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Best Leather Holster Makers

A Comprehensive Guide

Having a firearm in your possession is a responsibility that comes with many rules and precautions. Your firearm must be kept safe, secured, and ready at all times, especially when you’re out in public. Carrying a firearm can potentially save your life if it’s needed for self-defense purposes. And although the word “concealed” may be in your concealed carry license, you must always remember that some people are not as understanding.

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For this reason, if you’re going to carry a firearm with you at all times, then it’s wise that you invest some money into high-quality leather holsters. A good holster ensures that your gun is securely fastened to yourself; it will make sure that your gun is ready to fire with a simple draw; and most importantly, it will make you look like the serious shooter you are. The downside of having a good holster is that it can be expensive. The last thing anyone wants is for their new firearm to end up on the floor because their sub-par holster gave in at the most inopportune time. So without further ado, here’s a list of some of the best leather holster makers:


Blackhawk is hands-down one of the most popular and respected brands in the shooting industry; their products are affordable and high quality. The company offers a wide range of styles, from things as simple as ankle holsters to serious tactical leg rigs for large frame guns. Blackhawk also has a pretty solid boot line, and there’s nothing better than wearing your gun on the outside of your pants and having it attached to an extremely durable and high-traction boot.


Finally, we can’t forget about their handgun cases. Blackhawk makes several hard plastic cases that look a lot like a briefcase, and they’re perfect for carrying your firearm when you don’t want the attention.

DeSantis Gunhide

This brand is known for making some very high-quality leather holsters at pretty reasonable prices. They come in different shapes and sizes, from simple belt slide holsters to complex pouches that can fit guns up to seven inches long. The company also makes concealment bags and special clothing designed to hide your gun or holster during your commute to work or wherever else it might be prohibited. Finally, you should note that this company has excellent customer service–if anything happens to your gun holster, they’re more than willing to help you find the solution.

Galco Gunleather

This is another great holster manufacturer that makes high-quality leather slings and holsters at affordable prices. Their customer service team is very friendly and helpful, so if something happens to go wrong with your current bag or holster, don’t hesitate to contact them for a replacement. They also offer special products called “Queen’s Holsters,” designed specifically for women shooters’ unique needs when carrying concealed firearms.

StealthGear USA

A relatively new brand on the scene, StealthGear USA has already impacted, thanks largely to their patented “Alien Skin” technology. This is a textured rubber compound that they place inside their holsters, making the firearm grip your belt or pants so it can’t slip out during rigorous activity. The downside, however, is that this material causes your gun’s finish to wear off eventually, but it’s easy enough to fix with some oil or even nail polish if you’re in a pinch. The company also offers different carry styles, including ankle holsters for maximum comfort and shoulder holsters. They have products made specifically for women, too–most companies just call them unisex products. Still, StealthGear USA goes through the effort of making sure their products are comfortable when wearing around your chest or under your arm.

StealthGear USA

Finally, the company offers a replaceable lifetime warranty if any products don’t hold up to par. Just contact them, and they’ll give you a brand new holster for free.

1791 Gunleather

This company makes everything from gun belts to rifle slings, and the quality of their products is very impressive. The company proudly states that they use 100% American leather for all of their products. They even offer holsters that are made with an oiled horsehide finish so you can maintain your firearm’s finish and increase your holster’s lifespan. Finally, the company offers a solid selection of tactical thigh rigs and their very own line of “Royal Guard” holsters made with reinforcements to protect your gun from premature wear on its finish. If you want a high-quality leather holster that will truly last longer than your firearm, this is one of the best brands you can choose from.

Pole Craft Holsters

Not only does this company offer some of the best leather holsters on the market, but they also have a great selection of knives. Pole Craft Holsters are made with extremely durable leather that’s designed to hold up under extreme conditions, capable of holding your guns even if you’re traversing through dense brush or swimming in rivers. They offer a solid selection of holsters for handguns which can hold up to seven inches in length, and they also have a few high-quality rifle slings made with paracord stitching for added strength.

