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4 Best Bird Feeder Poles

Birds are creatures that provide the best sights, whether watching them at the park or even in the wild. You could also have your own bird watching site in your backyard, and you could enjoy the experience whenever you can. These creatures provide you with a peaceful and relaxed experience. They are also one of the best inclusions for your backyard improvement.

You could have several bird feeders set up in your backyard, and you will be able to host numerous types of birds all through. You see, you don’t have to leave your home for the perfect bird watching experiences but can instead have them come to you. You just have to get the feeders set up at appropriate areas in your backyard and fill them up with seeds, then the birds will visit your backyard any other time. The feeders are to be filled with a variety of bird seeds most of the time to get the best results.

Setting up your bird feeders all through the backyard will attract the birds, as well as other animals. The most common and stubborn animal that will frequent your backyard too is the squirrels. The squirrels tend to eat up the entire bird feed that you have in the feeders, and this leaves nothing for the birds whenever they visit.

Other animals that will prevent you from having the perfect experience are the raccoons and deer. This is why there is a system that can be installed to keep the bird seeds away from such animals when you have feeders in your backyard.

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A bird feeder pole is a perfect inclusion that will ensure that the feeders are only accessed with the birds alone. The poles hold the feeders at a high position away from the animals that spend most of their time on the ground. For those that can climb up the poles, there are structures that make this impossible and thus effectively keeping them away from the feeders and allowing the birds only to access them.

The bird feeders should be positioned in your backyard in an appropriate position. It should be free from areas that are accessed by most animals that would make birds uncomfortable as the animals might be a threat to them. Thus they would shun from coming to your feeders even if there are a lot of seeds for them to eat.

The height of the feeder determines the practicality and functionality that you get from that particular feeder when you have it installed in your backyard. You could have one that ranges in between the heights of 2 feet and 9 feet, either of this will work. You just have to consider the position in the yard that you want to have the feeder set up.

It should be high enough to attract the birds and also prevent the disruption from other creatures and also other features such as the roof and the gutter of the house. This provides the bird with safe feeding time, and it won’t get bothered with anything that is close by. This ends up attracting the birds more and more as long as you refill the feeders with bird seeds regularly. If you let them die down, the birds can visit and will obviously be disappointed because there is nothing left for them to feast on.

You should also know that some species of birds are much comfortable feeding from bird feeders that are located at lower heights. They are not comfortable when the feeders are located too high. This exposes them to the risk of other predators that might be roaming at the high altitudes.

Top Three Bird Feeder Poles

bird feeder pole

The variety of options of feeder poles that you can get

Just like bird feeders, the feeder poles also come through a variety of options for you to choose from. If you created a hobby out of hosting birds and watch them eat, you would have to choose between the following types of feeder poles to work with;

Wooden and metallic feeder poles

Wooden poles provide you with an attractive and stylish pole that would be the perfect inclusion for your backyard fashion-wise. On the other hand, the metallic poles provide you with simple installation experience. They can also be stylish and the perfect match for the style you want your backyard to have. Wooden poles may appear to be blockier than the metallic ones, and you will have a difficult time installing them.

Simple vs. Multi-Functioning

Most birdwatchers enjoy the simplicity that comes with a one-armed pole, this will regulate the birds that will visit your backyard. You could opt for a different pole, one that will guarantee accommodation for many feeders on one pole, this will work to attract more of the birds that you may be able to attract to your yard.

Other types of feeder poles that you might have to choose from vary in their diameter as well as extra functionalities. For instance, some have mechanisms that prevent interruptions from pests and other stubborn animals that will be in your backyard when the birds want to eat off your feeders. Such would be ideal to go for because they are functional and provide you with the results that you may be seeking for your bird watching experience.

