7 Best Hard Cases For Scoped Rifles

It is not strange or unusual to have cases designed to store gadgets or equipment for safekeeping or long-term storage. Rifles are not exempted from this crusade. Regardless of what you use your rifle for, whether as a marksman, a tactical shooter, or a hunter, you want to ensure your rifle is kept in good condition, finely ready for the next usage.

In this wise, gun cases are an essential tool to take care of your scoped rifle properly. Rifle cases are designed to protect your weapon from dings, scratches, corrosion, or theft. In their understanding of various limitations available in your weapon’s storage and travel options, the gun industries have healthily responded to the consumers’ varying needs.

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case

In our review of gun cases, we find the Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST – 40x12x4 inches the best choice because of its anti-corrosion technology, smart storage design, coupled with convoluted foam padding. This case also has four locking points for secure closure, and it’s made with polypropylene material. To have all these features combined in a rifle case is surpassing.

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST – 40 x 12 x 4 in. Hard Gun Case with Zerust Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition, Firearm Storage Accessory
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The hard plastic exterior of the case protects your firearms from hard impact and general wear-and tear. Convoluted foam inside provides additional support – the interior foam padding insulates the guns against shock due to falls.

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Nevertheless, choosing the best cases for your scoped rifle may be challenging, considering the myriads of options out there. Hence, we have compiled a guide to help you navigate precisely through the best hard cases for scoped rifles available for whatever needs you require one, but our guide begs the question: why best hard cases for a scoped rifle?

First off, getting the perfect rifle is one thing; keeping it safe cannot be overemphasized because your choice of a case will go a long way to determine your firearm’s lifespan. There are two types of rifle case: soft case and hard case. A sharp distinction between both is seen in the fact that hard cases are made from durable plastics and metals, which offer tough outer shell protection for your gun.

Getting the perfect hard case for your scoped rifle here are our top three best hard cases for scoped rifles.

More so, it is designed with a foam interior lining for keeping your firearm secure. On the other hand, soft rifle cases are made from fabrics that are flexible yet durable. It’s like a mixture of nylon and ripstop materials; besides, they are designed with inside linings made of soft padding. Generally, hard rifle cases provide more protection than soft rifle cases. The best hard cases for scoped rifles offer secure impact protection for your gun and can meet specific requirements, such as locking mechanism and the purpose of transporting your firearm.

For instance, if you are going to travel on a rocky for a long-distance, you want to protect your gun from dings and scrapes, and at the same time, preserve its functionality; then, a hard case is the best option for you.

Features of Hard Cases

Now before you get to invest in a hard case for your rifle, there are specific features of hard case you must be aware of; they include:

Latches and Pressure Valve

A regular hard rifle case would have latches that are dependable and easy to close and open. They also hold tight under impact and even pressure. If you were to travel by air or move to a higher elevation, you need to bother about air pressure. The best hard cases for a scoped rifle can be airtight when closed. Therefore, at a higher elevation, the inside pressure within the case becomes greater than the external air. 

That is not suitable for your gun, except there is a pressure equalizer valve that is essential for your rifle’s safekeeping. This feature defends vital gear and as well as easy usage.

Handles and Wheels

A hard case for your scoped rifle can be quite heavy. I mean, do the maths: a hard rifle case can weigh as high as 20 lbs. Say your scoped rifle is between 7 lb. and 10 lb., which is the average weight. Add these together, and you’re looking at 34 to 40 pounds weight. That could prove really challenging when you have to move it over a distance. Hence, you want to ensure the case has heavy-duty handles – a carrying one and a towing one.

Also, a case with a ball bearing wheels will play a huge role in easy transportation. For safety purposes, that is, to prevent it from theft, some cases have twin mating hasp holes designed and placed on the case’s rim, allowing for the possible attachment of padlocks.

Foam padding

Generally, hard rifle cases can come with any of these three different types of foam padding:

Pluckable Foam: Just like the name implies, it comes with pre-perforated foam sheets that provide you with the access to pluck out small squares of the foam, consequently to provide a custom fit for the profile of your scoped (and) rifle.

Egg Crate Foam: This, unlike the former, does not come with customization. However, it is designed with a one-sided convoluted surface that gives you room to place your scope and rifle securely in the case. The convoluted surface is usually both on the upper and lower sheets.

