Best AR-15 Single Point Sling

Best AR 15 Single Point Sling

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Best AR 15 Single Point Sling
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If you own an AR 15, the chances are that you want to be able to carry it comfortably and efficiently wherever you go. However, carrying the weapon on your shoulder can get uncomfortable after a while and leave marks on your body if not done correctly. A best AR 15 Single Point Sling gives you more freedom of movement without sacrificing comfort or safety. 


A single point sling goes around your body and torso then attaches to the weapon at only one point. This allows you to move easier by limiting your body’s number of parts held against something.  Typically, when you use a two-point sling for your AR 15, you can only carry it in front of your body. If you attempt to carry it in the back, there is a high chance that you will not be able to draw it quickly if you need to. 


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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best AR 15 single point sling, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:


Top 3 Best AR 15 Single Point Sling

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Our top 5 list will help make choosing the right one easier than ever before! We’ve reviewed five different models with varying features so that there’s something for everyone.


5 Best AR 15 Single Point Sling (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Ncstar Single Point Black Bungee Sling

Ncstar Single Point Black Bungee Sling
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  • Material:
  • Color:
    Urban Grey

This single-point AR 15 sling is manufactured for both right and left-handed shooters. The material used is nylon, which allows for strength, yet is light enough so that it won’t give you too much trouble. This model is adjustable, so you can easily accommodate different body types with ease. It features a bungee cord on the inside of the sling, which allows you to carry your weapon without struggling with it. You can also quickly and easily switch between one-point and two-point carry modes. This model is designed for carbine rifles, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not it will fit yours.


Single point clamp in this sling is made of steel, which provides maximum durability. Also, the sling mount is metal, which ensures that it won’t break and leave you without a way to carry your tactical weapon in an emergency. Most customers who have purchased this model say that it provides them with the freedom of movement they need when using their AR 15. While this single-point combat sling comes with a one-year warranty, some customers have said that the nylon material it is made of isn’t as strong as expected.

Ncstar Single Point Black Bungee Sling.


  • Provides freedom of movement

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • It can be used by both right or left-handed shooters

  • Bungee allows for increased flexibility


  • The metal clamp can break if not used properly

2. Blackhawk Storm Single Point Sling

Blackhawk Storm Single Point Sling
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  • Material:
  • Color:

This one-point sling is made of nylon and can accommodate right or left-handed shooters. It features box stitching, designed to ensure that it lasts you a long time. The sling mount in this model is metal, and the soft, padded sling material prevents your skin from getting irritated when you use it for an extended period. This single-point sling has a double bungee design, which keeps your rifle close to you when you are running or crawling through rough terrain. It features four inches flex technology for increased comfort. It also features rapid adjust technology, which makes it easy for you to secure your common weapon quickly and easily.

With the tri-glide buckle, you can easily switch between one-point and two-point carry. The metal oval ring makes it easy to attach your rifle without worrying that the mount will break. This model is designed for rifles weighing up to four pounds. To accommodate different users, you can adjust this convertible sling from 42 inches to 64 inches long. It will limit the bouncing motion of your rifle to minimize fatigue. One end of the sling attaches to the front side of your duty grade weapon, while the other end attaches to the rail system on either side.



  • The metal mount provides durability

  • Box stitching ensures longevity

  • Rapid adjust technology allows for quick and easy use

  • Flex technology prevents irritation of the skin


  • Not suitable for heavier weapon

3. Allen Solo Black Single Point Sling

Allen Solo Black Single Point Sling
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  • Material:
  • Color:

This model is designed with a built-in adjustment that allows you to carry your rifle at different lengths and still switch between one-point and two-point carry positions easily. Tow points on this single-point sling attachment to the sling mount ensure that you get the perfect fit every time. Depending on your needs, you can adjust this model to fit different-sized shooters by simply removing or adding an inch of material. Made out of nylon, it is solid and durable enough to withstand rugged use in any environment. It can be used in dry climates, wet ones, and even underwater. This single-point common sling is designed to fit rifles that weigh up to 11 pounds when attached properly.

The shock-absorbing bungee cord provides you with a way to carry your rifle comfortably without causing yourself too much fatigue. It is made of a high-strength material that can withstand heavy use over an extended period. The quick-release buckle makes it easy for you to switch from one-point carry to two-point carry in just seconds.

Allen Solo Black Single Point Sling.


  • It comes with a built-in quick adjustment feature

  • Made of high-strength nylon material

  • Shock-absorbing bungee cord prevents fatigue

  • A quick-release adjustment buckle allows for easy use


  • Not sturdy enough to accommodate heavier weapons

4. Magpul Ms3 Single Qd Gen 2 Gun Sling

Magpul Ms3 Single Qd Gen 2 Gun Sling
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  • Material:
  • Color:

This model has Magpul polymer hardware to accommodate different sling options, such as push-button QD sling swivel. This single-point comfortable sling is adjustable from 30 to 60 inches to allow you to use it in various situations. Having the right tool for the job makes any task much easier, and this sling proves it. This single-point sling attaches to the mounts on either side of your weapon, allowing you to connect it quickly and efficiently when needed. It is lightweight and can be carried without weighing you down. This Magpul model features nylon webbing designed to last you for years but still provide you with maximum comfort when carrying your rifle all day long.


