10 Best iPhone Tripods (Ultimate Review List)

Many photographers, including myself, use their iPhone camera just as much as their expensive DSLR or mirrorless cameras! The recent technological advancements over the last few years really help you capture professional photos right from your iPhone. Not to mention, it’s so much more convenient and lighter than carrying all of your equipment. As such, iPhone photography has become quite popular and mainstream thanks to its popular features like.

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UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Wireless Remote and Universal Clip, Compatible with Cellphones, Sports Cameras
42,638 Reviews
UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Wireless Remote and Universal Clip, Compatible with Cellphones, Sports Cameras
  • This cell phone tripod was upgraded with stronger material for peerless durability. Your purchase is guaranteed by UBeesize lifetime service.

And most importantly, since your phone is always with you, you’re never going to miss those important shots.

Shooting photos on your phone provides a fun new perspective. But, you still need to carry a tripod that accommodates for your iPhone, so you’re able to shoot professional photos with no camera shakiness. An iPhone tripod is especially crucial for those capturing long exposures, selfies, time lapses, or even for shooting vlogs.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know my top picks, you can check out the table below of my top 3 favourite tripods for iPhone Photography. If you want to know about the essential features when looking for an iPhone tripod, tips and tricks on iPhone photography, and other useful information, read on!

Before we get into the top 10 best tripods for iPhones, I’d like to spend some time talking about what important features are important to look out for when purchasing an iPhone tripod. Since they’re not built like regular heavy-duty tripods for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, it’s important to make sure that they are not only lightweight, but also portable!

A Guide to Buying iPhone Tripods

As established before, portability is key to a good iPhone tripod. This means that you want to make sure the tripod itself should not be too heavy to carry. Anything under 4 lb/1.81 kg should be relatively lightweight and easy to carry.

Similar to regular tripods, you have a few options regarding the build and construction. You can choose between aluminium or carbon-fibre legs. They both have their pros and cons but the majority of iPhone tripods are constructed with aluminium legs. Carbon-fibre tripods are lighter than aluminium tripods, but are quite costly. Whereas, aluminium tripods can be on the heavier side.

I find this to be more true for full-size tripods, but for iPhone tripods (and generally more compact tripods), you can get away with aluminium since they’re not heavy to begin with. What I love about aluminium tripods is that they are affordable but much more resistant to damage than their carbon-fibre alternative. And not to mention a lot more affordable too! All of the tripods mentioned in this article are made with aluminium. Not to mention that the legs of the tabletop iPhone tripods are quite flexible

Next up, you can decide whether to have a panhead or a ballhead for your tripod. Both of the options have their advantages and disadvantages. What I love about panheads is that they give you a precise level of control not found in ballheads and they’re excellent for shooting videos. However, they do require a little bit of time setting up because every motion is so precise (not necessarily bothersome to me, but I see why this can be an annoyance to some). As for ballheads, they’re also easy to use but the adjustments are not as precise compared to panheads. In this article, I will be mentioning both options!

Another type of feature you may be interested are Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to take shots from a distance without having to maneuver your iPhone camera. Bluetooth compatibility is typically found only in tabletop tripods. You can also set a self-timer of 3 or 10 seconds to stabilize your iPhone camera onto your tripod without having to touch the camera itself. So, Bluetooth compatibility isn’t a must, but a nice little extra feature to have if you really feel like you need it. I’ll let you when a tripod provides this feature in case if you are specifically looking for a Bluetooth compatibility.

Unlike regular tripods that can cost upwards to a few hundreds or even thousand dollars, iPhone tripods are relatively more affordable. You won’t need to shell out a fortune for a heavy-duty tripods since iPhone are much more lightweight in comparison to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Nonetheless, budgeting is important since you can get tripods that are less than 20 USD that work well but won’t last over an extended period of time. Keep in mind that iPhone tripods around that price point are tabletop tripods so they typically don’t extend beyond a few inches. These are better reserved for vlogging.

Similarly, you can get great quality tripods that are not only compact but also provide a pretty high maximum height, and that also come with a smartphone adapter included. They tend to be price a little higher but that’s because they hold a much higher maximum capacity as compared to tabletop tripods and can hold DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with ease.