Customizable Foam: Like the pluckable foam, this affords you the right of customization. The customizable foam is more like a plain sheet of foam that you are expected to cut into a custom fit for your rifle profile and scope. Don’t fret, it’s actually quite easy to do, and when done correctly, you have a fantastic-looking foam padding that would provide maximum protection for your rifle.

Crushproof and Watertight

The best hard cases for a scoped rifle are made with materials such as rugged Copolymer-Polypropylrnr and are differently rated in their waterproof and dustproof status. In other words, your hard rifle case must be waterproof, dustproof, and as well crushproof. This hard case feature protects your rifle from stacking, dropping, moisture, and high impacts. If you check inside the case, it has a huge space that allows you to carry a few accessories alongside.

10 Best Hard Cases for Scoped Rifles ( Reviewed)

Four Hard Shell Singles

1. Vault By Pelican V770 – V770 Single Rifle Case With Foam (Black)

Vault by Pelican – V770 Single Rifle Case with Foam (Black)
  • RUGGED PROTECTION: Crushproof high-impact polymer, heavy duty handles, push button latches and stainless steel lock hasps for the ultimate in affordable firearms protection
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Cases are sealed against moisture and dust for long-term confidence in harsh conditions


  • Dimensions: 51.47 x 13.15 x 6.65 inches
  • Weight: 16.09 pounds

The Pelican Vault V770 is a single rifle case that is built to protect and transport rifles. Imagine you have to move to another city for a job or vacation, how would it feel having to drop your rifle at home because you are concerned about how fragile and delicate some parts are. With this rifle case, your rifle is protected from those impacts.

This rifle case features a high impact polymer and five layers of protective foam, which assures you of maximum protection of your scope during those trips or when taking a walk from your hunt. It also offers four stainless steel lock hasps, which serve as additional security to the case. The high impact polymer exterior is closed using a closure method of latches; push bitten latches. In harsh weather conditions, the casing is built to be dustproof and water-resistant.

It allows you to seal against moisture and dust even for a long period, and this is another confidence of its extreme durability. Another reason why you would love this case is its low price compared to other Pelican cases. Being cheap doesn’t make it lesser in standard to other casing of its type; it’s just a way of making sure you get good value for your money. A limitation is that if you own more than a rifle, you might need to get another, as this case can only take one per time.

best hard cases for scoped rifles

2. Flambeau Outdoors 6500ar Tactical Gun Case With Zerust – 40x12x4 In

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST – 40 x 12 x 4 in. Hard Gun Case with Zerust Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition, Firearm Storage Accessory
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The hard plastic exterior of the case protects your firearms from hard impact and general wear-and tear. Convoluted foam inside provides additional support – the interior foam padding insulates the guns against shock due to falls.
  • ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Includes an anti-corrosion Zerust tab that releases a corrosion inhibiting vapor that forms a protective layer on metal to stop rust. Provides a minimum of 5 years of protection.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

The Flambeau Outdoor 6500AR is a budget price rifle case that serves you an easy and secure way to transport and store your rifle.  The rifle case offers foam inserts that can be adapted to suit your needs in a rifle case. In addition to that, the Velcro adjustable straps to hold the rifle and other accessories instead of padding foams alone like most rifle cases.

The rifle case is furnished with storage accessories to keep your accessories organized. It features a Zerust anti-corrosion technology that influences the discharging of corrosion inhibiting vapor. This vapor prevents rusting through a protective layer that is formed when the vapor is released. The Flambeau Outdoor 6500AR features a latch to keep the case closed and four padlock tabs to guard your rifle and keep secure against theft. The case is TSA and airline approved.

Flambeau offers a fairly good rifle case for the price. The case does its job of transport over a short distance, which is common with many buyers and also storage, so you could go with this if you are on a low budget.

best hard cases for scoped rifles

3. Pelican Storm Im3410 Rifle Case With Foam (Black)

Pelican Storm iM3410 Rifle Case with Foam (Black)
  • Rugged case: rugged, Waterproof protection that delivers crushproof and dustproof protection for your rifle, shotgun, camera, electronics, and other equipment
  • FEATURES: Made from lightweight strong HPX resin, five press & pull latches, three double-layered, soft-grip handles, O-ring watertight seal, four pad lockable hasps, automatic pressure equalization valve (balances interior pressure, keeps water out)


  • Dimensions: 54.50 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 21.5 pounds

The Pelican Storm iM3410 rifle case is also one of the trusted hard cases from Pelican. The case is made from lightweight, strong HPX resin. This case comes with a special press and pulls latches, unlike the push-button latches of the Vault V770. The case features five press and pulls latch locks automatically can be opened with a light touch. This is one good case with enough space for your gun, ammunition, and other accessories.

