Best Beretta 92S Accessories

Best Beretta 92S Accessories

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Best Beretta 92S Accessories

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This article brings you the best Beretta 92S accessories in performance, ergonomics, and functionality. These accessories are a great necessity and offer many benefits for beginners and skilled shooters alike. Additionally, these Beretta 92S accessories are pretty affordable to purchase. The Beretta 92S is a semi-automatic pistol that has been in production since the early 1980s. It is famous as the best home defense option due to its reliable performance, slim profile, and low recoil. However, like all handguns, they can be improved with some accessories.


There are two main categories of Beretta 92S accessories: aesthetic and performance-based. Aesthetic accessories are designed to improve the appearance and handling of the Beretta 92S. Performance-based accessories are designed to improve the function and accuracy of the weapon.


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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Beretta 92S accessories, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:


Top 3 Best Beretta 92S Accessories

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The aesthetic accessories range from pistol sights, lights, grips, and much more, whereas the performance accessories include triggers and barrels. Here are our top picks for the best Beretta 92S accessories currently available. Some of these accessories are great for beginners, while others may be more suited to more experienced shooters. A detailed product description of each accessory has been provided, outlining its specifications and benefits.


6 Best Beretta 92S Accessories (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. CYTAC OWB Paddle Holster for Beretta 92S

CYTAC OWB Paddle Holster for Beretta 92S
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  • Brand:
  • Hand Orientation:
  • Material:
    Military Grade Polymer Materials
  • Color:

CYTAC manufactures a series of holsters for popular handguns. Several different styles are available, including Kydex and leather options. These include outside-the-waistband (OWB) and inside-the-waistband (IWB) models. CYTAC OWB holster is an excellent option for concealed carry. The holster is designed with a curve that matches the body’s natural contours. This quality makes it more comfortable to wear and less likely to print (show through clothing). It also allows for a quick and smooth draw. This paddle holster is well-made, with tight tolerances and a good finish. The Kydex is molded to the shape of the gun and has a smooth surface.


It clips securely to the belt and rides high enough that it is unlikely to be pulled out by accident. The paddle attachment is perfect for those who want to carry their gun outside their waistband. The belt loop is sturdy and fits belts up to 2.25 inches wide. Additionally, it is adjustable to fit nearly any belt size. The paddle is very comfortable. It is also very secure, with a tight fit that will not come loose accidentally. The CYTAC Beretta 92S OWB holster will not work with all the 96 models. It is designed for 92, 92FS, 92G, 92X, and 92S Beretta handguns. It is also compatible with the GSG92 and Girsan Regard MC28 pistols. The finish of these adjustable-tension holsters is excellent, and they are built to last a lifetime.



  • It is secure and easy to draw weapons

  • This holster is versatile for multiple carry positions

  • This holster is comfortable for all-day carrying

  • It has a low profile and is concealable


  • The clip is not very sturdy and could come loose with regular use

2.Feyachi Reflex Sight – Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles)

Feyachi Reflex Sight – Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles)
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  • Brand:
  • Mounting Type:
  • Material:
    Stainless steel
  • Color:

The Feyachi red dot sight combines modern technology and high-quality materials to ensure that our customers receive the best sights on the market today. The sight also has a matte black finish to provide a low profile and reduce glare. The reflex sight has a large 33mm lens, which allows for a wide field of view and easy target acquisition. With its durable construction and adjustable features, the Feyachi Reflex Sight is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable and reliable sight tailored to their defense shooting needs. The reticle is designed to allow for four different styles, which gives the shooter four options that are useful in a particular defense situation.


The four styles available are single-dot, circle-dot, cross-hair, and crosshair-circle-dot combination. The quick and simple process allows the shooter to select their desired reticle style. You can adjust some sizes for more advanced customization based on your preference. Several styles are available, and the first may be used with all types, while the second may be used for long-range precision shooting. In tactical situations, the third style can prove valuable. Finally, a special low-light vision mode allows accurate shots even in dark conditions. The Feyachi Reflex Sight is built from a durable stainless steel body, ensuring that the sight will remain in place even when using a larger caliber rifle or during a strenuous hunting trip.


The lens is made from high-quality optical glass that allows precise and accurate shooting. The Feyachi Reflex Sight is perfect for anyone who wants a high-quality sight that is customizable as per their liking. The various reticles available make it easy to find the right sight for any shooting situation, while the height and windage adjustment capabilities ensure that the user can get the most accurate shot possible. The sight is also waterproof and shockproof, making it ideal for any shooting environment. The Feyachi Reflex Sight is a perfect choice with affordable prices and durable construction.