Haugen Handgun Leather

Another one of the best holster makers on the planet, Haugen Handguns, offers a lot of firearm accessories at very affordable prices. Many of their gun holsters are handcrafted right in the United States, and they’re designed to be compatible with the most popular makes and models on the market. Finally, it’s worth noting that this company specializes specifically in concealed carry–if you want to conceal a handgun, this is one of the best holster makers to check out.

Elite Survival Systems

This brand is a popular company among preppers; this brand carries an entire tactical gun holster made with reinforced stitching for maximum strength and durability. Elite Survival Systems also offers some cool gun bags lined with PVC, so your finish will never be affected by its contents. On top of their tactical gun holsters, this company also has some well-designed rifle slings and magazine pouches if you’re in the market for something to hold extra ammo or magazines. Finally, the company offers a solid warranty on all of its products–for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, then give them a call for a full refund.

Amberide Gun

Any avid concealed carrier knows that comfort is the key to carrying your handgun daily, and this company specializes in making comfortable leather and Kydex gun holsters. They make a wide variety of styles for men and women, including thigh straps and shoulder holsters for maximum comfort. Finally, the company’s products are made with the highest quality materials and provide great value for the price. Give them a shot if you need an extremely comfortable holster to wear all day at work or while exercising.

Concealment Express

This company specializes in concealed carry and tactical gear for gun owners, and their line of leather holsters is no exception. The Concealment Express brand makes hidden Kydex holsters that sit snugly against your body and fill up the gap between your shirt and waistband–the handgun looks as if it isn’t even there. These convenient holsters are designed to be ultra-thin so they won’t bulge out of your pants, and many of them can even tuck inside your waistband for ultimate concealment. On top of their Kydex options, this company also offers some more traditional leather holsters, which are very comfortable yet effective at concealing your handgun.

Kramer Leather

When it comes to finding a high-quality 1911 holster, Kramer Handgun Leather should be one of your first stops. This company does an amazing job with leather holsters, offering some of the most durable handmade products on the market today. Greg Kramer uses only top-quality leather hides to give these holsters their legendary status and custom makes each holster by hand. When it comes to a no-frills 1911 holster, Kramer offers a great selection of leather holsters 100% made in the USA. They also make some other popular gun models such as Glock, SIG Sauer, and Ruger handguns–they even make Nylon holsters for your pocket pistol.

Orpaz Defense

Anyone looking for a synthetic holster should check out Orpaz Defense, which makes some of the best Polymer holsters on the market today. This brand has a wide selection of inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband tactical gun holsters made with quality materials and retains your handgun very well. What’s great about the Polymer is that it won’t wear out over time like traditional leather or nylon. When you apply heat to this material, it will form your handgun’s shape gun, providing extra retention. Another nice feature is that many of these holsters are compatible with MOLLE systems, allowing you to attach additional pouches to your belt if needed.

Orpaz Defence

Finally, Orpaz Defense is another quality USA-made company that stands behind its products with a great warranty policy. Try them out today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Stealth Operator Holsters

This Florida-based company focuses on the full spectrum of tactical gun holsters for men and women and offers some of the best products available. They have various styles designed to be comfortable yet effective at holding your gun in place while you’re carrying it. Finally, this company backs up their great quality with top-notch customer service, so if you have any questions about their products, don’t hesitate to contact them directly.

R&R Holsters

For the best selection of concealed carry holsters on the market, look no further than R&R Holsters. This company takes pride in its American-made products, which are made with top-quality materials crafted with care. Not only is every piece designed by an experienced gun owner, but it’s also designed to be both durable and comfortable. R&R offers various options for carrying your handgun, from leather inside-the-waistband holsters to outside-the-waistband drop leg holsters. Not only does this company make many types of gun holsters, but it also makes some other tactical gear such as magazine holders and even chest rigs. For the most durable, comfortable tactical gear around, R&R is one of the top companies on the market today for the most durable, comfortable tactical holster.

