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If you don’t use any lubrication on the metal parts of your firearm, they will rust over time. Best gun grease is the solution to this problem. It’s a simple and easy way to clean your gun without breaking a sweat or getting dirty hands.

Gun greases are designed for lubrication and protection against grit and corrosion in firearms that have moving parts. It’s an integral part of firearm maintenance because it prevents rusting or seizing up if moisture gets into your gun through dust or rain, which can happen when you’re out hunting or shooting on a range.

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Greasing can also help with accuracy when firing as well. The right amount of grease can reduce friction between moving parts which will improve consistency at longer distances. Plus, if we know anything about guns, they are made from metal, so greasing is necessary to keep rust. 

If you are in a hurry to purchase Best Gun Grease, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Gun Grease

Lucas Extreme Duty 4oz CLP 10915 - Grease Tube 10889 - Needle Oiler 10875
Lucas Extreme Duty 4oz CLP 10915 – Grease Tube 10889 – Needle Oiler 10875
Extreme Duty 4oz CLP #10915; Extreme Duty 1oz Needle Oiler #10875; Extreme Duty 1oz Gun Grease #10889
−$2.05 $21.38
Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Lubricant 1.5-Ounce Tube
Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Lubricant 1.5-Ounce Tube
USED: With complete safety worldwide since 1987
Tetra Gun Grease - 1 oz
Tetra Gun Grease – 1 oz
Great for protecting and lubricating your firearms; Applies quickly and easily; Reduces friction and wear

Gun greases are used to protect your firearm from oxidation and prevent excess wear. They come in various formulas, so it can be tough to find the best one for you. That’s why we decided to review the top five gun greases on the market today. 

5 Best Gun Grease (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Lucas Extreme Duty Grease Tube

Lucas Extreme Duty 4oz CLP 10915 - Grease Tube 10889 - Needle Oiler 10875
2,421 Reviews
Lucas Extreme Duty 4oz CLP 10915 – Grease Tube 10889 – Needle Oiler 10875
  • Extreme Duty 4oz CLP #10915
  • Extreme Duty 1oz Needle Oiler #10875

Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Grease is a heavy-duty, high-performance,  lithium complex grease that provides superior lubrication for firearms and other mechanisms. The package includes Lucas CLP,  Lucas Needle Oiler, and Lucas Gun Grease.  It is formulated with the highest quality base oils and special additives to provide maximum performance in extreme temperatures.

This gun grease is designed for all metal parts of a firearm, including trigger assemblies, bolts, screws, and other moving parts. It provides superior protection against moisture as well as prevents rusting during storage in humid conditions.

The formula is also designed to resist washout from waterfowl hunting. It’s even safe for use in saltwater environments and will not harm plastic or rubber gun parts. It’s ideal for use on firearms such as shotguns, rifles, or handguns exposed to harsh elements like rain, snow, and sand.

Best Gun Grease

2. Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease

Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Lubricant 1.5-Ounce Tube
2,031 Reviews
Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Lubricant 1.5-Ounce Tube
  • USED BY U.S. SPECIAL FORCES WORLDWIDE: TW25B is uniquely engineered, made in America and is used by U.S. Special Forces.
  • SUPER LUBRICATION and PROTECTION: Preferred lubricant on heavy weaponry, AR’s, all firearms, shotguns and handguns while protecting wear parts and bore.

Mil-Comm TW25B is a high-performance, extreme pressure lubricant that has been proven in the harshest environments. TW25B was developed by Mil-Comm exclusively for use by U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) and is now used worldwide in tactical weapons systems, all firearms, and shotguns.

 This mil-spec grease is formulated to provide optimum performance under the most demanding conditions, including dust, sand, rain, saltwater spray, and mud – all while resisting washout.

The grease was initially developed to meet the demanding requirements of military applications where temperatures can exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232°C). In addition to its high-temperature capabilities, Mil-Comm TW25B also provides exceptional water resistance and protection against corrosion.

The synthetic base oils used are non-detergent and will not thicken or become gummy due to high temperatures or exposure to solvents. This product can be used as a light rust preventative coating when applied to metal surfaces before storing.

Best Gun Grease

3. Tetra Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease - 1 oz
496 Reviews
Tetra Gun Grease – 1 oz
  • Great for protecting and lubricating your firearms
  • Applies quickly and easily

Tetra Gun Grease is a great way to protect and lubricate any firearm you own. Its formula is made to work with all types of weapons, from rifles to revolvers to shotguns. Tetra Gun Grease is a superior lubricant that provides excellent corrosion protection, even in the harshest environments. 

It will reduce friction and wear on your guns, making them last longer. This grease comes in a handy tube, so you can easily apply it to the moving parts of your weapon without getting it all over yourself. The Tetra Gun Grease is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. It’s also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it washing off when you clean your gun.

Best Gun Grease

4. Shooter’s Choice High Tech Grease

Shooter’s Choice High Tech Grease is the first high-performance lubricant that clings to metal surfaces, making it ideal for firearms. It provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection in all types of weather conditions. 

It outperforms other products because it forms a protective layer on metal that reduces friction and heat while increasing the speed at which your gun cycles. It means you can shoot longer without having to clean your firearm between shots.