10 Best iPhone Tripods (Tested and Ranked)

Now that we’ve established some of the important features when choosing an iPhone tripod, let’s get to the top 10 best iPhone tripods! The features that will be mentioned alongside each tripod are: the minimum and maximum height, weight, head type, leg type (if the tripod can extend), and whether or not it includes Bluetooth compatibility. All of the tripods come with a smartphone adapter so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

1)  Ballachy 56-Inch Tripod with Bag

iPhone Tripod, Camera Tripod, Spotting Scope Tripod | Ballachy 56-Inch Tripod with Bag
19 Reviews
iPhone Tripod, Camera Tripod, Spotting Scope Tripod | Ballachy 56-Inch Tripod with Bag
  • iPhone Tripod made with lightweight aluminium and adjustable-height legs.
  • Recommended max load weight is 7 lb (3.2 kg) for best performance.
Minimum height: 18.9 in/48 cm
Maximum height: 56 in/142 cm
Weight: 1.9 lb/0.86 kg
Head Type: Panhead
Leg Type: Flip-lock
Bluetooth compatibility: No
Our Rating: 4.9/5
A durable and versatile tripod that is compatible with iPhones and DSLRs/mirrorless cameras.

The Ballachy 56-Inch Tripod with Bag is an excellent tripod that not only functions with iPhones, but also traditional cameras thanks to the included smartphone adapter that’s easy to mount on your tripod and for your iPhone to slip into easily and securely. The tripod is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry with you. The payload capacity makes it a great option to take with you on trips since it can hold your iPhone and traditional cameras and lens as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum payload capacity of 7 lb/3.2 kg.

The minimum height on this tripod is 18.9 in/48 cm, which makes it easy to setup on your table for vlogging, but it can extend all the way up to 56 in/142 cm by opening the flip-lock on the legs. The maximum height is eye-level for most people, which is great for shooting vlogs standing up or outside. Even when the tripod has reached maximum extension with the centre-column up, it does not wobble or shake with the iPhone camera mounted.

It’s important to note that the smartphone adapter only accommodates to iPhones that have a display screen of 6 in/15.24 cm or less, which is the majority of the iPhones. Sometimes thicker cases can increase the length of your iPhone making it a little harder to slip into the adapter. Nonetheless, you won’t experience any damage to your iPhone nor case

The smartphone adapter is included with the tripod, as well as a carrying bag and a dustproof bag which also has handles for convenient carrying. You can carry your tripod, lenses, cameras, and other essential equipment in the pocketed section of the carrying bag.

I like to store my keys, wallet, iPhone X, cleaning clothes, and sometimes lenses/filters in the zippered pocket and the tripod in the main section of the carrying case. Everything fits in this durable case, making it easy and convenient to take along on walks and adventures. All in all, a versatile tripod for your iPhone and camera with added features for a great value.


  • Lightweight and durable tripod that works with iPhones, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras thanks to the smartphone adapter that’s included
  • Panhead is easy to pan and to shoot videos
  • Flip-lock legs are easy to use and provide for a quick setup
  • Great value since it comes with a smartphone adapter, a carrying case, and a carrying bag with a spacious pocket


  • iPhones with bigger screens and thicker cases like the iPhone 6s Plus can be harder to fit into the adapter, but fits larger models like iPhone 8 and iPhone X even with the phone case on with ease

2) UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Tripod

UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Wireless Remote and Universal Clip, Compatible with Cellphones, Sports Cameras
42,638 Reviews
UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Wireless Remote and Universal Clip, Compatible with Cellphones, Sports Cameras
  • This cell phone tripod was upgraded with stronger material for peerless durability. Your purchase is guaranteed by UBeesize lifetime service.
  • Get the Perfect Angle - Adjustable octopus style legs help to capture clean shots from any angle even on the move. Want a view difficult to get with a common tripod. This is your best choice.
Minimum height: 10 in/25.4 cm
Maximum height: 10 in/25.4 cm
Weight: 0.45 lb/0.2 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Octopus legs
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.8/5
A stable mini-tripod that’s compact, flexible, and lightweight.

UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Tripod is an easy to use tabletop mini-tripod that includes flexible legs. The legs are made of aluminium and coated in a foam material that fits snuggly into your pockets or bag.

The 1/4-20 screw thread can also be used for lightweight cameras. The height of the tripod is 10 in/25.4 cm and the minimum height as well as the maximum can’t be adjusted. However, the octopus legs are extremely flexible and can be bent in all directions without causing any permanent damage. This well help you take ultra-low angle shots that brings in a new perspective to your photos!

It only fits iPhone screen of 3.75 in/9.53 cm, this well fit most smaller iPhones. With larger phones, it may not fit or you may need to remove your phone case to make it fit. For example, I’ve tried this with my iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X and it wouldn’t fit even with the phone case of.

The UBeesize tripod includes a Bluetooth remote control shutter that includes 2 buttons to capture the shot (one for iPhone users and the other for Android users). It’s super lightweight and compact so it’s easy to carry, you could easily place it into your pockets! In order to use the Bluetooth adapter, you need to connect via the iPhone’s Bluetooth system and connect to AB Shutter 3.

Once your device has been paired, you can press the iOS button to take the photo! The range of the Bluetooth remote functions up to 7 or 8 meters depending on the environment, whereas it’s advertised to have a range of up to 10 meters.

Here’s an unboxing video of the UBeesize Adjustable and Portable tripod! You can also see how to connect the Bluetooth remote with your iPhone!


  • Incredible value for a low amount of money!
  • Comes with detailed and well-written instructions
  • Easy to carry and extremely lightweight
  • Great for traveling, taking group photos, selfies, or recording vlogs!


  • Once your iPhone is mounted, the legs can feel a little wobbly
  • Only fits iPhones with smaller display screens, may not fit larger iPhones
  • Limited height, since it cannot be extended

3)  Fotopro Phone Tripod 39.5-Inch

Fotopro Phone Tripod Stand, 40 inches Lightweight Travel Tripod for iPhone with Remote Control, Aluminum Compact Camera Tripod for Nikon, Samsung, Huawei, Vlog Tripod for Tiktok YouTube
2,017 Reviews
Fotopro Phone Tripod Stand, 40 inches Lightweight Travel Tripod for iPhone with Remote Control, Aluminum Compact Camera Tripod for Nikon, Samsung, Huawei, Vlog Tripod for Tiktok YouTube
  • 【Lightweight You Need, Portable Tripod Indeed】With weight of 0.39 kg (0.85 lb) and only 11 inches when packed up, the travel tripod is the perfect size to accompany you while traveling, climbing, and camping, etc. It is easy to get the height you need (11 to 40 Inch ) Max Load capacity: 2.2 pounds
  • 【Quickly Open & Easily Operate】 Tripod legs are designed with the Quick open system which assists you to set up the phone tripod quickly. Timing is the key when you are shooting for some beautiful moments. You only get one shot, so don't miss it
Minimum height: 11 in/28 cm
Maximum height: 39.5 in/100.33 cm
Weight: 0.85 lb/0.39 kg
Head Type: Panhead
Leg Type: Twist-lock
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.8/5
A versatile tripod with strong legs that are easy to setup.

The Fotopro Phone Tripod 39.5-Inch features easy to extend and fold legs that takes seconds to set up. It’s an incredibly lightweight tripod that’s made for traveling, hiking, camping, and shooting vlogs!

It can extend from 11 in/28 cm to 39.5 in/100.33 and holds a maximum weight capacity of 2.2 lb/1 kg, while it only weighs 0.85 lb/0.39 kg. The tripod features a smooth panhead for precise and detailed movements for 360 degrees panorama shoots.

It’s also includes a Bluetooth remote that’s compatible with iPhones and Androids. It’s advertised to shoot from a distance of 10 meters, but again, I found that it starts to become glitchy at around 7 or 8 meters. With the standard 1/4-20 screw thread, you can also plug in your camera as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity.