  • The different reticle styles are easy to use

  • It comes at an excellent price for the quality of optic

  • It is waterproof and shockproof

  • It is incredibly durable


  • The red dot can be challenging to see in bright lighting

3.Beretta 92FS/96 ABS Right Hand Holster

Beretta 92FS 96 ABS Right Hand Holster3
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  • Brand:
  • Hand Orientation:
  • Material:
  • Color:

The Beretta 92FS/96 ABS right-hand holster is a quality item that is well-constructed and durable. This Beretta 92FS/96 ABS right-hand holster is a rigid polymer material. It can withstand wear and tear without being damaged, making it long-lasting. This Beretta paddle gun holster also has a built-in belt clip to attach your belt or waistband easily. It securely attaches to your belt with a sturdy paddle. The paddle is made of rigid polymer material that can withstand worst-case scenarios, making the paddle attachment long-lasting. The holster is designed ergonomically and perfectly fits your handgun, making it easy to remove and put back inside the holster. This construction makes the holster fit your gun snugly and keeps it securely in place.


You can conceal your handgun very easily. It does not come out on its own accord, even if you are walking or running. The holster is also lightweight and does not add extra weight to your belt or waistband. This makes it very comfortable to carry around all day long. The holster is also easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it will be as good as new. This makes the holster very low-maintenance. The holster is also ideal for concealing your weapon correctly. Concealed carry of handguns is legal in many states, and the Beretta 92FS/96 ABS right-hand holster makes it easy to do that. The holster has a paddle attachment that fits inside your waistband perfectly, which will ensure that no one notices you are carrying a gun.



  • It is made of high-quality materials

  • This holster is easy to put on and take off

  • It is very comfortable to wear

  • It provides perfect concealment


  • It does not fit all Beretta models

4. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount
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  • Brand:
  • Color:

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount fits the Beretta 92 series handguns. It ensures that the mount will attach securely and provide a stable platform for your optic. The DeltaPoint Pro sight can be easily attached and removed from the mount, and it provides fast target acquisition and accuracy. The purpose of the mount is to attach your favorite optic onto your Beretta 92. That allows you to easily sight in your target while also protecting it from getting banged up if you should ever drop or mishandle the firearm. The mount is made of sturdy aluminum, and it has a matte black finish to match the gun.


The DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount is specifically designed to fit the Beretta 92 series handguns. The mount attaches easily and securely using the Beretta’s factory dovetail. The mount does not require any gunsmithing or special tools to install, making it easy for anyone to do. When you purchase Leupold products, you can trust that they will be free of defects in materials and craft for the product’s life. Should a problem arise, Leupold’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee promises to repair or replace your Leupold product in original factory condition.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount4


  • The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Dovetail Beretta 92 Matte Mount is easy to install and use

  • It is very accurate and provides excellent target acquisition

  • The mount is durable and can withstand heavy recoil

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It does not fit all pistols, only the Beretta 90, 92, 96 Series Pistols

5. Guuun G10 Grips for Beretta 92S, Mechanical Texture

Guuun G10 Grips for Beretta 92S, Mechanical Texture
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  • Brand:
    Guuun Store
  • Material:
  • Color:

The Guuun G10 grips are a great addition to the Beretta 92S pistol. The grips have a unique, mechanical texture that provides excellent grip and control. Additionally, the G10 material is solid and durable, making it an excellent choice for tactical or self-defense applications. One of the main reasons individuals buy G10 grips for their Beretta 92S is that they are known to last a lifetime. CNC machined from a thick sheet of G10, and these grips are robust and durable, which makes them an incredible value and something that an individual will never need to replace. 


Another reason that G10 grips are a good choice for your Beretta 92S is because they are compatible with Beretta 92S and fit perfectly. You can take them on and off as you please, allowing you to switch between different colors, textures, and materials according to your preferences. An exciting aspect of these G10 grips is that OPS’s proprietary mechanical texture process has textured them. Mechanical texture processes have been around for a while, but this is one of the only ones that use metal rods to create an intricate pattern on the grips’ surface. 


Hence these G10 grips are an excellent choice for Beretta 92S owners who want something that provides excellent grip and control in both tactical and self-defense applications. They have a unique, aggressive texture that helps individuals maintain just the right amount of control over their firearms to prevent any mishaps. Guuun has added a nice touch by introducing screws included with the purchase of the grips. It means that you don’t have to go out and find screws that fit the Beretta 92S, which can be challenging to do. Simply put, these Guuun G10 grips come with everything you need to get started.



