Best Choke For Slugs

In hunting, hunters need the best they can get to make a successful hunt. Owning a gunshot is beautiful but it’s not enough for a hunter who needs to return home after every hunting game. To ensure more success, chokes were designed to increase the chances of hitting game at longer range with an adequate and effective spread.

Carlsons Winchester 12ga Rifled Choke (40040)
  • These precision Rifled Choke tubes are manufactured from 304 high stress stainless steel

A choke is a device fixed at the muzzle end of a gun that tightens your lead projectile and patterns its spread. Choke tubes afford a hunter, shotgun owner, or whoever is using a shotgun the opportunity to control or shape the spread of their shot when the trigger is pulled. The desired top performance of your shotguns to a large extent depends on the choke tube you have chosen. There are chokes designed for short distance targets and long-distance targets as well. Whichever a hunter chooses to use solely depends on his needs at the moment.

Chokes can either come together with your shotgun or not. External chokes are screwed into the barrel and can be interchanged at any time. It is not part of the gun. Internal chokes come fixed into the gun. Some are removable while others are not. When the internal choke is suitable for the kind of hunting you are embarking on, do well to use it, otherwise, change it to a more suitable one.

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With the technological advancement in place these days, there is hardly any shotgun designed without interchangeable chokes. The most common types of choke tubes that come with modern shotguns are the cylinder bore choke, skeet choke, improved cylinder choke, modified improved choke, and the full choke. 

The availability of Interchangeable chokes gives a hunter the opportunity of using a shotgun for different hunting experiences. You don’t need to own different shotguns for specific hunting. With chokes, you can do different hunting with the same gun. All you have to do is just change the choke to match the hunting conditions that particular hunting requires.

Here are our top three reliable and durable best choke for slugs

Top 3 Best Choke for Slugs

Carlsons Winchester 12ga Rifled Choke (40040)
These precision Rifled Choke tubes are manufactured from 304 high stress stainless steel; Right hand rifle twist, which is a 1 in 35
Carlson’s Choke Tubes 25511 Extended Sporting Clays for Beretta/Benelli Mobil,Black
Fits beretta/Benelli mobil 12 Gauge choke Systems; Cylinder/.725 constriciton; Made from 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel with non-glaze matte finish
−$5.90 $39.05

Before we go further to know the best choke for slugs, it will be important to know the different types of choke so it will be easy for you to identify when you see them. It will be difficult to identify the choke best suited for your shotgun if you don’t know what it looks like or the features that differentiate one choke from another. Choke is not just Choke, they have specific occasions where they are used and they serve different purposes.

Types Of Choke

Four types of choke can be used on your shotgun:

Full choke 

This is the most constricted choke. It has a tight constriction which allows for longer shots. This type of choke is a very good option for sport shooting and competitions because, with it, a shot goes a far distance before spreading. Full chokes are good for hunting waterfowl, wild turkey, wood pigeons e.t.c using a full choke for short distance targets might not turn out well, there’s a possibility of missing your target. The full choke can deliver an ideal range between 55 to 65 yards. It’s a long-distance shot cooling-range

Modified choke 

Modified chokes have moderate constriction and it is the most used by hunters because of its versatile purpose. It produces a long-range but not as long as the full choke. The modified choke can fire a hot within the range of 45 to 55 yards.

Improved cylinder choke

The improved cylinder chokes are slightly constricted and are better for short-range targets. When using this choke, the tightness of the gunshot is increased by only 10%. They are more open than the modified choke and tend to spread your shot fast. The distance at which the improved cylinder choke can go is within the range of 30 to 40 yards.

Cylinder bore choke

This is also known as “unconstricted choke”. They allow free passage of slugs and pallets because of their openness. They are used within short ranges and for short targets because the shot spreads faster than all other types of choke. They are best for fast-moving targets, quail hunting, or skeet competition because of their easier widespread. The cylinder bore choke is of the same constriction with the full length of the barrel thus, it provides little or no tightness for the shot pattern. Its estimated distance ranges from 20 to 30 yards.

It is pertinent to understand which type of choke goes better with the kind of hunting you want to do so you can improve your accuracy for more hits. Having known the different types of chokes, let’s consider the best choke for slugs.