The Best Bird Feeder Poles in the market

1. Ashman Deluxe Bird feeding Station

Ashman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station (1 Pack) Bird Feeders for Outside - Multi Feeder Pole Stand Kit with 4 Hangers, Bird Bath and 3 Prong Base for Attracting Wild Birds - 22 Inch Wide x 92 Inch Tall.
2,903 Reviews
Ashman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station (1 Pack) Bird Feeders for Outside – Multi Feeder Pole Stand Kit with 4 Hangers, Bird Bath and 3 Prong Base for Attracting Wild Birds – 22 Inch Wide x 92 Inch Tall.
  • ✅ Premium Design: Rust resistant, sturdy steel pole stands 91 inches tall and 22 inches wide. Easily adjust the bird feeding bowl or mesh tray to any desired position by loosening and tightening wing nuts by hand. No tools are required! Forked base prong adds stability and allows easy arrangement. Just attach the pole stabilizer then step down to the plant. Mesh tray and water bowl detach for easy cleaning. *Bird feeders are sold separately*
  • ✅Entertaining: Attract a wide variety of birds by offering a diverse array of bird food in different types of feeders. Additional water cup provides everything birds need to make your feeding station their daily destination. Place it outside your home near a window or by your patio or deck and have a clear viewing angle to hours of consistent and delightful entertainment.


  • Length: 91 inches 
  • No. of feeders: 4 main hooks for the feeders

This is a bird feeder pole that provides you with a wholly unique experience that is guaranteed with its design. It works to attract different types of birds to your station, and you will have the best experience when you are out birdwatching.

It comes across with just the perfect height that keeps the bird predators away. It is much taller than other alternatives. It is designed with a perfect support system that makes it reliable and durable. It provides you with different feeding stations that are located at the best spots that will provide the bird with comfortable feeding time. You could also customize the feeder system to fit the design that you want from it.

You can take advantage of its versatility, which is ensured by the multiple options you can set up the feeders. The couple of hooks that are in place offer you a stylish way to hang the feeders. It might also be the perfect inclusion that will work on decorating your backyard as you want it to be.

best bird feeder poles

2. Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set


  • Length: 92 inches
  • No. of feeders: 8

This is a perfect feeder pole that will guarantee to keep away harmful and stubborn animals like the squirrel. It does this through a set of features that make it almost impossible for the squirrels to even climb up and get to the feeders.

Unlike most feeder poles, it does not get affected with the weight at the top, and rarely will it bend or wobble when there is too much weight exerted at the top. It is a strong and sturdy feeder pole that is highly reliable and durable.

It provides you with the best experience when you want to enjoy birdwatching with the least interruptions from squirrels and raccoons. It is fitted with a mechanism that guarantees this-a stopper baffle that is conical and makes the whole setup squirrel proof.

The steel pole is strong enough to accommodate seamless numbers of feeders at the top. You can have more than four feeders hanging from this pole quite comfortably.

This is a simple feeder pole, but it has the most practical and functional features that make it worth going for. It is also an excellent way that will be decorative to your backyard.

The fact that it is made from metal makes it easy ro cleaned and thus maintains that neat look that you want your garden to have. It is resistant to elements that cause rust on the steel and thus makes it a favorite feeder pole to select. You can set up in a manner that you can easily access the feeders and refill them with the bird seeds whenever they run out.

The tough steel form which this feeder pole is made from enables it to be highly reliable. It is also rust-resistant, which makes it the perfect choice. Convenience is also provided thanks to the fact that you can collapse this feeder pole when you don’t want to use it.


3. Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station

Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station
  • Bird feeding station
  • Traditional design


  • Length: 65 cm
  • No. of feeders: 3 brackets

If you want to match a rather classic and traditional design for your backyard, this option of the feeder pole is worth going for. It has that simple design that would be the perfect inclusion for your garden or backyard.

It has a trio of brackets that can support the feeders effectively and work to attract a variety of birds. There is also a water dish and a mesh dish that completes the whole setup for you. You will also enjoy the fact that it is simple and does not take too much of your garden space.

best bird feeder poles

4. Gardman Bird Feeding Station

Gardman A04389 Bird Feeding Station, 3.5x67.5x226 cm, Natural
739 Reviews
Gardman A04389 Bird Feeding Station, 3.5×67.5×226 cm, Natural
  • 3 hook design heavy duty feeding station with finial
  • Extra strength screw together poles and quick fitting accessories


  • Length: 226 cm
  • No. of feeders: 3 hooks

This feeder pole provides you with the best experience when setting up your space for the best birdwatching experience. It is a simple yet genius way of ensuring that the varieties of birds have a comfortable experience when they are in your backyard.

