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The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) is a military-grade optical sighting system that was developed for the United States Marine Corps. The ACOG is perfect for anyone looking to improve accuracy, speed, and range of target acquisition without sacrificing flexibility or having to lug around heavy equipment. It was designed for military use but is also popular among hunters and shooters.

ACOG  uses an optical device to improve aiming accuracy and can be mounted on the top of a gun, or over the barrel near the muzzle. There are different types of ACOGs with different magnification and light gathering capabilities. The most popular type is red dot sight which provides laser-like precision without the need to adjust sights between shots. The ACOG has been proven to be dependable in any condition, from rain or snow to bright daylight.

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ACOG is a great gun sight for shooting at medium and long-range. It’s also one of the more expensive sights on the market, which might deter some hunters from purchasing it. However, there are many clones of this popular rifle scope that offer similar features at a fraction of the cost.  

ACOG clones offer hunters a chance to save money and still get the same performance as if they were using an authentic sight.  This post will review some of the top Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight clone models on the market today, with comparisons to their original counterparts so you can make an educated decision about which one best suits your needs.

Top 3 Best ACOG Clones

Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight, 3X24mm, 556-762 Horseshoe DOT Illum Reticle, 0.5 Moa, M1913, Black
Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight, 3X24mm, 556-762 Horseshoe DOT Illum Reticle, 0.5 Moa, M1913, Black
Product Type: Aiming Scope Sight; Country Of Origin: China; Item Package Weight: 1.19 Kgs; Item Package Dimensions: 11 L X 14.9 W X 21.8 H (Cm)
Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight , Black
Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight , Black
Powered by a single AA battery; Very low power consumption; Digital switch brightness controls
−$52.02 $103.97

5 Best ACOG Clones (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight

Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight, 3X24mm, 556-762 Horseshoe DOT Illum Reticle, 0.5 Moa, M1913, Black
169 Reviews


  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pound
  • Material: Plastic

The Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight is the world’s first wide field battle sight engineered for both civilian and professional marksmen. Designed with a groundbreaking new layout, this revolutionary scope provides unprecedented clarity in any light condition that is unparalleled by traditional red dot sights. 

The Bravo4 offers you a clearer sight picture without shifting your head position or creating an adverse shooting angle. The wider field of view provides better visibility for shooting at targets farther out and makes it easier to identify multiple targets in close-range scenarios.

This low-profile, lightweight sight features a magnesium housing for durability and an integrated Picatinny top rail. With a see-through design that doesn’t hinder aiming capabilities and illuminating reticle, you’ll be able to easily read elevation adjustments.

The pressure pad battery power ensures that there will never be a letdown or dead weight situation while at your target. Its bright red reticle is calibrated for daytime and nighttime sights to give you the clearest view possible for up-close vision in any circumstance.

Dependability is key when it comes to an accurate day and night sight for your favorite gun. The Sig Sauer Bravo3 Battle Sight was designed with a durable, sealed scope that can withstand all types of weather conditions.


2. Sightmark Wolverine Red Dot Sight

Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight , Black
249 Reviews
Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight , Black
  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Very low power consumption


  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Material: Aluminum

The Wolverine red dot sight is manufactured by Sightmark. These high-quality optics help you focus on your target with ease and precision, which is perfect for beginner shooters or expert marksmen alike.

The Sightmark Wolverine 1×23 CSR is a durable, sleek, and stylish scope that will give you the competitive edge when trying to take down your targets. The machined aluminum body protects against dust, sand, or water while also being resistant to fog and humidity, with nitrogen purging for intense weathering situations.

The Wolverine sight features a 23mm optical glass lens,  great for those who need a wide field of view and close-end shooting. The anti-reflective coating with a sleek red finish for superior clarity and scratch-resistant surface. It offers unlimited eye relief which makes it easy to use without your head being in the way.

Best ACOG Clones

The sight marks Wolverine is a sight that helps you see in the dark while also being compatible with night vision devices. You can toggle between ten different illumination levels and it’s great for low light environments because there are two settings specifically designed to be NVG-friendly. With 10 levels of brightness, 8 daytime and 2-night vision modes, you’ll see everything clearly from dawn until dusk for all your deadly needs

The Sightmark Wolverine FSR and CSR come with a Picatinny mount. Locking and quick detach mounting system ensures that you’ll be able to go mobile with ease, whether it’s on the game or exploring new territory. 


3. Feyachi M36 1.5X – 5X Red Dot Sight Optics Magnifier

Feyachi M36 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Sight Optics Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount
1,917 Reviews
Feyachi M36 1.5X – 5X Red Dot Sight Optics Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount
  • Simple, fast, and effective. The flip-to-side picatinny rail mount to allow you to shoot either 1X or other 1.5-5X magnification by simply pushing the magnifier to the side.
  • Designed to work with absolute co-witness red dot sights (Doesn’t fit lower 1/3 co-witness height).The rugged steel mount prevent your optic from losing zero, even with rough handling and adverse conditions.


  • Dimensions: 22.91 x 9.3 x 7.9 cm
  • Weight: 261 grams
  • Material: Other

You are a hunter and need to see your target to protect the perfect shot, but you’re not always going to be close enough. The Feyachi Sight Optic is made for shooting from afar and won’t let you down. 

Feyachi Red Dot Sight Optics Magnifier is one of the fastest red dot sights on the market. It’s stingy to keep up with your gun when you’re firing from behind a corner, or over an obstacle. With the Feyachi M36, you get all the clear optics of a high-quality spotting scope with magnification lenses that are designed to work flawlessly with red dot sights.

