3 Best Bird Feeder Cameras

For your birdwatching expedition’s complete experience, you will need to get a suitable bird feeder camera next to the feeders in your yard or garden. This will work so that you never miss out on any activity that the birds take part in. Having the bird feeder camera in an appropriate position will also work to record all the action and exciting activities that the birds enjoy involving themselves in.

You will have to let the bird feeder camera record the birds’ activities for a significant period daily. You would want to use the common camera types and fix them on a tripod, but you should know that there are special bird feeder cameras that you can use.

You will get to see numerous types of bird feeder cameras out there. You just need to differentiate either of them so that you get one that fits what you are looking for. This is if you want to complete the best experience capturing the action from your bird feeders.

Some of the reasons why you should get a bird feeder camera include;

  1. Setting up a bird feeder camera is not a difficult task to do
  2. When you want to share the birds’ actions in your space, you can have them recorded with an appropriate bird feeder cam.
  3. Feeding birds in your backyard, patio, or even garden is becoming popular with each day.
  4. Uploading the activities of the birds in your feeders to your YouTube channel would be an excellent idea.

Some of the bird feeder cameras in the market today are included in the comparison table below;

Model Dimensions  Weight  Manufacturer 
1) GoPro Hero8 9 x 7 x 5.5 inches 1.6 pounds GoPro
2) CAMPARK TRAIL CAMERA 7.3 x 4.9 x 3.8 inches 1.1 pounds CAMPARK
3) PTZ SV3C Outdoor Security Camera 11.5 x 9.2 x 6.7 inches 4.39 pounds SV3C Technology

1) GoPro HERO8

GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live with Accessoy Bundle + 2 Extra GoPro USA Batteries Total 3 + Sandisk 64GB MicroSD U3 + Ritz Reader
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GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live with Accessoy Bundle + 2 Extra GoPro USA Batteries Total 3 + Sandisk 64GB MicroSD U3 + Ritz Reader
  • Streamlined design - The reimagined shape is more pocketable, and folding fingers at the base let you swap mounts quickly. A new side door makes changing batteries even faster, and the lens is now 2x more impact resistant.
  • HERO8 Black Mods - Vloggers, pro filmmakers and aspiring creators can do more than ever imagined—with quick-loading accessories like flashes, microphones, LCD screens and more. Just add the optional Media Mod to up yourcapture game.

The GoPro HERO8 is a bird feeder camera that offers a sense of versatility when you are using it. This makes it ideal for capturing every moment of the situation in the bird feeders and for a couple of other uses.

Its specs work to provide high quality in the video recording, and this is for the audio produced too. The HD video from this bird feeder cam is simply timeless and makes it a favorite option.

When working with this bird feeder cam, it is not a good idea to set it permanently. However, you need to set it up and take it down for you to get the best out of it regularly. This practice will guarantee the best performance from this bird feeder camera.

You can set up the GoPro HERO8 bird feeder camera using a tripod or any other way to mount it close enough to the bird feeders. A tripod might offer excellent performance when you want the camera to be mounted and capture the birds’ interesting activities. This should work so that you get the best view of the activities in the feeder. You can then set the bird camera feeder to record each action of the birds in the feeder.

best bird feeder camera

This particular bird feeder camera can extend up to 77,” thus guaranteeing that you can capture the best shots. The videos are therefore guaranteed to be the best quality for the entire time you have the recording. There are also three levels of video stabilization that you can set this bird feeder camera at.

A practical feature of this bird feeder is that it is a waterproof camera that makes it ideal for any weather condition. Its performance won’t be affected by rainwater falling on it at any time of the day. Therefore, you can leave out there as it records every minute of the bird feeders’ activities.

For convenience, when capturing videos and shots of birds, there is the GoPro mobile app that lets you capture them with ease. This will work to set the bird feeder camera to capture a moment without interfering with the birds in the feeders.


  • LCD touchscreen
  • This is a waterproof birdfeeder camera
  • Three levels of video stabilization


  • Will need to be taken down and mounted frequently


No products found.

A pocket-friendly type of bird feeder camera that you can use to watch your feeders throughout the day is the CAMPARK TRAIL CAMERA. It comes with seamless features that you will enjoy using for the entire time that you have them mounted close to your feeders.