The three hooks do the perfect job of holding just enough feeders and can hold them through any weight. There is also an extra screwing that works for the poles and fitting of the accessories as needed.

This feeder pole has a birdbath that offers support for the ring and the feeding tray on the feeder pole. Its height is close to 2.5 metres makes it convenient for use when you want to refill the feeders and also prevent distraction caused by animals on the ground, such as the raccoons and the squirrels.

best bird feeder poles

What you need to check when purchasing a Bird feeder pole

Whether it is squirrel proof or not

Squirrels are the most annoying and stubborn animals that you can deal with within your backyard. If you have food on your bird feeders, then most certainly squirrels will throng your space as they are ever attracted to free meals and would do anything to get them. They are also quite smart and athletic and would do anything to take food from your bird feeders.

The best bird feeders that will control the invasion of squirrels have a squirrel baffle that is connected halfway of the pole. This will work to make the feeder poles inaccessible by the squirrels. If you get a bird feeder pole with the baffle already in place, you will save a significant amount of money than when you buy one without and have to get the baffle installed.

The sturdiness of the bird feeder pole

You will have to consider the way the bird feeder is made to ensure that you have the best experience with it. It is probably going to be in your backyard, and the outdoor conditions might not be friendly all through the seasons of the year. If it is not sturdy enough, it might not be able to withstand the winter conditions that might be too harsh and even end up taking the pole down.

Since the bird feeder pole is going to be fitted with a bird feeder at the top, you want it to be strong enough to support the feeder at the top. There are going to be some birds on the feeder, which might bring down a feeder pole that is not strong enough to offer the support needed.

You might get a bird feeder pole that is affordable, but such is usually cheap and not the best option. Such types of feeders are forced by the outdoor conditions, which makes them bend when in use for just a few weeks. There are also severe occurrences that you will notice when the feeder itself gets quite heavy, and the pole is not strong enough to support it.

You could always check on the factors to ensure that the feeder pole is strong enough. Its thickness and the material from which the feeder pole is made of determines its strength and capability. It should also be able to support a significant level of weight, be weatherproof, and have the ability to sustain harsh conditions such as rust.

The assembly and installation work

While some feeder poles are easy to set up, some of them come with instructions that are quite complicated. This gives you a headache when you want to install it in your own backyard. You should always opt for an alternative that is simple to set up, which won’t take much of your time to appropriately set up.

The instructions should also be clearly spelled out so that you can have an easy time setting up the pole and the feeders. The complicated instructions can leave you in tantrums and make the whole ordeal a nightmare you dread getting into.

Accessibility of the bird feeders

The main role of the feeder poles is to ensure that they hold the feeders at a high point that makes them inaccessible by the animals such as squirrels and raccoons. They should be able to do this effectively. On the other hand, the feeder poles should ensure that the feeders are accessible by the birds that you want to enjoy watching all through.

Therefore, the pole should not be too tall such as the feeders are located at a very high point. It should be just high enough that it enables you to access the feeders easily and refill them with the bird feeds whenever you need to. It should also be at just the right height that makes the bird comfortable when eating the bird seeds. When it is too low, the birds might be in danger as some of the animals could even catch the birds and make a meal out of them.

The appearance of the bird feeder pole

A bird feeder pole, as well as the feeders that are set up on it, might be simply included in your backyard for decorative purposes. Therefore, when selecting the one, you need to go for the one with an appealing structure that would be an excellent inclusion in your backyard.

There are a variety of designs of the feeder poles, and each of them might suit the way you want your backyard to look. You should ensure that the one you get matches with the appealing nature of your backyard and also be worth what you spend on it.

Cost of the bird feeder pole

The price of any given item describes the performance you should expect to get out of it. The relatively expensive ones might have a couple of features that make them the best to go for, and they might also have something extra. Such provide a breakthrough experience as far as feeder poles are concerned.

On the other hand, the cheap ones are just that, cheap! They may just have simple and ordinary features, those that are not even worth mentioning. This makes them less capable of providing an excellent experience when you have them installed in your backyard.