Even though the tripod can extend up to 39.5 in/100.33 cm, the legs don’t wobble or shake. The legs are extremely versatile and bendable.

best iphone tripod


  • Extremely flexible tripod that can be used for iPhones and cameras
  • Compact and light, that’s perfect for traveling
  • Durable and provides a solid grip
  • Flexible and folds up easily
  • Excellent for taking videos


  • For larger phones like the iPhone 7 and higher models, the protective case must be removed for the iPhone to slip into the adapter with ease
  • Bluetooth remote works up to 7 or 8 meters, not 10 meters as stated by the company
  • While the legs are great and provide a good maximum height (at least mid-level to most people), the legs may collapse at times. This can be avoided by securely looking the legs

4)  Eocean 40-Inch Selfie Stick Tripod

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Minimum height: 7.9 in/20 cm
Maximum height: 40 in/101.6 cm
Weight: 0.6 lb/0.27 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Foldable and extendable
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.7/5
An extremely affordable 2-in-1 tripod that also acts like a selfie stick.
 The Eocean 40-Inch Selfie Stick Tripod is on this list because it’s part selfie stick and part tripod! This is a great choice for those of you going on vacation and want to take a lightweight tripod.

It weighs 0.6 lb/0.27 kg and holds a maximum payload of 0.5 lb/0.22 kg, making it a perfect compact option that works for cameras and iPhones.

It also comes with a quite decent carrying case and a small, but powerful charging cable that takes around 45-60 mins to charge. The shooting time is around 20-25 hours. As long as the screen display of your iPhone doesn’t exceed 4.13 in/10.5 cm, it will fit comfortably your iPhone!

You can use the Bluetooth remote to take self-portraits with your selfie stick! To use it as a tripod, you can extend the legs and stand in up on the floor! It’s a decent quality tripod that’s an excellent value for money. It’s very convenient and

Here’s an unboxing and review of the Eocean 40-Inch Selfie Stick! You can see how it self-stabilizes images and provides a better field of view while filming as opposed to just holding your iPhone with your hands!


  • Pros Compatible with iPhones and lightweight cameras
  • Comfortable grip
  • Features anti-slip rubber feet
  • Excellent for traveling
  • Taking selfies and group photos thanks to its tripod/selfie stick compatibilities
  • Very lightweight
  • Adjustable height and can be mounted from the floor


  • The smartphone adapter is a little difficult to get the iPhone pushed into, but once in, it’s sturdy and stable
  • Not recommended to keep your iPhone mounted on this tripod/selfie-stick for too long because it can risk toppling over

5) Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit with Universal Smartphone Clamp

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit with Smartphone Clamp, Black (MKPIXICLAMP-BK)
2,852 Reviews
Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit with Smartphone Clamp, Black (MKPIXICLAMP-BK)
  • Features universal smartphone clamp
  • Can be used as a tripod or grip
Minimum height: 13 cm/5.12 in
Maximum height: 13 cm/5.12 cm
Weight: 0.51 lb/0.23 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Bendable and adjustable
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.6/5
A high-quality tripod that provides a comfortable handgrip for vlogging.

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit with Universal Smartphone Clamp includes a 1/4-20 screw thread so it can be used for your iPhone and camera. It’s built with aluminium and stainless steel. It weighs 0.51 lb/0.23 kg but holds up a maximum capacity of 1.4 lb/0.64 kg.

It’s a great rugged tabletop tripod that doesn’t cause any camera shake. The legs can be folded together and held in a comfortable grip for vlogging! It’s strongly built and keeps your iPhone into place while you’re taking photos or shooting a vlog.

The ballhead can be adjusted by pushing the button for locking mechanisms. All in all, the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit is a reliable tripod backed up by a trusted brand.

Here’s an unboxing and product review if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself! As you can see, it arrives in a convenient package and the weighted legs provide incredible security, so you don’t have to worry about your tripod/camera/iPhone falling on you (as long as you respect the maximum payload capacity, of course).