This feeder also offers flexibility when it comes to mounting the feeder at any convenient position of your garden. There is a strap that will hold the bird feeder camera in position. This works to position the feeder at a tree just close to the feeders that you want to have monitored.

One of the features that this bird feeder is designed with is a motion detector and a night vision. This will work so that the camera can capture each moment even when it gets dark in the feeders.

The major shortcoming of this bird feeder camera is that its video quality does not match that of the best in this list. It may need a little bit of upgrading that will work to make the videos looking sharper. Therefore, if you are looking for an ultra-crisp video that shows even the tiniest details in the environment. However, you can get it if you are not interested in too many details of the birds’ activities.

best bird feeder camera

The fact this bird feeder camera can be applied for numerous uses makes it a perfect one to go for. Many have also found it to be a favorite because of its high-quality features that are offered in a timely fashion. The main application is that you can simply set it up next to a feeder, and you will not miss any minute of the action.

For the mounting of this bird feeder camera, there is a strap that can be firmly attached to any tree or post. This ensures that it is conveniently positioned to capture the best parts of the events in the bird feeders in your garden.


  • A waterproof type of bird feeder camera
  • Has a clear night vision that provides high-quality recordings even at night
  • Has a motion detector


  • Does not provide high-quality videos

3) PTZ SV3C Outdoor Security Camera

PTZ WiFi Security Camera Outdoor, SV3C 1080P Pan Tilt 18X Optical Zoom Onvif IP Cameras Supports Humanoid Detection, Browers Viewing, 196ft Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, IP66 Waterproof, SD Card Record
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PTZ WiFi Security Camera Outdoor, SV3C 1080P Pan Tilt 18X Optical Zoom Onvif IP Cameras Supports Humanoid Detection, Browers Viewing, 196ft Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, IP66 Waterproof, SD Card Record
  • 【18X Optical Zoom & H.264 h.265】:This SV3C 1080P PTZ WiFi camera with 1080P 1/2.8" CMOS Sensor, equipped with 4.7-84.6mm 18X Optical Zoom and Auto Focus lens. The 18X Optical Zoom PTZ camera even supports you to view the car license plate remoely, great for use in large places such as roadsides, parking lots, hypermarkets and gardens, etc. The PTZ camera record in H.264 and H.265 format, the new compression technology allows smoother video and reduces file sizes and bandwidth consumption.
  • 【Pan Tilt Zoom & Bowers Viewing】: This SV3C 18X Zoom IP camera supports rotate, you can control the viewing angle 355° pan and 90° tilt on CamHi or CamHipro app or software manually, cover more ground! This WiFi PTZ IP camera with superior WiFi performance and 5db antenna, provides you more stable WiFi connections. What's more, the PTZ WiFi Camera upgrade with HTML5 feature, supports you to view the PTZ camera on many browsers not only IE, but also Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, etc.

What this type of bird feeder camera offers is an exceptional wireless system. This will ensure the seamless transfer of the videos and images to various gadgets so that you can share and save them to watch them later. You can also manage the camera from a remote location in a design not matched by any other type of bird feeder camera.

What sets this bird feeder camera apart from most of them is that it is designed with Wi-Fi connectivity that works to send the videos to any device. You can connect it to either a smartphone or even your home computer. This will provide you with the capability to save the captured videos and images.

You can use this type of bird feeder camera to Livestream, some of your best birds that visit your feeders. Hence it will provide you with convenience when you want to manage your videos and images. The lens of this particular bird feeder camera can also maneuver in all directions providing 360-degree coverage of the bird feeders and the surroundings. It can pan through 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. Its zooming capacity is also unmatched as it can zoom in to an object up to 18 times.

Another important feature that you might use is the night vision that will be used to capture images even when it gets dark. Its resolution is rated at 1080p, which is perfect for the best quality of videos recorded. It is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for use under any outdoor conditions during the 24 hours of the day.

You will only need to set up this bird feeder camera in an appropriate position for the perfect shot. You will need to have it capture occurrences when the birds are most active.


  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Video quality of 1080p
  • An unmatched zooming capability
  • Has a night vision that is effective for more than 50 meters
  • It is a waterproof bird feeder camera
  • The large size of a storage
  • You can access the bird feeder with your smartphone or computer


  • Works with only 2 Megapixels
  • It is not completely wireless as it needs to be powered up by plugging it to a power source

Bird feeder cameras shopping guide

Resolution of the bird feeder cameras

Like any other camera, the resolution determines the quality of the videos you get after a recording session. You should always opt for a higher resolution to get the best pixels of the bird feeders’ activities. This will work so that you can enjoy working with images that are sharper and also colorful.

