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You love your Beretta 92F, but you don’t love having to carry it around in your pocket or a loose holster. It’s not comfortable to carry your gun around like that, and it’s also not safe. If you’re carrying your gun in your pocket, it can easily fall out, and if you’re using a loose holster, it can quickly come off. The best Beretta 92F Holsters are the perfect solution for carrying it comfortably and securely.

Gould & Goodrich 804-92F Gold Line Shoulder Holster (Chestnut Brown) Fits BERETTA 92 Compact, 92 Centurion, 92D, 92D Compact, 92F,...

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You wear a Beretta 92F holster on your waistband or in your pocket. You holster the gun in it securely so it won’t fall out when you draw and so it won’t come off your belt when you sit down. The Beretta 92F Holsters are made to fit each specific model of Beretta 92, so make sure you get the one that fits your gun.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best Beretta 92F holsters, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Beretta 92F Holsters

The revolutionary CrossBreed SuperTuck is the most comfortable and concealable inside the waistband (IWB) holster you'll ever wear. Designed exclusively and patented by CrossBreed Holsters, the flagship SuperTuck Deluxe is hand molded to fit each specific firearm listed. It features a premium...
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Crossbreed Holsters Supertuck Holsters

We researched for you and found the top five Beretta 92F holsters on the market. Our list includes leather and Kydex holsters from some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

5 Best Beretta 92F Holsters (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Gould & Goodrich 804-92F Gold Line Shoulder Holster

Gould & Goodrich 804-92F Gold Line Shoulder Holster
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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7 new from $111.49


The Gould & Goodrich 804-92F Gold Line Shoulder Holster is a Beretta 92F holster that has been designed to be worn on the shoulder. Usually, Beretta 92F holsters can be mounted on the waist or inside your pants leg, while this one allows you to wear it over your shoulder. Gould & Goodrich Holster has full-grain cowhide construction, appropriate for most models of Beretta 92 handguns. There is a swivel back to help the straps lay flat on your chest for good concealment under your clothes.  The horizontal holster style allows for easy concealment while providing for a full grip on the handgun. The Beretta 92/96 shoulder holster is fully adjustable with no metal parts to rust in humid climates.


It also features a double magazine pouch to hold two magazines. Like all Gould & Goodrich shoulder rigs, the belt straps are hand-boned to provide a precise fit, so whether you wear it over your suit or sports jacket for dress occasions or your flannel shirt on hunting trips, it’s more comfortable than other holsters. The holster has a thumb-break retention strap and a belt loop for added security, and the double stitching provides strength and added style. All materials used are highly durable yet remain flexible enough to conform to your body contours.



2. Beretta 92/96 Series Concealed Carry Leather Right Hand Black Holster


This is one of the most comfortable Beretta 92F carry holsters you’ll find. It’s made from premium leather, and it can be worn both inside your pants and on your belt. The holster has a compact design, so it doesn’t stick out much, which makes it perfect for concealment.  And because it’s compact and low profile, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing a holster at all. The holster has a metal belt clip attached to it, which means the Beretta 92F holster will stay securely in place on your belt. It also features soft padding inside to ensure maximum wearer comfort. The top of the holster is open so that it won’t interfere with your draw, and the holster can be worn both left and right-handed.


The strap system is an excellent part of this holster. It’s designed to prevent thumb-break and weapon grab, which cause weapon loss in an emergency. The strap system works by covering the release button, so you’ll have to pull up on the strap before releasing your Beretta 92F. This way, it’s practically impossible to drop your weapon accidentally. The thumb-break security system offers additional safety by allowing safe one-hand weapon re-holstering with no obstructions. And since this holster is made from premium cowhide leather, it will retain the shape of your Beretta 92F perfectly.

Beretta 92 96 Series Concealed Carry Leather Right Hand Black Holster N2



3. Crossbreed Holsters  Supertuck Holsters

Crossbreed Holsters Supertuck Holsters
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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The Supertuck Holster is made from Kydex, which means it’s perfect for carrying inside your waistband. It has two metal clips,  which makes it very easy to clip onto your belt, and they also allow you to adjust the ride height and cant of the holster.  There’s also a suede lining to make sure the Beretta 92F stays securely in place at all times. The large leatherback protects your skin from rubbing and irritating gun surfaces while allowing a full combat grip on your Beretta 92F. The canted design provides perfect weapon re-holstering, and a high ride design offers additional levels of concealment.


It is designed to be used  ArmaLaser TR20 and TR20G laser systems, allowing for perfect weapon fit. You can choose between left-handed or right-handed designs to suit your needs. The holster itself is very thick, providing you with extra protection for your firearm and your body. Its versatile design allows for safety as well. The high ride design allows you to draw your firearm quickly, and safety is not an issue, as the safety snap is covered by leather on both sides. It is a perfect option for IWB carry in the 4-5 o’clock position.

Crossbreed Holsters Supertuck Holsters N3



4. Safariland 578/GLS Pro-Fit Left Hand Holster

Safariland 578 GLS Pro-Fit Left Hand Holster
$40.38 $55.00
May 17, 2022 5:58 am
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The new Pro-Fit GLS Holster is an improvement on the classic 578 holsters. It’s made from a  nylon blend, which means it’s highly durable and flexible. And because it’s lightweight, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing a holster at all. It features the GLS (Grip Locking System), which securely locks your Beretta 92F in place and prevents any accidental or unwanted removal. It also has a retention strap, but it’s not as complicated as other holsters, so you can quickly release it with your middle finger on the trigger guard area of the holster.