  • Sturdy and durable mini-tripod with rubber feet so it won’t scratch
  • It fits into backpacks and small bags very easily
  • Excellent for traveling
  • Push-button locking mechanism is easy to use
  • Tripod offers convenience, portability, and a simple construction


  • The movement on the ballhead are quite limited and this doesn’t allow for much movement besides in landscape/horizontal orientation
  • For its size, it may feel slightly bulky but can still be carried around with ease
  • Not recommended for mid-range to heavier cameras and can cause the tripod to shake/topple over

6) Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Tripod

Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Tripod Stand and Ballhead Kit with MCLAMP Universal Cell Phone Mount Adapter and Bluetooth Selfie Remote for iOS, Android and Most Smartphones
7 Reviews
Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Tripod Stand and Ballhead Kit with MCLAMP Universal Cell Phone Mount Adapter and Bluetooth Selfie Remote for iOS, Android and Most Smartphones
  • Flexible: Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it. Wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface
  • Durable: Anodized aluminum construction delivers durability and smooth movement
Minimum height: 15.2 in/28.60 cm
Maximum height: 15.2 in/28.60 cm
Weight: 6.6 lb/3 kg
Head Type: ballhead
Leg Type: Bendable and adjustable
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.5/5
One of the best tripod that features all of the features found in the full-size features.

The Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Tripod has a comfortable and strong grip. It can be used for vlogging by setting it on-top of a table, and you can also put the legs together in one hand while you’re on-the-go!

You can take this tripod conveniently on your trips since it features all of the important features found in full-size tripods. It’s a well-built tripod that doesn’t weigh too much. The adjustable legs can support DSLRs/mirrorless cameras just as much as it can support iPhones.

It’s a flexible tripod and the legs can be wrapped around any surfaces. The company also provides a one-year warranty! The Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Tripod is excellent as it packs compactly and conveniently, making it the right choice for taking on vacations.

If you’re interested in the concept and features offered in the Joby tripods, but feel like the Joby GorillaPod Mobile 5K Flexible Tripod might not be the right one for you, check out this video below on all of the different GorillaPod models offered by Joby!


  • Excellent for traveling with because it fits compactly in any regular backpack
  • Can be converted into a selfie stick by holding all of the legs together
  • Sturdier and stiffer legs that don’t bend while supporting your equipment
  • Incredible maximum weight load capacity of 11 lb/5 kg
  • Features an arca-swiss compatible quick release plate for added versatility with all equipment


  • Quite expensive for a small tabletop tripod
  • By mounting a DSLR/mirrorless camera and lenses, the setup can get a little heavy (this problem isn’t applicable for iPhone users, but if you’re thinking of using it for your camera setup, it’s important to keep this in mind)

7) UBeesize Compact Aluminum Tripod

Minimum height: 6.1 in/15.5 cm
Maximum height: 11.6 in/29.5 cm
Weight: 0.4 lb/0.18 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Bendable and adjustable
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.5/5
A lightweight and portable tabletop iPhone tripod that features adjustable legs

The UBeesize Compact Aluminum Tripod is constructed with higher. It comes with a carrying case and a Bluetooth remote control system for an incredibly affordable price! The button features 2 buttons, one for iOS devices and the other for Android devices. You can connect the Bluetooth remote via the Bluetooth system on your phone. It’s marketed to work upwards to 9 meters, although it starts getting a little sloppy at that range.

It’s made with durable aluminium legs, so they won’t break or bend on you. The minimum height is 6.1 in/15.5 cm to 11.6 in/29.5 cm. It can hold up any iPhones that do not surpass a screen display of 3.75 in/9.53 cm. The Bluetooth remote is operational up to 10 meters, but functions optimally up to 8 meters.

The smartphone adapter should accommodate to all iPhones that have a display screen of 3.75 in/9.52 cm. This should fit most iPhones, but may not accommodate to iPhones with larger screen sizes like iPhone plus models. You may need to remove your phone case in order to fit it into the adapter.


  • Pros An incredibly lightweight, compact, and durable tripod
  • Can be paired with lightweight cameras as well as your iPhone


  • Sometimes the legs don’t lock into place easily, so it’s important to make sure that the bolts on the legs are tightened properly
  • Ballheads is not as precise
  • Only works in horizontal setting

8) Joby GripTight One GorillaPod

Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand: Flexible Tripod and Mount for Smartphones from iPhone SE to iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 and More, Black (JB01491)
2,982 Reviews
Minimum height: 2.8 in/7.12 cm
Maximum height: 6 in/15.24 cm
Weight: 0.15 lb/0.71 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Bendable and adjustable
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.4/5
A flexible and portable iPhone tripod that’s easy to transport.