For the crisp videos, you might have to get high-end bird feeder cameras that will deliver this. A 10 megapixels’ camera or more will be worth going for. For videos, a camera that records up to 1080p or more would be an excellent choice.

Quality of the audio from the recordings

The audio of the recordings and the video need to be in perfect condition so that you get a complete recording. Some of the best cameras have features that will guarantee that the audio capability is effective. The audio capability of the bird feeder cameras is always overlooked, but it might just be the thin line differentiating the recordings’ quality from the cameras.

The durability of the bird feeder camera

When it comes to a bird feeder camera, you need to get one that is made from components that are resilient to any form of damage. This will ensure that the bird feeder camera can be used for a long time before being exposed to any damage whatsoever. It will also guarantee the reliability of the bird feeder camera all through when you use it.

Weather resistance and resistance from some damages will be some of the details you will need to look for when selecting the best bird feeder camera to work with. These features will ensure that the lifetime of the bird feeder camera is extended for longer periods and that you enjoy the experience you get from it every day.

Mounting style of the birds feeding camera

There are numerous ways of mounting the bird feeding camera so that you get the best recording. You will need to consider the positioning of the bird feeder camera to get the perfect shot without any obstructions on the feeder you are monitoring. A mounting style will also determine the experience that you get from the bird feeder camera.

When mounting a bird feeder camera, you need to ensure that it is held steadily so that the recordings are accurate. Otherwise, the camera might be tilted and end up recording something else less important. The view of the cameras should also be at an appropriate position so that you get high-quality videos.

The common types of mounting options include using a tripod, a tree strap, or a mounting bracket. A tripod would be an excellent idea because it offers you seamless ideas that you can set up the bird feeder cameras. This is also easy to set up.

Tripod’s major shortcoming is that they can be an obstruction when they are positioned in a space. They are also subject to interference from animals as they might knock it down each day.

A tree strap may be an excellent idea for mounting the bird feeder camera because they can access the feeders installed in a wooded area. They might also capture the scene in a natural setup. However, the tree strap limits your mounting options as you will only have the camera mounted on a tree and no other position.

A mounting bracket is an option that will augur well when you want a sense of stability wherever you have it mounted. When the camera is screwed, it will be steadily held, and the aim of the camera will be stable and capture the moment without any interruptions. The shortcoming with this option is that it requires some time and effort to complete the mounting process.

Resistance to weather

The bird feeder camera is probably going to be outdoors for a long period, even when it rains. This will work so that you can capture every moment in an unmatched manner. However, the outdoors can be rather unpredictable as a downpour may occur, which might interfere with a camera that does not have features to deal with this. ‘

The best bird feeder cameras are fitted with features that make them waterproof even under the heaviest downpour. This will also ensure that the bird feeder cameras are durable for the entire time you use them.

Additional features

Some cameras are designed with extra features that might just provide the difference between an ordinary bird feeder camera and an exceptional camera. One such feature is the night vision that will provide the best video recording at night or even when it gets too dark around the bird feeders. This not only captures every action of the birds until at night but also spies on the culprits that invade the bird feeders at night.

The night vision feature works to record the videos in black and white thanks to infrared lighting. Another extra feature is the motion detector, which is common in a few bird feeder cameras but defines an exceptional type of bird feeder camera.


What is the best resolution for your bird feeder cameras?
For the best quality of images, your camera needs to be rated to close to 10 megapixels, while for the video, it needs to be at 1080p. This will provide high-quality images and videos recorded from the bird feeders.
What does a night vision offer in a bird feeder camera?
<a href="https://ballachy.com/best-night-vision-binocular">Night vision</a> ensures that clear recording is ensured even when the bird feeder cameras’ environment is not bright enough. It works with infrared to provide black and white images for the videos of the recordings.

Bottom line

An excellent type of bird feeder camera is one that you can set up effectively to get the best shot of the actions in the feeder. The best option of a bird feeder camera is to have the best resolution that will get the best video recording of the feeder and its environs. You also need to know the best way to mount it so that you get excellent results from using the bird feeder camera.

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