It is the best high-tech grease for your firearms. The 10cc syringe makes it easy to apply, and there are no messes, even if you drop some on the floor. This product will protect your firearm from rust and corrosion while also reducing friction between moving parts. 

This high-tech grease will give you the protection you need without any nasty smells that come with other gun oils. The grease is water-resistant and offers superior rust protection when used on metal parts such as bolts, screws, and springs.

You can use this grease on all of your guns, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols, with excellent results. 

5. HOPPE’S Gun Grease

HOPPE'S Gun Grease, 1.75 oz
385 Reviews
HOPPE’S Gun Grease, 1.75 oz
  • Lubricates moving parts
  • Protects them from corrosion

Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil is a specially formulated, high-performance lubricant. It’s safe to use on all metals and synthetic materials, including the most sensitive polymers. Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil is an advanced formula that provides maximum lubrication and protection in extreme conditions.

This advanced formula is designed to be used in all types of firearms, including semi-automatics, lever-action rifles, pump actions, and shotguns. It can also be used on fishing reels and other tools exposed to the elements. Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil is perfect for use on all moving parts of a firearm. 

Hoppe’s Gun Grease protects against rust and corrosion on contact for one year. The unique formula stays where you put it to attract dust and dirt like ordinary cleaners. Hoppe’s Gun Grease has been tested to military specifications for performance in harsh environments.

Popular Gun Cleaning Agents

Gun oil-not a silicone and not graphite. The best is made from pure mineral products (like paraffin wax). It protects metal against corrosion and keeps the working parts free of dirt, as it has a thick consistency.

Silicone gun oil-Protects your weapon from moisture and leaves a thin layer on all surfaces it touches. Your long-term use will depend on the manufacturer and other materials they add. Still, the feel and texture while cleaning your gun. Silicone-based compounds are not meant for long-term storage due to their long persistence in the environment — you should make sure that silicone grease does not contain heavy metals like lead or mercury, or chromium VI.

Graphite grease- This one is suitable for moving parts, as it has a dense consistency and thick texture. It protects metal against corrosion and keeps the working parts free of dirt. The negative side is that graphite leaves carbon scratches on the surface of your gun, which makes it harder to clean next time. 

If you use graphite-based lubricant too often, you will be shocked if you try to clean your weapon from carbon residue — because this is what happens in real-life situations. Make sure not to mix them up with graphite-based lubes.

Silicone grease/plumber’s grease – can be very helpful in cold weather, but do not use them on your weapons; they leave carbon residue, and carbon is tough to remove later. Plumber’s grease is oily and slick like regular oils, so it does an excellent job against water and debris — but you should avoid using it on your gun for cleaning or lubricating.

Machine oil – this one works great for machine guns only. It has a thick texture and behaves the same way graphite greases do (carbon residue). While certainly not bad for long-term storage, it might lead to corrosion problems in the future if you don’t keep track of how often you clean your weapon. Use special care when handling machine oil because of its highly volatile nature. 

Heavy grease – this one is made from petroleum products and preservatives [beeswax or anti-corrosion additives]. It can be thin and sticky (which provides lubrication) or thick like machine oil. Use heavy grease on semi-automatic weapons that are prone to jamming — as it fills up tiny spaces. So it’s suitable for cold environments too. 

Avoid using heavy grease in hot areas because it doesn’t dry fast enough [it has a long persistence in the environment]. Keep an eye open for coolant additives, which prevent the grease from melting — as they can damage your firearm over time.

 Gun grease – this is a combination of light and heavy greases designed for maintenance and lubrication. It’s effective against corrosion (due to anti-corrosion additives) and temperature extremes, but it leaves carbon residue if not removed once in a while. You should always try to avoid mixing machine/gun oils with other types of greases — unless you have professional experience or are working on an antique weapon that might require special care due to its age.


Grease guns are a tool used to apply grease to various parts of a firearm. With the press of one button, they dispense lubricant through an injector inserted into the position you’re greasing. A grease gun ensures that no more than specified amounts of grease will be applied, and it can also be locked in place not to overshoot or under-grease a specific area. 

Grease guns are a standard tool in the automotive industry. They’re used to lubricate parts like hinges, locks, and other mechanisms that need it. You may not realize that your garage door needs grease until you start having trouble opening or closing it smoothly. It is one of many examples where a grease gun would be helpful.

Gun grease and gun oil are two of the most popular lubricants used to keep firearms in working order. Gun grease is often a combination of petroleum jelly, wax, mineral oil, or lard with additives such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide for added protection. The critical difference between gun grease and gun oil is that gun oils have thinner viscosity than greases, so they can be pumped through a firearm more easily and quickly while still providing adequate lubrication. 

Gun grease is a term that most people assume means gun oil. However, it’s a type of lubricating oil for firearms and other mechanisms. It can be made from any plant-derived or animal-based oils and fats. Still, the best ones are usually synthetic because they have low viscosity and high oxidation resistance to makes them more durable than natural oils like lard or even motor oil. 


There are many different brands of gun grease on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is best. We hope our review helps you find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a product that will last all season or just need something temporary until you get home from hunting camp, we’ve got your back.  

Keep in mind the features and lubricants types discussed when deciding what type of grease is right for you. If this article has been helpful to you, please share it with anyone who might benefit as well – whether they have guns or not.

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