Sticky Holster

For a comfortable, effective holster that won’t break the bank, you should check out Sticky Holsters. Designed with a super-sticky material on the inside, this company offers various styles in both leather and polymer. Most importantly, however, is that they do an excellent job at concealing your handgun even when wearing extremely light clothing such as yoga pants or sweatpants. These holsters are durable and reliable, and they even work very well when worn with various brands of shorts. Finally, this company is known for its great customer service and will do everything it can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. No matter what type of gun holster you’re looking for, Sticky Holsters is one of the top options on the market today.

Comp-Tac International

Comp-Tac has been around for more than 20 years and is one of the top companies in quality, comfort, and customer service. They offer some of the best Kydex holsters on the market today and have various accessories such as magazine holders. Most notably, Comp-Tac offers one of the largest selections of concealed carry holsters. This includes outside the waistband, inside the waistband, thigh rigs, and pocket holsters for handguns or revolvers. It’s no secret that Comp-Tac makes quality products in demand, so you won’t be disappointed if you try them out.

IMI Defense

This Israel-based company is a family-owned business that offers some of the finest duty holsters on the market today. They have over 200 different styles to choose from, and they focus on providing their customers with not only comfort but also perfect retention for whatever gun they might own. IMI has a wide selection of holster types, including belt slide, pancake, paddle, IWB, and OWB models. They also offer some lighter-duty options, such as their stealth series line of gun holsters.

IMI Defense

One thing that sets IMI apart from the competition is that it has a much larger selection than many other similar companies do. It’s no surprise to anyone why this company ranks so highly among the others on this list. IMI provides top-quality gear to both law enforcement professionals and civilians, so you can be sure your holster is just as tough as it is attractive.

Raven Concealment Systems

Focusing exclusively on Kydex holsters, Raven Concealment Systems makes great products that are designed to provide you with a comfortable, reliable way of carrying your firearm. These holsters make it easy for you to carry either an IWB or OWB holster, and they come in a variety of different colors and different types, such as double-edged or single-edge models. Additionally, Raven Concealment Systems offers some of the best customer services out there, so you can be confident that your holster is in good hands. If you want to carry a firearm concealed but still want it to be easily accessible at all times, this company offers one of the best options on the market today. With quality gear and great customer service, this company should be at the top of your list.

Alien Gear Holsters

A relative newcomer to the world of gun holsters, Alien Gear Holsters is quickly earning a reputation for itself as one of the best companies in the industry. They focus on using high-quality materials and providing their customers with holsters built locally right here in America. Specifically, Alien Gear offers three different holsters: the waistband, the waistband, and IWB models. They also produce a line of Cloak series gun holsters made out of thin neoprene materials to make it easier for you to conceal your firearm without sacrificing comfort or durability. All gun holsters that Alien Gear makes are designed to fit a specific model or lineup of models. This means that there is no need to carry around an oversized holster if you own a different model firearm than what’s listed on the website.

We The People Holster

Another custom holster company, We The People Holster, provides its customers with the option of either Kydex or leather gun holsters. All of their products are made right here in America, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re supporting your local economy when you choose this brand over one of the bigger ones on this list. What makes We The People Holster stand out from the rest of the competition is that it offers some truly unique products. 

We The People Holster

Many companies on this list offer Kydex holsters, but few if any of them offer leather holster options. This company makes some truly beautiful leather gun holsters that are versatile and functional, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing form for function when choosing this brand over the others listed here.


One of the more affordable companies on this list, CYTAC, uses a wide variety of materials to make gun holsters that are tough and attractive. Specifically, CYTAC makes Kydex, nylon, and leather holsters for people who want to carry a firearm concealed. It also makes chest rigs and plate carriers designed to hold your firearms on the outside of your clothing. This company makes some truly unique products that are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that you’re getting quality gear when you choose this product line over the others listed here.


GUN & FLOWER is a holster company that focuses on using high-quality materials to create the best gun holsters possible. Focusing exclusively on outside the waistband models, this company offers something for everyone. These holsters are designed out of leather and Kydex or nylon, which means they provide you with some truly outstanding options. They also offer a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can choose one that matches your taste or particular outfit. To make their products stand out even more, GUN & FLOWER offers all of its customers free shipping as well as free lifetime sharpening on anything included in the price of the holster.