Best Choke for Slugs

Slugs do not require very constricted chokes because the diameter of slugs is wide enough. Choosing a very constricted choke will be equivalent to planning for the worst and patiently waiting for disaster to strike. The diameter of most slugs is usually wider than the choke. For instance, it will be like passing a donkey from the eyes of a needle.

The best choke for slugs is the cylinder bore and improved cylinder choke. Reason being that the chokes are wide enough to allow the free passage of slugs. To identify these kinds of chokes, they are usually asterisks or dots to indicate which is which. The cylinder bore chokes have five asterisks or dots, depending on the product and whatever sign they choose to represent it with. The improved cylinder chokes have four asterisks or dots.

Some people suggested that the modified chokes can also be used for slugs but it is highly not advisable to try or even use them. For safety purposes, the modified chokes are not an option. Its constriction will either bring damage to the gunshot or a fatal injury to the user. Using this type of choke for slugs will result in forcing the slug through the choke which will give a negative outcome.

When choosing a slug choke, do well to check the constriction to see that you are making the right choice. A good slug tube helps one to control the pattern of your gunshot and as well, improve the accuracy.

Shooting slugs are known to create a powerful and deadly impact on whatever the target might be if only you can target properly. Because of the gravity of impact that slugs have on hitting a target, it is said to be very useful for home defense. If used for home defense and the shooter aims properly, there’s a tendency for a drop-dead effect on whatever the target is.

Because the best chokes for slug– cylinder bore choke and improved cylinder choke are for short-range targets, shooting slugs cannot offer you accuracy for a long-shot target.

It is important to note that the higher the constriction on your choke tube, the farther your shot can go and the more impact it will have on your target. This is because your shot goes far before spreading. 

For a hunter to fully know the best choke suitable for particular hunting, he might need to test the accuracy and distance in an open and safe place. They can use a very thick plated wood with the center marked as the target. This will allow them the opportunity to fully know the best choke for their hunting.

Importance of a Choke Tube

  • Choke tubes help hunters and sport shooters to manage the distribution and accuracy of their shots when the trigger is pulled.
  • It creates a more dense impact on a target. With choke tubes, the impact of your shot becomes deeper than it would have been. It is said that chokes improve penetration into a hit target by 20%
  • It increases the chances of a game at a longer range.
  • It also increases the chances of hitting a game at a shorter range using the suitable choke for short distance ranges.
  • It helps people to properly defend themselves in a case of an emergency that needs self-defense. Due to the high compact and dense spread that these chokes offer, one can defend themselves with their shotgun/ firearm when the need arises without necessarily waiting for help.
  • It saves hunters some cost as one shotgun can be used on several occasions by just interchanging the chokes.
  • It is a necessity for sport shooting competitions since they aim at a very long distance.

5 Best Choke for Slugs (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Carlson’s 40040 Rifled Choke Tube

Carlsons Winchester 12ga Rifled Choke (40040)
  • These precision Rifled Choke tubes are manufactured from 304 high stress stainless steel
  • Right hand rifle twist, which is a 1 in 35


  • Dimensions: 4×2×2 inches
  • Weight:  0.1 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

The Carlson’s 40040 rifled choke tube is made from a high stainless-steel whose range is 304. The stainless steel made it rust and corrosion-resistant. 

You don’t have to worry about wear and tear because this choke tube got that covered. The Carlson’s 40040 rifled choke tube is best used with Browning, Winchester, and Mossberg hunting shotguns. It is ideal for shooting slugs because of its little or no constriction. 

It has a right-hand rifle twist of 3.5 and a groove diameter of 0.730 of an inch 12 gauge. Each of the choke protrusions when fixed to a shotgun ranges from 0.625 to 1.3 inches, depending on the type of shotgun it was fixed to.


2. Patternmaster Anaconda Choke Tube

Remington Rem Choke 12 GA. Extended Bundle (Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full) Steel or Lead
  • Remchoke interchangeable choke System
  • Predator extended/ported choke tube 


  • Dimensions: 7.44 x 3.78 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight: 0.06 Kilograms
  • Material: Stainless steel

The Patternmaster Anaconda Choke Tube is made of stainless steel and is compatible with varieties of the 12 gauge shotguns such as Browning standard, Remington Rem Choke, Mossberg, and Benelli/ Beretta shotguns. 