  • It is made of high-quality material

  • These grips have a unique texture that makes it easier to grip the gun securely

  • It helps to maintain proper control over firearms

  • These grips fit perfectly


  • None found as of now

6. Beretta 92F/92S/92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine

Beretta 92F 92S 92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine
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  • Brand:
  • Capacity:
    10 Rounds
  • Color:

A spare magazine is an accessory that holds rounds of ammunition for a firearm. It is inserted into the magazine well of the firearm. The rounds are then fed into the barrel chamber to be fired.The Beretta 92F/92S/92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an extended magazine for their Beretta 92F/92S/92FS 9mm firearm. It is made of steel and plastic. It has a blued finish. The benefits of using the Beretta 92F/92S/92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine include increased ammunition capacity, durability, and reliability. The magazine is also easy to reload and has a low-profile design concealable. It also has a flared base plate that provides a better grip when reloading. The Beretta 92F/92S/92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine is very similar to the standard 92F/92S/92FS 9mm magazine with the same capacity and dimensions. The only difference is the finish. The blued finish gives it a more classic look.

Beretta 92F 92S 92FS 9mm 10rd Magazine6


  • It is designed to work with the Beretta 92S and some other models of similar class

  • It also features a blued finish for corrosion resistance

  • It is well constructed for durability

  • This magazine has a capacity of 10 rounds


  • Some models accept more prominent capacity magazines, like 15-17 round magazines

What To Consider When Buying Best Beretta 92S Accessories?

The above product details are meant to give the reader an overview of a product. It is always recommended that the customer read the manufacturer’s full, detailed product description before purchasing. Also, gun enthusiasts need to consider the following technical and non-technical factors before making the final purchase.

Trigger Guard

One thing to consider when purchasing a Beretta 92S accessory is the size of the trigger guard. If you are looking for an accessory that will protect your finger from accidental discharge, you will want to look for one that has an oversized trigger guard. This way, you can be sure that your finger is always safe.

Magazine Latch

Another thing to look for is the magazine latch. The part of the Beretta 92S accessory attaches it to the firearm. You will want to choose one that is easy to operate and does not require much force to attach. It makes it easier for you to use in any situation.

Barrel Length

Some Beretta 92S shop accessories are made for extended barrels, while others are designed for standard-length ones. If you have a standard-length barrel, an accessory specifically made for it will work great.

Rail and Rail Adaptor

A pistol accessory rail adaptor is a device that makes it possible to fit one accessory rail on a firearm with another type of standard. Rail is the part of the Beretta 92S accessory that attaches it to the firearm. It can be found under the barrel, above the trigger guard, and on the slide. Look for one with a low profile so it does not get in your way when using your gun. Standard Picatinny &weaver or universal rail adaptors will work with most Beretta 92S accessories.


As with any product, you will want to choose a Beretta 92S accessory made of high-quality materials. Look out for things like corrosion resistance and low recoil when picking the best Beretta 92S accessory to buy. It ensures that it provides excellent performance every time you use it.


Another factor to consider is price. You will want to choose a Beretta 92S accessory that falls within your budget range while providing excellent performance. This way, you can get the most out of your purchase.


Be sure to look for something easy to maintain. This way, you can extend its life and use it for a long time. Things like being waterproof, being made from high-quality plastics, and having no exposed metal are things you will want to look out for in the best Beretta 92S shop accessories on the market.



What type of magazine pouch should I buy?

There are a few different types of magazine pouches to choose from. The most common are IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband) pouches. Other types include pocket pouches, mag carriers, and drop-leg pouches.

Can we change the slide on our Beretta 92S?

Unfortunately, the slide on the Beretta 92S cannot be changed. It is a fixed slide design. The slide design element contributes to the Beretta 92S’s accuracy and reliability.

What is slide-mounted safety?

The slide-mounted safety is a feature that is found on the Beretta 92S. It is a switch located on the left side of the slide that locks the trigger and prevents it from being pulled. This provides an extra layer of safety for the user.

Does mounting of accessories affect accuracy?

Yes, the mounting of accessories to your Beretta 92S does affect its overall accuracy. Each mounted accessory will change the weight distribution on different parts of the firearm. It can affect its balance, which impacts where you aim the gun.

How to clean threaded barrels?

Cleaning the threaded barrel on your Beretta 92S is easy. You will need a few simple supplies, including a bore brush, solvent, and patches. Barrel clean solvents are available at most firearm stores. You can also use a standard gun solvent.


The best Beretta 92S accessories are made of high-quality materials, are easy to operate, and provide excellent performance. Thank you for reading the Beretta 92S shop accessories buying guide. This guide aims to help you understand the available accessories and how they work. Our goal is also to ensure that you will make a more informed decision when shopping for Beretta 92S accessories in the future.



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