Best Binocular Harness

Best Binocular Harness

A Comprehensive Guide

When you have just bought a rare type of binoculars for your outdoor expeditions, you don’t want to go wrong on any other gear that you have on. That is why you want to match the binoculars with an excellent choice of gear to mark the best outdoor experience. One important gear is the binocular harness that will provide you with convenience when you are using the binocular all through the entire expedition.

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It might not be an excellent idea to simply carry your binoculars in any type of harness you get. This might not only be a letdown to you fashion-wise, but it will also not be practical. The best types of the binocular harness are designed with features that make them effective for the purpose they are meant for. For instance, it should provide enough space to carry the binoculars while letting your hands be free for use in other activities.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best binocular harness, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Binocular Harness

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Therefore, for the best experience that might need binoculars, you will need to get the best binocular harness for your binoculars pair. This is whether you are going hunting, birdwatching, or even hiking. They will ensure that your hands are not burdened with the weight of the binoculars throughout the entire period. You might also find it uncomfortable to hang the binoculars around your neck as some are quite heavy. You might opt to get a pair of binoculars with straps, and you can hang it around your neck for the entire period. However, the straps’ mechanism is not practical as they don’t distribute the weight of the binoculars. This burdens you when you have to carry the binoculars for a long period, and it may also be uncomfortable on your neck.

However, the straps might also provide you with convenience when you are using the binoculars. This is because the pair of binoculars can be easily accessed when you want to act fast and use the binoculars. They also come in different types, shapes, and sizes, and you can get one that you prefer to use. However, it is not the easiest task to get an ideal binocular harness because of the variety of options today. Both of these have numerous features that might make selecting an ideal one for use to be quite tricky. This article provides a review of some of the best binocular harness that would provide you with the best experience when you opt to purchase them.

4 Best Binocular Harness (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Bushnell 19125C Deluxe Harness

Bushnell 19125C Deluxe Harness
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  • Dimensions:
    5.91 x 1.3 x 7.6 Inches
  • Weight:
    141 Grams

Bushnell is one brand that has created a reputation for releasing some of the best products and not only binocular harnesses. Most of their products are a favorite to many because of their supreme quality and their highly practical features that you will enjoy using. They are also some of the best performing binocular harnesses that you will ever work with. One factor that sets this particular binocular harness from the rest is that it is a highly durable harness. It can be resilient through any harsh conditions, and this means that it will be used for a fairly long period. Its beautiful design will also be a major fashion statement that might just complement your fashion statement.

Therefore, this is a particular binocular harness that you can use for any weight of binoculars. It works to spread the weight of the binoculars, so the burden of carrying it for a long period is reduced immensely. Its ergonomic design is also timely and works to keep the optics at an appropriate position; thus, you can reach the binoculars quickly enough. This binocular harness features are also practical in the sense that it has elastic straps that are placed at an ideal position. This works so that when the straps are on your chest, you don’t feel uncomfortable.

The weight of the harness together of the binoculars in it is also spread to both the torso and the shoulder. This is ideal for the heavy types of binoculars, and you won’t feel the weight at just one point of your body-this might strain your body significantly. You can use the Bushnell 19125C Deluxe Harness for several purposes because they are designed to be highly effective. For instance, you can carry your camera, rangefinder as well as binoculars. This works to provide you with convenience when you want to use either of these in your expedition without the need to carry a different bag for each of them.

Bushnell 19125C Deluxe Harness


  • Designed with the best quality
  • A comfortable type of binocular harness
  • Can carry other items such as rangefinders, cameras
  • Fitted with elastic straps
  • Spreads the weight of the binoculars
  • Effective for carrying relatively heavy binoculars


  • The elastic straps would do with a little bit of improvement
  • The attachment clips tend to be noisy
  • Not the best for comfort
  • Lacks pockets for other items

2. Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness

Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness
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  • Dimensions:
    3.8 x 7.1 x 9 Inches
  • Color:

When you want a type of binocular harness that will do a perfect job in protecting your brand new binoculars, this is the type to go for. The harness will be ideal in preventing the exposure of the binoculars to some elements that might damage its components. For instance, too much dirt and debris might damage the lenses on the binoculars. Its massive size enables it to carry any size of binoculars as well as a few other items such as cameras and compasses. However, the items will be held in a compact position as there is a secure mesh that holds it in position. There are also side pockets on this binocular harness that will hold a pen and other important items.

It is also designed in a practical design that will enable you to access whatever you need from the harness as fast as you want to. There are also tethers that you can attach to your binoculars that will prevent them from accidentally falling to the ground. This will prevent damage to the binoculars because of an accident when they fall from the harness. If you are carrying along with your mobile phone, there is a pocket you can securely keep it in. It is also comfortable for carrying any size of binoculars and other items. You would also not feel the weight because the weight of the components in the harness is dispersed all through the harness. This will relieve you from the strain, especially when you have carried along many items that might be quite heavy.