The GripTight One GorillaPod includes rubberized pads and feet that provides a proper gripe. The legs are bendable that offers incredible versatility and can be mounted into all surfaces, including uneven ones. Joby truly offers some of the best tabletop tripods for vlogging and that’s why they’re so popular amongst Youtubers!

While it’s a lightweight tripod, it’s extremely durable and portable! It’s relatively affordable within the Joby line. It’s a great tripod but feels a little unstable and flimsy at times so it’s best to keep this one for your iPhone and not for your camera. I love its compact size that fits easily in most bags and pockets once folded down and incredible at capturing low-level shots.

Here’s a quick little unboxing and product review of the GripTight One GorillaPod! It’s a nifty little tripod that provides incredibly flexibility and security. It’s lightweight and feels extremely durable, as you can see!


  • Made compactly and folds quite easily
  • Tripod folds up smaller than car keys so, it can fit inside a pocket conveniently


  • Ballhead feels a little stiff to adjust
  • Thicker cases or iPhone with larger screen displays may not fit into the adapter easily and you may need to remove your case in order to get your iPhone to fit into it (but fits most plus size iPhone models)
  • Works only in landscape mode (not for portrait)
  • Limited tilt and movements

9) Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod

Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51' Smart Aluminum Tripod, Black
2,845 Reviews
Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51" Smart Aluminum Tripod, Black
  • Extremely Compact, ideal for travelling
  • Ball head with one knob to lock all adjustments
Minimum height: 15.35 in/38.98 cm
Maximum height: 51 in/130 cm
Weight: 1.85 lb/0.84 kg
Head Type: Ballhead
Leg Type: Flip-lock
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.3/5
A rock-solid, rugged, and compact tripod that’s useful for iPhone photography just as much as regular photography with a DSLR/mirrorless camera.

The Manfrotto MKSCOMPACTLTBK Compact Light 51″ Smart Aluminum Tripod is made for traveling thanks to its compact size. If you’re looking for a compact tripod with features found in full-size tripods because you want something that can give you a better maximum height, this Manfrotto tripod is a good recommendation!

It weighs, but supports a maximum weight load capacity o 3.31 lb/1.5 kg, which is a decent ratio (although I wish it could support more, and I could use this as a proper compact tripod with my DSLR and lenses). It provides a stable base for your iPhone and ensures that your equipment is secure and safe from external damages.

This is a recommended tripod for those who need a lightweight option, at a relatively more affordable price compared to other Manfrotto tripods. Nonetheless, this is quite an expensive tripod and heavier than tabletop iPhone tripods. Fortunately, it’s suitable for all types of photography and includes a pretty decent smartphone adapter backed up by a popular brand amongst photographers.

best iphone tripod


  • Pros Made to last, this is a compact and lightweight tripod that’s easy to operate
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Built sturdy with durable aluminum legs


  • A little expensive for the features offered, it weighs 1.85 lb/0.84 kg and supports only a maximum payload capacity of 3.31 lb/1.15 kg (whereas most tripods of this weight support a higher capacity)
  • Knobs are a little difficult to tighten
  • Ballhead can feel a little flimsy

10) Selfie Stick and Tripod Fugetek

Fugetek 51' Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod, Phone Holder, Extendable, Bluetooth Remote, Portable All in One, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices, Non Skid Feet, Black
34,645 Reviews
Fugetek 51" Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod, Phone Holder, Extendable, Bluetooth Remote, Portable All in One, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices, Non Skid Feet, Black
  • 2021 UPGRADED MODEL: Use As A Professional Selfie Stick Or Tripod. iPhone & Android Compatible Camera Stand. Photos, Facetime, Instagram, Tik Tok.
  • EXTENDABLE TELESCOPIC LENGTH AT 51" : Superior To 60" Selfie Sticks That Are Bulky. Easy Click Locks, For Quick Use. Non-Slip Rubber Handle.
Minimum height: 19 in/48.26 cm
Maximum height: 51 in/130 cm
Weight: 0.56 lb/0.25 kg
Head Type:
Leg Type: Flip-locks
Bluetooth compatibility: Yes
Our Rating: 4.2/5
A versatile selfie stick/tripod that is reliable at a great price!