The holster is designed for multiple firearms types, and there are some versions available for right-handed and left-handed users. The holster is very minimalistic, and it doesn’t stick out much, so you’ll hardly even notice that you’re wearing it. It has a ride height and belt width adjustment, perfect for every user. The paddle design keeps this comfortable holster close and on your hip, and there’s a nylon-reinforced thumb break for additional safety. Depending on your needs, you can choose between straight drop or forward cant carry. There is also an adjustable belt loop available if you need it.



5. Cytac OWB Holster for Beretta


Cytac made some of the high-quality holsters for Beretta 92F, so you’ll find that this holster is very comfortable, and it will allow you to carry your pistol in any situation without worrying about potential safety issues. It’s designed to be worn outside the waistband to draw the firearm quickly and re-holster it without obstructions. The Cytac OWB holster is made from a military polymer material, which means it’s extremely tough and durable even in the harshest conditions. This also makes it lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying a heavy holster around with you at all times. It features passive retention, which allows you to carry a Beretta 92F safely and securely without worrying about an accidental discharge.


The level 2  retention system is excellent for daily use, and you can quickly draw your firearm with a simple movement. It perfectly fits the Beretta 92F models, and even versions are available for left-handed shooters. The design allows you to carry your firearm close to your body, so it doesn’t print through clothing whatsoever. A unique lip on the bottom of the holster will prevent a longer barrel from sticking out. The holster features a thumb break, a safety feature that you can use to release your firearm quickly and avoid any accidents. The internal screw design will also help you keep your gun in place, and it prevents the holster from being pulled down accidentally. It’s a very safe option for those who need to carry their 92F models regularly.

Cytac OWB Holster for Beretta N5



What To Consider When Buying The Best Beretta 92F Holsters?

There are some aspects worth mentioning when choosing a Beretta 92F holster so that you can find the right one for your needs.


Start by looking at the materials which were used to make the holster. This will tell you how durable it is and if it’s worth investing in that particular product. Conceal carry holsters made of nylon are usually very lightweight, while leather ones are more durable but heavier. The Kydex material is robust, light, and weatherproof, and these properties make it a better choice than leather for concealed carry. However, Kydex tactical holsters are more expensive, and they require regular maintenance to retain their properties.


When it comes to retention, you have passive or active options. Passive retention means that the holster doesn’t have any locking mechanism, so it’s safe to wear it without worrying about your firearm accidentally slipping out of it. On the other hand, active retention is perfect for tactical use, and you’ll be able to release your firearm when needed quickly. There are also different levels of retention, which make passive holsters safer than those with lower retention levels. Some users like to carry their handguns in an IWB holster to be concealed entirely, even when carried inside the waistband. It’s a better option for those who don’t want their pistol to print through clothing, but it will also prevent you from being able to draw your firearm quickly if needed.


Another important aspect is the size of the holster itself. If it’s too small, it won’t fit your pistol correctly, and you’ll have to carry it differently each time. On the other hand, it will start looking ridiculous and lose its intended purpose if it’s too large.

Quick Draw

The holster should also allow you to carry the gun without obstructing your ability to draw it. Look for a holster that has a sharp lip, so it will prevent your firearm from being pulled down along with the holster when drawing it. You can also pick an option compatible with mounting devices so that you can attach lights or lasers. This is an advantage of Kydex duty holsters so that they might be a good choice for tactical use.


You want to get the best deal possible, and you shouldn’t have to spend way too much money on your new holster. Leather or nylon models are usually more affordable, while expensive Kydex ones offer better safety features. The price of the pistol holster will also depend on its retention level. Those with higher retention levels are more costly, but they can offer you a better level of safety.

Industrial & Specialty

Some holsters are designed for outdoor use or specific conditions, so they might not be perfect for daily carry. The type of holster you choose will depend on your needs, and if it’s designed to be used with tactical gear, for example, this will make it heavier than usual.


The most significant advantage is that they can conceal your firearm, so this type of holster is perfect for those who prefer to carry concealed. They are also more comfortable than most other types.

You should be able to clean your new leather holster with water so that it will retain its quality over the years. Make sure you dry it with a soft cloth afterward.

Yes, some Beretta 92F holsters are designed for this type of gear, and they can fit Kydex tactical lights or lasers.

The internal screw design can help you keep your Beretta 92F in place, preventing it from being pulled down accidentally. It’s a safe option for those who need to carry their Beretta model regularly.


There are many different types of holsters on the market, and not all of them are suitable for concealed carry. To find the best Beretta 92F holster, you should keep these things in mind. Some Kydex models may offer better retention than leather ones, so you’ll be able to draw your firearm when needed quickly. Leather ones are more affordable, though, so they might be suitable for daily use. There are also IWB holsters that can offer you much better concealment, mainly when carried inside the waistband. These are usually more expensive, but they don’t have to cost a fortune if you choose one of the affordable models available these days.


The price will also depend on the retention level, so you’ll have to decide if that’s worth spending more money on. As you can see, we reviewed the best Beretta 92F holsters options you have so that you can pick the right Beretta 92F holster for every situation. Some are better suited for tactical use, while others might be perfect for daily carry or concealed carry. Leather holsters are usually more affordable and easier to clean, but they are not as durable as Kydex ones.

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