It has a coil zone channel that spins in a negative twist. This twist stabilizes slugs and keeps the tube tightly in the barrel. Its improved cylinder choke is ideal for shooting slugs with a distance of about 40 yards. It has a gas constriction technology within the patented coil zone.


3. Carlson’s 12-Gauge Sporting Clay Choke Tube

Carlson’s Choke Tubes 25511 Extended Sporting Clays for Beretta/Benelli Mobil,Black
  • Fits beretta/Benelli mobil 12 Gauge choke Systems
  • Cylinder/.725 constriciton


  • Dimensions:7.64×3.58×1.26 inches
  • Weight: 0.08 pounds
  • Material: Steel

Carlson’s 12-Gauge Sporting Clay Choke Tube is perfect for 12-gauge shotguns such as Beretta/Benelli Mobil and other shots such as Lead, Nickel, Copper plated, Bismuth, etc.

It comes in six varieties like the improved cylinder, improved modified, full choke, improved cylinder extra-full choke, and improved modified choke tubes. 

The 12-gauge sporting clay choke tube is made from heat-treated stainless steel.  This brand of choke is probably the idea choke you are looking for. The fact that it comes in six varieties is amazing. 

It means the manufacturer has you in mind and that’s why they set out to meet your hunting needs by designing and making available varieties of choke. 

No doubt, the Carlson’s 12 gauge sporting clay choke tube is one of the best choke any hunter can dream of. It’s actually cost friendly, so you can  conveniently own one or more for a happy and fulfilled hunting at the end of the day.


4. Remington Rem Choke Extended Tube


  • Dimensions:6.54×4.72×1.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.21 kilograms
  • Material: Steel

This choke tube is the best choice for hunters because it offers three interchangeable chokes in one shotgun. 

The Remington Rem Choke Extended Tube comes in different types such as improved cylinder, full choke, and modified cylinder. 

It is very ideal for slug shooting because of the cylinder and improved cylinder choke. It is made. From stainless steel and can withstand corrosion and rust. 

This choke tube has an extra 0.670 inches constriction and is compatible with Remington 870 shotguns.


5. Carlson’s 20 Gauge Rifled Choke Tube


  • Dimensions:4×2×2 inches
  • Weight:1 pound
  • Material: Steel

The Carlson’s 20 Gauge Rifled Choke Tube protrudes between 0.625 to 1.3 inches, depending on the shotgun it was fixed to. 

It is made from 304 high-stress steel and is compatible with Beretta/ Benelli Mobil 20-Gauge tubes. 

This choke is suitable for slug shooting and it provides hunters and shooters a better accuracy and damage. The thickness of the stainless steel which it’s made of can stand wear and tear.



A slug can be shot out of a choke depending on the type of choke. The cylinder and improved cylinder chokes are the best for slugs because they can travel freely through the choke. Chokes such as the full choke and modified choke cannot perform this slug function due to the high constriction.

The modified choke is less constricted than the full choke but for safety purposes, it’s not advisable to use it because it’s still too narrow for slugs to pass through.

Firing a slug through a full choke is a dangerous adventure that could lead to a fatal accident. A full choke is fully constricted and as such, slugs are bigger than the choke and cannot pass through the choke. Firing a slug through a full choke will cause damage to the shotgun or a serious accident to the shooter. So, no, you cannot fire a slug through a full choke because the Slugs don’t have a good passage that can facilitate this.


Slug tubes are very ideal for hunters who are tired of average hunting experiences and want to improve in their hunting. It is also good for hunters who seek to return with a game after every hunt. The different types of choke are all designed to satisfy this desire. It is dependent on the hunter to make the best choice and do well to aim properly.

Just as shotguns are of different sizes, it is important to note that slug chokes are also of different sizes. The different sizes of these chokes depend on the manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different shotguns in mind while manufacturing chokes. Pick the choke that best suits your shotgun and experience a difference in hunting.