  • Has a high capacity to carry a large size of binoculars and a few other items
  • Provides comfort when you have it on your shoulders
  • Provides quick access to any item you need


  • The straps on it need to be improved

3. Horn Hunter Combo op-x Harness System

Horn Hunter Combo op-x Harness System
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  • Dimensions:
    8.5 x 4 x 7.5 Inches
  • Color:

The Horn Hunter Combo op-x Harness System provides you with an unmatched experience from a harness that will ensure that you enjoy working with it. This is thanks to its seamless features that will work to provide you with a highly functional binocular harness that you can enjoy using. What sets it apart from the other binocular harnesses in this list is its spacious design. Its large capacity enables you to stuff it with a lot of items as much as you need. You can even have two binoculars in this binocular harness, which will fit in it quite comfortably. There are also pockets that you can fit other important items that you will have to use through your expedition.

It is also a great deal different from other types of binocular harnesses because it is a breathable harness. This is achieved with a couple of air mesh panels that will eliminate excessive moisture from the interior of the harness. This is a feature that is ideal all through the winter when it gets sweaty-you don’t want the moisture getting to the delicate components of the binoculars. This is because too much moisture might affect the performance of the binoculars. The materials used in the manufacture of this particular binocular harness are also wisely chosen.

They can be considered as premium quality and would provide you with a lightweight binocular harness. This also works to ensure that what you have is highly durable and resilient to any form of damage that might affect the harness. Other important features that this particular binocular harness is fitted with are fairly comfortable straps. For a moment, you won’t even feel like you are carrying anything on your torso, or there is any weight on your shoulder. This makes it another type of binocular harness that you can get if you already have a heavy type of binocular.


  • Lightweight harness
  • Highly durable thanks to its premium quality materials
  • Contains a case particular for carrying a rangefinder
  • Contains a magnetic closure system
  • Highly breathable
  • The straps on it are high comfortable


  • Limited side pockets
  • You can only get the camo design

4. Badlands Binocular Case

Badlands Binocular Case
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  • Dimensions:
    8.5 x 10.1 x 4.8 Inches
  • Color:

This is a different type of binocular harness that you can get for your expeditions compared to the various types on this list. The major differentiating factor is that it is a waterproof type of harness. It is also a highly binocular harness that will be a perfect match for your outfit of the day. The opening of the harness is also through a zip-no technology that works with rare earth magnets. This will guarantee that you find the harness’s opening to be quite smooth and quite silent. They also provide quick access to the binoculars whenever you want to use it. The harness’s magnetic closure also works to provide you with convenience when you want to have it closed or opened. The straps on this binocular harness are also vented, and you should find them comfortable for use. You could also adjust them to fit perfectly and comfortably when you have them on your shoulders.

Badlands Binocular Case


  • Designed with a waterproof fabric
  • Contains a magnetic closure for convenience of use
  • The straps are comfortable for use
  • The zip design is silent when you are working it
  • Each purchase of this harness comes with a lifetime warranty that will have you covered whenever there is an unprecedented damage


  • Quite bulky
  • Is not designed with pockets for other small items

What to Consider When Buying The Best Binocular Harness?

The following guide should help you select the best binocular harness because it pinpoints the major features that will indicate that a binocular harness is appropriate for use.

The Type of Harness

There are numerous types of binocular harnesses that you can get in the market today. There is the basic one, which simply has a strap and a clip for the binoculars. You can use this type of binoculars when you go on a trip or even when you are just hiking. However, it is not the best to use when you want to try out professional hunting or even advanced birdwatching experience. A low-profile harness is also another type of binocular harness that is flexible and easy to use a harness. It is relatively small and covers a small area of your back and is supported with a fairly thin strap.

You can find it useful when you are going hiking. A full-size harness, on the other hand, works to effectively protect the pair of binoculars. With this type of harness, you don’t have to worry about scratches and any beating on the binoculars you have in them. A dual harness provides you with a sense of versatility because you can use it to carry various items. You can carry other useful items such as a compass, rangefinder, and also a camera besides the pair of binoculars.

The Practicality of Its Features

When choosing an ideal binocular harness to work with, there are a couple of features that will tell whether the one you have promises the best experience. For instance, the straps should be well made so that they are comfortable when the harness is loaded, and you have the straps on your shoulder. It would be bad to get a rather rough shoulder strap as it will make you regret your choice. The harness should also be spacious enough to contain the size of binoculars that you already have or one that you prefer using.

If you get one that is small and you have a bigger binocular, the harness will be worn out within just a few days, and you might have to get a new one altogether. There should also side pockets so that you can carry along a few other items that you may want to use for your outdoor activity. These include items such as a camera, a rangefinder, or even a compass. The pockets should also provide quick access to the items so that you can use them conveniently.

The Durability of The Binocular Harness

You can know whether the binocular harness that you are looking at is a long-lasting one. This will be easy to tell if you can identify a material type that can withstand the harsh elements and conditions of the outdoors. A long-lasting type of binocular harness will provide you with the best experience when you are using it. It will be least affected by wear and tear for a long period. Similarly, you will be able to use it effectively, just as you did when it was new, without any complications whatsoever.


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A binocular harness is used to hold the binoculars in an appropriate position, especially when you don’t want to use it. It holds the binoculars written on your torso and is held to your body with straps. When selecting one for use, it is recommended that you go for one that will not have the straps being rather uncomfortable on your shoulders, as this might make them unbearable for use. The review below describes some of the best binocular harnesses that you can get and enjoy using them. You should get one of the above that will mark some of the best experiences for your expeditions.