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Your AR 15 rifle is the best gun you’ve ever owned. It’s accurate powerful and comes with a host of accessories to keep it running smoothly no matter what you throw at it. But you still have one more addition to purchase, the best AR 15 pistol grip.

Hogue Ar-15 Pistol Grip

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Strong, fiberglass insert fits solidly against the frame, resists wear, won't loosen. Orthopedic design with palm swells and finger grooves reduces shock, increases shooting comfort; maintains a stock appearance. Mfg: Hogue SPECS: Fiberglass core, rubber covered.

The AR 15 pistol grip is a piece of equipment that allows the user to change the way they hold their weapon. It can be used in many different ways, depending on what you are using it for.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best AR 15 Pistol Grip, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best AR 15 Pistol Grip

Strong, fiberglass insert fits solidly against the frame, resists wear, won't loosen. Orthopedic design with palm swells and finger grooves reduces shock, increases shooting comfort; maintains a stock appearance. Mfg: Hogue SPECS: Fiberglass core, rubber covered.
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Hogue Ar-15 Pistol Grip
Shop HIPERFIRE Hipergrip AR-15 Pistol Grip (HPRGRP). Buy best Gun Grips from | Reviews and Shipping options available
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HIPERFIRE Hipergrip AR-15 Pistol Grip (HPRGRP)
Shop VZ GRIPS Stipple Gen 2 Black G10 Pistol Grip For AR-15 (RG-01-37-03). Buy best Gun Grips from | Reviews and Shipping options available
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VZ GRIPS Stipple Gen 2 Black G10 Pistol Grip For...

No matter how much money you spend on custom grips for your AR 15, they just don’t feel right in your hands. They are either too thick or too thin, making them uncomfortable to use for any length of time. The result? You stop using them and lose out on all that extra accuracy and power! There are so many choices when it comes to this specific item, and there is no one size fits all solution. You need to find something that works for your needs and your budget. We will look at some of the top options available today, giving you an idea of what each offers you in terms of quality and price range. This will allow you to choose based on your needs and budget constraints.

6 Best AR 15 Pistol Grips (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Hogue AR 15 Pistol Grip


The Hogue AR 15 pistol grip offers you a lot of value for your money. It is made with comfort in mind, so it feels good to hold even during extended periods. The rubber compound is oil-resistant and won’t slip out of your hands when they are wet or sweaty, either. The reinforced fiberglass grip design makes this a durable part of your AR 15. The reduced grip angle is designed to be ergonomically correct, so you don’t feel like the gun is twisting in your hand either. The rubber pads protect both the gun and your hand, so you can even use it without gloves and still get a good grip on the weapon.


It also has finger grooves built-in so that you can get a more personalized fit. It also keeps your hand from slipping forward during recoil. The surface texturing is both subtle and functional at the same time, improving your grip without having too much of an impact on the ergonomics. Because it is designed for heavy use, you can even take this one hunting with you. You don’t have to worry about using gloves or getting it wet either, making it ideal for all conditions.



2. Hiperfire Hipergrip AR 15 Pistol Grip


The Hiperfire Hipergrip AR-15 Pistol Grip is another that allows you to get a more personalized feel out of the weapon. The grip is designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing you to shoot for more extended periods without feeling fatigued. It also has no sharp edges, so it isn’t going to dig into your hand or cause blisters. This ergonomic grip has a textured surface that makes it easy to hold onto, even in wet conditions. This is ideal if you are left-handed and find most grips are designed for right-handed shooters. The design also features ambidextrous palm swells for personalized comfort as well.


This anatomical wrist structure grip is designed with comfort and stability in mind, allowing you to shoot for more extended periods without feeling the fatigue you get from other options. It is made of glass-filled polymer, giving it durability without weighing down the overall weapon. You can use this one all day long without feeling any pain or fatigue in your hand.



3. Vz Grips AR 15 Hydra Grips


The Hydra grip is another one that offers a more personalized fit and feels good to hold even during extended shooting sessions. It is machined from a quality piece of G10, giving it the durability necessary to stand up to daily use. The lower profile makes this one great for competitive shooting events without sacrificing comfort when practicing at the range. The surface features an aggressive texture that gives you a more secure grip. The 17-degree angle is designed for ergonomics, allowing you to get a proper wrist alignment while shooting. This minimizes fatigue and ensures you are holding the weapon correctly every time. The stainless steel hardware makes it both durable and reliable as well. The threaded steel inserts give you a more secure grip on this excellent grip itself, ensuring that this one does not slip out of your hands when they are wet as well.

Vz Grips AR 15 Hydra Grips.