This case is primarily designed for you if you’re one who is a bit worried about protecting your long-range rifle. The case features four pad-lockable hasps that are enough to secure your rifle in the event of thieves. The pelican storm im3410 offers you two buying options. You can choose between interior options of no foam or Solid layer soft foam, depending on your preference.

This case uses a Vortex equalization valve that allows moisture escape and releases air pressure, thereby balancing interior pressure and making it easy to close the latches. Also, being o-ring sealed makes the case watertight, crushproof, and impact resistant. Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.


4. Plano Gun Case, Scoped Rifle Shotgun Hard Case

Gun Case, Scoped Rifle Shotgun Hard Case ~ Hunting, Shooting Practice, Storage ~ Lockable and Airline TSA Approved
  • High-end security features to keep firearms safe and damage-free
  • Thick-walled construction with Plano’s crush-resistant PillarLock system for keeping firearms safe


  • Dimensions: 52 x 3.75 x 9.25 inches
  • Weight: 9.1 pounds

Suppose you’re one that desires adequate protection for your rifle at a pocket-friendly price. This case offers you jaw-dropping features with excellent security, which ordinarily cannot be gotten for such amount as it is sold. It offers a thick-walled design and a patented pillar lock system that makes it crush resistant. The Plano ProMax rifle case also four latches and pad-lockable tabs to provide maximum security for your rifle.

It features a non-customizable high-density, interlocking foam type, which does an excellent job of preventing scratches and scuffs to your gun. This foam can also be referred to as egg crate foam as it’s designed as shell halves. The Molded handle allows easy carrying as it fits around your fingers. This rifle case is a single rifle case meaning there isn’t enough room for two rifles, but it still provides enough room for additional accessories coupled with the long hunting rifle.

This rifle case is also TSA airline approved, so it is deemed fit to withstand any hardship that can be encountered while traveling. However, a limitation as compared to several rifle cases is that this rifle case is not water-resistant. This could be a major disadvantage in rainy weather. It also does not come with wheels.

best hard cases for scoped rifles

Three Hard Shell Doubles

1. Boyt H-Series Hard-Sided Travel Case

Boyt H51 Double Long Gun Case
  • Four all-steel powder coated draw latches, customizable foam, ball bearing wheels, steel hinge pins, pressure relief valve, two carry handles and padlock compatible
  • Collapsible over-molded comfort grip handles


  • Dimensions: 51 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds

The Boyt H51 rifle case is another double scoped rifle case that can conveniently accommodate two long scoped rifle together. Like the Boyt Harness company known for its exceptional hard rifle cases, this isn’t any different. This Boyt H51 rifle case is constructed with a rugged 120D no-break polypropylene seal. It also offers four padlock compatible tabs
The rifle case offers you a collapsible, comfort grip handle that can be folded down when the rifle case is required for either storage or transport.

It features four steel powder coated draw latches to keep your gear secure. These latches can also be replaced if the need arises. Another feature is the ball bearing wheels coupled with carrying handles, which easily affords you the luxury of moving this rifle case. It is also O-ring sealed, which helps keep your rifle case protected from dust and water.

It features a pressure relief valve with which the interior pressure can be balanced.  You can be assured to get value on the money paid for this case, down to the last penny. The rifle case is TSA and airline approved, showing it meets up with the required standard. The Boyt H51 rifle case comes with a lifetime warranty.


2. Vault By Pelican – V800 Double Rifle Case With Foam (Black)

Vault by Pelican – V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam (Black)
  • Pelican is dedicated to growing globally by providing quality products and services that add value to our customers
  • Pelican’s Vision: Protecting all that you value


  • Dimensions: 53 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 24.95 pounds

The Pelican Vault V800 is a double rifle case built with durability in mind. This case offers a crushproof high impact polymer exterior, which makes it resistant to high impacts and more rugged, assuring you of protection for your rifle via any transport medium. It offers six push-button latches for secure closure and also eases in opening the case. The vault offers an additional security measure of four stainless steel lock hasps.

This vault could be a bit more preferred by you if you were disappointed by the other Pelican cases’ Inability to carry two rifles at once. This one allows you to carry two scoped rifles with complete ease and confidence. It also offers you five layers of protective foam, all in a bid to secure your scopes.

