velcro strap that fits up to a 12-inch leg circumference. This way, you can get the best fit possible for your needs. The holster has a reinforced thumb break and includes a tension screw adjustment so that you can adjust the retention of the magazine holster to suit your own preference. It is made of double-stitched and top grain leather, and it is also lined with soft fabric to provide the user with maximum comfort while carrying. This is a utility holster pouch that comes with a removable magazine pouch.


This model is made with neoprene, which allows for easy access to your firearm in any situation. The straps are also adjustable, so you can customize them to fit your needs and comfort level. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and will keep your gun safe from water. The magazine pouch is great for keeping extra magazines close to you while you carry your primary weapon. The Desantis Magazine Ankle Holster has a snap closure that keeps the holster tight around your ankle, so it doesn’t move or slide around when you walk or run. This allows for easy access if needed in an emergency situation and makes it harder to get out of if someone is trying to take your weapon.



3. Multi Holsters Elite Single Magazine Holster


Multi Holsters Elite Single Magazine Holster Black Calcutta is a multi-functional magazine holster that can be used as a belt slide, paddle, or inside the waistband (IWB) carry. The Multi Holsters Elite Single Magazine Holster has been designed to fit the most popular firearms with an attached tactical light/laser and/or suppressor. The Multi Holsters Elite Single Magazine Paddle Holster is made of Kydex for durability and long-lasting use. Its comfortable design allows you to wear your firearm comfortably all day long without any discomfort. The Elite Single Magazine Holster is made for maximum comfort and speed. Comfort padded with a soft suede lining, the holster allows you to wear it all day long without any discomfort.


The open-top design makes it easy to draw your weapon quickly and efficiently. The edges are smooth and precise for a better appearance and better comfort. Tension screws allow for the user to adjust tension settings. This ensures that your gun will stay where you want it at all times while still being quick on the draw when needed most! It also has an adjustable cant for use at any angle. The Elite Single Mag Paddle Holster can be adjusted to allow a strong side behind the hip, cross draw, and small of the back carry. This holster comes with many options making it an all-in-one holster that is perfect for concealed carry!



4. Dual-Stack Magazine Holder with Adjustable Paddle

Dual-Stack Magazine Holder with Adjustable Paddle
May 24, 2022 6:04 am
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The Dual Stack Magazine Holder with Adjustable Paddle is a unique and versatile magazine rack that can be used in any room of your home, office, or car. The adjustable paddle allows you to move the two magazines closer together or farther apart. This feature makes it possible to display different-sized magazines at the same time! The dual-stack magazine holder also has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any setting.  It is the perfect way to carry your magazines when you can’t carry a bag.


It has an adjustable paddle that fits on your belt up to 2″ wide and will fit most firearms. The adjustable paddle allows you to set the holder at the most comfortable angle for viewing. It also features an adjustable retention strap that keeps your firearm secure in the holder until you need it. Not only this, but it also has two clips, which allow you to hold two magazines at once! This product is perfect for anyone who wants to carry their magazines around in style and comfort.

Dual-Stack Magazine Holder with Adjustable Paddle.



5. Sticky Holsters Super Mag Pouch

Sticky Holsters Super Mag Pouch
May 24, 2022 6:04 am
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The Sticky Holsters Super Mag Pouch is an inside the waistband magazine pouch that carries a spare magazine for your handgun. This unique mag pouch is made from a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. The inner liner keeps your pistol and the holster securely in place without any movement or shifting. It can be worn on the side or at the rear of the hip for easy access and unhampered movement. It is the most advanced mag pouch. It’s a self-locking, quick-release system that allows you to draw your magazine with one hand by pulling it up and out. The Super Mag Pouch uses a patented frame design that does not use clips or loops. It fits belts up to 1 ¾” wide and will hold any size pistol magazines from a single stack.


What sets the Sticky Holsters Super Mag Pouch apart is its unique frame. The frame can adhere to just about any surface, allowing the pouch to stick inside your waistband without clips or loops. That makes it extremely quick and easy to attach, as well as nearly impossible for anyone else to see that you are even carrying a holster or gun. This Super Mag pouch holds two magazines and is designed to be worn inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or on a belt. No Doubt, it is the best Magazine Holster ever to be used.



What To Consider While Buying The Best Magazine Holster?

There are many factors that determine what kind of holsters you need. For example, the type and model of weapon one are using will be different from another person’s choice. These also affect how secure your holsters stay on your person as well as how easy they are to take off. Keep these factors in mind when buying the best magazine holster and remember not to cut corners to save a few dollars. Spend a little more money on the holster and you will have a good quality piece of equipment that can serve you well for many years.

Material of Construction

The material that the holster is made out of is very important. It needs to be durable yet flexible enough to keep your firearm secure. The last thing you want is for your gun or extra magazines to fall out while you are still wearing it.

Staying Power

It is extremely important that the best magazine holster stays in place on your person where you want it to stay. If the holster doesn’t stay in place it could be extremely dangerous for you as well as those around you.


There are many brands of holsters on the market today, but not all brands are created equally. Some have a better reputation than others and some offer specialty options such as quick release systems or leg straps that make carrying your weapon more comfortable.


Just because you have to budget for your holster does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. There are good-quality firearms holsters on the market today that will fit most budgets. Look around for sales or discount codes before making a purchase.

Holster Type

This of course will depend on what type of weapon you want to carry and where on your body you want it. There are options such as hip holsters, shoulder holsters, and ankle holsters. Of course, the size of the firearm will impact this, but most holster makers have choices to fit most firearms.

Length of Time in Business

Over the years there have been many manufacturers who have come and gone, so the amount of time they have been in business is important. You want to make sure that you are using a holster that really will stay with your firearm and not break down under stress or normal wear and tear.


The best place you can learn about a new product is from other people who have used the product. That is why it is important to find out if others have had issues with a holster such as the quality of stitching or durability of certain materials. This will help you make an informed decision about which best magazine holster is right for your needs.


It’s possible to carry a loaded magazine in your pocket, but it’s generally not a good idea. They can come loose and fall out of your pocket, or even cause an accidental discharge.

A magazine holster is a must if you’re carrying a backup gun in addition to your primary. If you just have a single pistol, it’s possible that one mag pouch will do. But we recommend using at least two. This allows you to separate reloads for your primary from the ones for your secondary, and to carry different types of ammunition for each one.

The best magazine holster is one that holds your gun and magazines securely but still allows you to quickly access them. It’s possible for a good gun belt and knee-high boots worn with skinny jeans or leggings to make for an incredibly effective concealed carry ensemble. But if you’re carrying in your purse or pocket, it won’t do you any good if the release button on your magazine holster is so stiff that you can’t pull out your extra mags.


Finally, it is clear that the market has so much to offer in terms of magazine holsters options. We are certain that you will find any item mentioned on this list to be satisfactory enough for your needs. Just keep in mind to take into consideration the factors that are most important for you, so as to have a clear picture of what you should actually buy. This might be comfort, size, design or simply price. As long as it comes down to one’s own preferences and budget, there will always be the best magazine holster out there. All that has to be done is to look for it! Stay safe, stay stylish. Good luck hunting!

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