The rugged and durable 1.25-inch wide nylon webbing and polymer hardware will last for years to come, and you can use it in a variety of different situations, including one where your weapon is submerged in water. The Magpul MS3 sling allows you to carry your rifle comfortably without causing too much fatigue. You can also easily switch between one-point and two-point carry classes with its quick-release design. The MS3 sling comes in two main versions: the standard, which has an extra loop to tighten the webbing around your body, and the Magpul QD version, which uses push-button QD swivels rather than the standard 1.5-inch wide sling strap. The Magpul MS3 sling is designed for guns weighing less than 10 pounds.



  • It comes with a quick-release buckle

  • One point and two-point carry design

  • Nylon webbing material is durable

  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods


  • It only works for guns weighing up to 10 pounds

5. Phase 5 Weapon Systems Single Point Bungee Sling

Phase 5 Weapon Systems Single Point Bungee Sling
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  • Material:
  • Color:

This gun sling is designed with a bungee that provides you with maximum comfort when carrying your weapon in one hand. The single-point design keeps your hands free to allow you to do other tasks without dropping your gun. This versatile sling features double-reinforced Hog ring clips on the sling mounts on either side of your weapon, making it easy to attach and detach the sling quickly. It is made with 1-inch webbing that can accommodate different users by simply adjusting its length accordingly. This ballistic nylon strap uses high-quality material, making it durable enough for everyday use in almost any environment. Its steel hardware has a dark black nickel finish for maximum strength.


The cord of this model is made out of heavy-duty bungee that provides you with more comfort when carrying your rifle. The MOLLE webbing allows you to attach it to a tactical vest, belt, or another piece of gear. This single-point model has adjustable cord locks that will enable you to adjust your basic sling according to your size and preferences without sacrificing its stability over time or usage. This affordable sling has a three-point adjustment design that allows you to adjust the strap without having too much slack in the cord when carrying your rifle. This model features heavy-duty hardware and can be used with one hand for quick attachment and detachment of guns weighing under 10 pounds.



  • Adjustable cord locks

  • MOLLE webbing material for attachability

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware

  • Maximum comfort with a bungee cord


  • Single-point sling designs are not as versatile as two-point designs

What To Consider While Buying The Best AR 15 Single Point Sling?


The sling straps are either nylon or leather, affecting their comfort level. Nylon material can be slippery and result in discomfort over time. However, leather tends to wear out quickly if not maintained properly. For this reason, many manufacturers combine nylon and leather materials to provide you with the best of both worlds. The attachment points can be made of either metal or polymer. Most defense slings have metal hardware because it lasts longer and is more sturdy when attached to a gun. However, some models have polymer hardware that is lighter and gives you a sense of freedom while moving around with your weapon in hand.


This feature affects how easily you can mount and unmount your weapon. Models with a single strap can offer more flexibility than those with two straps because it is easier to use one hand to secure the sling onto your gun. However, having one strap shortens the material and could make it uncomfortable to use. Some models use an additional strap to secure your rifle to improve its stability when carrying heavy weapons. Two-strap designs are usually more flexible because they allow you to grab your gun with two hands if needed quickly.

Width of The Strap

This feature should depend on the type of gun you have. Those with heavy weapons often require wider straps because they can distribute weight more evenly for a comfortable experience while carrying it around in one hand. However, a single strap design might be too narrow for guns heavier than 10 pounds. In this case, a two-strap model could provide better support for your rifle.

Other Features

Multi-gun models are often preferred by law enforcement personnel because they allow them to switch between two different guns when needed quickly. However, single-gun slings tend to be more comfortable to use in general because they have wider straps compared to their counterparts. Some slings even have spare magazine pouches attached to free up your hands for other tasks without dropping your gun. This feature is highly sought after because you can quickly reload it if needed in the middle of a battle.


The length of the strap is significant because it should suit your needs. Adjustable straps allow you to make changes on the go without having to detach and reattach the sling. This feature also helps improve the overall stability and security while carrying it around in one hand.

Weapon Retention

The cord should provide a firm enough grip to hold your gun in place when needed. It should also be easy to pull and release the cord because you might need to detach it quickly during a skirmish or other dangerous situation.


Sling straps can be expensive, depending on the brand and design of the model. You should consider how much you will use a sling and buy one of high quality but does not cost too much. If you are only using it for one occasion, you can purchase affordable price models made of cheap materials.



What is a single-point sling?

A single-point sling has one strap, which passes around your neck. The other end clips to the rifle’s attachment hardware near the receiver. It allows for quick and easy shoulder transitions since you can simply “let go” of the gun and let it hang freely from the neck.

What is a 2 point sling?

A two-point rifle sling has both an upper and lower strap, which attach to the rifle at separate points. The upper strap usually passes around your neck while the lower one connects to the gun’s forend (foregrip). 

What sling material should I get?

 Most slings are made of either nylon or leather. Both materials are strong and durable, but the latter is known for its extra comfort when carrying your gun around in one hand. 

Should I get a single or two-point sling?

Generally, two-point slings are more stable when using a heavy gun. The straps distribute weight evenly around your body for better control and comfort.


While both models have pros and cons, gun enthusiasts often prefer one-point slings because they make it easier to shoulder your weapon quickly. However, two-point versions could help improve the stability of your gun if you’re using a heavy model such as an M4 carbine. Consider how much you will use a sling before buying one. If you want a cheap model for occasional use, go for an affordable option made of cheap materials. If you wear your gun in the field often and need something more durable than the cheap stuff, consider looking at high-end leather or nylon models that can withstand everyday wear and tear. We hope you liked our best AR 15 Single Point Sling article, and feel free to comment below!



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