The rifle case is designed to provide you enough convenience with the handles and wheels. This allows you to move the vault despite the full weight it carries easily. In case you’re considering a case suitable for both transport and storage, then you can spend your money on this rifle case.


3. Flambeau Outdoors 6499nz Safe Shot Double Gun Case – 52.375 In X 12.75 In X 4.3 In. Rifle/Shotgun Case, Firearm Storage Accessory

Flambeau Outdoors 6499NZ Safe Shot Double Gun Case – 52.375 in. x 12.75 in. x 4.3 in. Rifle / Shotgun Case, Firearm Storage Accessory
  • DOUBLE GUN STORAGE: The Safe Shot Double Gun Case features a spacious design that allows you to safely and easily house two rifles or shotguns as well as their scopes.
  • SECURE CLOSURES: This Flambeau Outdoors gun case is designed with four locking points. The multiple lock system includes 4 lock hasps and 4 latches that keep your firearms safe and secure, even during transport.


  • Dimensions: 52.375 x 12.75 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.89 pounds

The Flambeau cases are built to keep your rifle in a perfect condition to perform at its best always. The Flambeau Outdoors 6499NZ provides you with a spacious design that allows you to store two of your rifle guns securely and conveniently. Similar to some rifle cases, the Flambeau Outdoor rifle case uses a multiple lock system that includes four loch hasps and four latches. This is more than enough to keep your rifle protected and secure.

The hard plastic exterior of this rifle case allows your rifle to be protected from impacts, which in turn might lead to damage to your rifle. It also features convoluted foam, which provides additional support within the case; it serves as insulation for the guns. However, this case isn’t suitable for protecting your rifles from massive impacts. This rifle case is built using lightweight materials, making it easy to carry and move from one location to another where it is needed.

It also features a handle with a comfortable grip, all in a bid to provide you enough convenience as the need arises to transport your rifle. Although the Flambeau Outdoor is water-resistant, it isn’t waterproof, meaning the case can resist water penetration to some degree but not entirely. Due to this, there is the possibility of water seeping through.

Although this case is lockable, it is not airline compliant. This rifle case can provide you average protection for your rifle but isn’t the best. You might want to consider it if you do not intend to invest a lot of money.

best hard cases for scoped rifles


With features like interior padding, which helps to insulate your gun, and a hard outer shell, a hard riddle case might be the proper choice for your rifle. This is especially true if you are going on a long-distance journey or intend to store your firearm for a long time. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a hard case rifle, the vital features to consider are waterproof protection, reinforced locking points, crushproof construction, layered foam inserts, and wheels for easy transportation. These features are important for secure impact protection for your rifle.

Unlike hard rifle cases, soft cases are often easier to manage and less heavy, making it easier to carry, but the level of protection they offer is way less than hard rifle cases. Some soft cases are designed simply to serve as cushions for your rifle when it is not in use. Protection from severe impact, long-distance journeys, or long-time storage is not the goal here; guns can shift easily during transport. Generally, soft rifle cases are made for hunters because the protection and quiet operation they provide are just suitable for hunting operations.

Gun cases are designed to protect your firearm from physical damage and also to provide portability, especially in transit. Either the hard or soft case – whichever you choose – whether for heavy-duty protection or for hunting, respectively, the goal is to keep your firearm safe and transported easily. However, keeping your firearm in gun cases for a long period could be very damning. Your firearm runs the risk of rust from accumulated trapped moisture, consequently ruining the gun’s finish.

Final Words

Before visiting this content, I am very well assured that you have invested time and money in making the right choice for the best tactical rifle and scope for your need – either for hunting, competition, or tactical purpose.  For some, there are other accessories customized for your rifle into which they have invested money. But might I add that all of these preparations built into ensuring you have a great time out there in the field is not complete without the sense of keeping your firearm and its accessories safe for a long period and maximize its effectiveness?

The idea is to purchase an insulated and cushioned protective case to guarantee this safety. But more than just any case, this guide has shed more insight on hard cases, which are generally more suitable for keeping your scoped rifle safe for an extended period, especially if you are a mobile type.  That is, hard cases are better suitable to keep your rifle safe over a long-distant journey. Nevertheless, we have compiled a few hard rifle case singles and hard shells doubles.

If you are a serious shooter, just like any serious outfield enthusiast, you should know and understand the essence of taking good care of your equipment, and in this case, a hard case will do just that and more, if I might add.

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