Stay vigilant on the hunt with a 5x Magnifier. This high-quality ACOG clone has a flip-to-side Picatinny rail mount that allows shooters to shoot either 1.5X or at various magnifications. The durable mount is made from stainless steel to reduce reflections and glare no matter how bright or dark it may be outside. This rugged steel mount ensures your optic will stay zeroed and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Best ACOG Clones

Now you can get eye relief with the anti-reflective lenses of this Feyachi ACOG, it keeps your eyesight at optimum performance.  Not only does it change from long-range view to close-range, but the lens also has full windage and elevation adjustments, which are easy to use. 

It has a larger objective lens for maximum resolution, a sleek design that allows it to fit nearly anywhere, and flare colors are brighter with more contrast than ever before. The optical glass does not distort vision at all due to the low-profile lens – perfect both indoors and outdoors. It features dark shades, we now have more vibrant hues as well as reduced glare on sunny days. So ditch carrying multiple scopes around and  It won’t ruin your game when hunting hogs that compete through bushes. 


4. Pinty Telescope 3-9×40 Sniper Rifle Scope

Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope
3,368 Reviews
Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope
  • Green and red illuminations, 5-level brightness available, magnifications from 3X up to 9X, ultimate clarity and superior eyepiece guaranteed.
  • Field of view: 14′-25′ @ 100yards; windage & elevation click value: 1/4 MOA 1/4″ @ 100yards, 2.7”-3.3” eye relief.


  • Dimensions:35.81 x 8.38 x 8.38 cm
  • Weight: 748 Grams
  • Material: Aluminum

Whether you are a bird watcher, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast of any kind, the Pinty telescope ACOG will help you get up close and personal with nature.

Nothing can make you feel like a better hunter than when you have the perfect gear. The Pinty 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is just that: essential, durable, and most importantly–perfect for hunting.  This high-quality scope comes complete with a 3-9x magnification level and a top-of-line 40mm lens. This product reflects premium quality lenses so your shots will always be on point.

Best ACOG Clones

The Pinty Telescope 3-9×40 Rifle Scope is made for avid hunters and shooters. With a wide field of view and decent eye relief, this makes the scope perfect for those who enjoy hunting prey with a rifle and want to find their target quickly. It can also be used as an AR accessory or tactical shooting platform by skilled marksmen. 

Its high-power glass helps you have an accurate eye on your target with little adjustment needed. It comes preloaded with 1/4 MOA clicks for those looking for more precise windage and elevation adjustments than are possible without click adjustments at 100 yards.

If you’re looking for rifle scope with the capability to withstand almost everything mother nature can dish out, this is it. The Pinty Scope is tough and fully waterproof so go ahead and take your hunt all season long without worrying about if it comes to rain or shine.


5. Ohhunt 4×32 Hunting Rifle Scope

ohhunt 4x32 Hunting Rifle Scope Horseshoe Reticle Real Fiber Optics Red or Green Illuminated Rifle Scope
13 Reviews
ohhunt 4×32 Hunting Rifle Scope Horseshoe Reticle Real Fiber Optics Red or Green Illuminated Rifle Scope
  • Reticle type:Chevron Reticle Real Fiber Optics(Powered by fiber source, providing more bright environment and reticle illumination at day)
  • The ohhunt 4×32 Fiber Optic Scope Made of Aircraft-Grade Lightweight Aluminum Alloy.


  • Dimensions: 16.2 x 10.4 x 7.6 cm
  • Weight: 460 Grams
  • Material: Aluminum

The Ohhunt 4×32 Hunting Rifle Scope is an essential piece of all your equipment. Whether you’re hunting, shooting competitively, or observing nature’s finest beasts from a safe distance, this scope can provide everything you need to get the job done right in one package.

This scope has a magnification of 4X, which means that you’ll be able to zoom in four times as much on objects without any distortion or blurriness. It also comes with an objective lens diameter of 32 mm, so you can continue catching even more detail when shooting targets.

The magnification of this ACOG clone gives boggles-free vision that allows long-range hunters to identify their target without sacrificing precision at a shorter range. It features a simplistic modern design with a chevron-style mil reticle. The chevron reticle has innovative real fiber optics that help you line up all your shots with little to no trouble at all – even those long-range targets.

The Ohhunt 4×32 Hunting Rifle Scope is fully sealed to help protect against dust, dirt, and moisture. The nitrogen gas filling helps maintain the clarity of the lens and improves aiming stability. It’s made of aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum alloy, so it’ll stand up to any weather conditions that might come your way in the field without weighing down your equipment bag.



Eye relief is the distance from your eye to the front lens of an ACOG. To maintain optimal vision, you want a comfortable distance between your eye and the front lens. If you don’t have enough eye relief, then you will be looking through a tunnel that constricts peripheral views. You may also experience headaches or eyestrain due to focusing on an object for too long without any change in perspective at all.

These clones offer a cheaper alternative to the original ACOG scope. Although there are many benefits to using an ACOG clone like saving money or fitting it on your gun better, in my opinion, they don’t compare to the original which is worth spending a little extra for. 

The ACOG is a holographic weapon sight that offers both magnification and an illuminated reticle. The red dot optic is just a simple reflex sight with a red dot, which does not offer any magnification capabilities.  The difference between the two lies in their design and purpose. The ACOG has been designed to give accuracy at great distances whereas the red dot optics are designed for close-range shooting situations like hunting or self-defense.


If you want a quality replica, some things can help you determine which one is right for your needs. These include price, materials used in construction, and how much of an improvement it offers over the official model.

For example, if cost is no object then a top-of-the-line reproduction might be worth considering because they tend to offer more features than lower-priced models. The downside of this approach, however, is that these versions often come with fewer guarantees from the manufacturer or distributor so buyers beware! On the other hand, those who would like a cheaper version may find themselves sacrificing durability and functionality as well as having fewer options available when shopping online.

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