4. Ergo Enhanced AR15/M16 Grip


The Ergo AR-15/M16 Enhanced Pistol grip offers another choice for those looking to get a more personalized feel. The curved design helps it keep your wrist aligned correctly, giving you the most comfortable shooting experience possible. The rhino textures on the surface of this model help to keep your grip secure, even in wet conditions. This material stays cool during the rapid-fire, making it perfect for hunting or other long-range shooting events. It is designed with absolute durability in mind, using both sure-grip rubber and resin bonding to ensure that all parts can stand up to heavy use.


The design of this one also includes an anti-slip pattern that further increases your control over the weapon. There is also a finger groove for added comfort and stability during use. The gapper makes it much easier to hold onto, even if you have larger hands. It also features a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and use.



5. Daniel Defense AR15 Pistol Grip


The Grip by Daniel Defense is another one that functions for both left and right-handed users. It is designed to be easy to use and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for those who want a grip that won’t leave you with any pain after using it all day long. This model is made of high-quality polymer that is lightweight but durable. It is comfortable enough to use even without gloves, and it won’t break down once you begin using it for an extended period. The design makes this low grip profile, giving you a better interface with the rifle itself.


The rubber texture ensures that your hand won’t slip out of place either, keeping you safe and secure with every shot that you take. The extended trigger guard is another one that makes this model great, giving you plenty of room for your finger without fear of it getting pinched. It has a full grip, which further ensures that you can control the weapon easily during use.



6. Magpul MOE AR 15/M4 Grip


The Magpul AR-15/M4 MOE Grip is designed to provide you with a comfortable hold, no matter how intense your shooting sessions get. It also functions for either left or right-handed use, making it great for competitions or patrols. The advanced design of this grip makes it easy to install and remove, giving you the most control over your weapon possible. The polymer used to make this grip is durable and lightweight, ensuring that you can use it without dealing with any fatigue or discomfort.


This model also features a design that makes it resistant to both heat and chemicals, keeping your hands safe from damage throughout even the most intense activities. The ridges on the surface help keep you secure while firing, even in wet conditions. This model also includes an oversized trigger guard that makes accurate shots easier to take. At the same time, the low-profile design ensures that you can get a comfortable grip on your weapon without any fear of pinching or discomfort while shooting.



What To Consider While Buying The Best AR 15 Pistol Grip?


The material is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a pistol grip. The different materials used include rubber, polymer, and even carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is lightweight but can be expensive. Rubber grips are durable, ensuring that you do not have to worry about slipping during use. The polymer has a lot of advantages as well, such as durability and low cost.


The grip’s design also affects how easy it is to hold your weapon for long periods. Grips made to be more ergonomic are better for those who want to use their gun during long, intense sessions. Those that include a more traditional style, such as those made by Magpul, are better suited for competitions or patrols because they give you plenty of control over your weapon.


The grip you should choose will depend on the size of your hands and which hand you use to hold them. Those that have an extended trigger guard may not fit smaller hands well. Also, if you have smaller hands, a pistol grip with a low-profile design may be better.


The price will depend upon the size of the grip you want and the type of material used to make it. Rubber grips tend to be less expensive than carbon fiber or polymer models, though carbon fiber is more durable. You can expect to pay between $10 and $50 for a pistol grip.


The weight of the grip you choose should depend upon your intended use. You can purchase lightweight grips that are designed for carrying all day long during patrols or in competitions, though they may not be as durable. Heavier models tend to be made from carbon fiber and may cost more but are more durable.


The color of the grip will depend upon your personal preference. Some grips are made to be tactical and come in black, for instance. Others may look like traditional grips but can also be purchased in different colors, such as red or even pink if that is the look you want for your weapon.


 No, pistol grips are not interchangeable with rifles. The two weapons require specific designs based on their firing mechanisms and the damage they cause. 

Pistol grips are available online in most places that sell firearms and gun accessories. You may also be able to find them in hunting or outdoor stores. If you prefer to purchase your pistol grip in person, check the listed grips in the article. 

Some of the most well-known brands that design and manufacture pistol grips include Magpul, Ergo Grips, Daniel Defense, Hogue Grips, Tapco, and Blackhawk. These manufacturers offer various styles and designs to choose from based on your specific needs.

Pistol grips are an essential part of any weapon because they allow you to hold the gun more securely, giving you greater control over your accuracy.  This can mean the difference between hitting your mark and missing it. Without the proper grip, you may also fail to maintain control of your weapon in wet or cold conditions, leading to inaccuracy.


Pistol grips are essential for those who own or use a AR 15. When choosing a grip, the three main factors to consider are design, size, and price. Durability is also important since you will be using your weapon often. Carbine Grips are available in many styles, designs, and colors so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. This article has reviewed the top six best AR 15 pistol grips and information about AR 15 Pistol Grips. If you have any other questions, please contact us through our website! Thank You! 

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