At times, spending a lot of money on your feeder pole might be worth it because it provides relief as far as the structure is concerned. The more you spend, the more you get. However, some of the feeder poles are expensive yet cannot provide the functionality that you would dream that they would. It is, therefore, important that you analyze the other factors too and not only the price.

The underground support system of the feeder pole

For the sturdiness and support of the feeder pole, the way it is held onto the ground determines its performance. A quality one has a support system that holds it firmly onto the ground and prevents it from swinging or even bending unnecessarily.

Some feeders simply have hooks to hold the feeders, and this makes them weak. Such may not get deep enough into the ground, and thus the system is not well supported. This leads to the feeder pole bending, leaning on one side, and even wobbling. Such feeder poles can only accommodate one feeder, and if you add another, they might even break due to the heavy load at the top.

It would be wise to go for a feeder pole that has an auger at the bottom. This provides the best anchor that holds the feeder pole onto the ground effectively, its support is also seamless. It offers an unmatched experience for the whole setup.

How many feeders can the feeder pole support?

You are going to fit several bird feeders at the top of that feeder pole, and it should be strong enough to hold them. An excellent option of a feeder pole is one that can accommodate close to four feeders comfortably. This will ensure that you do not have to get numerous poles to hold all the feeders that you want to have in your backyard.

If the feeder pole can hold more than four feeders comfortably, then it would be an excellent choice. If you love accommodating birds, then at one point in time, you would want to increase the number of feeders so that you attract more birds, and this would need more feeder poles. However, with a pole that can host fairly more feeders, you won’t have to get many of them. This also prevents the crowding of the feeder poles in your backyard.

How to effectively set up the bird feeder pole

Installing your bird feeder pole is a task that needs informed decision making. The whole process is not as simple as you might think, and with the slightest mistake, you will not be able to use the bird feeders to attract varieties of birds as you wish. 

When you are working on setting up a bird feeder pole, it should be simple if you know what you are getting into. This is especially if you’ve chosen an easy-to-install type of feeder pole. Most of them will be designed with an in-built auger that simply needs to be screwed straight into the ground. These augers work not only to make installation simple, but they are ideal in providing the extra support needed to hold a good number of feeders at the top of the pole.

For support, some types of feeder poles are designed to be hammered into the ground. If you have a hammering feeder pole or an augering system, use the perfect level to make sure that your feeder pole is straight.

You will also have to place your feeder in a position where the birds will feel safe. You want to create a relaxing environment that makes the bird want to come back any time they can. Having a shrub or tree nearby where some small birds can retreat helps in protecting them from raccoons, squirrels and other predators that threaten them.

Positioning the pole next to shrubs or trees nearby is an excellent choice, but avoid having the feeder close overhanging shrubs and trees. This will place them at danger of predators such as the stubborn squirrels that might be all over the place. Squirrels will access the setup and learn the most appropriate way to access your bird feeders if the setup is close to the trees that they are in. 

When you position your feeder next to a window, it would be a good idea to add some decorations on your opaque window to prevent birds from flying onto the glass. You might also have to go for the installation of a baffle system. Baffles are a perfect way to keep away the stubborn squirrels and other animals from eating your birdseed.


You could install the bird feeder poles at either 5 to 9 feet, and it would do the trick. However, this depends on the location that you want to set it up. It shouldn’t be too close to trees that have squirrels in them. It should also be away from the ground as some predators may be able to reach the birds, which scares them away.

The best material for the bird feeder poles is the metallic ones because they provide you with significant functionality. The wooden option for the poles would provide you with an attractive and stylish pole that would be the perfect inclusion, but they are not worth using. On the other hand, the metallic poles provide you with a simple installation experience. They can also be stylish and the perfect match for the style you want your backyard to have.

Yes, you can. There should be a provision on the feeder pole that should enable you to set the trays at a position that you are comfortable to have it at. This will help avoid predators and other animals from interfering with the comfort of the birds that you want to attract to the setup.

Bottom line

You can now get a feeder pole that will guarantee you one of the best experiences for your bird watching. Through the variety out there,  you will always find one that suits your needs.

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