Red River Tactical

Red River Tactical makes a list because of the sheer number of options that this company provides. In case you’re looking for a gun holster, then you’ll be able to find it here without breaking the bank. Specifically, Red River Tactical makes anything from cheap nylon holsters to Kydex and leather products that cost well over $50. 

Red River Tactical

You’ll be able to find some truly unique holsters on this list, including inside the waistband models and outside the waistband ones designed to fit every brand of firearm. This company also offers a wide variety of Kydex, leather, and nylon gun holsters designed to fit specific firearm models. This means that you won’t need to worry about buying a holster that’s too big or too small for your firearm, which is one of the main benefits of buying from this list.

Remora Holsters

One of the least expensive companies on this list, Remora Holsters, makes various styles and colors. While it doesn’t offer anything custom-made to fit your exact model firearm, it does make some holsters that will work with small revolvers or even your phone. This company offers a wide variety of holster types, from inside the waistband to outside the waistband styles. It also sells some money belts that are designed to hold your cash, credit cards, and even some passport information while you’re traveling. Remora Holsters stands out from other brands on this list because it uses hook-and-loop fasteners instead of snaps or metal clips. This is a truly unique system designed to allow you to easily move your holster from place to place without taking the belt itself off.

Maxx Carry

Maxx Carry sells some unique and attractive, noteworthy designs, one of the few companies on this list specializing outside the waistband gun holsters. Specifically, this company makes Kydex and leather products that will fit your firearm like a glove. You’ll be able to find everything from cheap nylon belts to custom handmade Kydex items that are truly one-of-a-kind. Maxx Carry also offers a wide variety of different styles, from IWB holsters to outside the waistband designs that can hold your firearm in multiple positions. What’s more, you’ll be able to find some belt loops and clips made out of different materials (like brass or polymer) that can give your product a truly unique look.

Relentless Tactical

Relentless Tactical makes a list for its extensive custom design options. Available in both inside and outside the waistband styles, these holsters are truly one-of-a-kind creations. You’ll be able to choose everything from the color of your holster down to its attachment method, which gives you some great freedom to choose a product that truly suits your needs. 

Relentless Tactical

In addition to customizing the design of your holster, Relentless Tactical will also let you select from a wide variety of different materials as well as Kydex or leather products. You can even choose from a variety of threaded barrel options, which means that this list is ideal for hunters who want to be able to conceal their firearms while they’re out in the field.

Outlaw Holsters

Outlaw Holsters makes this list due to its wide variety of Kydex and leather products that are truly unique. While it doesn’t have an infinite number of options, there are still enough customizations available that you can create a truly unique holster for your firearm. You can choose from inside the waistband styles and outside the waistband models to hold your firearm in either one or two positions. The company also uses belt clips made of different materials, giving each product a completely different look and feel than its competitors.

Cardini Leather

While it doesn’t have the same design choices as companies like Remora Holsters, Cardini Leather lists its unique options. Specifically, this company offers inside and outside waistband holsters that are handmade in North Florida. What’s more, you’ll be able to choose between a large selection of colored leathers for each product, giving you some truly outstanding customization options. Cardini also uses snap fasteners instead of metal clips or loops on most products, which is an exceptionally nice touch that will keep your firearm safe while it’s still easy enough to pull out when needed.

Tactical Scorpion Gear

Tactical Scorpion Gear makes this list due to its truly unique designs. Like many companies, Tactical Scorpion Gear offers inside the waistband as well as outside the waistband products. However, what sets this company apart is its patent-pending belt loop system, which uses a snap mechanism to secure your holster instead of metal clips or loops. 

Tactical Scorpion Gear

This type of snap works so well because it holds the two waistbands of your pants and your holster together to begin from one unit and can’t be pulled apart easily – unlike traditional snap systems where you have to thread the belt through loops on each side. This gives you faster access to your firearm and provides you with an outstanding comfort level all along.