The Selfie Stick and Tripod Fugetek is a selfie stick that also works as a tripod with incredible maximum height! It also includes a wireless Bluetooth remote and rechargeable battery that can last up to 300 hours and take 1 hour to fully charge. It can accommodate iPhone with screen displays of 4.2 in/10.67 cm.

It’s extremely substantial as a selfie stick since it can extend all the way up to 51 in/130 cm. However, once you set up your tripod to its maximum height, you could experience slight shakiness and wobbliness. The legs are quick-flip flocks, which are a typically faster than the twist-lock system. It offers quite a bit of versatility and a pretty good battery life so you don’t have to worry about potentially ruining your trip and photos.

It comes with a light carrying pouch that can be hung across your shoulders while you’re on a walk! It sets up as a tripod and a selfie stick within seconds. If you’re interested in purchasing a selfie stick/tripod for vlogging or taking selfies, this model provides a pretty comfortable grip. This cool gadget can switch between a selfie stick and a tripod and offers a good value for money!

This video below goes in further detail if you’re interested in purchasing the Selfie Stick and Tripod Fugetek, I recommend giving it a quick watch so you can see how it functions!


  • Can work in landscape and portrait mode
  • Easy to setup the Bluetooth remote within seconds
  • Slightly bigger than a regular selfie tripod stick
  • Holds your iPhone securely
  • Great, affordable price!


  • The remote/phone compatibility may have a little bit of difficult staying connected for extended periods of time
  • The stick can feel a little wobbly
  • The stick may slightly feel a little uncomfortable

New to iPhone Photography and Eager to Learn? Read on!

If you’re new to iPhone photography, here are some tips and tricks to get you started! Here’s a brief overview:

  1. You can control the exposure by tapping on areas of your screen to capture the photo, specifically by touching bright areas, your image will become darker, whereas by tapping on darker areas, your image becomes brighter!
  2. To lock exposure and focus into place, keep on holding the area of the photo that you would like to make brighter/darker, until ‘AE/AF’ appears. To unlock the exposure and focus, just tap on the screen again.
  3. The Rules of Thirds allows the image to be divided into 3 equal parts in vertical and horizontal position for composition purposes. You can do this on your iPhone by activating the grid lines by going into settings > camera > grid.
  4. Turn on HDR feature on your iPhone to process a higher and greater quality photo with attention to details, such as bright and dark areas in your photo and blend them together to create the best optimized image. To turn on this feature, go into settings > camera > auto HDR to have this feature on automatically before every shot you take. If you want to choose whether or not you need HDR, you can tap on the HDR button on the corner of your screen to select between the options.
  5. To create the panorama effect, set your photo to pano by swiping all the way to the right, and make sure to capture your image as smoothly as possibly by following the arrow. Don’t go too fast or too slow, but your iPhone will inform you if you are!
  6. Burst mode allows you to capture your best shots whenever there’s action and movement occurring in your images. You’re most likely to capture the clearest pictures since it allows you to take up to 10 photos within a second. To activate it, keep your finger pressed on the shutter button until you’re satisfied with your shots.
  7. Experiment by shooting from a low-angle, which can be achieved with the help of any of the iPhone tripods mentioned in this guide. This will bring in a new perspective and captivate your audience!
  8. You can use the volume up or down button on your iPhone to take a photo without having to touch your screen manually! If you have headphones plugged in, you can also press the volume up/down button to capture a photo. This helps eliminate or reduce camera shakiness!
  9. Use built-in filters in your camera to experiment with see them live while you’re shooting. Press on the 3 intertwined circles and choose between the filters to make your images much more fun!
  10. Don’t forget to keep it as simple as possible! The busier your photo is, the more distracting additional elements can be for the audience.

Apple has a wide video tutorial catalogue on how to use your iPhone! You can learn how to edit, shoot in slow-motion, panorama, and even during the golden hour. There’s a lot of more useful information compiled into short and easy to understand videos! I recommend checking them here out even if you consider yourself to be a rookie! You never know what you could end up learning.

The App store features endless apps that can help you capture stunning shots! You can shoot images and videos with the built-in camera app or you can download the ProCamera App from the App store for advanced DSLR-like professional photos and videos. I won’t lie, I sometimes leave my camera at home because this app has the features required to help me shoot some of my best shots.

It’s affordable and I don’t have to carry all of my bulky equipment (camera and lenses) to shoot! There are other apps out there that perform similarly but I found that this was the best one for it’s price point and extraordinary amounts of features, like manual control of shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and capture photos in many different formats!

I recommend watching this tutorial below on the best camera settings that will drastically improve the quality of the photos taken on your iPhone! There’s a ton of free useful information on YouTube so you don’t need to necessarily invest in a course to become a great iPhone photographer (unless, of course, you choose to do so) but, this channel offers an exceptional amount of useful resources so I recommend watching a few of their videos!


Place your iPhone on the tripod’s head by screwing it tightly on the tripods’ head mounting platform. Balance the legs of the tripod on the surface on which you want to place the iPhone. Make sure that it has found its balancing point or center of gravity. After that, take your picture or video.

Double major in Engineering and Geology at the University of Minnesota. Experienced shooter & hunter for over 15 years. Certified NRA officer for over 10 years working as a writer at Ballachy.com .

It would be best if you had a specific tripod that is designed for the iPhone. The iPhone only fits on those tripods, which are designed for it precisely because the iPhone will not get attached to the head of other tripods. The cheap tripods don’t allow you to change the tripod head; that is why they are cheap. Expensive tripods allow you to change the tripod head.

Double major in Engineering and Geology at the University of Minnesota. Experienced shooter & hunter for over 15 years. Certified NRA officer for over 10 years working as a writer at Ballachy.com .

The answer depends on the type of photography. If you are going to take photos of dynamic subjects, then use a ball head as it is more convenient for taking pictures of moving objects. A pen head tripod is more suitable for static photography. Make sure to decide that, for which purpose you want to buy a tripod stand.

Double major in Engineering and Geology at the University of Minnesota. Experienced shooter & hunter for over 15 years. Certified NRA officer for over 10 years working as a writer at Ballachy.com .

Final Words

With Apple significantly improving the built-in camera features, it’s surprising that many people don’t use a tripod for their iPhone while shooting videos or taking pictures! Thankfully with iPhone tripods, you aren’t required to shell out a fortune since several iPhone tripods are quite affordable and extremely well-built!

iPhone tripods are extremely useful and super compact so you can keep one in your bag or car and use it while you’re outdoors. They set up within a few seconds and are incredibly lightweight, so they don’t feel like a burden while you’re taking them along on a hike or a trip! So to recap, the top 3 best iPhones tripods are the Ballachy 56-Inch Tripod with Bag for being extremely lightweight, but holds a maximum capacity of 7 lb/3.2 kg.

While it’s a full-size tripod, it can be used for iPhones and DSLRs/mirrorless cameras so it’s an incredible value! The second on the list is the UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Tripod, which is a great option for vloggers and Youtubers! The adjustable legs can be wrapped around different objects and revert back to its original shape.

As for the third option, the Fotopro Phone Tripod 39.5-Inch for its compact and sturdy features. Overall, all of the options are excellent and include a smartphone adapter so you don’t have to purchase one separately! Your iPhone tripod is ready to go with you everywhere without requiring any further assembly!

Shooting with your iPhone is quite fun, convenient as you’ll most likely always have it on you no matter the scenario, and allows you to explore your photography style. Go out and get shooting, you’ll never know what you discover!

Double major in Engineering and Geology at the University of Minnesota. Experienced shooter & hunter for over 15 years. Certified NRA officer for over 10 years working as a writer at Ballachy.com .

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