Protech Outdoors

Protech Outdoors is a relatively new holster company that offers inside and outside waistband styles (although not as many design options for each) and is made with such high-quality materials; you could probably use them as everyday carry items. Each product uses genuine leather or Kydex construction to ensure optimal durability and comes with belt loops or clips to make using these products easy peasy. With prices around $50 (and sometimes less), these holsters won’t cost an arm and a leg.


Tulster is one of the most interesting holster companies on this list because it doesn’t even make outside the waistband holsters. Instead, every single product made by Tulster is an inside the waistband holster that uses injection-molded materials. You can get these products in both right or left-handed designs, and you’ll be able to select not only your firearm model (and barrel length if applicable) but also from a wide color selection and personalized etching options.


The next time you need a truly innovative holster design, ComfortTac is the company to turn to. This company rarely makes Kydex or leather products; instead, it uses neoprene and nylon materials pliable enough to be made into virtually any style of concealed carry product. The flexibility of these materials also makes for a remarkable degree of comfort all along, especially if you wear your firearm underneath regular clothing instead of over the waistband. 


You may choose from inside waistband styles and IWB models with belt clips when you buy one of these extremely comfortable holsters, making it much easier than ever before to conceal yourself in even the tightest fitting clothes.

Gould & Goodrich

Gould & Goodrich is one of the oldest holster makers in existence, beginning way back in 1832. As a result, this company knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to making firearm holsters – and that experience shows with each product G&G makes. Even though you won’t have as many choices in terms of colors or designs, these products are made using high-quality materials by well-trained professionals who know their craft inside and out. One thing we love about Gould & Goodrich is how versatile their products can be; they can either be used inside or outside the waistband depending on where you need them most, not to mention that they’re also available for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Bianchi Gun Leather

If you’re searching for a truly first-rate leather holster, look no further than Bianchi Gun Leather. This company was a pioneer in the use of high-quality materials throughout all its products. As a result, they make some of the most durable and reliable holsters on the market today. One fantastic thing about this company is that it makes IWB as well as outside the waistband options s, giving you plenty of options to choose from if you’re unsure which might be best suited for your firearm.

Bianchi Gun Leather

With prices starting at right around $50 or so, Bianchi Gun Leather offers one of the best value levels on this list – especially considering how long these products will last. You can also choose between left-handed and right-handed versions of these products, and you’ll even be able to select different types of leather (like horsehide) as well as different color options too.

Azula Gun Holsters

When you’re seeking a truly unique and eye-catching design, look no further than Azula Gun Holsters. Depending on where and how you need to carry your firearm, you can use these products inside and outside the waistband models; they also come in left-handed and right-handed styles. What’s impressive about these holsters is that they use genuine leather and Kydex construction for optimal durability, yet they manage to be priced quite affordably (and sometimes less).

You’ll be able to choose from different colors of leather along with different colored stitching options when ordering one of these extremely high-quality holsters, meaning that if the function isn’t enough for you, then style easily could be. Each holster also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which you definitely won’t get from many other holster makers.

Bulldog Cases

If you like the idea of choosing between inside and outside the waistband holsters but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider ordering one of these extremely affordable options from Bulldog Cases. These products are extremely durable and dependable when it comes to protecting your firearm from moisture, sweat, dust, and even accidental drops – all while also being comfortable enough for everyday carry use too. 

Bulldog Cases

While some people might think that this company makes Kydex or nylon products due to their lower price points, they’re using top-notch materials that just happen to be budget-friendly without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. You can choose from either soft loops or belt clips when ordering these IWB models, and each holster is available in right-handed versions only.

Muddy River Tactical

If you’re looking for a very slim design or an IWB holster that can also be worn outside the waistband when needed, Muddy River Tactical has plenty of fantastic options to choose from. These products are extremely lightweight and low profile; once they’re on your belt, chances are you won’t even notice you’re wearing them at all. With prices starting under $40 each (for some models), these holsters offer great value while still providing plenty of quality and durability too.

Muddy River Tactical

Each holster is handcrafted to order by skilled professionals who take their time to ensure every single one comes out perfect, and it doesn’t matter which version you select either – all of them will come with adjustable retention settings so that you can easily set it how you need it. They also come with a 30 day warranty period, which can be extended to a full year if desired as well – that way, if anything happens to your new holster, you’ll know exactly who to call and what needs to be done, so things don’t go awry.

Daltech Force

When looking for an extreme value combined with extreme durability, there’s no better pick than Daltech Force products. These incredibly affordable holsters are made from premium materials such as nylon or genuine leather, yet they’re priced at under $20 each. You can rely on them to protect against water, sweat, and other moisture while also being very lightweight too; plus, you can choose between black or tan colors and left-handed or right-handed designs. 

Daltech Force

They’re among the most affordable holsters you’ll find online, and they also come with a free one-year warranty along with an extended 30-day warranty offer too. So it’s easy to get plenty of value out of this company without having to pay much money at all.


Important Note:

Any activity using a firearm has the potential to be harmful and can lead to death, serious injury, permanent disability, or property damage. Only general educational and informational purposes are served by the advice, graphics, photographs, videos, and information found on Ballachy firearm reviews. The knowledge provided about guns, gun handling, tactics, training, legal issues, and marksmanship skills on this page is the author’s opinion based on his experience and education. This knowledge, which includes advice and training methods, is applicable only in a given set of conditions that the reader cannot precisely recreate. The author disclaims any liability for improper use or incorrect interpretation of the information on this website. Use of this website as a replacement for training or any information found on this website is not legal advice of any kind.

When it comes to IWB holsters, few manufacturers do it better than Muddy River Tactical and Pole Craft. Their products come with adjustable retention settings, great durability, and very affordable prices, making them our top picks to consider.

Important Note:

Any activity using a firearm has the potential to be harmful and can lead to death, serious injury, permanent disability, or property damage. Only general educational and informational purposes are served by the advice, graphics, photographs, videos, and information found on Ballachy firearm reviews. The knowledge provided about guns, gun handling, tactics, training, legal issues, and marksmanship skills on this page is the author’s opinion based on his experience and education. This knowledge, which includes advice and training methods, is applicable only in a given set of conditions that the reader cannot precisely recreate. The author disclaims any liability for improper use or incorrect interpretation of the information on this website. Use of this website as a replacement for training or any information found on this website is not legal advice of any kind.

A good holster must protect your firearm from moisture, dirt, dust, and other materials at all times while also being safe to use. Beyond that, it must be comfortable for all-day use and should also be fairly easy to draw from quickly while still being affordable. 

Important Note:

Any activity using a firearm has the potential to be harmful and can lead to death, serious injury, permanent disability, or property damage. Only general educational and informational purposes are served by the advice, graphics, photographs, videos, and information found on Ballachy firearm reviews. The knowledge provided about guns, gun handling, tactics, training, legal issues, and marksmanship skills on this page is the author’s opinion based on his experience and education. This knowledge, which includes advice and training methods, is applicable only in a given set of conditions that the reader cannot precisely recreate. The author disclaims any liability for improper use or incorrect interpretation of the information on this website. Use of this website as a replacement for training or any information found on this website is not legal advice of any kind.

There are dozens of different holster makers on the market right now, including many reputable ones that have been around for years and build their products based upon extensive research, testing, and proven customer satisfaction.  

However, in terms of overall quality and affordability, there are quite a few that truly stand out more than others – which is why we highly recommend any one of the companies we’ve just highlighted in this article.


In conclusion, this list of holster makers is ideal for anyone who wants to find a product that will truly fit their firearm. Many of these companies have been around for decades and have built up strong reputations as leaders in the industry; additionally, some even make products with one-of-a-kind designs that give you more freedom than ever before to personalize your gear. In addition to choosing from a wide variety of holster types, most companies on this list will also let you select the color and design of your holster based upon your specifications. This allows you to own a product that was made exclusively for you truly.

Our Research Process

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